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When our eyes are someday fully opened, we will see the incredible extent in which Yahweh’s patterns are fulfilled.  They are His paint brushes in which He creates His masterful works on the canvas of time.  If we had the eyes to see the details of that brush, we would find that no matter what color He used, we would recognize it as the brush of the Master.  Such is true with this marvelous pattern that we see mankind following.  While we dare not make something into that which it is not, we are wise to recognize the value of something for what it truly is – His ways.


What is it that Yahweh is truly seeking to establish on earth?  Is it the natural kingdom that has predominated mankind for 6,000 years?  Obviously not!  The kingdom that Yahweh seeks to establish on this earth is not this natural kingdom, but the kingdom of heaven.  “Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  This is what Yahweh is bringing to man.


Of course this kingdom began when Yahshua came to this earth and walked among man, performing everything intercessorally necessary in order to not only show forth but also effect the kingdom.  The Spirit of Yahweh was given to man as a part of the beginning of that kingdom; but of course since the kingdom was given to carnal man, it has thus far been an entirely mixed and corrupted work that has to be cleansed.


In regard to this duplication of patterns, it is most interesting that this pattern for mankind since Adam that we have been considering, is also the pattern for the kingdom of God.  The kingdom had its own beginning in “day” five of mankind.  Therefore, if one takes the pattern we see for mankind and lays it out over the period of the church, with “day” five of mankind being “day” one for the church, we find some most revealing and confirming truth.  Let us see.


As with mankind wherein “day” one was a rather uneventful period, in equal regard was “day” one of the church, which included the dark ages.  Yet “day” two of mankind was far from being uneventful, but highly determining.  It included not only Enoch ascending alive, as well as Noah and his family ascending alive in the ark, but also at its very end the birth of the father of faith – Abraham!  These are events we should see equally fulfilled in this second “day” of the kingdom.  Let us consider the first pair – Enoch and the flood. 


What are we looking for today as we come to the completion of this second “day” of the kingdom of God, even the completion of the probationary period of 120 Jubilees?  The very thing we see promised in the second “day” of mankind – the flood of His Spirit that will cover the earth and cause a remnant to be lifted up from this earth alive and defeat death.  We are looking for an Enoch work, even an Elijah work, that will walk with Yahweh and be no more in these earthly bodies.  Thus we see that what took place in “day” two of mankind, attests to what should take place in “day” two of the kingdom of God.


And as we have seen that patterns replicate truth, we should find the same sequential testimonies equally evidenced in the like pattern of Moses’ trips up the mountain.  What was promised and what took place relative to the second trip up the mountain?  Yahweh came to the people in a “thick cloud” (Exodus 19:9 and 19:16).  Other than in 20:21 per the fourth trip (to be covered later), this was the only time in these trips in which we find this manifestation of Yahweh as a “thick cloud,” and here per this second trip cited twice.  Like the flood on the second “day,” does this not sound like the latter rain as well?  Indeed!  But this is not all, for regarding the hope of the Remnant, there are three other interesting testimonies. 


What do we find in Revelation that is unique to the second Remnant 144,000, something that we have addressed quite frequently and with much regard here at The Remnant Bride?  In Revelation 14:4, we read that they “have not been defiled with women.”  This is the like testimony we find in 1 Samuel 21:4-5 where, as the only instance in all the Bible, a select company was allowed to eat the consecrated bread who were not of the Levitical priesthood.  They were of Judah, or at least David, their leader, was, foreshadowing the priesthood of the tribe of Judah that we have in Yahshua – Hebrews 7:11-28.


But the sole issue, the sole criteria, that gave them this most unusual right to eat the consecrated bread, was precisely the identifying quality of the 144,000 – “the young men have kept themselves from women.”


Once again, as we look at this second trip up the mountain which corresponds to today, and as we look to and take hope in Yahweh to call out and set apart a Remnant holy unto Him and His first resurrection purposes, we find this identical requirement.  In Exodus 19:15, we find Moses’ command as the people prepared for Yahweh to come on the third day in this “thick cloud” – “do not go near a woman.” 


As we have considered in such writings as The Conflict, Joab, and the writings concerning the curse on America, this abstention from being defiled by women is the set apart purpose of refusing to give in to the weaker element of temptation and being easily deceived.  Attested in the 144,000, in David and the consecrated bread (of truth), and now equally attested here per Moses’ second trip up the mountain corresponding to the second “day” of the church, we take hope that the latter rain will in fact make it possible for a people to not be defiled by the weaker feminine element of being easily deceived.  This is a most important and crucial hope.


Additionally regarding the Remnant and this second “trip” up the mountain, we find another testimony specifically associated with ascending alive.  We are told in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 that Yahshua Himself will descend from heaven “with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet of God; and the dead in Christ shall rise first.”  This is of course the same message of 1 Corinthians 15:52, where we read – “in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet; for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed.”  Is it not quite revealing that per this second trip up the mountain, we equally find that Yahweh descends with “a very loud trumpet sound”?  Indeed, as it evidences the sound of the trumpet testified in 1 Thessalonians 4 and 1 Corinthians 15.  (More on this trumpet later.)


And finally, one will notice the testimony of fire – “Yahweh descended upon (the mountain) in fire.”  We are told in second Remnant Luke 12:49 that Yahshua came “to cast fire upon the earth,” and added, “how I wish it were already kindled.”  We have noted in the writing, Upon What Foundation Will You Build?, page 6, that the fire that burns the “third part,” or third 1,000 year period, of the church, must be kindled in the second Remnant.  Here again we see evidenced per this second trip that fire is indeed kindled on the second “day.”  (More on this later as well.)


Thus we find attested in numerous conspicuous ways per both the second day of mankind, as well as Moses’ second trip up the mountain, precisely what we both need and take hope for in this day – the outpouring of His Spirit in the latter rain, resulting in the first resurrection of the two-part Remnant, and even the kindling of Yahshua’s desired fire.


The other significant point we noted regarding this second “day” was Abraham’s birth.  Of course it was his birth that began the patriarchal line of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the twelve tribes, and all that followed.  So what can we likewise expect at the end of this second “day” of the church?  A like “birth” of a work, of a people, who are born from above, who will equally begin the promised work, and whose offspring will ever increase until they become as numerous as the stars in heaven and will be a blessing to the earth.  This is the promised beginning of a work whose offspring will be those who receive their incorruptible bodies as well.  This is the birth, the obscure beginning, of the first resurrection Remnant Bride that, like Abraham, has been created at the end of the second “day” of the church, and from this day forward will prosper until the entire earth is filled with her promised offspring.



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