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Let us talk more specifically about what the tithe is and how it is to be administrated. Not only has this man been faithful in tithing, but has also written a book on the subject. It is entitled – Does The Tithe Always Go To The Storehouse?. The book was self-published, so is not available on the market now. The books are actually in storage at the ranch-home we built for women and children. Leaving them there in 1994 was a part of my Mephibosheth-calling of leaving everything.

What Yahweh had shown me, as recorded in the book, was the correct administration of the tithe as set forth in His word; and as you would suspect from the title, the tithe is not administrated in Christianity as Yahweh set forth. Pastors stand in their pulpits and attempt to pull all the tithe to themselves, to their church. But consistent with Yahweh’s pattern of a three-part work always being split two-thirds and one-third, in like manner the tithe was equally split. (This is the same with faith – hear and believe, followed by acting.)

While two-thirds of the tithe were indeed to go to the storehouse, one-third of it (or every third year) was to be used for other purposes and never went to the storehouse. That unique one-third was to be used in one’s own town for the local Levite, the alien, the orphan, and the widow (Deuteronomy 14:27-29), and was administrated by the individual. Also highly relevant, only four verses before Yahweh’s instruction to bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, Malachi 3:5 addresses the same need to help the widow, the orphan, and the alien. And even before the tithe, the corners of the field were to be set aside for the poor and the needy (Leviticus 19:9-10 and 23:22).

Thus, by following Yahweh's two-third/one-third instruction, this equips not only the corporate Remnant Bride to be an effective help and blessing, but also equips the individual as well. By following Yahweh's instruction regarding the correct administration of the tithe, each individual has the opportunity to correctly utilize that which heretofore has been called for with a sense of greed and error.

How is the Bride member to administrate the tithe? According to Yahweh's instructions, two-thirds of it is to be given to the Remnant Bride corporate, the storehouse; while one-third of it is to be kept by the individual and used to help the needy and other Remnant Bride individuals or Remnant Bride works – "local Levites.” And the needy could be the literal needy or the spiritual needy.  One could use part of the third-year tithe to personally make the Bride truths available to others.

Also, the tithe can be used for transportation and travel needs if you are going to a special Remnant Bride gathering or work. When the people brought their tithes to the storehouse in Jerusalem, they used part of them for their needs when there (Deuteronomy 14:22-26). In planning to come to Remnant Bride gatherings or works, save part of your tithe if you need to for that purpose; but only part of it, for it should not all be absorbed in your own endeavors. Otherwise the tithe, whether the one-third or the two-third, looses its purpose.

The other giving that the Bride is to apply is the corners of the field. How much are the corners of the field? By examining the corners of the outer court of the temple in Ezekiel 46:21-24 in relation to the entire outer court, we find that they are 2%. (Four 1,200 square cubit chambers occupied 2% of the 250,000 square cubit outer court.) This amount of 2% is also what the Mishnah taught regarding the corners. Thus, Yahweh’s pattern for the corners of the field would lead one to first give 2% of their income before taxes for the care of the needy. This is to be used to help meet the needs of others. Subtracting this 2% from one's income, would leave the amount from which the tithe would be determined.

For example, if one's income was $3,000 a month, the corners of the field would be 2% of $3,000, or $60. Now, taking $60 from $3,000 would leave one with $2,940, from which the tithe is determined. 10% of $2,940 is $294. Of that $294, two-thirds of it, or $196, is to be sent to the corporate Remnant Bride, while one-third of it, or $98, is to be used by the individual for the needy and the "local Levite" Bride member(s). This is Yahweh's order for giving (not including special offerings).

It should be said here as well that not only do you become a sharer in the Remnant Bride by faithfully giving to the Bride, but you also prove yourself to be worthy of the kingdom of God. Yahshua taught that if we wanted to receive that which is above, we must first be faithful with that which is of this earth. If you will not be faithful with your tithe and the corners of your field, which are natural pictures of spiritual truths, then how can you expect to receive the spiritual fulfillments? According to Yahshua, you gain the right to the spiritual because, with faithfulness, you have identified in the natural.

Both the tithe and the tithe of the tithe (Numbers 18:26) are spiritual pictures – the body of Christ is the tithe and the Remnant is the tithe of the tithe. If you cannot be faithful with the natural and provide this obedient portion out of your earthly possessions, then why should you have a right to be Yahweh's spiritual tithe or the tithe of the tithe of mankind? This is precisely the message Yahshua clearly stated when He said – “If therefore you have not been faithful in the use of unrighteous wealth, who will entrust the true riches to you?” (Luke 16:11).  In this day before His return, one must take His words here very serious.

The corners of the field for the poor are equally the Remnant. The corners of the field occupied the same place as the tassels on the corners of a man's garment. The corners of a man's garment encompassed the man, even as the corners of the field encompassed the field. Thus, in Jeremiah 31:22 we read – "For Yahweh has created a new thing on the earth – a woman will encompass a man.” The feminine Bride is the work that encompasses the masculine body of Christ. (Read The Covering Bride, page 5.) If you desire to be a partaker of the Bride work, you will therefore be faithful in giving both of these instructed prophetic portions of your earthly wealth – the tithe and the corners of the field.

One other matter here that needs to be addressed is regarding the woman who has a husband who does not believe, or the child who has a father who does not believe. It is sometimes the case for the wife to believe without the husband. In such case the wife should appeal to her husband. If he will tithe or give, this is good. If he will not, then the wife, like Abigail (1 Samuel 25), should seek to give to the Bride in whatever way or amount possible. This is true in the case of children as well. Every family situation is different, but this will provide general direction regarding this. Furthermore, the man who has an unbelieving wife is to take the authority in his home given to him by Yahweh God and faithfully tithe in order to be covered.

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