Though this brief writing is titled for the important matter of Yahweh's divine overlaps, there are actually several items we will address here pertaining to the latter rain and this test that is now taking place between Christianity and the Remnant. Our entire focus continues to be this fulfillment of that which took place on Mount Carmel between Elijah and the prophets of Baal, a contest that has its fulfillment in the fifty-five years from 1948 to 2003. Where are we in all of this right now? The answer is quite simple.

As we addressed in the writing The Prophets of Baal, the Prophets of Asherah, and the Latter Rain, in 1948 Christianity received its Latter Rain Movement, and ever since has had the opportunity to get their offering accepted by Yahweh. Has He accepted their offering? No. In fact, looking at the Latter Rain Movement in the last eight years, we see that it has come to be something that is quite laughable, at least those who participate in it think so.

As the day drew to a close for the prophets of Baal and their vain efforts on Mount Carmel, this necessitated that Elijah have his brief opportunity to present his offering before Yahweh. Today, the day is now drawing to a close for Christianity, and it is time for the Elijah second Remnant to have its opportunity to present its offering before Yahweh.

What was the first thing Elijah did to prepare for this offering? He took twelve stones and built an altar. So what is the first thing Yahweh has done in order for the Remnant to fulfill its offering? In the latter part of 2001 He set up His twelve "stones," twelve people, to begin to tithe and provide a legal covering over the Bride. This is His altar upon which He will place His sacrifice.

What did Elijah do next? To those twelve stones, as well as the offering which he placed upon them, Elijah then incrementally poured twelve pitchers of water - first four pitchers, then another four, and then a final four. We as the Remnant have already received upon us at least the first measure of the water of His Spirit seen attested to here, otherwise we would never have been able to see the things we are presently seeing. And frankly, we have likely received the second increment of water as well with the establishment of the fig leaf covering. Now, with this coming Passover, we can expect the water-bearers to once again empty their contents upon us.

Let us here make two important observations regarding these twelve stones Yahweh has established. First, the twelve stones spoken of here regarding Elijah, and the twelve stones that were erected on the bank of the Jordan River by the sons of Israel when they entered the promised land, speak of one and the same thing. Let us look at this.

Even as there are two Remnant and thus two groups of twelve disciples each established by Yahshua via both the former rain and the latter rain, so there were two groups of twelve stones erected at the crossing of the Jordan. The first twelve disciples were represented by the twelve stones that were laid in the bed of the Jordan and then buried or even concealed by the waters that returned over them. Thus the first Remnant received the Jordan of the former rain, but fell short in that they had to die and were buried, even concealed, and wait for the establishment of the second Remnant work. This is the work represented in the second group of twelve stones erected upon the land for all to see and to remember. Every indication is that these twelve stones are equally these twelve Bride members who covered the Bride with their fig leaf tithe. Thus we see that through the faith of these twelve, Yahweh placed His twelve stones upon the riverbank in order to complete the testimony He provides regarding our entrance into the promised land by not only the former rain, but also very importantly the latter rain. By these two rains both groups of twelve have been established. Now for another MOST significant testimony regarding these two groups of twelve stones.

When Yahshua called His first twelve disciples and sent them out, or even when He had ascended and left the kingdom in their hands, were they successful? Well, we know that when the twelve were sent out two by two, they were not entirely successful at that time. Albert Schweitzer has a book that even addresses this matter. In Matthew 10:16-23, we read that Yahshua said that the twelve were to be brought before governors and kings as a testimony to the Gentiles, and that they would not finish going through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man came. Yes, they were successful in that they cast out demons and healed the sick, but not to the extent that Yahshua said. They did not go to the governors and kings of the Gentiles. And even beyond this, did the work of the first Remnant twelve bring forth the Son of Man? No! That work that was begun by the twelve was not successful in this important regard. Why wasn't it? Much of it had to do with timing. First, the first Remnant and Christianity that followed are a Pentecost work that is leavened with false teachings. But also, it was not time for Yahshua to come for another 2,000 years.

Today, Yahshua has called out twelve more people in a most unique way and for a most unique purpose and testimony. Are they His latter rain twelve disciples who, added to the original twelve, complete the twenty-four elders around the throne? That is to be seen. But, I do know that whatever fulfillment they are, whether in reality or in intercession, these twelve occupy a most important place in fulfilling the work immediately prior to the return of Yahshua as the twelve stones of Elijah's altar and the twelve stones placed upon the banks of the Jordan.

Who are these twelve present-day testimonies of the latter rain twelve disciples? They are twelve obscure individuals who fulfilled the three parts of faith - they heard, they believed, and they acted by providing for the Bride the MOST important fig leaf covering of the tithe. And most unusual and striking, they are not twelve men, but rather an even split of six men and six women (and interestingly, three women are black and three are white). In this regard, let me suggest something to you that is very revealing. Again I ask - Were the first twelve disciples who were all men successful? No! So what is needed? First, a work that is established at the right time! And will that work be successful? Yes. While the twelve-men testimony was not successful in bringing forth the fruit or offspring of the kingdom, the six men and six women testimony will indeed be successful! Why? Because twelve men cannot bring forth offspring. You can put twelve men together in two by twos and there will never be any fruit/offspring. Two men cannot produce offspring. But, two by two male and female together CAN and WILL produce offspring!

What am I saying? That Yahshua called together twelve men in the beginning of the church as a testimony that under the former rain they could not bring forth offspring in a two by two relationship. But under the latter rain, Yahweh has called together six men and six women, and in that testimony fruit CAN be brought forth! Where the first Remnant failed to bring forth the fruits of the kingdom, the second Remnant will succeed! Thus the twelve who tithed, the twelve stones Yahshua selected for His altar upon which He will place the offering which He will receive, are representative of that success - a fruit-bearing six men and six women! Yahweh has provided the testimony that the second Remnant will be fruitful and multiply, even as we are commanded.

Another interesting matter regarding the second Remnant is the seeming contradiction in the testimonies regarding the strength or power they receive. On the one hand, we read that the Remnant will be weak and of little strength, as stated in Revelation 3:8 per second Remnant Philadelphia (versus first Remnant Smyrna). There are other testimonies to this weakness, including Lot's second Remnant position when coming out of Sodom and not having the strength to continue, but instead going to a town with a name that means "little."

But in contrast, we also know that the second Remnant receive the double portion of the Spirit and are the completing "shua" work that was begun by the first Remnant "Yah" work. It is the John the Baptist who rises from the dead and performs miracles, even as Herod concluded regarding Yahshua's attesting works (Matthew 14:2).

In order to resolve these two seemingly conflicting testimonies, it is evident that they describe the parts of the latter rain as it ever increases, even as the water on the altar increased and the water flowing from under the eastern gate increased. Thus far the Remnant has received His Spirit to the extent that we are learning things men have never before known. This is remarkably dramatic and important in itself. Furthermore, the faith of the twelve is the little seed that moved the mount of transfiguration forward 1,000 years and cast the tree of Christianity into the sea. The Remnant is the little smooth stone from the brook that little and vulnerable David selected to topple giant Goliath. Thus, from the standpoint of power, the Remnant is still very weak and very very little. These first two years of the Remnant are therefore characterized by smallness and weakness.

But with Passover, 2002, it seems evident that this will have to change. It seems that the weakness that was necessary in order for Satan and Christianity to be brought down by the little smooth stone, as well as the little seed of faith that moved transfiguration and cast Christianity into the sea, must be followed by the attesting power that is inherent with the kingdom of God - "For the kingdom of God does not consist in words, but in power" (1 Corinthians 4:20). Thus we see that the second Remnant would exhibit both littleness and weakness in its beginning so as to legally accomplish all that must be done by faith (establishing the twelve stones for the altar), but also go beyond this to the place of demonstrating the same power and wonder characterized by both Yahshua and the first Remnant. Only by exhibiting both of these can the prophetic pictures find complete fulfillment.

This pattern is in fact the pattern of Yahshua as well. He went through His period of weakness where He was a mere man suffering at the hands of others, but the time will come when He returns to complete the latter portion of His work - that of being glorified and reigning upon the earth! This second period is the hope we have as the second Remnant in regard to the days immediately before us, actually forerunning that which mankind will come under in full during the following Millennial Reign of Yahshua with His Remnant associates. Let us now talk more about this foreshadowing or even overlap between man as he has been for 2,000 years, and even for 6,000 years, and what man will experience in the Millennium.

We find in the ways of Yahweh that He always performs what we can call divine overlaps, and His reason for doing this is to tie or unite two periods together. For example, in the last 6,000 years of time, this expansive period of mankind is divided into three periods of forty Jubilees each, for a total of 120 Jubilees. Yahweh's division of this period is quite significant. At the end of precisely forty Jubilees after Adam, the father of faith, Abraham, was nineteen years of age. Then again precisely at the end of the second forty Jubilees, Yahshua was crucified on the cross.

Thus we can see that time was divided into three very important forty Jubilee periods. But what we want to notice here now is that these 120 Jubilees were not disjointed, but rather were purposefully tied together with divine overlaps. Abraham was born nineteen years before the next Jubilee period began, thus tying together these first two periods. Likewise, Yahshua was born thirty-three years before the next forty Jubilee period of the church began, equally tying together these latter two periods. By performing these divine overlaps between these periods, Yahweh legally united the entire 6,000 years or 120 Jubilees into one intact period!

Of course this is not the first time we have seen these divine overlaps in these writings, as the writing titled Ascending Alive addresses this as well. Here we see the glorification of the Remnant overlapping with earthly man, by the fifteenth day of the Remnant's period in heaven overlapping with the first day of Tabernacles on earth. (To read this, click here. However, the entire writing should be read in order to truly understand this.)

Likewise, we noted in The Issue - II, page 12, that Yahweh must shorten time and stack the eighth day of mankind on top of the seventh, causing Yahweh to bring Yahshua to this earth to reign in the Millennium. By doing this, we see once again the same principle that Yahweh performs a divine overlap for the sake of mankind - overlapping the eighth day over the seventh (and continuing to do so in order to unite the entire six "days" of creation into one unite).

This divine overlap is attested in another way that would be beneficial to mention at this point, insomuch that it will help us to understand not only an important reason for these overlaps, but also the marvel of how Yahweh establishes physical testimonies to reveal vital spiritual truths.

We have seen here that Yahshua's choice of six men and six women as the twelve stones of His altar, testifies that this second work will indeed bring forth the fruit of His kingdom. We have also begun to see that the latter rain provides a divine overlap of the Millennium with earthly man. This impartation of His Spirit to the Remnant is equivalent to Yahweh giving us His "semen" or "shemen," the latter being the Hebrew word for "oil, olive tree, and even fertile. " (Read The Conflict, page 1). Now for the physical testimony.

Considering what was said in the last paragraph, we can begin to understand the great significance of these divine overlaps when we see that the relationship between a man and a woman is in fact a natural expression of this with the results of both uniting two as one and bringing forth fruit. When a man and a woman come together in sexual union, a divine overlap actually occurs that makes the two into one. This is attested in relation to marriage, as well as outside of marriage. Paul declared - "one who joins himself to a harlot is one body with her" (1 Corinthians 6:16). How do they become one? The divine overlap makes them one. And how do a man and a woman in marriage become one? Like the trinity of God, marriage is a trinity that involves (1) a commitment, (2) a contract, and (3) a consummation. Following a commitment and a contract, marriage is then consummated by the divine overlap wherein the two become one.

Why is all of this being mentioned? Because what we can expect for the time remaining up to Trumpets, 2003, is a divine overlap with the Millennial Reign! In fact, what we have been experiencing since Passover, 2000, has already been the beginning of this fruit-bearing divine overlap, as Yahweh has begun to give us His shemen, His Spirit! Since that time many have been eating of the bread from heaven and learning things they never thought possible nor have they ever before heard or even imagined! Truly, we are already enjoying the truth of that kingdom that is to come where true light finally comes to man after 6,000 years of bitter darkness!

And as we have already addressed, in the days remaining there should be much more! There should be a demonstration of power that is a double portion of that which took place under the former rain. This power must come before we ascend alive at Trumpets, 2003, and will be an important testimony to this divine overlap between the last 2,000/6,000 years of darkness, and the new Millennium kingdom which Yahshua will establish.

That which we receive from Passover, 2000, to Trumpets, 2003, is in fact a prelude to, even a foretaste of, what we will receive in full in the Millennium. Another way of saying this is that the second Remnant receives the latter rain as an "early" in-part fulfillment of that which is soon to be received in full. The promised land is actually entered into by the Remnant even while we are in earthly flesh, beginning to enjoy now what we will experience more completely via ascension.

The Remnant legally enter into the promised land, or heaven, by heaven coming to us during the time of a Passover, even as the sons of Israel entered into the promised land at the time of Passover. But in fact, the complete fulfillment of this preluding time will come on a Trumpets when the Remnant will ascend alive into heaven and remain there for fifteen days, returning with Yahshua on Tabernacles to establish His kingdom upon this earth forever.

This "early" impartation of the promised land via the latter rain is just one more example of the divine overlaps that Yahweh performs. The promised land overlaps with earthly man by Yahshua giving the second Remnant an expression of that land via the latter rain. This rain should have its greatest expression of power for a year and a half before the Remnant actually enter into the promised land in full by ascending alive into heaven. This is Yahweh's way of tying things together - He overlaps things!

Now let us close with a truly incredible evidence and testimony to the timing of our complete entrance into our promised land in 2003. This is something that is glaringly evident!

In the writing The Prophets of Baal, the Prophets of Asherah, and the Latter Rain, we read that by marking time from the creation of Adam, Abraham was born in 1948. This of course remarkably coincides with 1948 AD when the contest of Carmel began. As has been explained in other writings in this section on the latter rain, we fully anticipate that this test will be completed in 2003 when the second Remnant fulfill their Elijah ministry by ascending alive. Even with our entrance into the promised land testified by Passover, we know too that our entrance alive into heaven is the complete fulfillment of this, as well as the beginning of a new day for all mankind.

If 1948 so amazingly coincides the timing of the second Remnant with the timing of Abraham, what would be the chance that our entrance into heaven in 2003 would equally coincide with a telling event regarding Abraham? If it did, it would be incredibly and glaringly significant! To have one date to coincide is most revealing and affirming, but to have TWO dates to coincide would be highly dramatic!

By examining the generations from Adam to Abraham, it is quite easy to find that Abraham was born in 1948. Let us now look further into his life.

While the Bible does not provide us the following information, the book that the Bible references twice provides us some very important information. We read in Jasher 8:9 - "At that time, at the end of three years of Abram's dwelling in the land of Canaan, in that year Noah died, which was the fifty-eighth year of the life of Abram." What we find in reading Jasher is that Abram's occupation of the promised land began three years before Noah died. We also read here that Abram was fifty-eight when Noah died. So we ask - When did Abram first enter into the promised land or Canaan? This is an easy question, for all we have to do is subtract the three years from the age of fifty-eight, and we see that Abram was fifty-five when he entered into the promised land. What does all of this mean? It means exactly what we have been saying in these writings!

Abram's entrance into the promised land at the age of fifty-five would have been in the year 2003! Thus we see the divine pattern that is to be carried out today! Abram was born in 1948 and entered into the promised land in 2003. The test of Carmel began in 1948, including my own birth in that year, and we will equally enter into our promised land in 2003, only on a much higher fulfillment! Thus as it is written in Ecclesiastes 1:9 - "That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done. So, there is nothing new under the sun." No, nothing new at all!

Abram's life has laid out the pattern, and we are walking in it. Even as Abram was the father of faith, so twelve people have walked in faith and will soon follow our father Abram into the promised land at precisely the time in which he entered - 2003! Yahweh is truly an awesome God!

Just as Yahweh provided the pattern and testimony of Mount Carmel, so today He has erected His twelve-stone altar and has and will continue to pour out upon us the water of His Spirit, providing His divine overlap to the Millennial period!

These are wonderful days in which Yahweh is performing a work which He alone can perform, and in this we do greatly rejoice and take strong hope. Yahweh, send us Your much needed Spirit!

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