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It is incredible how significant this principle of adding the eighth is proving to be.  Let us list some of them.









And speaking of the testimony of the eighth and the World Series, what is the chance that after the highly prophetic 2004 World Series win by the 1920 cursed Red Sox, the equally 1920 cursed White Sox would win the 2005 World Series?  And most significantly (like unto the odds that seven Presidents would die in office every twenty years, but not the eighth), the Red Sox set a World Series record by winning eight games straight, which was matched the next year by the White Sox!  Since both of these teams were under a curse originating specifically in 1920, and both teams won historic eight games straight, and both are “Sox,” do you think Yahweh might be saying something?  Obviously so!  As reported in an article on Fox Sports on October 21, just the odds of these two successive victories was 1 in 18.1 million!  Add to that that both teams testified of the same World Series record of eight straight wins, the odds would be off the chart!   Clearly, Yahweh speaks from a whirlwind; do you think He speaks from a baseball diamond as well?  He is God, and there is none like Him!


Here is the Fox News article that was written the day before the World Series:


Before we look at the respective ballclubs, let's take a look at some of the numbers that come into play as the Series gets set to open. The White Sox, as already mentioned, last won the Series in 1917. Two years later, in 1919, a team considered perhaps the best of its time, was upset by the Cincinnati Reds. A year later, following the 1920 season, eight members of that team, including the great "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, were banned from baseball for conspiring with gamblers to throw the World Series. Forever after, that team and those players became known as the Black Sox. Could that be the White Sox's curse? The Pale Hose last made it to the Series back in 1959. That ballclub, known as the "Go-Go" Sox for their speed, lost to the Dodgers. The Sox haven't been back in the 46 years since.


As for the Astros, they played their first season as an expansion club in 1962 after being born a year earlier, and were known then as the Houston Colt 45's. So the team has been in existence for 44 years and has never made it to the Series.


Then you look at the guy who pitched the pennant clincher for the Astros. Roy Oswalt wears No. 44, and was the MVP of the NLCS. The team leader, Roger Clemens, wears No. 22 which, of course, is 44 divided by two. And for most of the season he's pitched as if he was 22. Is there any significance to that? The day Roger's beloved mother died earlier this year she told her son to go ahead and pitch, and then supposedly predicted the final score that day would be 10-2. It was. And one of the last things she allegedly said was that she had a vision of none other than Shoeless Joe Jackson, the ill-fated Chicago White Sox star. Were these two teams destined to meet all along? Why not look at it this way and have some fun?


Here was Clemens’ statement:


"This is momma, she was thinking baseball. She came to and asked if we were in the playoffs yet," Clemens said. "Out of nowhere came, she mentioned Shoeless Joe Jackson. It was unbelievable. ... I asked her if she was in the fields, and she said, 'I think I am.' She just loves the game."


In 1920, two baseball curses were effected – the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees, and eight men from the White Sox were banished from baseball, including Shoeless Joe Jackson, the eighth (who is regarded to this day by many to be innocent).  Shoeless Joe has become a household name from the very popular movie, Field of Dreams, which is highly prophetic.  Let us briefly consider the testimony of that movie in light of this most incredible World Series win.


“Build it and he will come.”


This statement was the foundation message of that movie.  What did it mean at the outset?  If Ray (as in a ray of light, or the Luke/light second Remnant) would build a baseball field, Shoeless Joe Jackson would come.  Of course the idea was entirely crazy to him; but within Ray, despite what it looked like in the natural, he knew he had to build that field, and he did.  That summer he plowed under his corn and built the baseball field, while the scoffers stood by and ridiculed him.


Did Shoeless Joe come?  No.  Winter came and there was no Joe.  The next year Ray planted his corn, less the baseball field, driving him into bankruptcy.  He looked like a total failure, and was doomed to such.  (Here again, as addressed in Hurricane Katrina and the Curse of 1920, we see the testimony of a one year delay.)  But it was at that time of apparent defeat and desperation that Shoeless Joe did come – first just Joe, then the other seven who were banished, and then enough for two teams.  (Of course who couldn’t see, but Mark – Christianity.)


Do you see the clear prophetic message once again?  “If you build it he will come.”  Who will come?  The all-important redeeming eighth, the one who redeems the seven!  SO, this “Ray” built a baseball field, the kingdom of heaven, despite all the scoffings and jeers and the appearance of failure, and the all-important eighth did come – Kyle Nixon, an avid baseball fan.  Kyle came as the eighth and redeemed the seven – first the seven who represented the Curse of 1920, and then the seven who were established by the eleven apostles.  The very message prophesied in Field of Dreams, was fulfilled at a very critical level at Trumpets, 2005. 


And even as prophesied by Shoeless Joe, we too had taken off our sandals, our shoes.  The work that Yahweh performed at that gathering was His work; we simply walked out what we saw Him performing.  That which was prophesied per Shoeless Joe’s name, that which was prophesied by Joshua equally being told by the captain of Yahweh’s host to remove his shoes upon entering into the prophetic Shelah Millennial reign period, was effected on Trumpets, 2005, when Yahweh set up the twelve apostles.  We had our shoes off, and He did the work.


But frankly, while the establishment of the twelve is a critical and essential step, it is not the end of this prophecy.  “Build it and he will come.”  In the movie, we saw an unfolding of that message that did not end with just Shoeless Joe, but in greater fulfillment Ray’s father came.  Who is it that we truly need to come?  Is it not the Son of God?  And when was He legally supposed to come?  On the eighth “day,” the eighth Millennium, which is the first day of the following “week,” the day that divine light was created in the beginning. 


The eighth that we must have is the coming of the Son of God.  By adding this eighth early, stacking the eighth on the seventh, truly all curses will be reversed at a much higher level.  What we/Yahweh did here at Trumpets, 2005, was a much needed intercession and fulfillment; but it also points to a fulfillment that is at hand.  Yahweh led us through a type of that which is to be, and as intercessors, we tapped into the same power as the return of the Son of God, but at a lower level, though still critically important.  So let us add yet one more culminating and even ultimate testimony to this matter of adding the eighth:



With this incredible testimony and fulfillment taking place on October 16-17, what are the statistical chances that while we were gathering for Trumpets and adding the eighth, the White Sox began their string of record eight wins, winning the League Championship on Trumpets, October 16, the first four of those eight, and giving testimony to this very thing we are seeing here – adding the all-important eighth?  Again, this is as far beyond the realm of statistical probability, as it is that seven Presidents of the United States would die in office every seven years, and the eighth would defeat death!  At some point, unbelief must yield to reality.


But let us add even more evidence to this obvious testimony.  In the first game of the 2005 World Series, the White Sox won with a score of 5 to 3, for a total of eight, setting forth at the beginning the clear prophetic testimony of the eighth.  The next night, they won 7 to 6, for a total of thirteen, or the one-and-twelve government.  There was also a testimony in this game that was exceptionally encouraging to this man.  At the bottom of the ninth, the score was tied 6 – 6 (the twelve), with the White Sox at bat.  Podsednik stepped up to the plate with one of the lower batting averages on the team, and had not hit a home run the entire regular season.  “I don’t think anyone in the ballpark was thinking I’d hit one out,” said Podsednik later.  Indeed, no one suspected that he would hit the home run that gave the White Sox that second win, providing the important testimony of the thirteenth.


Personally, this was very encouraging because this man had the identical unforgettable experience on a grade school playground, where they jeered me that I could not hit the ball; and they were right.  In like prophetic foreshadowing, no one was suspecting I would hit a home run either; but I did, equally winning the game and touching the home plate as the schoolhouse bell rang.  Is this man capable; is he an applauded and recognized success?  No.  He is unsuspecting, unassuming, and weak.  But, he stands in an office as the thirteenth that is added to the twelve, and he will secure the victory by Yahweh’s equipping grace.    It will be a home run!


In the third game another World Series record was set – the longest World Series in baseball history, tying the number of innings when in 1916 the Red Sox pitcher, Babe Ruth, went 14 innings, affording yet another tie to the Red Sox and Babe Ruth.  Frankly, based on the Red Sox wins the year before, I told Kyle prior to the game that I thought the White Sox would take an early lead and it would be an easy win; but obviously it was not.  Where did I error?  Afterwards I realized my error was in comparing them with the relative ease of victory by the Red Sox in one of their games. 


The Red Sox in one regard were in type the first Remnant – the first bird that is killed in Leviticus 14:1-7.  The White Sox were the second bird – the one that ascends alive and does not die.  While the first Remnant had it relatively easy per receiving the former rain, tarrying only seven days, the second Remnant has tarried eleven years with many difficult intercessions.  Thus, what I thought was to be an easy game, was very difficult, much in the same way as at the beginning when I thought the Remnant work would be easy, but has been very difficult.  “You have asked a hard thing,” said Elijah to Elisha (2 Kings 2:10).  It has not been easy, and like that long and arduous third game won by the White Sox in weakness via many walks and the Astros on the bases, it has often appeared that we would fail. 


It is also relevant and quite noteworthy per this third game that the Remnant Bride likewise had to have time (innings) extended into the third Millennium in order to effect victory – sending the blind man into the Siloam/Shelah Millennial period with clay of spittle on his eyes so as to have his eyes opened (Shelah and Clay of Spittle).  The final score was 7 to 5, totaling the number of elders – 12.


And while we are comparing here the Red and White Sox, you will notice that the characterization of them per the term “sox” can imply having one’s shoes removed, even a Shoeless Joe, taking off one’s sandals and Yahweh performing the work.  This is obviously the case per these last two World Series wherein the curses of 1920 were reversed in most spectacular and revealing and confirming ways, types of what is ahead for the Bride and mankind.  It can also be said that these two successive replicated wins represent a double portion of the outpouring of the Spirit, the latter rain.


Thus we see three games with incredibly prophetic scores, and the fourth and final was no exception.  While the first game testified to the all-important eighth, from what inning in this fourth and final game was the World Series Championship given to them?  In the eighth!  The final score of that fourth game was 1-0, and was won by a single run in the eighth inning!  Thus we could add:



In further testimony regarding this matter of the eighth, there is the sure victory that the eighth affords per the “red eight” as presented in the writing Shelah and Clay of Spittle, page 4.  That writing was written in 2004, yet today we see the same truth, but in a much fuller manner.  It is quite encouraging to see that what Yahweh is revealing to us today, was the same thing He was beginning to reveal to us a year ago.  Yahweh is performing this work, and this is just one more testimony that the Holy Spirit is the one who is leading us into all truth, and this truth is once again seen as this seamless garment.  Everything we are learning today has been consistently unfolding over the last few years, and this significance of the eighth is no exception.


What does the red eight thus promise?  VICTORY!  Much needed victory! 


With such incredible events as the Red Sox win, followed by the White Sox win, and all that is associated with these per the eighth; with the highly prophetic movie, Field of Dreams, and the testimony of the eighth; with seven Presidents dying in office every twenty years and the eighth defeating death; and even with Kyle being a “red eight”; creation is crying out to us – Add the eighth!  Creation longs to be delivered from the curse it has been under, and if we have ears to hear their message, we can listen to their cry and respond.


Let us now consider yet another highly revealing testimony regarding adding the eighth.  In December, 2004, Yahweh used a set of circumstances to lead me to go to a bar/tavern for seven successive Saturdays for the specific purpose of finding the Bride.  You undoubtedly will think this very strange, but that is precisely what He had me to do.  On the first Saturday, January 8, Kyle took me to an Irish pub in Seattle.  (Kyle used to own a tavern, and it was my first time to enter one, other than in a brief trip to Ireland.)  The next three Saturdays I went to different taverns in Enumclaw, where I lived, drinking a Guinness and just talking to a few people.  The next two Saturdays, I went to the same tavern and found some very common, down to earth people whom I enjoyed very much.


But the timing of these specified seven visits was such that on the seventh Saturday, I was in the home of Jim Neumann, outside of Salem, Missouri.  You can read about Jim in the writing, Response to Authority, page 4.  I received an e-mail for the first time from Jim on February 2; seven days later I had a ticket to fly to his home; and seven days after that I was in his home.  The last evening of our visit was the seventh Saturday.


I realized that Jim was my “bride,” evidenced by this seventh visit in which I was to go to a bar, along with numerous other testimonies.  From that visit, we held our 2005 Passover gathering in his home; and during that time he invited me to move there and live in their home.  After returning to Enumclaw, I realized this move was indeed Yahweh’s will, and began making plans for it.  But as it unfolded, it became clear that I was not to move into Jim’s home, but to have my own place there. 


Arriving on August 31, exactly eleven years from when my family and I moved to Washington state, I spent the next two days looking at housing that might be available; and immediately after refusing to hurt someone else per a home that was available to me, Yahweh led me to the home where I live at the time of this writing – 411 E Franklin #1, in Salem.


Because of the truth Yahweh revealed to us about the new calendar and Tabernacles Pentecost, we scheduled the gathering for Trumpets, October 16-17.  That event was once again supposed to have been in Jim’s home; but only days before, he backed out entirely and it was held in my home.  Here Yahweh performed the incredibly significant work of establishing the twelve apostles, and of course Jim was not one of them.  So what can all of this most incredible set of events mean?


Here again we find the seven-and-one pattern.  What was the specified purpose for the seven visits to the bars, the seventh in fact being in Jim’s home?  They were to provide me a Bride.  Yahweh showed me that Jim was my bride; but did that turn out to be the case?  No.  Yes, it was revealed in clear testimony and even promised, but it was the mark-of-the-beast seven and had to fail.  The seven is a shortfall, something that leads to the true fulfillment, and may even have the promise, but it must die!  Thus, Jim’s fulfillment as my bride had to die, and he rejected me as the twelfth apostle, therefore rejecting me as his husband.


But all of this was essential, for no one man could be my Bride.  This man stands in the office of Yahshua, and His Bride is a company of people.  This is the Bride this man had to receive in His place.  Thus, on October 16 I received the Bride – the establishment of the twelve apostles, a legal representation of the whole that will come. 


Let us consider another unmistakable testimony of this company being my Bride.  As has been noted before, there were five eruptions on Mount St Helens following the initial eruption on May 18, 1980.  In A Lesson From Intercession, page 8, we note that the eruption of Mount St. Helens affords a prophetic picture of the latter rain.  When it blew on a Sunday, May 18, during the month that Pentecost can fall (Pentecost was one week later), its unexpected explosion caused Spirit Lake to be raised 200 feet and double in size.  Thus, it was a testimony of the latter rain that comes 2,000 years later and is a double portion of the Spirit.  (Pentecost actually falling the following week, identifies this as being the like but separate Tabernacles Pentecost that has now been revealed.)


The five successive eruptions that occurred afterwards were on May 25, June 12, July 22, August 7, and October 16.  As pointed out, patternwise, May 25 and June 12 represented the first Remnant.  Reports regarding the center July 22 eruption revealed a concern that Spirit Lake would breach, thus testifying to the breach of Christianity that separates the two Remnant.  The last two eruptions would thus represent the second Remnant.  And as has been noted, August 7 is this man’s birthday, and October 16 is my wife’s birthday.  What are the chances of that being the case?  When it comes to prophecy, it is a 100% chance.


As the October 16 Trumpets approached, Yahweh put upon me an intercession for what I thought was for my wife, my natural bride.  It was on August 7, 1994, that this man was born into the Bride, when Yahweh showed me I was false Remnant and had me to give up everything and move to Washington state.  Thus, it was my expressed hope that on October 16, 2005, my wife would believe and be born into the Bride as well.  But even as Jim was not to be my Bride, neither was my wife to be the provision on that extremely significant day. 


On October 16, my bride was born into the Remnant, but it was the MUCH more important Bride of the twelve apostles.  Afterwards I realized that, as prophesied by these latter two eruptions on Mount St Helens, on August 7, 1994, it was not just that I was born into the Bride, but that Elijah was born.  Then on October 16, 2005, the Bride was born with the establishment of the twelve apostles.  Now we know the significance of these amazing dates.


The question arises here – Why would Yahweh precede the establishment of the twelve apostles with such an unusual set of circumstances?  There are many reasons, but it is important to note that Yahweh operates via intercessions, patterns, and government.  Yahweh is lawful, and rejects those who are not (Matthew 7:21-23).  This is the very reason we are able to see beforehand the great significance of the Tabernacles Pentecost, and to seek its observance.  Also, as an intercessor, I had to step into the place of having the legal right to the Bride, receiving her by faith – hearing, believing, and acting.  Seven Saturdays in a tavern; moving to Missouri, leaving everything I had known for eleven years, including my family and Alzheimer mom; finding a home; even calling a gathering at Trumpets; all meant walking in faith.


By having this man to go into a tavern for seven Saturdays, and on the seventh Saturday to find Jim Neumann, He was attesting to the number 7 mark-of-the-beast period of Christianity that precedes the establishment of the Remnant Bride, the all-important eighth, evidenced by the establishment of the twelve apostles.  Yahweh works according to patterns, and the establishment of the twelve was fulfilled per a very relevant pattern that this man, the twelfth apostle, had to walk out in complete faith.  Yahweh works according to patterns, and He works these through and for men and women; and He used this to evidence and bring about what He is doing today – rejecting Christianity, and establishing a Bride.


Thus, let us note here the testimony that adding the Bride is once again this all-important addition of the eighth, this time to mark-of-the-beast-seven Christianity, reversing the curse on the church.  Even as Yahweh added the twelve apostles as my Bride on Trumpets, October 16, following the shortfall Bride testimony of Jim as the seventh; and even as adding the eighth, David, removed the curse of Saul; so:



Now for a matter that some might find confusing or offensive, and some will find very encouraging, confirming, and convicting.  But it is true, and is equally revealed per this matter of Jim.  We are going to think governmentally here and not emotionally, looking at man’s existence from the bigger picture.  Again, try to think governmentally.


Jim represented something or someone that occupies a temporary place.  That place, though critical, is temporary and foreshadows that which is to come.  Not only does it foreshadow, but it also gets us to the place where we are to be, i.e., to the true fulfillment.  It is in this regard an Elijah, which occupies a place until the perfect comes, preparing the way.  When the perfect draws near, it then decreases and eventually passes from that place, as the perfect increases to take full possession.  This is an important principle per this position.


This was the role of Judas.  He was a temporary fulfillment of him who was to be, a foreshadowing of the one to whom the office truly belonged – the last days twelfth apostle.  What about Satan in his role in that office?  He too was a Judas, and he fulfilled his place as such by baptizing the body of Christ into death, and equally preserving that vital office until today. 


There is a writing titled The Passing Over Principle, and in it we see that Yahweh has a way in which He passes over the first, then passes over the second, and takes the third.  This is precisely what He did per this office – passing over Judas, passing over Satan, and taking the third.  But it is also true that sometime there is but one passing over.  For example, Yahweh passed over Ishmael and took Isaac, and He passed over Esau and took Jacob, and He passes over the body of Christ and takes the Bride. 


While there is the testimony of Satan being the second passing over, he was unique in that he was a spiritual being, and the other two were/are mere men.  Thus, per these two men, we see a passing over of the former and the establishment of the latter.  This is a way of Yahweh, and you will be surprised at how this “Judas” principle finds its application in man.


In this pattern per a Bride for this man, Jim occupied the Judas position.  He was a shortfall type of the Bride that was to be, but could not be the fulfillment.  In like regard he occupied the critical place as the Elijah, which is the Judas ministry, preparing the way for my true Bride – the twelve.  Yahweh used Jim to get me to Salem, Missouri, even to call the Trumpets gathering, and then in a backhanded way to get the twelve apostles into my home, under my governmental place.  (In like manner, my family has been used in a backhanded way to get me to the Bride.)


Most of the things in our lives right now are Judases.  They are not eternal, but occupy a natural place that waits to be filled by that to which that place truly belongs – the eternal fulfillment.  Paul said in 1 Corinthians 7:31 – “the form of this world is passing away.”  More specifically, he related this to the period when “time has been shortened” (vs. 29).  In Paul’s time, and even over the last 2,000 years, time has never been shortened, and what he said here applied to another day when time would be cut short.  That time is now, and what Paul said here will be fulfilled today!


In Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20 we read – “Unless those days had been cut short, no flesh would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect (the Remnant) those days will be cut short.”  That is what is happening right now.  The 3,000 years given to Christianity have been cut short to 2,000 years, and what Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 7:29-31 will now be fulfilled.  Let us read what he wrote.


But this I say, brethren, the time has been shortened, so that from now on both those who have wives should be as though they had none; and those who weep, as though they did not weep; and those who rejoice, as though they did not rejoice; and those who buy, as though they did not possess; and those who use the world, as though they did not make full use of it; for the form of this world is passing away.


Why is it that this is so relevant to today, other than time has been cut short?  Because the Judases in our lives are getting ready to give way to those to which their places belong, the form of this world soon passing away.  And what does this mean?  For one, if you are the Bride, your body that has been a Judas will pass away, and that incorruptible body which truly belongs to you will take its place.  It means that money and possessions that have been the necessary Judas in your life, will give way to the Holy Spirit in your life.  And yes, even as Paul references first here, that family that has been given to you in this world, will likewise pass away and you will receive the family that they foreshadowed. 


As disturbing as it may seem for some, your family is just as much a Judas as is your earthly body.  Family ties as we know them on this earth will not exist in the resurrection.  They occupy a place now, but that place too will yield to the eternal.  This may be hard for some to accept right now, yet for others the shortfall Judas nature of the family is all too painful a reality; but families as we know them now are only temporary.  Yahshua said that marriages do not exist in the resurrection (Matthew 22:24-30), and in Luke 8:21 He said to those who told Him that his mother and brothers were calling for Him – “My mother and My brothers are these who hear the word of God and do it” – and He did not go to them.


Quote other passages as you may to uphold devotion to the natural family, or even follow the false ideology of the Mormons who say that the natural family is eternal, but you cannot deny this clear message from Yahshua, and Paul, and its unique relevance to this day when time has indeed been shortened.  Yahshua said:


“If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be My disciple” (exclusively second Remnant Luke 14:26).


To the man who wanted to go back and bury his father, He said: 


“Follow Me, and allow the dead to bury their own dead,” as recorded in first Remnant Matthew 8:21-22 and second Remnant Luke 9:59-60; but unique to second Remnant Luke 9:59-60 it significantly adds – “but as for you, go and proclaim everywhere the kingdom of God.”


This is the hope of the second Remnant following our December 25-26 Tabernacles Pentecost, and will mean leaving everything and everyone behind.  And to another man who said he wanted to follow Him, but first wanted to go and say good-bye to those at home, Yahshua said:


“No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is worthy of the kingdom of God” (exclusively in second Remnant Luke 9:61-62).


Also in Luke 18:29-30 He said:


Truly I say to you, there is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children, for the sake of the kingdom of God, who will not receive many times as much at this time and in the age to come, eternal life.”


This passage in also found in first Remnant Matthew 19:29 and Christianity Mark 10:29-30, but unique to Luke 18:29-30 is the addition of the wife in this list (per the older manuscripts used in the NAS and RSV).  Also, unique to Mark 10:29-30 it is added – “along with persecutions.”


In Luke 20:34-36 Yahshua clearly stated:


"The sons of this age marry and are given in marriage, but those who are considered worthy to attain (1) to that age and (2) the resurrection from the dead, neither marry nor are given in marriage; for they cannot even die anymore, because they are like angels, and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection.”


There are specifically two matters/requirements addressed here:


(1)  A specific age, and


(2)  The resurrection from the dead.


First, what age is being spoken of here?  Per the first resurrection, it is the age we are in right now – the Millennial reign.  And those who are considered worthy in this age will be in the first resurrection – the resurrection of the first Remnant who are dead, and the ascending alive of the second Remnant who “remain until the coming of the Lord” (1 Thessalonians 4:15-18).


So if we, the Bride, are indeed worthy to “attain to (this) age and the resurrection from the dead,” why is it that we should, or even would, be wrapped up in the ways of “the sons of (the age of Christianity who) marry and are given in marriage”?  Paul said regarding this age – “those who have wives should be as though they had none.”  And for many of the Bride members now, Yahweh has already made that quite realistic.


The day in which we now live is as relevant and vital and challenging and fulfilling, as the day when Yahshua walked on this earth and in the year-and-a-half following per the first Remnant.  Choices will have to be made today that have not had to be made for 2,000 years, for Judases are getting ready to give way to the rightful heirs – the resurrection.


This man has had to die to his family, which for a long time was a Judas to me.  Though still legally married and having children on this earth, since October 16 they are essentially dead to me.  This may surprise you, but this is precisely what Paul said – “from now on both those who have wives should be as though they had none; … for the form of this world is passing away."  After what I have gone through per my family, and what I gained on October 16, my desires are not the same for my family, for I know that they are temporary, a Judas.  But instead, my desire is for the eternal Bride and for their place in the kingdom of heaven.  As Yahshua said, I have not therein lost a family, but I have gained “many times as much at this time, and in the age to come, eternal life.”


By way of another testimony of this temporary Judas place, the same promise and failure evidenced in Jim and in my family came when Yahweh told me to take Rebekah with me when I traveled per the Remnant Bride.  You can read about this at A Lesson From Intercession, page 8.  First, my literal Rebekah failed in both physical strength and faithfulness, then her intercessor, Kyle, failed as well.  But the fact was that neither of them, being natural, could fill that position, for it had a higher spiritual fulfillment – the Jerusalem above Rebekah who lets the curse be on her (Genesis 27:13).


I now see the things of this world as being what they are – Judases, temporary occupants of a place that in wonderful fulfillment is to be given to another.  And it is that ultimate fulfillment that is more and more gaining my attention, and “the form of this world is passing away” in my desires and pursuits.  Why?  Because time has now been cut short and Yahweh is performing a new thing – the first resurrection.


If we hold onto these natural Judases, we will remain here with them at the first resurrection.  They will become anchors that will hold us here to this earth.  This is the same regarding Christianity.  It too is a Judas and is passing away.  And even as we have to come out of Christianity, mystery Babylon, so we will have to come out of other Judases in our lives as well. 


When Judas came to realize his failures, he cast into the temple the thirty pieces of silver wherewith he had betrayed Yahshua.  Today, we will have to do likewise, casting into the temple our wealth and the natural things of this world wherewith we too have betrayed Him.  “See yourself!,” was the answer given to Judas when he brought back the money (Matthew 27:4).  How much more do we today need to hear that message as Yahweh reveals to us what we, and all we have, really are – “See yourself!”  We are Judases who need to repent.


It is not the natural that we need now as we have entered into the Millennial reign; it is the spiritual, replacing the natural, fulfilling that which we see in the natural, which disappoints us and ultimately fails us.  The fact is, all natural creation, the whole world, is a Judas.  No matter how wonderful something or someone may be in this natural, eventually it/they will fail –  if not in life, then in death.  I once had the perfect family, but they all failed me.  But the spiritual will never fail, for it is eternal.  The natural is not; it is death and failure.  Though the natural may be a critical Elijah and get us to the place where we need to be, in the end it must decrease and the perfect increase.  And as we saw in the testimony concerning Jim, the true fulfillment is the addition of the all-important redeeming eighth that reverses the curse.



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