On April 7, 2002, the following e-mail was sent out, further addressing the hopes and evidences for that which can be expected for the Remnant Passover gathering.




Dear Remnant Bride,

On May 27, 1994, eight years ago, I sat down to write my regular monthly newsletter to all the people that were a part of a ministry to the poor that I had started twelve years prior. Each month I would look to Yahweh to give me the message to write. Each month He was faithful to give me something to say, which usually encompassed several pages. But when I sat down to write that letter, He gave me nothing. He was silent, completely silent! Thus I wrote in that month's letter the following, which was the shortest letter I had or ever have written:

As I sit here wondering what to write to you, I have no specific leading. I always depend upon the Lord to birth in my heart what to share with you, but right now I do not know. My prayer to God is - 'Lord, I know that apart from You I can do nothing, even as You have said' (John 15:5). Have you been brought to a place in weakness and vulnerability that if God does not move, you can do nothing? I'm sure you have. Well, if God does not move on this heart, you're going to get a very short letter.

Let the shortness of this letter speak loudly: BY GOD OR NOT AT ALL! May He be glorified!

That was it; and little did I know what Yahweh would bring after that. Only a few days later in the middle of June, the Spirit of Yahweh came upon me and turned my life completely upside down! It was as though that letter marked by silence and dependence was a preparation for a new beginning that was about to take place in my life. From that point on, no longer did I write about the care of the poor, but about the revelation of the Remnant.

I share this because today we are at the same place where once again I can ask - " Have you been brought to a place in weakness and vulnerability that if God does not move, you can do nothing?" What I am about to share with you is beyond anything that could even be imagined. Kyle Nixon recently made the comment to me that we were WAY OUT on the limb, to which I asked - "Is there still a limb?"

Reflecting back even further in my life, as a college student in Lubbock, Texas, I sat on the steps of an overcrowded coliseum and heard the poet Rod McKuen say - "You can never really live until you make yourself vulnerable." I never forgot that statement and have seen the truth of its application many times since. In fact the first message I ever taught from a pulpit (I am not a preacher) was based on Rod's statement. In what I am about to share with you today, I once again make myself vulnerable, in fact more vulnerable than I have even been before (which seems almost impossible at this point)! And as was the case in May, 1994, when I wrote that transitional letter, that which I share will be fulfilled by Yahweh or not at all! I certainly cannot effect these remarkable things, as you will see.

Several times Kyle has been used in my life as an Elijah. An Elijah is simply someone who prepares the way for something on which you either have to reckon or complete. The ways of Yahweh are always repeated, insomuch that there is nothing new under the sun, and the principle or work of an Elijah is one of them. For example, it was Kyle who wrote the message about Elijah and the widow that prepared the way for me to follow and effect that which he initiated - the essential covering tithe for the Bride. Frankly, I had personally given up on the Bride to give, so Kyle's Elijah work was essential!

Most recently he wrote the message about me replacing Judas and being one of the original twelve. I had absolutely no plans to pursue or discuss or even examine that issue, yet he once again prepared the way which provoked me to further examine and share what I did about Purim and Mordecai.

These are only two examples, and I could share others as well but time does not permit. But there was one thing he said to me recently that once again prepared the way for my pondering regarding the ways of Yahweh and the possibility of what he said.

In a conversation, Kyle told me that he would not be surprised that Yahshua Himself showed up at our Passover gathering. His thought was - He revealed Himself to the first Remnant following His resurrection, so why wouldn't He do so for the second Remnant as well?

My response was that I thought there was the possibility, but I did not know of any patterns that reveal this. For Yahshua to show up in our midst this Passover would be something that surely would be foreshadowed. This would be a MAJOR event for the church, of course particularly for the second Remnant! So after that Elijah statement was made by Kyle, I began to present it before Yahweh and ponder upon it. Here is what I have learned. I will give nine reasons why I believe Kyle could be right and Yahshua would appear with us at Passover.

First, Yahweh has already made me very aware that Kyle is an Elijah in my own life. Yahweh has already used him several times to prepare the way for things that I have had to act upon. Kyle telling me this concerning Yahshua makes me very sensitive to the truth of it. And let me elaborate on this Elijah issue per Yahshua Himself.

For two years we as the Elijah work have pressed toward the goal of preparing the way for Yahshua. On the large scale, we have three and a half years to do this. But as we have already learned in the pattern of this brief period, as much as the larger picture follows a given pattern, so the micro pictures follow the same as well. This surely guarantees our success during this time. Thus, while the church is - first Remnant, followed by the breach, followed by the second Remnant - so our three and a half years have been - one and a half years of the first Remnant experience, followed by the six month breach of the fig leaf tithe, which must now be followed by the final year and a half of the revelation of the Bride. This is when the "garments of skin" covering made by Yahweh replaces the inadequate fig leaf tithe.

What we find in this micro pattern is that even while we are preparing the way for the return of Yahshua, our first two years are an Elijah work in themselves, necessitating that Yahshua effect the final part of this work and provide the "garments of skin" covering with which He must personally clothe us. This personal concluding involvement on His part is evidenced by the same way that Kyle has initiated something and I have had to fulfill or complete it. Though an Elijah can initiate, he can never complete the work. Equally, we have initiated something, but we do not have the power to fulfill it. Only Yahshua can provide the "garments of skin" covering; thus according to this pattern, Yahshua would come into our midst either personally or by the power of His Spirit and give us personal direction and power, even as He provided the first Remnant. These two points - that as an Elijah to me, Kyle introduced this possibility, and that Yahshua in pattern must personally provide us a "garments of skin" covering - are the first two evidences that Yahshua would come and be in our midst. Let us now consider a third.

One of the first testimonies that seemed to further evidence that Yahshua would be with us, is from the way in which He called the first apostles. It is important to realize that what is recorded in the Scriptures is not there just for history sake. It is all highly prophetic. A good example of this is the 2,000 swine that went into the sea of death after Legion entered into them. Though that happened naturally, it occurred as a prophetic testimony for our understanding today. This propheticness of these natural events recorded for us in the Bible is true with the calling of the disciples as well, and equally holds an important message for us. Again, we must be brief.

When Yahshua called Peter and Andrew, as well as James and John, in Matthew and Mark they were working with their nets, either fishing or mending them. They were by the sea of death, and there Yahshua came to them and called them to follow Him. In contrast, in Luke Yahshua took them out onto the sea and there they caught more fish than their nets could hold. But in each case the call was equally made to follow Him. In Matthew and Mark, they left their nets; in Luke in each case (including Matthew the tax gatherer) they left "everything." What do we see here?

We as the second Remnant are equally by the sea of death. We have come out of Christianity and must become fishers of men in order to take fish/men out of that sea. And like the message Yahshua gave when He called His disciples to follow Him, it seems quite evident that He will come to us to deliver the same message - leave EVERYTHING and come follow Me! This is once again the "garments of skin" message replacing the fig leaf tithe that we can expect this Passover. This is evidence number three for His appearing here with us at Passover.

Evidence number four is the account we find regarding Abigail (1 Samuel 25). As a clear picture of the Bride of Yahshua, we see that Nabal (meaning, worthless) was put to sleep, and as a result out came a bride for David, in fact specifically his second bride. David sent for Abigail, and upon receiving the message she departed with her five maidens to be with him. This of course looks to the day when we as Yahshua's Bride are called out of this world to be with Him; and as the Abigail, or even as the five wise virgins, we will equally ascend alive to be His Bride.

One thing important to note here before we go on further with this is that what took place concerning Abigail, is precisely what took place per Elijah and the test on Carmel. Abigail lived with her husband specifically on Carmel, the very place where the contest between Elijah and the prophets of Baal would later take place. And while Elijah's offering was unique in that it ascended to the Father as evidence that Yahweh was the true God, this was in fact something that had happened there many years before.

While Elijah's offering was a picture of the second Remnant who will ascend as Yahweh's acceptable offering, this was in fact a repeat of the prior occasion in which at the identical location another Bride picture, Abigail, equally ascended alive to be with David. That which has been is that which will be, and the prophets of Baal would have greatly benefited if they had recognized this. And, the prophets of Baal Christianity would benefit greatly today if they too recognized that this test of Carmel, which is the actual fulfillment of all of these prophecies, will turn out precisely the way it has before - the Bride will ascend to the King, and the prophets of Baal, or even Nabal, will die! The Bride benefits greatly by seeing these things.

But while this is extremely affirming that what we are saying at this time regarding Carmel is indeed true, in looking further at this account, there is something very worthwhile to notice here. Though David sent for Abigail to join Him where he was, this was not the case just prior to this. No, David personally came to Carmel and Abigail quickly went out to meet him to give him his rightful return. This satisfied and pleased David and he went away to, in fact, await the day when Abigail would join him where he was.

Do you see here that this is precisely what could take place this Passover? While we as the Bride will be called to meet Him in the air, this testimony reveals to us that there must first be a preluding personal face to face encounter between the Bride and the King-to-be, Yahshua. Even as David first made his appearance in Carmel before Abigail was taken out, so Yahshua should make His appearance in Carmel that takes place from 1948 to 2003 before the Bride is taken out. And what is it that we can offer Him? For one, the fruit of the twelve disciples that complete the twenty-four elders around the throne. Has Nabal Christianity been able to provide these twelve? Absolutely not, any more than worthless Nabal provided David's rightful return! More on this later in this writing.

Thus we find a fourth reason why Yahshua would come into our midst - to fulfill the Carmel face to face encounter with the Abigail so that Yahshua can receive His twelve disciples, and thus make it possible for us to ascend alive to Him later to be with Him!

A fifth evidence Yahshua would come into our midst is one that is most compelling. We have seen that when the Israelites entered the promised land following the forty years in the wilderness, this was a prophetic and intercessoral picture of the second Remnant entering into the restored kingdom of God following the church's forty Jubilees in the wilderness. Of course the sons of Israel entered in on the tenth of the first month, or the day in which the Passover lamb was to be set apart; then on the fourteenth they celebrated Passover. As was written in the last e-mail, the second Remnant is the unleavened Passover work, thus the reason for the Israelite's entrance at Passover. Could they have ever entered per Pentecost? No, for we have seen that following Pentecost (Mount Sinai), they failed to enter in. Thus even as the law requires, the Pentecost donkey work of the first 2,000 years of the church, must be redeemed by the Passover lamb work - "But every first offspring of a donkey you shall redeem with a lamb, but if you do not redeem it, then you shall break its neck" (Exodus 13:13). Therefore the first offspring of the first Remnant will be redeemed by the work of the Passover second Remnant; for if not, the Pentecost period of the church will have its neck broken, even as Eli's neck was broken and the child Ichabod was brought forth - "the glory has departed"!

Getting back to our account, after Passover on the fourteenth, Joshua began their journeys around Jericho, and on the seventh day took the city. Nothing was to be taken from Jericho, for it was all devoted to Yahweh. This of course set up the situation in which Achan took some of the devoted things and was stoned to death. In the writing titled Tabernacles and Devoted Things, we saw that Jericho was in fact a prophetic picture of the Remnant holding all things in common. Part of this is evidenced by the fact that Achan was a foreshadowing type of that which happened to Ananias and Sapphira - they too died for taking some of the devoted things. And as unmitigated evidence that we must soon hold all things in common, Yahweh has provided a clear testimony of this in what happened when the sons of Israel sought to take Ai following Jericho. Because there was one who had taken that which was devoted to Yahweh, they were sorely defeated! Let us further consider the significance of this.

After the sin of Achan was dealt with and that which rightfully belonged to Yahweh was resolved, the sons of Israel were then able to successfully take Ai. How did they do this? The testimony here is MOST revealing!

Joshua took 30,000 men, went out with them at night so Ai did not know what was taking place, and divided his forces into two groups, one on each side of the city. In the morning he took one force and attacked the city, but then appeared to be defeated and fled. Those in Ai saw them flee and pursued them. Meanwhile, the other force attacked the city from the other side and set it on fire. When the men of Ai turned back, thinking that they had obtained the victory, they looked to find their city ablaze. Seeing that the men in ambush had taken the city, Joshua then attacked the men of Ai and slew them.

What do we find here? Nothing less than the two-part Remnant that must slay Satan Christianity; and once again all of this being arranged while Christianity has been in the dark. The first Remnant seemed to have failed in defeating Satan, but the second Remnant will come in from the other side of Christianity and accomplish that in which the first appeared to have failed; and then the work of the first Remnant will actually participate in accomplishing this final defeat (when they return to this earth in the Millennium and reign with Yahshua). BUT, and this is a most important message - What was it that prevented the taking of Ai in the first place? There was one who did not honor the Jericho requirement of the devoted things, translated today - holding all things in common! I am certain that if Yahshua shows up in our midst, He will initiate that which we have thus far failed to accomplish out of weakness - holding all things in common. This is the one critical thing that is essential to give us the power to defeat Ai Christianity. Without it we will fail.

Thus we see that from the time the sons of Israel came up to the Jordan River and spied out Jericho, to the time they crossed the Jordan and celebrated Passover, and even to the time in which they took Jericho and even Ai, all of these events were pictures of what is taking place right now in our midst and will take place in the days ahead as we too take possession of the promised land of His restored kingdom.

But there is a most important event we have left out in this testimony. There was indeed Passover and the taking of Jericho, or holding all things in common, but something took place between these two events that is MOST compelling!

As we can see, all of these things were forerunners or testimonies or shadows of that which will take place today per the second Remnant. Thus when Passover was celebrated and they then took Jericho, even as we approach Passover and anticipate holding all things in common, what is it that took place that helped Joshua to succeed at Jericho? What is it that we need as we too enter into that patterned period in which we too approach our Jericho of holding all things in common? We need Yahshua to personally come and perform His work that will equip us to take the land. Thus, immediately upon celebrating Passover, we read that Joshua had a face to face encounter with Yahshua! Here is the account.

Now it came about when Joshua was by Jericho (which is where we are now), that he lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, a man was standing opposite him with his sword drawn in his hand, and Joshua went to him and said to him, "Are you for us or for our adversaries?" And he said, "No, rather I indeed come now as captain of the host of Yahweh." And Joshua fell on his face to the earth, and bowed down, and said to him, "What has my lord to say to his servant?" And the captain of Yahweh's host said to Joshua, "Remove your sandals from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy." And Joshua did so (Joshua 5:13-15).

The place where the second Remnant stands is indeed holy, and we have already been shown in Luke that we are to remove our sandals - 22:35. Thus we have seen here once again by pattern and testimony that a face to face encounter with the Captain of Yahweh's host should indeed take place. Joshua had been instructed by Yahweh many times; he did not need Him to now come to him face to face, other than the need to set forth a testimony for us today as the fulfilling second Remnant. What is it we need? In seeing Yahshua face to face, we too would be empowered to take our Jericho of holding all things in common.

There was another face to face visitation of Yahshua with another man that affords a sixth evidence to this equal possibility for the second Remnant. In Genesis 18-19 we read the account of the second Remnant act of removing the covering over Sodom and thus its burning (even as Ai was burned). We have pointed out in other writings that this is indeed a second Remnant occasion, insomuch that this was the second time in which the Lot, or covering, was removed from Sodom, the first time being when it was restored, even as the first Remnant went into Christianity.

But it is once again most significant regarding this matter at hand that before the second Remnant Lot was removed, there was a face to face visitation of Yahshua with Abraham. This is the face to face visitation we can hope for as the second Remnant Lot is being removed.

Kyle's persuasion regarding this did not require all of this evidence that I have sought. He simply said that it only makes sense that if Yahshua went to His first Remnant disciples after His resurrection and instructed them, that He would do the same for His second Remnant disciples. This is highly likely, for recorded exclusively in Luke, we read the words of Yahshua - "I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you ..." (Luke 22:15). This statement is declared in none of the other gospels. Thus we can conclude that not only would we be THRILLED for Yahshua to come and share Passover with us, but He "earnestly desires" to do likewise! This is a seventh evidence that He will come among us at Passover.

Now let me add an eighth evidence or reason, though this actually relates to the fourth. We saw that in a face to face encounter, Abigail presented to David his rightful return for the protection he had provided to Nabal at Carmel. If this is a picture of our face to face encounter with Yahshua, what is it that He needs to receive at our Passover gathering?

The answer to this question is very personal to this man. Kyle has pointed out, and it has been addressed by myself, that this man is in picture a Mordecai who helps present the Bride to Yahshua, even as Mordecai was a part in Esther being presented to the King. Kyle has said that this man is the Elijah who provides deliverance to the widow who is about to die, and by her giving what she had and holding all things in common with the prophet, is delivered from death and preserved alive. This is true. This man has a relationship with the Bride which is actually functionary to the point that I have a separate identity from her. As the "Gary," the "sharp spear" that enters into the side of the body of Christ, this man has the roll of bringing forth the Bride out of the body.

This separate identity is likewise seen in that in one regard I am legally not a part of the second Remnant, but stand with the first Remnant. This separate identity (though the two are one, even as in a marriage, and even as the two-part Remnant are in fact one) and unique place as the one who has been entrusted with these truths, affords this man the place to present the Bride to Yahshua. This is the role of the Mordecai, this is the testimony of the "sharp spear," and this is the reason all twelve of the original tithing members should be in my home on Passover - to be presented as the rightful return to Yahshua.

Anticipating His possible presence with us, and knowing that He earnestly desires to eat this Passover with His disciples, it is important that the twelve who represent His second set of disciples would be here in order to be presented to Him. This gathering of the twelve and all who stand with them as one, is that which is passionately within my own heart.

So are a select twelve critically important? In one regard, obviously so. But in another regard, any twelve will do insomuch that they are only twelve who in picture represent the entire whole. A place as one of the twelve does not make one better than others, any more than this man's place makes him better than anyone else. Our obvious state of being equal to all men is clearly reflected in the passage that says - "Elijah was a man with a nature like ours" (James 5:17). This is woefully true; but it is religion that makes people into something that they are not. This man nor any twelve will never be pontificated, for we are only men of a nature like all other men. But, we are men and women who represent a work that Yahweh is establishing by His Spirit in order to prepare the way for the return of Yahshua, and He will use each of us who are called and are a part of His Bride.

Thus from these eight distinct evidences that Yahshua should come into our midst, we actually find two main reasons for this to take place - (1) that Yahshua may receive His twelve disciples, and (2) that He may instruct and empower us in order to complete the work we have begun, including the need to hold all things in common. Remember, the two years we have fulfilled as an Elijah effort only prepare the way for Him to come and perform that which only He can fulfill.

Someone may object to our hope and anticipation of Yahshua's personal visit by quoting the scripture - "If therefore they say to you, 'Behold, He is in the wilderness,' do not go forth, or, 'Behold, He is in the inner rooms,' do not believe them. For just as the lightning comes from the east, and flashes even to the west, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be" (Mathew 24:26-27). It is most interesting that though Yahshua said these words, this is precisely what He did. After His resurrection, the first place He went when going to the disciples was to an inner room. So was He there? Indeed He was! When He revealed Himself to others in the first Remnant during the days thereafter, did He not equally meet them in an inner room, or meet the 500 in undoubtedly a large open area such as a wilderness? So would anyone have objected that they would not have gone there to hear Him at that time because of these words?

There is no question that when Yahshua returns to this earth He will come just as it is written - "as the lightning comes from the east, and flashes even to the west." But even so, this does not preclude Him from making an appearance with His latter twelve to instruct and empower them, even as we see evidenced. We are not coming to my home because I am saying Yahshua is here. We planned this gathering before even seeing this. We come to this Passover gathering with hopes that He will come into our midst. Like Mary who pressed Yahshua to provide the much needed wine for the wedding, or like Jacob who wrestled with the man for the blessing, or like any of the ones whom Yahshua addressed who were examples of persistent prayer, we too gather to press Yahshua to perform the work that only He can perform and to come into our midst in order to send us out with His power. Those who come here have simply found a man carrying a pitcher of water, and gather here to have Passover. Even as we have already noted, when Eli-Yah and Eli-shua come together, Yah-shua is in their midst. As a legal representative of the first Remnant Eli-Yah, and with the presence of the twelve-plus Eli-shua, Yah-shua should come into our midst, whether it be personally, as we hope and expect, or in power.

So, like the huddled twelve, we too will gather literally in an inner room of our Passover home (our dining room) and hope to behold Him to whom Passover looks, Him who "earnestly desires" to eat this Passover with us.

At the beginning of this writing, I told you about the letter in which Yahweh was completely silent just before the revelation of the Remnant by the Spirit. Just recently I was talking on the phone to Kim Lemons, one of the covering Bride members, and she told me about a most unique thing that happened to her almost twenty years ago, something that she has never forgotten and ever since has remained fresh on her heart and mind. (You will recall Kim's e-mail urging others to come under the covering of the tithe, and that her husband was as a result delivered from the 9-11 fall of the twin towers.) Let me share her experience with you. As you will see, Yahweh has a message in it for His Bride today, especially in this hour.

Kim had gone to a meeting in a church where there was a guest speaker who was giving prophetic words to people. Kim did not receive one and on the way home with some other ladies, they began to belittle her for not receiving anything. When she got home she wept bitterly because of the pain wherewith she had been afflicted by those ladies.

The next night she drove to the meeting by herself, but because of the pain from the evening before, did not want to risk going in again and not hearing from God. Struggling with what to do, she drove around the church one, two, three, times. Still the debate as to whether to go in toiled within her. Four, five, six, times around she kept driving. Then after the seventh time as she drove in front of the church, her little car strangely just quit! She coasted over to the curb and parked it, thereupon deciding to go on up to the church. With all of her delay and debate, it was now about thirty minutes after the service was to have begun. But when she got up to the front door, it was completely quiet inside. She went around to another entrance and still, there was not a sound. Back to the front she went. Yes, there were cars in the parking lot, but there was not a sound coming from inside. Wondering what was going on, she stuck her head in the door and heard a voice speak to her - "Well, it's about time, little lady; God would not allow me to start until you got here."

Sheepishly entering into the church, she slipped into a back pew and tried to disappear into the congregation. But no, the speaker called her up front and taking her hand began to prophecy to her. He noted her faithfulness in giving to others, and saw her carrying a basket and from it giving and giving without end, regardless of the hearts of those who received. He saw that her giving would not be in a limited area, but that it would be to the entire world!

After Kim hung up, Yahweh spoke to my heart that what happened to her is a message for us today. There is only one basket that will feed the world, and that is one of the twelve baskets from feeding the 5,000, the twelve latter disciples of the Passover latter rain, one of which is Kim. This is the rain that is to cover the entire earth. As a covering Bride member, Kim is a part of the work that is the fulfillment of feeding the multitudes unleavened bread, a work that will spread throughout the entire world with the coming of Yahshua.

It is most interesting to note that there were clearly two testimonies of silence in her experience. First were the seven journeys around the church building. These of course stir up thoughts of the Israelites who in complete silence circled six times around Jericho, then on the seventh day circled the city and broke the silence with a shout.

Of course the second obvious testimony regarding silence was the literal silence she found in the church, until she entered. This silence in the larger pattern is the stark absence of Yahweh's truth in the church for 2,000 years. Even as the messenger sent to Daniel declared, the insight needed to cause one to shine brightly has been woefully concealed and sealed up for 2,000 years (Daniel 12:2-4). But now those seals are being opened, and the period of silence is at an end.

This is the same message seen when Zacharias was silent from the time the promise of the Elijah was given to him until he was born and circumcised after eight days (the number of days we will be here for Passover). Zacharias' words were equally sealed until the Elijah was circumcised; then the seals over his mouth were opened and he was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied.

This is equally the message evidenced when Yahshua directed the 70/72 disciples to "greet no one along the way" when He sent them out (second Remnant Luke 10:4). It is the same message we find when after performing signs and miracles, Yahshua would instruct them to tell no one. Likewise, it is the message of opening the seventh and final seal in Revelation 8:1 (which speak of the first Remnant), and there was silence in heaven for thirty minutes, the same amount of time that the church was silent before Kim entered to end the silence. And it is the message of silence which this man experienced just before the revelation of the Remnant - it is the silence of Yahweh's truth before the Remnant come forth to declare it.

What does all of this mean for us today? Prophetic patterns are fulfilled on every level, but for this Remnant twelve-plus who prepare to come together for the first time ever for Passover, we are well aware that we have gone through two years of intercessoral silence, of being hidden, and it is now time to shout! It is time for Elijah to be circumcised and for Zechariah's dumb mouth to be opened and for him to prophecy, even as the much desired word was prophesied to Kim. It is time for His chosen and sent disciples to come to their journey's destination and speak the word of Yahweh, to receive power over all unclean things of the enemy, and for Satan to fall from heaven like lightning! "Blessed are the eyes which see these things you see," declared Yahshua (Luke 10:17-24).

But that which impresses me most about Kim's prophetic experience is that even as that congregation waited in silence for her to finally arrive, so Yahweh is waiting for us to come into this work that He desires to begin. He is waiting on us to meet for Passover and to offer to Him the twelve disciples. He is waiting on us to gather so that He can empower us with His Spirit, so that we can be sent out even as He sent out the twelve and the 70/72.

Are we yet empowered? No! Are we sent out? Of course not, not without power! Yahshua must come into our midst in one way or another to accomplish both of these vital acts. Whether Yahshua's presence is personal, which we fully anticipate, or by His sent power, certainly as is greatly needed and required He will come and abide with us. For 2,000 years men have been sent out by men with all manner of ill and unfruitful results. Today, we do not need to be sent out by men; we must be empowered and sent out by Yahshua Himself so that we can succeed according to His desired and appointed results!

In this regard, I have an announcement to make. Despite many obstacles, despite personal unworthiness, despite costs, I am most pleased to announce that Yahweh has arranged for all twelve of the covering tithe members to be here for Passover, along with others! This is incredible and includes working fathers, mothers and wives who are under their husband's authority, and three ladies who are coming all the way from Fiji. This is a great blessing that Yahweh is performing, and underscores His will in this matter.

Of the twelve, there are six men and six women, three black girls from Fiji and a black man from Virginia, and all of us very common people. The other eight are Caucasian of various ethnic backgrounds. The nine who are not from Fiji are all from the continental US.

I find it most significant that Fiji is the first nation west of the International Date Line - the sun rises with Fiji. On the other hand, the US via Alaska is the last nation this side of the International Date Line. With Fiji being first and the US being last, Yahweh has provided legal testimony regarding the Alpha and the Omega work He will perform when the entire world is covered under His Spirit. There is also the anticipation that when the Fiji three and the US nine are united, when the Alpha and the Omega become one at Passover, then the true and beloved Alpha and Omega will abide with us.

Since June, 1994, I have known that 1 John is a message pertaining to the first Remnant, 2 John is a message pertaining to the second Remnant, and 3 John is a message pertaining to the coming reign of Yahshua in His kingdom. 1 John aptly ends with this Pentecost former rain warning - "Little children, guard yourselves from idols," certainly revealing the leaven of that work, even as Yahshua warned - "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees."

On the other hand, 3 John, when Yahshua will come to earth to be with man in His kingdom, ends with a different message. Consider the following as if it were the very words of Yahshua - "I had many things to write to you (John 21:25), but I am not willing to write them to you with pen and ink; but I hope to see you shortly, and we shall speak face to face. Peace be to you. The friends (the first Remnant) greet you. Greet the friends by name."

This obviously speaks of the return of Yahshua when He comes to be with man face to face and brings with Him the awaiting first Remnant. So what then is the message to the second Remnant in 2 John? Once again read this as if it were the very words of Yahshua to us - "Having many things to write to you, I do not want to do so with paper and ink (even as you have been receiving from this writer); but I hope to come to you and speak face to face, that your joy may be made full. The children of your chosen sister greet you." Thus we see testified two face to face appearances of Yahshua, this one not to the world but to His second Remnant. Thus, evidence number nine!

The children of our chosen sister who greet us are the first Remnant, and in this "coded" way, they wonderfully send their greeting to us. But, there is another most encouraging way they are sending their effectual greeting as well. The reason we are having this Passover gathering is because Peter from New York requested and initiated it. Thus we see in prophetic testimony that our gathering is the fulfillment of the apostle Peter's effectual prayers as he waits under the altar, insomuch that he too earnestly desires this much needed, fulfilling, and redeeming Passover gathering of the latter twelve and others with them, including our own testifying Peter.

But one thing in which we can take great hope from this message is that Yahshua earnestly desires to come to us so that our joy may be made full! The fulfillment of this promise is best described by being left to one's own imagination and sense of joy, but in Psalm 126 we undoubtedly read a statement equally appropriate to this event and experience - "We were like those who dream. Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with joyful shouting; then they said among the nations, 'Yahweh has done great things for them.' Yahweh has done great things for us; we are glad!" Such will be our joy and gladness when we soon see Him face to face.

Come Lord Yahshua and receive your twelve disciples.

If you would like to join the thirteen here for Passover, call or e-mail me.

Blessings to all who obey,



PS - As I close, I am encouraged by the first vision I ever had, which was in early 1972. It is most fitting for the hope we have of seeing Yahshua face to face this Passover. Please allow me to share it in its briefest form.

I was standing at the base of a tall slender and pointed mountain (much like an inverted golf tee), and at its top I saw a brilliant light. I thought that the light must be Yahshua, so I intently began to try to see His face. Soon I noticed that I was floating up to Him; and though fearful of falling on the threatening rocks below, I determined all the more to look intently into His face. Upward I was lifted until soon I was drawn unto Him between His side and His left arm, whereupon with His right arm He made a sweeping gesture to His right to a large valley below with a winding river and trees on either side as if to say - "This is all yours."

The main thrust of that first vision from its beginning was to see His face; and here we are exactly thirty years later anticipating this very thing of looking into His face. What do I expect when we gather this Passover? I believe He is going to give me, and even us, the kingdom of God in power, the large valley with the winding river and the trees on either side. I believe that now at the completion of these thirty years, we will see the fulfillment of His motioning to me - "This is all yours."