Some have written and asked how I am doing, or wondered what happened in the World Series.  I have been gone since the last of October, traveling to Long Island in New York.  A dear brother and friend, Peter Douglas, and I were fixing up a home to get it ready to sale.  Peter is a realtor, and He had a home that needed a lot of work.  Having completed it, I have now returned to Enumclaw, Washington.


The trip to New York was a 3,100 mile drive, one way, so going and coming I had a lot of time to ponder things.  Someone wrote me recently – “You explain the significance of things that everyone is familiar with, but that no one understands.  It is as if you have found the key to understanding what no one else understands.  What I am curious about is this ‘How did you receive this knowledge?’  You must have had many incredible ‘eureka’ type experiences.”  I have indeed had many “eureka” type experiences, many of which were far, far beyond myself, any personal reasoning, or even personal quest, and it is these experiences and more that keep me going.


While I was with Peter in New York, a scripture that came up just before I returned, and one which both then and before I admittedly did not understand, was Luke 17:5-10, which has long been a favorite of mine.  This passage is unique in that it is Yahshua’s answer to the disciple’s request – “Increase our faith.”  I loved the attitude and humility of this passage, but the relationship of this request and Yahshua’s answer seemed disconnected and unrelated.  His response to them was a parable about a man who had a servant who worked all day in the field, and then came home to be asked by the master to prepare something for him to eat and drink.  Yahshua then said – “He (the master) does not thank the slave because he did the things which were commanded, does he?”  Then He added – “So you too (who want increased faith), when you do all the things which are commanded you, say, ‘We are unworthy slaves; we have done only that which we ought to have done.’” 


That answer never seemed to connect to the question, until on my return trip to Enumclaw.  Faith is action.  Without actions, James says that faith is both useless and dead.  There are two things/elements here per increased faith:  one, that we are always to obey the Master and do His will, even when it seems to be too much, too demanding, and crowds into our personal comfort or ease; and two, we are ever to give the glory to Him.  Any time Yahweh uses us, we are ever to have the attitude of this servant – “I am unworthy, for I have only done that which I ought to have done.”  According to Yahshua’s answer, it is having these two attitudes that gives rise to increased faith.  Interestingly, His answer was not – “Read your Bibles,” or “Pray more regularly,” or “Go to church.”  But His answer was most worthy to consider and pursue – to be ever willing to obey Him, no matter what the cost or personal sacrifice, and never take the glory but ever see yourself as a mere slave, ever being led to humility and death to yourself, being enabled, empowered, and directed by the Master.


Now, how about the World Series?  I had written that the Red Sox would beat the Yankees; but obviously they did not do so.  But at least, as one brother wrote, in the end the Yankees were defeated. 


For Peter Douglas and myself, the loss by the Red Sox in the eleventh inning was an absolutely wrenching devastation!  I told Peter at the moment of their loss that it seemed more surreal than any time in my life, as though I was in a dream and would wake up.  This was not just any ball game for us, as well as for others, but a most relevant and connected intercession.  And when the game was lost in the end, it was as real that the Remnant would lose, or even did lose.  And most interestingly, you might recall that both the Cubs and the Red Sox lost their lead at precisely the same place in the game – in the eighth inning.  Thus, in both cases, intercessorally the curse for each one was not reversed!


I am a searcher, equally blinded by the darkness in which we live on this earth as mere flesh men, separated from the true Light who remains for now in heaven, yet seeking to understand and learn His will, His plans, and His ways.  In that seeking, I too am limited. 


I too, by calling, am an intercessor, one who is willing to go through failure so as to identify and pay a price for learning and ultimately receiving the promise.  When I “fail,” I continue to seek; I cannot afford to do otherwise, for the hope and necessity of achieving that which I see before me requires nothing less. 


Failure is certainly what I felt after the Red Sox loss, and not per the Red Sox loss alone, but personally as well.  I will not go into the personal failures, but in light of the Red Sox loss, it was quite obvious that we as flesh men cannot accomplish the work among man that must be effected.  We are like Solomon, who though the promise was that he would be the king of Israel, was totally incapable of becoming such.  Adonijah had the support of the high priest and David’s commander, as well as all Israel, and the only way Solomon became king was by the intercessoral work of his mother, Bathsheba.  Solomon was totally incapable!


Likewise, Jacob was to have the blessing of his father, but he too was totally incapable of receiving it.  Once again, it was his mother as well who had the ability to effect his father’s blessing.  By the will and instruction of Jacob’s mother, Rebekah, she made possible that blessing by placing on him the hairy skins of the two kids, and took full responsibility for any ill consequences for those actions.


Man’s efforts up to this point to effect that which needs to take place on this earth, are nothing more than a tower of Babel.  Like that tower, they are earth-based, efforts of flesh men, and reach up to the heavens yet do not reach God nor please Him.  Equally, they are like Cain’s offering to Yahweh from the “fruit of the ground” – unacceptable efforts that have sprang up from the earth, from flesh-man.  When Paul wrote that the flesh cannot please God (Romans 8:8), and is in fact at enmity with Him, making us its prisoner (Romans 7:23), that conclusion is more true than people are willing to accept.  Our efforts, even when we have the best of intentions, are blighted by the flesh, to the extent of spoiling those works, and are nothing more than a tower of Babel or Cain’s “fruit of the ground.”  If you have not learned this yet, then look back at the last 2,000 years of the church and see if it has effected the pure kingdom of God.  Or, look at the church today and see if it has effected the pure kingdom of God. 


The problem with men today is as Paul warned – “but when they measure themselves by themselves, and compare themselves with themselves, they are without understanding” (2 Corinthians 10:12).  Kingdom men, Christians, make the fatal mistake of measuring what they do by comparing their works with the works of other men, and do not understand what Yahweh requires.  Yahweh is not satisfied with the tower of Babel/”fruit of the ground” efforts and works of flesh men, particularly flesh kingdom men.  Like the fig tree Yahshua cursed, though they may bear leaves, they are truly fruitless!


Personally, despite my desires to bring forth the second Remnant, I too have failed.  In 2001, we held Passover in our home.  We were totally uncovered at that time.  In 2002, again we held Passover, but this time we were at least under the fig leaf covering of the tithe.  Then in 2003, again we held Passover here, and we were finally under the “garments of skin” covering of holding all things in common.  But even so, it seems that our efforts were equally “fruit of the ground” efforts.  They did not bring forth either Yahshua or the latter rain.


Do I despise what we did?  Does Yahweh despise what we did?  I see, and I believe Yahweh so willed, that these efforts were an intercession that had to die.  Keep in mind the ways of Yahweh – there is no resurrection, without there first being death and burial!


So what does all of this have to do with this year’s World Series?  What does this have to do with the much needed – reversing the curse?  We are complete failures in effecting the perfect kingdom of God.  Like the Red Sox, we cannot reverse the curse.  Like Solomon or Jacob, we are totally incapable of obtaining the promise.  And like these two men, we too are totally dependant upon Jerusalem above, the mother who must birth us into immortality, to effect what she alone can accomplish.


Could the Red Sox beat the Yankees?  No!  Even though they did well in the beginning, in the end they lost, tragically lost!  But even so, Christianity as we have known it for 2,000 years must be put to an end, and Jerusalem above must prevail.


Please allow me to make a related but parenthetical notation here.  While in New York, the home of the Yankees, we went to Manhattan to the site of the World Trade Center.  It was a most memorable visit.  We have noted before that the fall of the twin towers in one hour represents the fall of Christianity.  This is equally represented by the simultaneous death of the two sons of Saddam Hussein.  We have noted before that as a representation of Christianity, those towers were on Church Street.  In fact, the viewing areas of the World Trade Center site are on Church Street and intersecting Liberty Street.  It was interesting that directly across the street from the main viewing area on Church Street, where there is a memorial to all the slain, is the Millennium Hotel, next door to Century 21.  But an interesting and revealing thing I was told while there, was that the World Trade Center had been comprised of seven buildings, the number of the mark of the beast on Christianity, and all seven fell.  Two other buildings were demolished as well – a small office building and a Greek Orthodox church – making a total of nine.  Of course the zip code of the World Trade Center is/was 10048, or 1948 when the test of Carmel began, or even 1848 when the Women’s Rights Movement began, the origin of the curse on America in 1920.  I mention these two towers because they seem to equally represent the sudden fall of the 2,000 years of the church, or the two loaves of leavened Pentecost bread, or the two sons of Judah who died.  Now back to the World Series.


In hindsight, the Marlins do not represent what I thought they did.  I excused the fact that the manager was 72 years of age and that they were formed the year in which the 120 Jubilees were completed, or 1993, and assumed that the name “Marlins” was a prophetic testimony of Christianity, but I was wrong.  As has been noted before, the number 72 is prophetic of the Remnant.  And as I have said in the past, and there is even yet hope, it seems evident that Yahweh would send the latter rain ten years after 1993, or in 2003, or even immediately thereafter. 


Kyle Nixon wrote me afterwards and said that it appears that the “marlinspike,” from which the marlin gets its name, must more so be a testimony of the spear that pierces the side and brings out a bride.  Here are two definitions of the marlinspike – “The name marlinespike is derived from the tool that is used for splicing. It can be a tapered metal pin or carved of wood.”  The nautical term Marlinespike comes from the name given to a sharply pointed, iron pin that is used to splice line. The word is also used today to describe knots and bends used in nautical applications.”  These definitions also remind me of the tent peg that Jael used to pierce the head of Sisera, representative of Satan’s death.  But most certainly, Jerusalem above is the only one who can repair or splice the breach, the break, that has separated the two Remnant, even as the Marlins put away the Yankees.


So, now that the youngest team in baseball, the Marlins, beat one of the oldest and by far the most successful team in all sports, the Yankees, after the Red Sox failed, the testimony seems clear – while we as flesh men have failed to reverse the curse, Jerusalem above must come and accomplish what we cannot do.


So what might this mean today?  There are some facts that seem inescapably important and relevant.  While 2003 will soon be over, with one month remaining as I write this, the relevance of 1993 as the end of the 120 Jubilees (the year the Marlins were established), and adding the ten year extension, which brings one to 2003 (when the Marlins won the World Series against the Yankees), still seems imposing.  Also, we know that Abraham was born in 1948 from Adam, or 1,948 years from Adam, and that he entered into the promised land for the first time in 2003, or 2,003 years from Adam.  This is what we need – to enter into the promised land.  Also, 1,974 years and six months from Abraham’s birth, takes one to when John the Baptist began his ministry.  Then, 1,974  years and six months afterwards, brings one to Tabernacles, 2003.  Naturally, visually, it is obvious that nothing took place at that time, but it is nonetheless significant.


I have written that the 55 year test of Carmel, which began in 1948, is over in 2003, or in one month.  Will the Remnant Bride lose that test?  We will see.  I have already lost one test of Carmel, and the results have been tragic beyond my farthest imagination!  A few years ago my second daughter, Rebekah, went to Carmel, California, to help a Christian family, and as a result of their influence violated her vows to me and ended up rejecting me.  That action has meant since then the loss of my entire family to Christianity and its lawlessness.  I lost Rebekah, the name of the clearest testimony of the Bride in all the Bible, at Carmel, I have subsequently lost my family, the Red Sox lost, and I face the clear possibility of loss once again at the highest level – the test of Carmel in the kingdom of God!


I do know that despite all that I have done as I have sought to be led by Yahweh, when it comes down to it, I cannot bring forth the work that Jerusalem above alone must effect.  I have failed in my own personal test of Carmel, I have failed in my highest quests as a father, the Red Sox failed, and I will fail at this higher Carmel as well if Yahweh does not do something to stop the dearth of the kingdom by Satan that has taken place for 2,000 years.  It is all much, much too big for me and far beyond me!  As for now, we wait and watch for what He will do in the days to come.


Please allow me to share with you one of the things that was made evident to me on my return trip from New York to Enumclaw.  If there was not so much conclusive evidence regarding the two-part Remnant, I would cease believing what I have been shown.  But, when evidence continually comes forth supporting this, one cannot deny its truth.


As shared in a previous writing, the promise land was in fact a tabernacle or temple that Yahweh built for the sons of Israel.  Even as the tabernacle was two-part holy of holies and holy place, separated by a veil, so the promise land was two-part, separated by the Jordan.  In the holy of holies was the two and a half cubits long ark of the covenant, while east of the Jordan were the two and a half tribes of the sons of Israel – Ruben, Gad, and half of Manasseh.  Thus, in the promise land we find the holy of holies east of the Jordan, the veil, and the holy place west of the Jordan.


It is equally striking and relevant that when the sons of Israel came up to the promise land, and the two and a half tribes wanted to stay in the holy of holies, Moses allowed them to have the land, but required that their men cross over the Jordan and help fight the Canaanites.  This they did.  But while the sons of Israel were successful in obtaining enough land in which to dwell, they in fact compromised by allowing some of the inhabitants to dwell there with them (which in time corrupted them), and did not take and occupy all the land promised to them. 


After the then presently conquered land was divided, the two and a half tribes were allowed to return east of the Jordan, or into the holy of holies, but not without a troubling and even threatening incidence (Joshua 22:10-34). 


Before the two and a half tribes crossed the veil, the Jordan, they built an altar, which they named Witness.  This act the remaining tribes misunderstood, and planned to go to war with the holy of holy two and a half tribes.  But upon sending a delegation to look into this more thoroughly, they found that there was no infraction and that their motives and intents were pure, that they were not rebelling, and they reversed their battle plans.


So how does this relate to today and how does it relate to the kingdom of God?  Let us examine this.


One of the shortfalls of the church in understanding what Yahweh is and has been doing, is their failure to see that of necessity the kingdom is two-part – the holy of holies and the holy place.  The holy place is Christianity, the body of Christ.  The holy place was the place where any priest could enter on a regular basis, and is the place where all Christians have entered.  But they have failed to note the place, meaning, and significance of the holy of holies, wherein was the presence of Yahweh.  This is not just a place where one has some high religious experience, but governmentally is an entirely separate work – the Bride, the Remnant. 


When the church began with the abiding presence of Yahshua, followed by Pentecost, the entire company entered into the land east of the Jordan; not literally of course, but into the holy of holies.  But, the church could not stay there, for the more common and vaster holy place had to be established as well.  So, Stephen was stoned, the church ceased holding all things in common, and they fled Jerusalem and were disbursed.  In fact, what took place was that they left the holy of holies period and place of the church, and the church then went into the holy place period of Christianity.  


But what about the holy of holies?  To whom does it belong, who resides there, and when will its rightful heirs be allowed to return?  The answers to these questions provide much needed insight into the church.


Even as the land east of the Jordan continued to be occupied by the women and children of the two and a half tribes as a promise that it would be the place in which the men would return, so the first Remnant’s souls lie under the altar in the holy of holies (Revelation 6:9-11) as an assurance that the second Remnant will return.  But, up to now we have had to join the rest of our brothers and fight the battles in the holy place as a part of the body of Christ before we can return to our own place, and we have done so.  Even as we see that the Bride must come out of the body, so the two and a half tribe Remnant who have the promise of the holy of holies, must equally come out of the holy place and return to its rightful inheritance – no longer with the body, but united with those who await us.


Hebrews 9 tells us the same story, and this explicitly given to us by the Holy Spirit (vs. 8).  Here we read that the holy place must be torn down so that the way into the holy of holies can be revealed.  Every prophetic message is an in-part message, and the only way one can receive the entire picture/message, is to examine the whole of what is being said.  The way into the holy of holies being revealed as recorded here in Hebrews 9:8, is the same truth we see when the two and a half tribes leave the holy place of the promise land and return to the holy of holies.  What we see here is that when the period of the battle of Christianity is deemed complete (though the victory is not fully gained), those who have the legal right to leave Christianity and go to their own land, must do so.  It seems evident that this is where we are today in Yahweh’s timing.  The Bride must come out of the body and join those who have stayed behind as a promise and await our return.


And, what will be and what has been the response of the holy place Christians?  The same as was the response of the tribes in the holy place – misunderstanding and the plan to destroy us.  Christians thus far have not understood the intentions of the Remnant.  We are not against the body of Christ, and we have no plans or desire to totally disassociate ourselves from them.  But we cannot stay among them – Revelation 18:4-5.  In order for the Bride to return to that which has been promised to us, we must leave the body, or Christianity, and occupy our own inheritance.  In time I trust the body will equally understand and accept our purpose and motives.  This is for the good of the body, and for all men – that all things might be made complete.


Why do I keep pursuing this despite the pain and “failure”?  For two reasons.  One, despite my failures, there is no way I can deny the truth I see from the Scriptures concerning the two-part Remnant and the kingdom of God, nor can I deny my own personal experiences and His numerous testimonies.  Second, the kingdom of God has failed for 2,000 years, and something else must take place that can reverse the curse that has been on mankind for 6,000 years, on the church for 2,000 years, and on America for nearly 100 years.  Why rely on something that has continually failed?


When I look at the opinions of men and the direction we as a society are going, and consider the Babylonian division of men and their divergent ideas wherein every man does what is right in his own eyes because there is no King in the land (Judges 17:6, 21:25), when I see the ill fate we as a nation, as the kingdom of heaven at the nations level, and as a people have been given over to in immorality, sensuality, immodesty, rebellion, coarseness, and in a matter that is far more encompassing than people even begin to understand per the feminization of mankind and even the church, I all the more will lay down my life for whatever the personal price in the hope and purpose of seeing these curses reversed and the ESSENTIAL return of Yahshua who must deliver us.  If I must fail, then I will fail; but as long as Yahweh sustains and delivers me and gives me the ability to continue on and to look to Him in all my tests and excruciating sorrows and loss, I will pursue the restoration of mankind and the reversal of the curse that is so sorrowfully and gravely and destructively plaguing man.


As 2003 comes to a close, and 2004 is at hand, we watch and wait for the salvation which comes from above.  We do not need another work that comes from the earth, but that which comes from heaven.  May Yahweh provide that much needed work.


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