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Two points remain as we draw to a close our consideration of the water and the blood that must precede the return of Yahshua. First, it is very worthwhile to note something pointed out in the writing titled JOAB, Page 8. In it we considered the significance of the circumcision of Moses' son by his wife, Zipphorah, whereupon she cast the child's foreskin before Moses' feet and declared - "You are indeed a bridegroom of blood to me." Herein we see once again the necessity of a blood work that must precede or prepare the way for the coming of Yahshua the deliverer. Moses was in every regard a picture of Yahshua coming to this earth to deliver us from our own Egypt. But as the deliverer, we find that a work has to be performed, a "bridegroom of blood" work that prepares the way for the Bridegroom. This cannot be Yahshua's own blood, for here we see that it is the blood of the son that is required and not that of Moses, the bridegroom, the deliverer. Even as we see that blood preceded the coming of Yahshua the first time, so of necessity it must be the case the second time as well; and here once again we see it as the "bridegroom of blood" work, the second Remnant, that prepares the way for the Deliverer. It is recommended that you read this select portion in JOAB if you have not already read it, for it is very worthwhile.

The second and final point to be considered here is taken from the key verse in this study where we read once again:

This is the one coming through water and blood, Jesus Christ; not by the water only, but by the water and by the blood. And it is the Spirit who bears witness, because the Spirit is the truth. For there are three that bear witness, the Spirit and the water and the blood; and the three are in the one.

Thus we see that there are in fact three that bear witness. In addition to the two Remnant that precede the coming of Yahshua, we find also the witness of the Spirit, or the truth - "the Spirit and the water and the blood." Thus by simple comparison here, since we read that "the Spirit is the truth," it could also be said that the three that bear witness are - the truth and the water and the blood.

This writer marvels at all that I see and have been shown. It seems evident from this verse and from other scriptures such as the two-part healing of the blind man, that the latter rain is an increase in truth like unto the former rain. The former rain brought about some tremendous truth regarding Yahshua and the kingdom of God; but it was an in-part revelation. Even as the former rain was increased truth and revelation, so the latter rain will likewise bring increased truth and revelation. This is in fact the Manna from heaven that He is feeding us, His marriage supper of the Lamb. All of these testimonies tell us that the latter rain is evidenced by this third witness of truth; and it is truth that we are now receiving regarding the kingdom of God and such related matters. This is never more evident than in regard to the revelation of the two Remnant, something which has never before been revealed to man. Adding to this the understanding of the breach period of Christianity, for the first time blind man is only now beginning to "see everything clearly." This is the second touch, the completion of the second three-day period of creation (the first marked by the creation of trees). Thus we take hope that indeed a latter rain has begun, evidenced by the truth we are receiving.

Therefore, with the establishment of the second Remnant, the three witnesses will be present for the return of Yahshua - the first Remnant, who are waiting under the altar, the second Remnant, and vital truth. Yahweh will give man His manna of truth by the outpouring of His latter rain Spirit, in which we take hope even now. We rejoice in that which He is showing us now, and we look to Him to give us everything that is necessary, including the oil and the wine and being borne to Jericho, in order to fully prepare the way for the coming of Yahshua.


PS - Of necessity we must add a ninth evidence per the requirement that the body of Christ must die or be put to sleep, for an eighth without a ninth is incomplete. This relates specifically to this matter of Moses' deliverance of the children of Israel out of Egypt - a foreshadowing of kingdom man's deliverance out of this world.

We have already noted the necessity for a "bridegroom of blood" work in preparing the way for the Deliverer. We also know that Yahweh does nothing new under the sun, that what He will perform in His kingdom is already foreshadowed in the natural. This is certainly most evident in the deliverance of the sons of Israel out of Egypt.

There were many miracles performed by Yahweh in order to get Pharaoh to let His people go, but in fact there was only ONE that was successful - the death of the first-born! We will now get straight to the point.

What, in truth, effects the deliverance of mankind from our Egypt? Was it not the work of the death of "the first-born among many brethren" (Romans 8:29), even Him who is "the first-born of all creation" and "first-born from the dead" (Colossians 1:15, 18)? Yes, it was indeed the death of the first-born, Yahshua, on our behalf that purchased our deliverance. And it was even the death of the first-born, Yahshua, that purchased our place as priests or Levites, even as the death of the first-born in Egypt purchased the rights that Yahweh later claimed through the sons of Levi - "on the day that I struck down all the first-born in the land of Egypt, I sanctified to Myself all the first-born in Israel" (Numbers 3:11-13, 44-51). As it is written concerning Yahshua - "Out of Egypt did I call My Son" (where He was hidden during what would have been His death - Matthew 2:15) - so was Yahshua called out of death to pay the price for mankind.

But of necessity this does not end here, for even as it went with the first-born Son of God, so it must go with the first-born Esau body of Christ. Even as Christ had to die in order for man to be delivered from Egypt, equally the body of Christ must die in order for the Bride and even all mankind to be delivered from this earth. Thus we find once again that there is only ONE miracle that must equally take place in order for Pharaoh to let Yahweh's people go - the death of first-born Christianity!


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