It is so exciting and rewarding to do a comparative study of the Scriptures using the key to their understanding as found in the writing bearing this same descriptive name - The Key To Their Understanding. What wonder and what intricacy we find in Yahweh's written word when we see and understand how He uses the foolishness of contradictions to present great revealing truth. This truth we are seeking to bring forth in each of these writings on Bible Contradictions. In this writing we will examine a most unique string of topic related contradictions, as well as simple differences, for a set of events that span over several chapters in the gospels. This comparison raises some most revealing questions - some that we will ask, being prompted by the content of these accounts; but most importantly, some that Yahshua Himself asked. And, it is in examining the answers to these questions that we find that we must dig further into the Scriptures to see the full picture of what is being said. We must not stop short of all that the Scriptures hold for us; and this requires some searching, some openness to all that Yahweh is doing and all that He will do, and a determination to not stop short of our quest. Keep in mind what is being said here in this brief introduction to these wonder-filled sections of this writing, for you will soon understand what we mean by the necessity and the quest to examine these matters further.

In this writing on the bread in the baskets, we will search the Scriptures until we know all we can about Yahshua's miracles where twice He feed large multitudes of people with very limited supplies of bread and fish, and afterwards had specific enumerated quantities of bread left over. But most important to note, Yahshua also gave vital instruction to His disciples following these miracle feedings specifically regarding the leaven of men or the errors of what men teach, directly relating this to the number of baskets of bread left over.

By taking a thorough look at these feedings as they relate to each particular gospel, and examining them according to The Key To Their Understanding, we arrive at some most interesting and highly revealing insight. But stopping there will not be enough. We find that this entire string of verses holds in context some of the most interesting and revealing insight still yet. Only Yahweh could perform the multiplicity of truth that He has for us in these verses. And yet as we examine these marvelous findings, we wonder if we are only scratching the surface of His awesome complexity. Truly, we will marvel at all that we find here in this comparative study and inquiring search.

Before we can look at these subject verses, we must begin by bringing several truths into focus. First we must examine the church and see how this work of God is truly portrayed. Christians are often so enamored with the church, they fail to see all the consequences associated with its specific identification in the Scriptures, particularly regarding its direct association with Pentecost. So, in this first section we will take a frank look at the church and see what its true accounting reveals according to Yahweh's word. You might find this first section a little surprising; but if you look at it honestly, you cannot deny the obvious conclusions. Read this next section carefully and thoughtfully before moving on to the more title-relevant sections that follow.


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