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It happens though that Russ was not the only one to give up his seat to another.  It has been said before that Yahweh will use a woman when a man fails to respond.  That was certainly the case per the two women who are now apostles.  In both cases, the seat they occupy was to go to a man, but that man failed to come. 


The gathering was planned to be in the home of Jim Neumann.  But one week before the gathering when others were to arrive, I received an e-mail from him stating – “If you are to be used as an Elijah/12th apostle it has been hidden from me for the current time.  Your leading and vision is not in line with the direction the Father is leading me.  I accept the possibility that I may be the one who is deceived, but I must walk within the faith that I have been given.”  Jim backed out of holding the gathering in his home, and did not attend.  Of course at first this was very unsettling, but the more I considered what Yahweh was doing, the more excited I became.  I realized that Yahweh’s design was to hold this in the home that He had so wonderfully blessed me with when I moved here.  Let us digress on this.


As noted in The Twenty-four Elders, page 8, and in the video, The Twenty-four Elders, Yahweh’s governmental design has been to take the one who stands in the office of the twelfth apostle, and from him build a Bride.  This is evidenced insomuch that Yahweh put Adam to sleep, opened his side, took out a rib, and from it formed a bride.  We have noted that that rib represents one of the twenty-four elders, the twelfth apostle; and in truth he has the responsibility to form the other twelve ribs, the other twelve elders, that are the legal testimony of the Bride.  Therefore, it became obvious why Yahweh had these twelve “ribs” to come specifically into my home in Salem – for the other twelve to be governmentally established in the home of the rib that was to form the Bride.  It was all government, and Yahweh wanted only these twelve governmental parts present under the covering or home of the twelfth apostle.  There were none others present.


After reading The Golden Image, Jim rejected this man as the twelfth apostle and thereby lost his seat as one of the twenty-four elders.  As it is written in Acts 3:23 – “And it shall be that every soul that does not heed that prophet shall be utterly destroyed from among the people.”  Does this mean Jim will not return?  Not necessarily; we will have to see.  Even as he said, his action was based on his faith at the time.  The fact is, Jim was not to come so that his place could be taken from him and given to a woman.  It is most reassuring and confirming that two men had in fact planned to be here but backed out. There would have been twelve men, but Yahweh ordered that this critical testimony regarding the woman be governmentally established, thus two men gave up their places.  And at some point, based on what we read here, any who reject this prophet will not reign with Yahshua, even as we saw in the writing – The Golden Image.


The other man who did not come was Bruce Ramsey.  Bruce did not come because the woman he has been seeing went through a situation that turned him upside down.  When Bruce found out what he missed, he had known that something dramatic would take place and was very upset at his failure.  But I encouraged him not to be.  Bruce’s previous two wives were not faithful to him and hurt him very much, and the event that took place tested his trust in women all the more.  I told him that his sacrifice was for the purpose of delivering women from the very curse by which he has been hurt so deeply.  The very deliverance they needed, from which he had suffered so much, has been legally provided by him giving up his office.  Bruce Ramsey became the ram caught in the thicket so that the lives of women could be delivered. 


It is further interesting that another man did not come who, much earlier, had talked about coming.  His name was Mark.  I do not control prophecy, but when Mark did not come I was relieved, for there were quite a number of things that concerned me about him.  In type he was Mark Christianity, which will not rule and reign with Yahshua.  Does this mean that this specific Mark, or any Mark, will not be in the Remnant?  Not at all; but during this highly prophetic and intercessoral period, there had to be a Mark Christianity testimony that failed as well.


And speaking of “Mark,” let us note some of the incredible similarities in these two women who are apostles.  First, they are both the identical age – 39.  Kim is married to a Mark, a name that has been most fitting for him up to now, and Linda had just broken up with a man named Mark.  Both women came with a male authority – Kim with her father, Cary, and Linda with her brother, Eric.  Even as there were brothers among the first apostles, we have a brother and sister, and father and daughter.  Also, quite amazingly, both women had quit shaving before coming.  What is the significance of this?  Hair is prophetic of glory, and both women intercessorally testified that glory would return to them.  This is the same testimony per Samson, whose hair had equally been removed, but upon its restoration regained the much needed strength to defeat the Philistines, both testifying of the glory that returns to the Bride.


There were so many similarities between these two women that at one point Kim told me she was afraid to ask Linda what her middle name was.  The next morning she told me the answer; yes, they both have the same middle name – Marie.  Also, both women had just recently moved, and neither have had children.  They were both devoted Catholics, then became Protestant Christians, and are now Remnant Bride, and now the two women apostles.


While we are speaking of people and their testimonies, there were two women who sent some very interesting information.  First, there is a lady named Anna who spoke truth once before to the Bride.  In 2003 she said that the Bride would die that year and be born again in 2004, which indeed happened.  On October 8 Anna sent an e-mail with the following:


I had a dream last night.  You were outside and Yahweh told you to count the stars.  You looked up and there were only twelve.  You were disappointed that there were not more, and Yahweh told you – “My stars are for signs, seasons, days, months, and years.  Every star prophesies of Me.  There are only twelve stars, but the stars became scattered and many, but all came from the twelve stars.”  Perhaps this means something to you!


Eight days later the twelve stars/apostles were set forth in the heavens, and many Bride members/stars will come from this governmental work, as well as all the host of heaven, and all will specifically prophesy of Him and His works, even as we have seen so wonderfully in these twelve apostles.


Another testimony was sent by Carol in New Zealand.  Quite interesting, Carol was born at almost midnight, December 25.  But when the birth certificate was filled out, they dated it December 26.  Thus she has the same two days testified per her birth, that we will experience at the Tabernacles Pentecost on December 25 and 26.  Here is her e-mail:


Also, during the weekend of 16/17 October while you were all together, Yahweh spoke to me that the legal transfer had indeed occurred from Peter to the Remnant Bride during this feast of Trumpets!!  Praise Him!!  This is such an awesome time!


There is yet another man who was not here whom I always assumed would be one of the apostles, and would have been so if he had come (many are called, but few are chosen) – my dear friend and savior (with a lower case “s,” but nonetheless so, who delivered me from destruction in 2003), Peter Douglas.  But Peter had to be a Peter (which he always told me he was such) and denied me three times, the last time denying that I was the twelfth apostle, equally costing him his place as one of the twelve.  It seems that Peter not being here fulfilled in type the very thing Yahweh told Carol – the legal transfer of the kingdom rights from Peter to the second Remnant.



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