He Was Jealous
With My Jealousy







Now for a most important testimony!  First let us begin by asking a critical question:


From where does the office of the Elijah come?


Do you know the answer?  The answer to this question is essential for defeating Satan and, as one might expect, preparing the way for Yahshua’s return.  Watch and you will see.


Who was John the Baptist?  Yahshua said not only that he was Elijah (Matthew 17:12), but more importantly, He said that if you can accept it, he was Elijah who (lit.) was “about to come” (Matthew 11:14-15).  In other words, he was a type of another Elijah, who was “about to come.”  This is very important to note.  And what did John do?  He buried Yahshua into the baptismal waters of death.  This was performed on the Day of Atonement, and it began His three-and-one-half year ministry period.  Thus we see that John was Elijah insomuch that He buried Yahshua into death.  Now, let us go one critical step further.


Who was Judas?  He was one of the twelve disciples whom Yahshua personally chose, and of whom He said that he was the devil (John 6:70).  And what was it that Judas performed per Yahshua?  He did the same thing that John did.  He equally obeyed His command – “What you do, do quickly” – and likewise baptized Him into death (John 13:27, Matthew 3:14-15).  Judas was the fulfillment of John the Baptist as spoken of by Yahshua – one who was “about to come.”  He was the Elijah.  And in both testimonies, Yahshua was resultantly revealed to have the power of an indestructible life – by rising from the waters of baptism and the dove descending upon Him, and by rising from the grave.  And in both men, as spoken by John, their end was the same – John decreased and met his end in a violent death (he lost his head), and Judas decreased and met his end in a violent death (he hung by his head and his belly burst open).


Now, let us take this one step further.  Yahshua said that Judas’ place belonged to Satan – “one of you is the devil.”  Therefore, as pointed out in recent writings, for 2,000 years Satan has occupied the place of Judas as the twelfth apostle over the church.  He is the mark of the beast, the abomination of desolation.  And since Satan occupies the office as Judas, who was a fulfillment of John the Baptist, Satan then stepped into the Elijah ministry with the “job description” or responsibility of baptizing Yahshua into death.  And, since Yahshua has already passed through those waters, Satan’s role was then to baptize the body of Christ into death, which he has effected for 2,000 years, or two “days” in the grave/hades.  These are the same two days that Yahshua likewise spent in the grave at His “baptism” by Judas.  Thus, like effected like.  Both Judas and Satan have stood in the place of Elijah, and both performed their baptismal responsibilities – the ones who were “about to come.”


Now do you see from where the Elijah office comes?  It comes specifically from the place of the twelfth apostle!  That twelfth seat is the seat of Elijah.  This is Yahweh’s governmental order.


But let us take this one more critical step further.  Today, there must be an Elijah and an Elijah work that prepares the way for Yahshua’s return (Matthew 17:10-11).  But thus far, the Elijah work has meant death and burial.  But what is the outcome of this death?  In both John’s baptism, as well as Judas’ baptism, the outcome was the revelation of the power of an indestructible life, the power of resurrection. This will equally be the outcome of Satan’s baptism of the body of Christ.  The first resurrection of the Remnant will take place, beginning the demonstration of that power of an indestructible life.


But how, you might ask, can such an office bring forth Yahshua?  The same way Judas’ baptism revealed Yahshua in His glory, only not through death this time, insomuch that death has already taken place and now is the time for resurrection.


So having said these things, let us get straight to the point.  Today, very importantly, Satan’s 2,000 year, 2,000 swine, tenure is legally at an end (The Passing Over Principle, page 3).  The allotted time for him to occupy the office of Elijah is completed, and it is time for that office to be given to another, to a man who will fulfill it in preparing the way for Yahshua’s return.  But in order to effect that change, there must be a legal transfer.  Yahshua gave Satan that place of authority by him entering into Judas (second Remnant Luke 22:3 and John 13:27).  Today, a like transfer must once again be made, and it must equally be legal.  How is that transfer made?  By the power of intercession, the same power that was used by Yahshua via the Nazirite vow to effect the restoration of man and the garden of God.


In Psalm 23:5 we read – “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”  The word “presence” could equally be translated “opposite,” or – “You prepare a table before me opposite my enemies.”  This Hebrew word does not mean “to oppose,” but one who sits opposite of you.  This is an important distinction, for this passage is being fulfilled today.


Yahweh brought a man into my life who was my friend, but for two years (a prophetic 2,000 years) became my enemy.  As it is written – “Even my close friend, in whom I trusted, who ate my bread, has lifted up his heel against me” (Psalm 41:9).  This is the passage Yahshua quoted regarding Judas – “I do not speak of all of you.  I know the ones I have chosen; but it is that the Scripture may be fulfilled – ‘He who eats My bread has lifted up his heel against Me’” (John 13:18).  Kyle Nixon is a man who ate my bread, both around my table as well as the bread of truth, and in time rejected me and lifted up his heel against me.  Why?  For the sake of intercession.  It was the will of Yahweh that Kyle step into the office of Judas; and he did so in more ways than can be addressed here.  But even as Satan entered into Judas as recorded in second Remnant Luke, so he entered into Kyle as well, an act that, this time, will work to his undoing and his end!  What Satan did by entering him, now gives Kyle legal authority regarding Satan and his office, even as Satan received that authority by entering into Judas.


Kyle was a man who told me beforehand more than once – “I will fail you.”  I did not believe him.  He told me more than once that he was willing to be used of Yahweh for either noble or ignoble purposes, the latter of which I was never willing to follow.  Kyle was used of Yahweh for ignoble purposes.  Again, why?  In order to identify with Judas Iscariot, to stand in his place.


The name, “Iscariot,” means that Judas was from the tribe of Issachar.  The name “Issachar” means “man of hire.”  Thus, Judas Iscariot was hired by Caiaphas to betray Yahshua for thirty pieces of silver.  Judas was the “man of hire” that betrayed Yahshua.  The last day I saw Kyle before he raised his heal against me, I likewise hired him with $120 (the number of the seat of the Judas/Elijah apostleship at the hundreds level) to remain for the ninth day of our intercession during Passover, 2002.  And even on Trumpets, 2004, we once again hired Kyle to come and be with us (this time for $160, the number of love at the hundreds level), not knowing at the time what this intercessorally meant.  Kyle was an Iscariot, even a Judas.  And when he left me in 2002, he too planned to go and hang himself, but his son stopped him.  (And might we add here, pastors in Christianity who are in paid positions are equally Judas Iscariots, Judas “men of hire,” who continue this process of betraying Yahshua and delivering the body of Christ into death.)


Also, when I was first getting to know Kyle, he asked me to baptize him, which I refused to do, even as Yahshua refused to baptize John.  But of necessity, Yahshua had to be baptized by John, even as I too of necessity need what only Kyle can provide.  I also refused to anoint Kyle with oil, which I need.


But all of this had to be, and for numerous reasons.  As it is written in Psalm 23:5, it has been by my contact with Kyle that many of the truths regarding the Remnant Bride have come forth.  It was Kyle who first declared this man to be Elijah.  It was Kyle who first saw and declared this man to be the twelfth apostle, the replacement of Judas.  It was Kyle who brought Whale Rider over and began to reveal its great prophetic significance.  From that revelation came all the marvelous truths recorded in The Rod, A Lesson From Intercession, and Shelah and Clay of Spittle. 


And, it was Kyle who began to open my eyes to the marvelous truths about which you are reading right now.  These were seen per the immensely prophetic movie, Unbreakable.  This is the incredibly revealing story of how a black man (Africa) by the name of Elijah Price (he paid the price) sacrificed his life to reveal  the man whose bones could not be broken (the power of an indestructible life), David Dunn (it is finished).  The most profound and prophetic line in the entire movie was in the end when Elijah cried out to David – “Now that we know who you are, I know who I am.”  And now that we know who this man is, we know who Kyle is.  He is my Elijah, the man who has the authority to give me the place of Judas.  And as Elijah Price further stated – “It all makes sense.”  (It is recommended you watch Unbreakable.  There are numerous revealing prophetic testimonies, including David’s mantle, and restoring the heart of the father to the children and restoring the Bride.)


Kyle has not only been a betraying Judas to me, but he has been a preceding Elijah as well.  He has often prepared the way for me to see things; things that I would never have seen without him.  (In like regard, Yahshua’s ministry would have never begun without John, or His burial without Judas, nor can He return today without an Elijah.  This is His way.) 


So what is Kyle?  He is my enemy who sits opposite me and thereby, between the two of us, a meal is prepared by Yahweh.  “You prepare a table before me in the presence of/opposite my enemies.”  But he is also my friend, the one whom I need most.  One of the most faithful and endeared pets I ever had was a raven.  (Read The Raven.)  She loved me and was faithful to me as though I were her mate.  Once she was gone for three-and-one-half months, but returned.  Once she was gone for three-and-one-half days, but returned.  Even as the bird that represents Satan has been my greatly beloved companion, so the one who came to be Satan is my beloved and much needed companion.


This meal prepared per an Elisha is equally attested in 2 Kings 6:15-23, where likewise Elisha prepared a meal in the presence of his enemies and won them.  This is now what Yahweh is accomplishing and will fulfill.


But let us take this one final critical step further.  If Yahshua could not begin His ministry without John’s baptism, and He could not rise from the grave without Judas’ baptism, then how can this man ever begin a like ministry period without a Judas or John or Elijah performing the same initiation?  It is utterly impossible!  Furthermore, there is only one way that the office of the twelfth apostle, the Elijah ministry, can be given to this man.  I have neither the spiritual authority nor the “ignoble” identity in order to obtain it.  Therefore, it has to be placed upon me by one who intercessorally stands in the place of Satan/Judas.  No man can take that office to himself; it must be given to him. 


Even as Elisha received the right to the office of Elijah by the mantle being placed upon him, so this man cannot receive the office of Elijah except by an Elijah who has gone to the top of Mount Sinai, was hidden in the cleft of the rock (identified with breach Christianity), and receives Yahweh’s instruction (1 Kings 19:9-18).  This, you will recall from The Hope Of the Remnant in 2004 and other such writings, was the ninth trip up Sinai, the day that Kyle became a “man of hire” just before raising up his heel against me.  Kyle Nixon has been designed by Yahweh to stand in the place of Elijah/Satan/Judas so as to be able to transfer the place of the twelfth apostle to this man.  This is all done legally and through the power of intercession; and it has all been accomplished by Yahweh.  We are now seeing His back regarding these matters.


On the Day of Atonement, 2004, at the legal end of the 2,000 year breach of Christianity, when Yahshua was baptized by John, Kyle Nixon will place upon this man the mantle of Elijah, the place of the twelfth apostle.  Satan will possess it no more!  He will be the scapegoat sent out into the wilderness (Leviticus 16:7-10).  His tenure is at an end, and Yahweh has raised up a man to legally stand in that place and give that office to another – to the second Remnant Elijah, the twelfth apostle.


While John was a foreshadowing picture of Elijah, Judas and Satan were the actual fulfillment.  And even as these first two Elijahs sitting on one side of the table were the works that took men into the grave, it will equally be a two-part Elijah that will come out of the grave and make possible Yahshua’s return.  We sit opposite each other.  What are these two comparable but opposite works?  They are Elijah, the man, the twelfth apostle, and the Bride work, equally an Elijah.  While this man replaces Judas, the Bride replaces Satan as the covering of the body.  The latter has been written about in other writings, including The Covering Bride.  Satan is an unclean unsplit work, while the Bride is a clean split work.  This is the Bride that is the “new thing” that encompasses the man (Jeremiah 31:22), the body of Christ.


Therefore, on one side of this table is Judas and Satan, while opposite them is the second Remnant Elijah and the Bride.  Opposite our enemies, Yahweh is now preparing a table before us – the marriage supper of the Lamb.



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