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It is most appropriate at this point to address the body of Christ in a different light. These writings primarily seek to reveal the corruption and shortfall of Christianity, the body, and to present where and how the body fits into the total kingdom of God, or Carmel. What we will examine in this section are some issues that relate specifically to the body, but here the need and the benefit of the body. Then in the next section, we will answer some questions concerning divisions, both from within the body, as well as the division of the bride from the body. We will close by looking at two testimonies of the body's piercing in order to obtain the bride, as well as consider the transfer of authority from the body to the bride.

It was written at the onset of this writing that we have here a potpourri of items. In these closing sections this is certainly the case. We will not be examining now a specific application of the word Carmel; but, we most certainly will be addressing what Carmel represents - the two-part kingdom of God. Let us now address the first item to be covered here - the need for and the benefit of the body.

This writer does not extol the good that comes from Christianity. In fact, efforts are made to do just the opposite - to expose it for what it is. Christianity is a very corrupt beginning period of the kingdom of God that will never effect that which must take place in order to defeat Satan. That is one reason why it is often stated in these writings that Christianity is a shortfall. And of course the reason Christianity's grave shortfall is addressed here, is to point out the great need for another work of Yahweh - to bring a bride out of the body.

There is no reason to rehearse now these inherent weaknesses and failures of Christianity. But what is needed, especially on the heels of the last section that showed Yahweh's own acknowledgement and responsibility concerning the ill fate of the body, is to look at the value of the body's work, or Christianity. This we will now do.

Not only will we look at Christianity here from the standpoint of its value, but we must also examine the weakness and inadequacy of the first Remnant. By looking at both of these, we will see how Yahweh has brought us to a time in the history of mankind that has been prepared for His greatest work ever in earthly men. Let us start by examining the weakness and even limits of the first Remnant.

There were basically two weaknesses or limits relative to the first Remnant. First, there was the weakness of their sight - they only had the first touch of the Master's hand, so they did not see all things clearly. There is a tremendous folly in Christians striving to go back to the writings of the first century Christians to obtain the "pure truths" that have been "forsaken." The folly of this is twofold. First, they do not go back far enough. They do not go all the way back to what took place in the VERY beginning in Acts 2 through 5. If you really want to know what Yahweh plans to fulfill, you cannot look at anything past the stoning of Stephen. Once you are past Stephen, you are into Christianity; and Christianity is the shortfall breach period that is already corrupted by Satan. Of course Christians look back to this Acts 8 and on period that followed as something that holds the key that they need in order to find purity and undefiled truth. But this is futile! The truth that is needed is definitely not in what is in the past, where men only have the vision of the first touch. What is needed is to see truth in these days, now, just before the return of Yahshua when Yahweh is calling out His bride and touching her eyes a second time so that she can see all things clearly. Truth, full vision truth, is not gained by looking back to the corrupted and blurry writings in the past, but in looking forward to what Yahweh is giving His bride, now.

What was the first bride? She was a Leah, who was not the one that was truly being sought after, but came as a result of pursuing the more desirable Rachel. And what was Leah's weakness? She had weak eyes (Genesis 29:17); she could not see all things clearly. This is the first Remnant bride. And all who followed after her in Christianity equally shared her weak eyes. (22,000 sects and denominations alone should tell you that Christianity has weak eyes - they cannot agree on what is true.)

The second Remnant is the greatly desired bride. She is truly the Bathsheba that Yahweh saw from His rooftop. She is the one that bathes herself of all the false teachings that have been a part of the Leah work, and all those who have been under the Leah one touch anointing since then. She is beautiful to Yahweh, and His desire is for her. She is the Rachel that has to be worked for twice as much in order to obtain her. She is the Abigail that is "of good understanding."

So do you see the fallacy of looking back to a Leah and trying to come up with any teaching, any "truth," that is going to please Yahweh? Any "truth" one would arrive at is at best a Leah to Yahweh - not desirable, and certainly not focused or clear visioned. The only truth that is desirable to Yahweh is what the Remnant bride will see in the last days before the return of Yahshua. And that will not be the teachings of just anyone who calls themselves a Remnant bride, but only those who come out of Christianity, no longer identifying themselves with that work in any way except for the claim that they have come out from it.

So here we see the first weakness of the first Remnant, and this weakness has been inherent throughout all of Christianity to this day - they did not have true vision for who Yahweh is, and what He is doing and will do. Their vision, and Christianity's vision, is incomplete. They do not have the second touch to see all things clearly.

The second problem or weakness with the first Remnant is that they were too limited. Like the first "little sister" in Song of Solomon 8:8, the first Remnant had "no breasts." She was not developed enough to bring forth the milk of the kingdom, which in some regards takes us right back to what was just being covered, that the first Remnant did not have the full truth. But this was only a part of these limits. To a much greater degree we find that the first Remnant's breasts were not towering, as will be her second Remnant older sister's. What is this greater work the older sister is afforded? Let us look at this from another perspective.

Even though a seed contains within it all that is necessary in order to bring forth a harvest, if the farmer went out with the reapers at planting time, could he harvest a crop? No, for the planting is still in the seed. The seed is small and has the potential to bring forth a crop, but its value is only in what can be produced with time and nourishment. Let us see what all of this means for the kingdom.

The first Remnant had tremendous limitations that were inherent with being in the seed state. For one, the first Remnant work was VERY localized - it never got out of Jerusalem. For the first year and a half of the kingdom of God, the former rain was contained in one small place - Jerusalem. But, it was a seed, and it had to remain small. This is OK for a seed, but when a greater harvest is needed, there must be growth from that seed.

When Yahweh did not go ahead and bring forth the kingdom with Yahshua reigning here on earth, even as the disciples fully expected, one of the reasons was because the kingdom was only a small seed at that point, located in one isolated place. So, the breach of Christianity came. Stephen was stoned to death, the first Remnant period closed, the work that was begun in Jerusalem immediately ceased to function as it had from the beginning, and the first Remnant was scattered by the winds of persecution. And here is where Christianity fits in. Christianity was the tree that grew from the very small mustard seed, the tree that grew larger than the garden plants, and the birds of the air nested in its branches (Matthew 13:31-32).

The limits of the first Remnant were overcome by Christianity. Of course that work was still under the anointing of the Leah, but nonetheless the gospel went forward and that tree's boughs spread over and changed the entire world. And that brings us to today.

Today, the world is a different place. When the former rain came, that initiating work was strictly a Jerusalem work. Though the roads of Rome were prepared for the nations to receive the gospel, the year and a half of the former rain could not go to the world. In time, the gospel did go out to all the world. But it took years and years. The Roman occupation of the world at that time meant unrestrained and open passage way for the truth of salvation in Yahshua to go forth; but time was needed to go to all the ends of the earth. This is what Christianity has accomplished over the last 2,000 years. It brought forth a body that spans the entire globe. This is the great worth of Christianity in the kingdom of God. It has made the fields white unto harvest, as spoken by Yahshua.

What will be the harvest? It will be the first harvest ever. How can there be this claim that with all of Christianity's work, this harvest will be the first? Because there has NEVER been a harvest yet that has taken men to be glorified with the Son. There has yet to be the first resurrection. That is still awaited. From Yahweh's standpoint of still being alone in heaven without man, there has yet to be a harvest from the earth, bringing forth men and women who will enter into heaven to receive immortal bodies. Up to this point, Christians that have died, sleep. There has not been a "first resurrection." If there has been, then where are they? We do not yet see anyone living and walking around in an immortal glorified body. The fact is, Christians still sleep; for 2,000 years they have slept.

So when the fields are white unto harvest, where does that harvest go? It is a harvest that brings forth a bride to Yahweh. This is the Ruth bride that uncovered and laid at Boaz's feet at the threshing floor where they were harvesting Passover barley, the Remnant barley. This is the harvest in which the Shunamite boy had entered, and cried out, "My head, my head!" This is the harvest that the woman at the well brought forth, evoking these prophetic words of Yahshua as recorded in kingdom book, John:

"Do you not say, 'There are yet four months, and then comes the harvest'? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest. Already he who reaps is receiving wages, and is gathering fruit for life eternal; that he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together. For in this case the saying is true, 'One sows, and another reaps." I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored; others have labored, and you have entered into their labor" (John 4:35-38).

This is the harvest spoken of in Joel 2:23-24:

So rejoice, O sons of Zion,
And be glad in Yahweh your God;
For He has given you the early rain for your vindication.
And He has poured down for you the rain,
The early and the latter rain as before.
And the threshing floors will be full of grain,
And the vats will overflow with the new wine and oil.

The harvest Yahweh will receive in heaven is the harvest that is gathered specifically from the two rains - the early and the latter. Yahweh already has in waiting the harvest from the former rain; now He will have the completing harvest from latter rain. "And the vats will overflow with new wine and oil."

The purpose of the second Remnant is not evangelism to the world. That has been the work of Christianity - to take the seed of the first Remnant and plant it throughout the world. And this they have done. The purpose now of the second Remnant is to bring forth a bride out of the already established body, to bring forth a harvest to immortality, something which Christianity has never been able to do.

This is the harvest, the harvest that is white, like the whiteness of Moses' face when he came off the mountain with the second set of stone tablets (the two Remnant tablets). This is the harvest, the harvest that is white, like the whiteness of the glorified two Remnant witnesses that stood on the mount of transfiguration with Yahshua. This is the harvest, the harvest that is white, white because this harvest will take for the first time a people to heaven, Yahweh's mountain, and they will receive glorified immortal bodies. This is now the harvest of the second Remnant.

Yes, the first Remnant was weak, not only in sight but also because a vast move of Yahweh throughout the world was not possible. Yahweh prepared the Roman roads in order for the gospel to spread. Today, He has laid out a new set of roads so that the last days Remnant harvest will now spread throughout the world with lightning speed! What is that new "Roman road"? You are on it right now.

The internet is Yahweh's new Roman road that has been given to man to facilitate the truth that comes with the latter rain. The internet affords for the first time in the history of mankind, the unhindered and essentially cost free ability to present information world wide in one second! What you are reading now can be read in any land where the internet goes. Anyone can have teaching and information available instantaneously, in their own language! With paper or preaching, there are limitations; but not with the internet. Something can be published on the internet and there is no delay in distribution. Instantaneously, it is available to the entire world! If Yahweh brought attention to the writings at this site, millions of people could be reading it in a minute. This is the amazing power of the internet; and this is the power that will make possible a QUICK move of Yahweh and His latter rain harvest!

This was not possible at the time of the first Remnant. The former rain stayed in Jerusalem. But, the latter rain has the potential to spread throughout the world! The latter rain will be a harvest to immortality that has the potential to be world wide in scope and participation! The latter rain will be like an Abigail who quickly went to David, or a Shunamite woman who quickly went to Elisha, or an Elijah who outran the king's chariot. And one primary reason for this, is because Yahweh has only recently given to man the facilitating power of the internet.

Not long after this writer began posting writings on the internet, Yahweh dealt with him that what was being done here was that these writings were being posted in what is now our present day "gate." The "gate" in the time of the Bible was where announcements were made, and even legal decisions were rendered. This was like unto Martin Luther's church door on which he posted his Ninety-Five Theses in 1517. The gate, or in the case of Luther, the door, was where public information was posted. When Yahweh showed this writer this, He also showed him that this is confirmed by His design and testimony in that the internet is driven by Bill Gates. So, what Yahweh is saying is that the internet is today's "gates," the "Bill Gates"! The internet is the modern day posting of things "in the gates."

Now, when He showed this man this truth, this man's response was - since the Remnant is a "new thing," it would be very significant if there was a "New Gate." So, out came the concordance; and what was found regarding a "New Gate"? "New Gate" is used twice in the Bible. And we must keep this brief. Both times it is used in Jeremiah - once in 26:10 and once in 36:10. In 26:10 and following, the princes of Judah rendered judgment on the charges of the priests and prophets of Judah, that for his prophesying against the city, Jeremiah should not be killed. From the "New Gate" the decision came forth that delivered Jeremiah from death. Equally, the "New Gate" will mean deliverance from death for the second Remnant. Even as Jeremiah prophesied the bringing down of Jerusalem, the Remnant proclaim the bringing down of Christianity. But the decision will be rendered on their behalf - "LIFE FOREVER!" (Psalm 133)

The second time "New Gate" is used is when Baruch, the scribe for Jeremiah who was equally promised by Yahweh - "you will have your own life as booty, because you have trusted in Me" (Jeremiah 39:18), read the words of Yahweh in Yahweh's house at the New Gate. This is what you are reading now. You are reading of the works and plans of Yahweh that He will accomplish in these last days. And these are being presented by the Baruch, the one who is promised that our lives will be given to us as booty because we have trusted in Him. We are the Remnant bride that declares the works and plans of Yahweh in the gates, the "Bill Gates," even the "New Gate"!

And because of this "gate" of the internet, because of the preceding work of Christianity, and because of the latter rain of His Spirit, the second Remnant work has the ability to be world wide, and it will be sudden! Quickly, the Remnant bride will come out of Christianity, form into its own distinct work, and in the end ascend alive into heaven.

And this is what makes Christianity so useful at this point - it has prepared people throughout the world to receive the truth of the Remnant. There is much that Christians already know, many resources that Christians already possess; but, there is much that they will have to get rid of as well to be His bride. The ground has been made fertile with a lot of dung, and the fields are now white unto harvest!

We are already beginning to see the signs of how Yahweh will use the internet to spread His truth. Already, a Remnant rib is being formed. All that is needed now is the formation of the bride from that rib.


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