In 2004 we were looking to Yahweh to fulfill the promise evidenced in 2003, the promise in the eighth year that had to die and be fulfilled in the ninth, the promise of the latter rain, the outpouring of His Spirit.  The question is – Did we receive that promise?  The answer is found of course in looking back at 2004 and recounting that which took place.

Two writings came out in February and March of 2004 that laid out the pattern of the nine years from 1996 through 2004, with 1996 included.  These two important and highly revealing writings were The Hope of the Remnant In 2004
and Our Desperate Need for Yahshua’s Return, Now.

March 31, 2004, was a very welcomed turning point for this man personally, for the year preceding it seemed to come to destroy me.  With the loss of my family in 2003 and the death and disappointments of that year as well, my life looked like it was at an end.  On three occasions I feared I would have a nervous breakdown.  I thought I would lose everything, and indeed walked away from everything that I had, not expecting to see it again.  In fact, for a while I anticipated I would end up on the streets and in a homeless shelter. 

One of the most stressful points was the fact that my wife filed a legal separation against me in May, 2003.  I agreed to some impossible financial terms at that time in order to buy time; and while my wife did not hold me to those terms at first, in 2004 she began to want them and I had to begin a process in order to modify them.  They would have otherwise destroyed me.  I returned to our vacated home and began to do what I could in order to survive, facing each day one at a time.  After being painfully railroaded in a court hearing before a judge, finally on March 31, 2004, that order was overturned and things in my life began to change from death to life.  Oh what a welcomed relief!

I did not realize until writing this that this period of extreme difficulty was for precisely one long year.  Let me share a paragraph from the writing, A Lesson From Intercession, page 5.

On March 31, 2003, Yahweh told me – “You’re going through a difficult place; you’re going through a difficult place.”  It was hard at the time, but I did not know how hard it would become, or how long it would endure – another entire year!  In that year I lost my family, it looked like the Remnant Bride had failed, I temporarily lost my home and the hopes of having one, three times I was nearly paralyzed with fear and thought that I would have a nervous breakdown.  There were times when I impassionately said with Solomon – “I hate life!” (Ecclesiastes 2:17).  I went through the immense struggles of the court action when my wife legally separated from me.  My life looked like it was at an end and I was resolved to lose everything.  I did not see how anyone could say that they could go through the valley of deep darkness and fear no evil; and all I had was a little hope, the many promises He had given to me, two who showed their love to me, and a resignation that though He slay me, yet would I trust Him (Job 13:15); and He saw me through.

Those difficulties lasted for precisely one year from March 31, 2003, when Yahweh told me “You’re going through a difficult place,” to March 31, 2004, when the destructive court order was overturned.

And quite strikingly, something else happened on March 31 that has given me hope over time, but even so a hope that has gained even more relevance with the writing of this report. 

On March 31, 1992, my wife was in labor with our fifth child.  Her contractions were five minutes apart, and the midwife arrived only moments before what looked like a soon birth.  Quickly she did a pelvic exam and came to me with the sobering report – the baby is a girl and she is breech!  “Can she be turned?,” I asked.  “No.”  My wife’s water had already broke and the muscles contracted.  Her reply was certain and conclusive – “It would take a burning bush in the wilderness miracle” for the baby to be turned now. 

I went to pray about what to do, and Yahweh spoke clearly to me.  I did not know what would happen, but He told me the promise given in Jeremiah 29:11 – “I know the plans that I have for you, plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.”  That night, to our great surprise, the quickly culminating contractions suddenly stopped.  With this unusual change we all went to bed. 

The next morning I asked the midwife to reexamine my wife.  She did so and brought the welcomed report – she had dilated X centimeters and the baby was now head-down!  Yahweh performed a “burning bush in the wilderness miracle” and repaired the breech!  The little girl that the midwife had felt the day before was born later that day, and we named her Grace, for Yahweh had repaired the breech by His grace.  We had not asked Him to do so.

Eleven years later, on March 31, 2003, I too began going through a threatening breach.  But Yahweh had grace on me as well and I survived.  One year later, and now twelve years since March 31, 1992, my own life took a much needed turn.  Personally, Yahweh repaired a breach as well, and things from that day forward began a much appreciated change.  Life that was seemingly destroying me began to give me hope.  Yahweh moved by His grace.

The passage in Jeremiah 29:11 and the verses surrounding it have a very special meaning for me today.  If you will stop and read verses 1-14 of that chapter, you will see that they relate to Yahweh’s promise to restore the sons of Israel back to the land of promise following their own breach – a period of seventy years of required submission under Babylonian captivity.  This is the captivity the church has been under for nearly 2,000 years.  As required in Jeremiah 29:4-10, kingdom men have had to live in a land of exile, in a corrupted kingdom.  They have had to build their houses and plant their garden of God there and eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  They have had to take wives and their children take wives and bear children and multiply in this land of bondage.  As it is written, it is equally a time in which the prophets and teachers have prophesied and taught falsely and Yahweh has not sent them with their false messages.  But even so, we have been called to seek the welfare of this Babylonian system and to pray for it, for in its welfare we have had welfare.  But all the more, it is a cursed system prepared for a people in a breach period of delay and want.

This is mystery Babylonian Christianity.  And the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 and the verses immediately following that were made to a remnant of Judah, are the promises to the Remnant who will equally come out of the Babylonian system of Christianity and return to the land of promise, to Jerusalem above.  Let us read here verses 11-14.

“For I know the plans that I have for you,” declares Yahweh, “plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.

Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.

And I will be found by you,” declares Yahweh, “and I will restore your fortunes and will gather you from all the nations and from all the places where I have driven you,” declares Yahweh, “and I will bring you back to the place from where you went into exile.”

When Stephen was stoned and the period of the first Remnant ended, the church went into exile.  At that point the breach of Christianity legally began and it was not long when the church was turned over to Saul/Paul and men were called Christians at Antioch.  The Antiochus abomination of desolation began.  The church was entering into the Babylonian captivity period, particularly marked by the transformation of the church following Constantine.  As Yahweh declared in Ezekiel 24:21 on the day that Babylon laid siege against Jerusalem, so it has been true with the church – “Behold, I am about to profane My holy place. 

This is an incredible statement!  Think about it.  This is not just a solitary statement made at that moment for that occasion alone, but it expresses a “philosophy,” if you would, a way of Yahweh that finds broad future fulfillment.  Corporately, that which He did in the natural regarding physical Jerusalem and its captivity in physical Babylon, foreshadowed what He would do with His holy place, the church, the kingdom of heaven – He profaned it!  And it has been profaned, it has been in Babylonian captivity, for nearly 2,000 years!  But sadly, that is what He does on a personal level as well, even as He did with my family.  More on this later.  Or, this is what He does with moves of His Spirit.  They all get profaned.  And the sad list goes on.

However, continuing to look at Jeremiah per the promise of a redeeming and restoring remnant following this period of loss, go to the next chapter, chapter 30, and read all of it as well.  Here are some examples from it.

Vs. 6 – “Ask now, and see, if a male can give birth?”  Can the masculine body of Christ give birth to the necessary “man child”?  Absolutely not!  It is impossible!  “Why do I see every man with his hands on his loins, as a woman in childbirth?  And why have all faces turned pale?”  Christianity has failed and all men have gone to the grave.

Vs. 8 – “I will break his yoke from off their neck, and will tear off their bonds; and strangers shall no longer make them their slaves.”

Vs. 21 – “’And their leader shall be one of them, and their ruler shall come forth from their midst; and I will bring him near, and he shall approach Me; for who would dare to risk his life to approach Me?,’ declares Yahweh.  ‘And you shall be My people, and I will be your God.’”  The first part of this promise is very similar to that regarding the Elijah spoken of by Peter in Acts 3:22 – “The Lord God shall raise up for you a prophet like me from your brethren; to him you shall give heed in everything he says to you.”  This is the Elijah of whom it is written in James 5:17 – “Elijah was a man with a nature like ours.”  (Read The Love of Money, page 14.)  The latter part of this verse is remarkably similar to Zechariah 13:9 regarding the third part of the church that passes through the fire – “I will say, ‘They are My people,’ and they will say, ‘Yahweh is my God.’”

Vs. 24 – “The fierce anger of Yahweh will not turn back, until He has performed, and until He has accomplished the intent of His heart; in the latter days you will understand this.”  It is only now in these “latter days” that Yahweh is removing His hand from covering the breach period of the church, the Babylonian period in which He placed the church in the cleft of the rock and put His hand over it so that it could not see, the death period of the church in which it was placed in the grave, in Hades, for two days.  The word “hades” means “to not see,” and that is precisely the state of the church for nearly 2,000 years.  But, today the fierce anger of Yahweh is coming to an end.  As repeated twice to me personally – “You’re going through a difficult place” – so the church has gone through a difficult place for 2,000 years.  And as promised, we are beginning to understand the truths of what has been taking place in the kingdom of heaven and the hope of the Remnant and the restoration of the kingdom.  We are beginning to see Yahweh’s back, what He has done.

These are the hopes that have their promise in the “burning bush in the wilderness miracle” that we experienced on March 31, 1992, as well as the turning point in my own life on March 31, 2004.  Our baby Grace was born on April 1, or April Fools Day.  It seems quite evident that one must become a fool to enter into Yahweh’s promise, even as the Boston Red Sox became “idiots” in order to win the 2004 World Series and reverse their curse of 1920.  (More on this latter point later.)

Thus we see that March 31 of 2004 evidenced a very significant and telling change for me.  From a personal standpoint, the difference was dramatic, and marked a turning point that was welcomed beyond words.  Yahweh moved by His grace.

The next significant event that took place in 2004 was that highly significant Kyle Nixon came back into my life after pulling away from me for two years.  You can read of some of Kyle’s significance in A Lesson From Intercession, page 8 and page 10 (both of which are in the last quarter of the page).  The last time Kyle had been in my home was Passover, 2002.  Immediately afterward he aggressively rejected me and even attacked me by sending out e-mails to others and sought to draw away my family members.  Two days before Passover, 2004, Kyle came over for dinner and brought with him the movie, Whale Rider.  We had already experienced profoundly prophetic messages in Awakenings and Field of Dreams, and he wanted me to see this movie as well.  We had no idea how profound it would become.

Upon watching it and with Kyle’s comments, I saw its significance per the issue of the rod.  And after Kyle left, Yahweh began to show me things beyond what he had seen.  But these truths that Yahweh was showing me in fact frustrated me and I thought they were foolish.  Here I was separated from my family, and He was showing me things about the rod?  I needed something about love, not the rod, I thought.  Two days later on Passover, April 6, Peter Douglas and Brendan McElroy flew in from New York for Passover.  Kyle came over once again and we prepared and ate Passover together.  We also watched Whale Rider again.  It was a wonderful Passover meal.

During the feast of Passover/Unleavened Bread, Peter, Brendan, and I went to Mount St. Helens.  On the way out there Yahweh began showing me some incredible things regarding the rod.  After they returned to New York, the truth that Yahweh was beginning to show us was presented in the writing, The Rod.  What had seemed like a foolish beginning became profoundly significant!  But even more related truth came to light.

By the end of May, another writing titled A Lesson From Intercession came out revealing truths that were nothing less than incredible!  The most amazing truth came from the testimony regarding Esther, revealing the golden rod that produces the former and the latter rains.  There were also the two testimonies of Jerusalem above evidenced in Rebekah and Tamar.  We  also saw the message regarding the little horn; and we saw how Mount St. Helens is a clear prophetic testimony of Jerusalem above.  More will be said regarding Mount St. Helens.

All of this alone was incredible truth; but the revelation still did not stop!  I had entered into the most revelatory period of my life thus far.  Just over a month later, on July 7 the writing Shelah and Clay of Spittle came out.  On a level equal to the golden rod, we learned the amazing truth that the Millennial Reign began at Passover, 2004.  This is the period revealed in the Scriptures as the third-part Shelah period.  The Pool of Shelah is the same pool as the Pool of Siloam, where Yahshua opened the eyes of the man who had been blind from birth.  In truth the church has crossed the Jordan and entered into the land west of it.  And greatly significant as well, we learned from Daniel 9:24-27 about the three and one-half year ministry period that is promised as a covenant to the second golden rod!  And finally we learned where Satan receives his authority to corrupt the church – via the seat of the twelfth apostle vacated by Judas.  All of this was profoundly incredible!  And what made this even more incredible and certain was the fact that while this writing was being revealed, the literal Pool of Siloam was being unearthed/revealed in Jerusalem after being hidden for 2,000 years!

Then two months later, on September 11, the writing He Was Jealous With My Jealousy came out.  Here again we saw some amazing revelations.  We found that Christianity is Gehenna, which is translated “hell,” affording the body of Christ’s two days in the grave.  It is likewise Hades, which we have already mentioned here means “to not see,” or the period of the church being hidden in the cleft of the rock (Exodus 33:21-23).  Then we saw the amazing testimony of Phinehas’ return some 350 years later to evoke victory in a Shelah third-part battle.  Phinehas had been jealous with Yahweh’s jealousy and received the Melchizedek promise of a “perpetual priesthood.”  All of this related very importantly to the Curse of 1920.

Paul’s rebellion against the apostles was addressed, and we learned for the first time ever the answer to the critical question of from where the office of the Elijah comes – from the seat of the twelfth apostle!

Meanwhile, multiple hurricanes hit Florida, and many asked the question – Why?  The answer was that Yahweh was speaking from a whirlwind.  Thus, the next writing, The Wind and the Sea Obey Him, came out in early October and revealed Yahweh’s clear message in those historic hurricanes.  This included once again a direct correlation to the Curse of 1920 and New Orleans and Haiti.  We learned for the first time the clear testimony that Florida is the prophetic rod that turns into a serpent.  And VERY importantly, on the Day of Atonement/Jubilee, September 25, 2004, the legal transfer of the office of the twelfth apostle took place.  And finally we saw the amazing revelation of the correlation between both Peter and Jonah going to Joppa, and Jonah sailing to Tarsus/Tarshish while the gospel to the Gentiles went to Saul of Tarsus/Tarshish.

Only two days before this legal transfer was made, on September 23 Mount St. Helens came back to life after being quiet for eighteen years (the number of “bondage”).  We had already seen the remarkable testimony this mountain has as Jerusalem above, and one can imagine that when it came back to life at the time of this contract, we were most attentive.  What does it mean?  At first the scientists thought that the mountain could erupt again.  If it had, it would have spoken of judgment, even as it did when it erupted on May 18, 1980, testifying of the wrath that fell on Yahshua.  St. Helens is one of three mountains that form a trinity, and represents the Son of God who was afflicted on our behalf.  Read A Lesson From Intercession, page 8.  But we saw in that writing that the testimony that eventually came from the wrath was that of Jerusalem above – a hood and clitoris.  Again, you must read the above writing to understand this. 

So what is being evidenced as St. Helens came back to life in 2004?  Look at the photo before when the mountain was sleeping and then the photos of it now and what do you see? 


October 13, 2004

November 7, 2004

December 28, 2004  (Mt. Adams [the Holy Spirit] in background)

January 3, 2005

You see a clitoris that is becoming enlarged.  And what does this mean?  It obviously means that Jerusalem above is being aroused with the anticipation of her Husband!  Like the unearthing of the Pool of Siloam or even the Florida hurricanes and certainly the testimonies which you will read next, this is an incredibly confirming and encouraging natural testimony of that which is taking place at this time spiritually.  As has been said before, we have a seamless garment, and creation is telling us what is now taking place if we have eyes to see.  Jerusalem above is aroused, and longs for her Husband to place His seed in her!

Evidences regarding the Curse of 1920 continued, and Yahweh afforded the remarkable testimony that that curse is being reversed – the Red Sox, who were equally cursed in 1920, miraculously defeated the Yankees and the Cardinals to win the World Series during a blood red moon.  Then on the hills of that amazing and most encouraging win, we had the once again amazing testimony regarding the prophetic second Remnant Bush keeping the White House.  Yahweh tied together the 1920 election of Warren G. Harding (the worst President in U.S. history), the reelection of George W. Bush, and the World Series in a MOST incredible and revealing testimony.  All of this was covered in the writing titled The Curse is Reversed, the news headline following the Red Sox win.

What followed next for me personally was a trip to Ireland with my oldest daughter, wherein, amazingly, I fulfilled a promise I had made to her several years prior.  This trip was the first time we had traveled together since our trip to Georgia in 1996 when I had my Jonah experience (see His-story of the Remnant, page 2).  This trip was not a Jonah, but actually had an amazing parallel to the Georgia trip, but for good.  Thus this highly significant nine year intercession began with a vital February, 1996, trip with Christi one month after 1996 began, and drew to a close with the same in November, 2004, one month before 2004 ended.

Also for good, on December 13 the legal separation between my wife and myself, which I had been fighting for nearly two years, came to an end.  She finally agreed to dismiss it.  While this was a great victory, including the very fact that I have survived, my wife remains separated from me.  This restoration too I look to Yahweh to fulfill.

But there was still one more thing that would bring significance to this year.  One evening before Christmas as I was driving home, Washington’s crossing of the Delaware came to my mind.  I knew he made that historic crossing at the time of Christmas.  And even as I begin thinking about this, the man on the radio began talking about the Revolutionary War.  Let me very briefly recount for you that event.

Washington and his Continental Army had suffered the loss of every battle thus far with the British.  They drove him out of New York.  He narrowly escaped at Fort Lee, leaving his provisions and many of the weapons behind.  The British then chased him out of New Jersey, and he fled to Pennsylvania.  The only reason they did not pursue him then was because he had taken every available boat with him when he crossed the Delaware in retreat.  But, he also knew that when the Delaware froze, the British would march across it and defeat him once again.  And not only this, but on December 31 most of his enlistments would be leaving, that is of those who had not already deserted.

In the face of these impossibilities, including a harsh winter and lack of warm clothing, Washington devised a plan that was extremely risky.  He broke his army into three divisions.  Each was to cross the Delaware at their different locations on Christmas night and attack the Hessian garrison at Trenton.  But the other two divisions never crossed, determining it too risky to ford the ice-choked rushing river.  But through sheer determination, Washington led his army of 2,400 men across the icy river.  One man wrote that he had never seen Washington so determined.  Only the night before, Washington had spent Christmas Eve brooding over the state of his army dressed in tattered clothes and preparing to leave him within a week.  He came up then with a counter-sign for the now unfolding attack, and issued it on the riverbank, to be passed along the ranks.  It was – "Victory or death."

It took nine hours for all the men and equipment to cross, and then they had another nine miles to march to Trenton.  And to make the task even more difficult, he divided his men into two companies that were to march down two separate roads and arrive at Trenton at the same time – a very risky maneuver.  But the plan was carried out flawlessly.  Against all odds, and with time running out for him, and on the heels of nothing but defeat, Washington and his men successfully carried out this bold adventure and routed the British at Trenton, killing or wounding ninety Hessians and taking 900 captives.

While the number of soldiers and weapons captured were actually not that significant, this victory was in fact a huge victory!  Up to now the British thought they had won the war, that it was over; but the impact on the morale of both the British and American armies was decisive.  It was in fact the turning point of the war and America’s independence.  After the battle, an uncharacteristically beaming Washington rode up to Major Wilkinson, grasped his hand, and said – “This is a glorious day for our country!”

As I studied this event, the prophetic testimonies relative to where we are today were glaringly obvious.  For example, 2004 was the critical ninth year, or the year of fulfillment, in the intercessoral period from 1996.  In this battle we see a consistent repeat of that number – it took nine hours to cross the Delaware, they marched nine miles to Trenton, and they took nine hundred captives and killed or wounded ninety.

As we have seen in Shelah and Clay of Spittle, we have now entered into the third-part Millennial period of the church.  Did you notice the amazing and telling fact that two parts of Washington’s army did not cross the river, but only Washington’s third part?  This is the Shelah third part that enters into the promised land west of the Jordan.

Another outstanding testimony is that of Washington himself.  Prophetically he is the Holy Spirit, the major founding force of this nation.  There are four men carved on Mount Rushmore, and each prophesies.  Washington represents the Holy Spirit.  He was the man whom no one could kill in battle.  Lincoln, who was killed on Passover, represents the Son.  Jefferson, along with Adams (who is not on Rushmore but died the very day that Jefferson died – July 4), represents the Father, and Teddy Roosevelt represents the Remnant.  Much could be said here, but the point to see is that Washington represents the Holy Spirit.  Washington state on the west coast, with Washington D.C. on the east,  is also the state in which this man lives.

You will also note that time was running out for Washington.  His recruits were leaving December 31 and he desperately needed a victory before then.  So also we, the Remnant Bride, were desperate for a victory in 2004, one that would turn the war as well, and December 31 marked the end of the ninth year, the year of fulfillment.  For the Bride it was equally – “Victory or death!”

You will also note that Washington had 2,400 men, or the number of the 24 elders at the hundreds level.  These 24 elders are obtained by uniting the twelve apostles from the first Remnant and the twelve apostles from the second Remnant.  This testimony was evidenced when Washington divided his army into two companies, or 1,200 men each, a very risky military maneuver per the matter of timing, and after traveling down separate roads they arrived at Trenton at the same time so as to carry out the successful campaign.  Thus the uniting of the two 1,200 gave him the critical victory that turned the war around.  This is true with the uniting of the two Remnant as well.

When I begin seeing all of this, I was hopeful that Yahweh would do something on the day after Christmas that was in keeping with this outstanding testimony.  Also, with Yahshua’s birth at Trumpets, that would mean that Mary was likewise overshadowed by the Holy Spirit at this very time.  So did anything happen?  Let us add one other highly confirming testimony.

Having crossed the Delaware in a maneuver that began on Christmas night, the battle at Trenton took place the next day on December 26.  At 8:00 a.m., just outside of Trenton, Washington’s party inquired of a man chopping wood where the Hessian sentries were.  He pointed to a nearby house, and the Hessian’s poured out and began to open fire.  Thus this decisive battle began at 8:00 a.m.

In the Gospel of Thomas, there is a most interesting passage that has had great significance to this man.  Yahshua said – “Split a piece of wood; I am there” (vs. 77).  The beginning of this battle was marked by a man chopping and undoubtedly splitting wood, and He was indeed there.

On December 26, 2004, at 7:58 a.m., a 9.0 earthquake took place on the westernmost part of the ring of fire that sent tsunamis to twelve countries killing over 200,000 people in the deadliest tsunamis by far in recorded history.  This was a rare occurrence for this area, with the last major one in 1883.

Before and after photo of Banda Aceh near epicenter of earthquake and major tsunamis

The correlation here is obvious.  The Battle of Trenton began on December 26 at 8:00 a.m., or maybe it was actually 7:58.  The Indian Ocean earthquake likewise took place on December 26 at 7:58 a.m.  We have already seen the multiple testimonies of the number nine in the Battle of Trenton; the Indian Ocean earthquake was equally a 9.0.  Likewise, we have seen the testimony of the number twelve per the two groups of twelve elders that comprise the 24 elders.  Here twelve countries were affected.  (It will be most telling if the number of deaths comes to 240,000.)

The Battle of Trenton took place in 1776, the same year of the Declaration of Independence on July 4.  Likewise, the attesting Indian Ocean earthquake took place the same year as the Legal Transfer of the Office of the Twelfth Apostle, which was in every regard its own declaration of independence, attested by its legal intercessoral link to July 4.  (Read The Wind and the Sea Obey Him, page 2.)

So what are we seeing here in this tragic event at the close of 2004?  Hope!  In the next section we will see how Yahweh uses evil to bring forth good.  This event is clearly evil in the natural.  It effected death and tragedy on a scale that was stunning.  But let us look at the good that it portends.  What is our hope?

The ninth year is the year of fulfillment in the period from 1996.  At the very end of this year, on the same day and at the same time of the highly decisive Battle of Trenton, Yahweh provided a testimony comparable to that event in relation to the intercessoral period of the Remnant.

We know that events relative to this earth are prophetic of that which is to be; but I believe that events we see are also natural testimonies of those things that are being effected in the heavenlies.  The fulfillment per the Remnant Bride is precisely that which the tsunamis testified.

What can we conclude?  There are three times in the Scriptures that the following statement is made, twice almost verbatim:

Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice;

And let them say among the nations, “Yahweh reigns.”

Let the sea roar, and all its fullness;

Let the field exult, and all that is in it.

Then the trees of the forest will sing for joy before Yahweh;

For He is coming to judge (or, govern) the earth.

O give thanks to Yahweh, for He is good;

For His lovingkindness is everlasting.

This is from Remnant-testifying 1 Chronicles 16:31-33.  The almost identical statement is found in Psalm 96:11-13.  Psalm 98:7-9 has essentially the same message, particularly regarding the sea roaring.  Likewise Isaiah 51:15 similarly says – “For I am Yahweh your God, who stirs up the sea and its waves roar (Yahweh of hosts is His name).”  And in Jeremiah 31:35 we see the same conclusion.  You will notice that the sea roaring in its fullness gives testimony to the return of Yahshua to govern the earth.

In order to understand what took place and why, it is important to note the correlation between the Indian Ocean earthquake and the Battle of Trenton.  And not only in light of that pivotal battle, but in light of everything that has taken place and is related to this ninth year of fulfillment.  Again, it was a pivotal year that was to draw to a decisive close, even as Washington’s army was to come to a close on December 31.

In the latter part of 1999 and into the opening months of 2000, I was involved in a business that used the term “tsunami” to describe its potential.  While I cannot go into all of this, it was the immense suffering and death that that experience brought that preceded the beginning of the Remnant Bride in Passover, 2000.  What made this even more significant was that this was a repeat of the same circumstances relative to my coming to Yahshua in 1971.  They were both immense pain that preceded a new beginning.

This is in fact the hope we have per the tsunami that occurred on December 26.  In a moment we will see how evil is used by Yahweh to effect good, but the evil and power of that tsunami can in fact indicate what is in store for the earth for the positive in the realm of the spiritual – that Yahweh would send a tsunami of His Spirit on the earth to destroy the flesh!  And of course by looking at the testimony and outcome of the Battle of Trenton as well, we can see some of the more specific testimonies. 

Both parallel events had the testimony, and multiple times in the Battle of Trenton, of the number nine.  This, once again, is direct testimony to the ninth year of the Bride’s intercession.

Quite importantly as well, there were the shared testimonies of the number twelve, the number of the apostles.  And Washington’s victorious third part army gives even more testimony of the two Remnant that are united in the third part of the church to provide the glorified 24 elders who sit around the throne.  You will recall that after the battle, Washington exuberantly declared – “This is a glorious day …!”  Indeed it is!

It was a day of new beginnings for the Continental army, and not only for them alone but for this entire nation!  This is where we are as the Remnant Bride.  Was the battle over for Washington?  Not in the least!  But, it marked a new beginning, a turning point.  And that is where we as the Bride are today.  The nine year intercession from the beginning of 1996 to the very end of 2004 is an effectual labor that will change the world.

Did I always feel this way and continually see 2004’s great significance?  No!  There have been times in which everything looked like loss and death, even to the very end.  Even after the close of 2004 I wondered what happened.  I was expecting something in 2004 that was more on the order of Pentecost in 33 AD.  But it did not come.  So what made the change that you are reading here? 

One day as I was working in my role as a carpenter, without any particular thought on the matter, for I had in fact decided not to even ponder any of this, the truth of what took place in 2004 suddenly became evident.  What had I expected in 2004?  The latter rain!  An outpouring of His Spirit!  But what did in fact take place in 2004?

When I was in Ireland with my oldest daughter, she told me – “I believe the latter rain will be a rain of truth.”  Of course I fully agreed with her, but did not go on to say that that is precisely what the Remnant Bride teachings are – the revelation of truth that has been concealed from the beginning of time.  As I have said before, there is NO way that this man could noodle or figure out all the things that I have been shown, except by a revelation of the Spirit.  Then I began to ponder all of the amazing truths that came to light for the first time in 2004.  While we covered many of them already, for the sake of recounting my own realization at that moment of the true significance of 2004, let us briefly highlight them.

There were the incredible revelations regarding the rod.  That which started as a seemingly foolish beginning at the time of Passover (when the Bride equally began in Passover, 2000), led to the most incredible truths.  This included the revelations regarding the golden rod that provide the former and the latter rains – which again is the revelation of truth, or touching the head of the rod.  There was also the understanding regarding Mount St. Helens and its testimony as Jerusalem above. 

Then we received the incredible truth that we are now in the period of the Millennial Reign, the Shelah third-part period of the church.  And not only did Yahweh show us this truth, but He did so in conjunction with revealing/unearthing the natural Pool of Siloam, or the Pool of Shelah!  After 2000 years of being hidden, the Pool was revealed as an obvious testimony to that which He had revealed to us!  And we also saw the incredible revelation regarding Daniel 9:24-27 and the three and one-half year ministry period that is a covenant with the second Remnant!

There was the amazing testimony regarding Phinehas and the correlation with the Curse of 1920, as well as the truth of Christianity being Gehenna.  Paul’s rebellion against the apostles and the dramatic parallel testimonies of Peter and Jonah going to Joppa was incredibly revealing.  While Jonah sailed toward Tarshish/Tarsus, the gospel to the Gentiles that was given to Peter in Joppa went to Paul of Tarshish/Tarsus.

There was the amazing testimony and experience regarding the historic Florida hurricanes, as well as the revelation of Florida being the rod that turns into a serpent.  And during the time of that whirlwind testimony, there was the VERY important Day of Atonement/Jubilee contract that transferred the office of the twelfth apostle from Satan to this man.  Of course Mount St. Helens came back to life at this very time affording a confirming testimony comparable to the unearthing of the Pool of Siloam.  Jerusalem above is longing for her Husband!

Then we had the incredible testimony of the Curse of 1920 being reversed via the dramatic, to say the least, Red Sox World Series win.  And equally incredible was the correlation of the World Series and Warren G. Harding (elected in 1920) and the election of George W. Bush, a victory that alone testifies of the victorious second Remnant – the double portion.

And finally, at the close of the year, we saw the incredible testimony regarding Washington’s Battle of Trenton and the Indian Ocean earthquake with the resulting tsunamis!

So, we ask – Was there not in fact a latter rain of truth in 2004?  The answer is – obviously so!  The fact is, 2004 was an incredible year for the Remnant that will stand out forever, and most certainly a welcomed turning point for this man personally.

Once I saw the reality of this marvelous latter rain of truth, and this realization took place within seconds, I was reminded of an experience that Yahweh gave me several years before. 

I had been a formative part of a group of people back in the early 1990’s who experienced a wonderful move of Yahweh’s Spirit among us.  It was so wonderful and fresh that some of the people wanted to be baptized.  I was pondering the same, but the Holy Spirit clearly spoke to me and showed me that I was to reckon instead on the baptism that I experienced as a boy around the age of twelve or thirteen.  I saw that it was in fact faith that pleased Yahweh, and I was to reckon in faith on that which had taken place once before in my life.  This, I knew, was the testimony relevant to 2004 as well, and it related in two ways.

First, that which took place in 2004 was in fact the fulfillment promised per 2003.  Only, we did not see it come in the way we “thought” it would be.  It was in fact a latter rain of incredible truth.  Therefore, we are to reckon on that which Yahweh performed in 2004. 

Second, we are to reckon in faith on the former rain that took place in 33 AD.  Like my baptism that occurred when I was a young boy, so the former rain was a baptism as well.  John the Baptist said that Yahshua was coming to baptize in the Holy Spirit and fire.  The former rain was that baptism, even though the breach of Christianity has delayed its full results and outcome.  We are to reckon on that baptism and walk in faith regarding it.

What will take place next?  I cannot tell you.  But I do not doubt what He did in 2004.  And I know beyond a shadow of any doubt that Yahweh has performed an effectual and amazingly revealing work since 1994 when the Spirit came upon me and began opening my eyes to see the Remnant truth that is the latter rain.  Again, there is no way whatsoever this man can see and know these incredible truths except the Spirit reveal them, and He revealed an extraordinary amount in 2004 with confirming signs.  Now we wait and watch and walk with anticipation, eagerly awaiting that which Yahweh will continue to perform, looking to Him who alone can cause a tsunami of His Spirit to cover the earth.

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