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Up to this point we have seen the kingdom given first to the Solomon first Remnant, then taken away from them and given to the Jeroboam breach of Christianity. What then is next? The kingdom belongs to the "house of Solomon" Remnant - it was promised to them. So, how can the kingdom go back to the Remnant? He takes the kingdom rights away from Jeroboam Christianity that they have had for almost 2,000 years, and gives them back to a promised second Remnant. Yahweh is now raising up a second Remnant to complete the work begun by the first.

As we look at this highly important "tree" pattern that has thus far been most revealing, if what has just been stated regarding the second Remnant is in fact true, then we should see this restoration and transfer taking place with regard to Jeroboam and his kingdom. Did the kingdom return to Solomon's house? In prophetic picture, it did. We will here consider two accounts. First is the prophetic message to Jeroboam by the prophet, Ahijah, who originally spoke the word of Yahweh to Jeroboam about the ten tribes. Second, we will consider the words and actions of King Rehoboam's son, Abijah, as he confronted Jeroboam.

In 1 Kings 14 we find that Jeroboam's son, Abijah (not to be confused with aforementioned Abijah, the son of Rehoboam), became sick, and Jeroboam sent his wife in disguise to the prophet Ahijah at Shiloh to inquire what would happen to his son. We see here in picture Christianity presenting its fruits to Yahshua following its 2,000 year period. Ahijah is in Shiloh where it is said - "the scepter shall not depart from Judah ... until Shiloh comes" (Genesis 49:10). "Shiloh" is Yahshua, and we see here Jeroboam presenting his "fruit" to Shiloh, or Yahshua. What does Jeroboam send to the prophet at Shiloh? First, a wife disguised as another woman, inquiring about her fatally sick son. Second, ten loaves, some cakes, and a jar of honey. Why?

First, why is his wife disguised? Because Christianity is disguised. Who do they say they are, yet are not? Christianity disguises itself as the bride of Yahshua; but are they the bride? Not at all! They wear a deceptive identity, posing to be something in which they are not. The bride of Yahshua is a two-part Remnant that comes out of Christianity. Thus, Christianity equally comes to Shiloh disguised as another woman. Also, why is Jeroboam's son sick? This sickly son represents Christianity's best effort at bringing forth the man-child. Is their man-child sufficient? Not at all; in fact he is sick unto death (as Christians have died for 2,000 years) and is not sufficient as the required godly seed of the kingdom.

Very briefly, but very importantly, even as Christianity was the breach period in which Yahweh hid the church in "the cleft of the rock" and placed His hand over it while His glory was passing by so that they could not see Him or His ways (Exodus 33:17-23), equally Christianity is the waistband that Yahweh instructed Jeremiah to also hide in the "crevice of the rock" (Jeremiah 13:1-7). Both of these identical testimonies reveal Christianity and its breach or cleft period. What has been the outcome of being hid in that crevice for 2,000 years? How does Yahweh view this waistband that He said would be made to cling to Him, even as Christianity has clinged to Him (vs. 11)? How does He view the works of waistband Christianity that has been hidden in the cleft of the rock for 2,000 years? The same way Jeremiah found to be the condition of the waistband - "and lo, the waistband was ruined, it was totally worthless."

As stark and shocking as this must have been to Israel, nonetheless this was the way Yahweh viewed them. And likewise, as stark and shocking as it may seem to the church (for which these foretelling events took place), this is the way Yahweh views spiritual Israel, or Christianity. It is "totally worthless" in fulfilling the high requirements of His kingdom. It is "totally worthless" and ruined in its sufficiency in bringing forth the pure kingdom of God and its King. The breach or cleft period of Christianity is "totally worthless" and cannot be Yahweh's Elijah or spotless bride. And here as we see testified in Jeroboam's sick and dying son, it is "totally worthless" in its ability to bring forth the man-child.

And what of the ten loaves, some cakes, and a jar of honey? Once again we see the number ten that is identified with Christianity - the ten horns of the beasts. This time Christianity-identifying ten is testified to here by ten loaves. The cakes are the dainties of the world with which they have been overcome. And of course the honey is the honey of the promised land - the kingdom of God. The church has had the honey of the kingdom, and Shiloh is the day-of-Yahshua reckoning as to how they have fared with the kingdom. Has Christianity fared well? Not at all! It is deceived, sickly, corrupted by the world, and has not done well. What is the word of God to Christianity? The same word delivered to Jeroboam by the prophet Ahijah - "I am sent to you with a harsh message." Let us see exactly what that message was. We will consider it phrase by phrase, beginning in verse 6, in order to see its great prophetic relevance.

"I am sent to you with a harsh message. Go, say to Jeroboam (Christianity), 'Thus says Yahweh God of Israel: "Because I exalted you from among the people and made you leader over My people Israel,"

Christianity has been exalted on the earth (like King Nebuchadnezzar and his great tree) and made "leader" over the kingdom of God.

"and tore the kingdom away from the house of David and gave it to you -"

The kingdom was taken away from the first Remnant established specifically by Yahshua.

"yet you have not been like My servant David, who kept My commandments and who followed Me with all his heart, to do only that which was right in My sight;"

David here pictures, of course, Yahshua, who did everything that was right in Yahweh's sight. This was not true of the Solomon first Remnant; and as we see here, is most certainly not true of the Jeroboam body of Christ. While Yahshua did all that was pleasing in Yahweh's sight, the body of Christ has failed! Thus, the judgment of Yahweh is against them.

"you also have done more evil than all who were before you, and have gone and made for yourself other gods and molten images to provoke Me to anger, and have cast Me behind your back - ..."

It is difficult from our perspective to see how Christianity could be classed with such condemnation; but men do not accurately regard or reckon the holiness of Yahweh. Many of the practices of Christianity, in comparison to His perfect kingdom, are completely anathema to Yahweh. Men do not look at them this way, but Yahweh does. Men do what Paul warned - they "measure themselves by themselves, and compare themselves with themselves," and are likewise "without understanding" (1 Corinthians 10:12). But Yahweh has a far higher standard.

Christianity has been given His kingdom, and "to whom much is given, much is required." Christianity has not justly regarded His kingdom, and has provoked Him to anger. This is the anger of Yahshua spoken of throughout the book of Revelation. If Christianity was given its full three periods of time, Yahshua would return to judge it with that wrath for the abuse of His kingdom. And let it be said again - the church is 2,000 years old, and must be judged for its entire tenure.

"therefore behold, I am bringing calamity on the house of Jeroboam, and will cut off from Jeroboam every male person, both bond and free in Israel, and I will make a clean sweep of the house of Jeroboam, as one sweeps away dung until it is all gone."

Yahweh is going to make a "clean sweep" of Christianity. They will be swept out (cut off from) the coming restored kingdom of God. All of its rights are restored to the Remnant, who return with Yahshua in glorified bodies. But remember, this prophecy would be much more harshly fulfilled if Yahshua delayed His coming for 1,000 years.

It is interesting that dung is spoken of here, for as has been pointed out in other writings, this is what church pastors and teachers have fed the people. The pure word of the kingdom has been taken in by carnal men, processed by their carnal minds, and then fed to others, not in its pure form but as altered dung. This is how Yahweh looks at the teachings of men - dung! It is the word of God altered by the flesh. Yahweh will remove Christianity that has fed men so much dung. It is highly appropriate and truly prophetic that men receive this dung while sitting in their pews (def. - contempt or disgust at an odor).

"Anyone belonging to Jeroboam who dies in the city the dogs will eat. And he who dies in the field the birds of the heavens will eat; for Yahweh has spoken."

Christianity loses the priesthood and is sent to the nations. Numerous testimonies clearly evidence that dogs represent the nations. Even as the blood of Ahab, as well as the body of Jezebel, went to the dogs (representing Christianity going to the nations), so we see here again that the house of Jeroboam in equal testimony goes to the dogs.

This fate is for those who die in the city of God. As for those in the field - the world - the birds of the heavens will eat. Revelation equally expresses this. At the return of Yahshua, a sword that comes from His mouth kills men, "and all the birds were filled with their flesh" (Revelation 19:21). This is "the great supper of God" to which the angel called "all the birds which fly in midheaven" to assemble (vs. 17). "Birds" are lying spirits. A fulfillment of this passage as literal birds is no more likely than Yahshua would come back with a literal sword in His mouth. How these spirits devour the carnal ways (the flesh) of man will yet be seen. (And the difficulty of citing Revelation is that an early merciful return of Yahshua alters His prophesied return with wrath - e.g., Babylon was indeed conquered by the Medes as prophesied, but not with the wrath in those prophecies.)

"Now you (Jeroboam's wife) arise, go to your house. When your feet enter the city the child will die."

Verse 17 tells us that when Jeroboam's wife "was entering the threshold of the house, the child died." Did the child die as the prophet declared - "When your feet enter the city"? Not literally, for we read that he died when "she was entering the threshold of the house." Why this difference? We have seen in other writings that Christianity dies a two-blow death. The first death is a Passover death, the second, Tabernacles. The first is a legal decision, the second is the final fulfillment effected at Yahshua's return. On Passover, 2000, Christianity received the first-blow outcome regarding its death. Like the promise of the prophet regarding the death of Jeroboam's son, it seems that Yahweh's proclamation is not carried out. Jeroboam's wife still walks and the son seems to live. But, it will be carried out at the "threshold" - Tabernacles. As we see, though the words of the prophet were not carried out until Jeroboam's wife crossed the threshold, when she entered the limits of the city, her son was as much as dead. The prophesied word was carried out at the threshold. This is precisely where Christianity is right now. It is in the death-walk period between the limits of the city, and the threshold. Christianity may not appear to be dead from its Passover death, but it is as much as dead as will be evidenced at its Tabernacles death at the return of Yahshua.

The "threshold" and "threshing floor" are interesting prophetic testimonies regarding the return of Yahshua and His judgment of Christianity. The word "thresh" has the idea of separation. The thresh-old is the door, the entrance, that separates one from being in the house or outside. Threshing is the process of separating the grain from the chaff. So we see here Yahweh's testimony regarding the separation of the body of Christ and the bride, of Mystery Babylon and the Remnant, or even Christianity from the kingdom rights. Let us briefly consider some of these most consistent prophetic testimonies.

As discussed in other writings, the ark of God in Dagon's temple is a picture of the corrupted kingdom of God - the holy among the profane. In this mixed situation, Dagon fell over twice, marking once again very precisely the two-blow death of Christianity. The first time, Dagon fell with no apparent results (i.e., the "limits of the city" announced death). But the second time (i.e., the "threshold" literal death), "the head of Dagon and both of his hands were cut off on the threshold" (1 Samuel 5:4). Here we see Christianity losing its rights to priesthood (losing its head and hands that were anointed when entering priesthood) at the second fall specifically "on the threshold." Equally in a picture of Christianity, the traveling Levite's concubine was raped, and she died "with her hands on the threshold" (Judges 19:27). Similarly, when David was incorrectly transporting the ark of God with an ox cart and it became unsettled, it was at a threshing floor that this occurred. There Uzzah reached out his hand and took hold of the ark, and God killed him (2 Samuel 6:6). And where was it that Ahab was deceived, so as to be led into battle to meet his death? At the "threshing floor at the entrance of the gate of Samaria" (1 Kings 22:10).

Thus we see in this account with Jeroboam's wife, it is appropriate and prophetically significant that Jeroboam's son died when his wife entered the threshold (though the prophet had said it would be when she entered the city), marking the second-part fatal fulfillment of the two-blow death of Christianity.

"And all Israel shall mourn for him and bury him, for he alone of Jeroboam's family shall come to the grave, because in him something good was found toward Yahweh God of Israel in the house of Jeroboam."

Is there good within Christianity? Despite Yahweh's proclamation that the waistband of Christianity is "totally worthless," there is good within it. This good in Christianity is always the argument heard when its judgment is raised - "But Christianity does good things!" or "But Christianity has good people in it!" Christianity is a mix of good and evil. And the mix of the two (as Christianity has to be taken as a whole) produces something lukewarm; therefore it will be spewed out of God's mouth (Revelation 3:15-16). Even as the household of Saul was prophetic of Christianity, note that when judgment finally came on that house, not only was evil Saul killed, but also good Jonathan. Likewise, we see here in evil Jeroboam's house "something good;" but, it is definitely not good enough to save the entire house.

"Moreover, Yahweh will raise up for Himself a king over Israel who shall cut off the house of Jeroboam this day and what even now. For Yahweh will strike Israel, as a reed is shaken in the water; and He will uproot Israel from the good land which He gave to their fathers, and will scatter them beyond the Euphrates River, because they have made their Asherim, provoking Yahweh to anger. And He will give up Israel on account of the sins of Jeroboam, which he committed and with which he made Israel to sin."

"This day and what even now" Yahshua is opening the eyes of His second Remnant, a tender sprout from the tree of Christianity that has been "cut off." With the completion of the second Remnant (pictured here once again by the Euphrates River, addressed earlier), and upon the return of the true "King of Israel," the third part of Christianity will be scattered throughout the nations. Christianity has provoked Yahweh to anger for their sins, and He will "uproot" them from the kingdom, even as the three horns are uprooted in Daniel 7.

Yahweh did indeed literally use a "king over Israel" to "cut off the house of Jeroboam." In 1 Kings 15:27-29 we read how King Baasha struck down the household of Jeroboam, yet he too walked in the very ways of Jeroboam (vs. 34). In fact, nearly every king of Israel walked in the ways of Jeroboam. The ten tribes pictured Christianity's practices during the entirety of their history - being in prophetic expression a mere extension of Jeroboam. Though Jeroboam was in fact killed, the prophetic expression of Christianity continued to the final end - Israel became dispersed to the nations (as will be Christianity). This completes Ahijah's prophecy concerning Jeroboam.


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