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Why, again, is it that these truths are only now being seen? Because only now is the bride being formed for the return of Yahshua. This is the bride work that begins to see and understand the intimate things of Yahweh. Yahweh could not share these things with the body of Christ. Satan has defiled everything Yahweh performs in the body of Christ; so why then would He share these intimate truths with the body to have them corrupted? There are other reasons as well, which will not be discussed here.

In this section, we want to share another truth that is also purely bride privileged. In so doing, we are not forgetting this matter of law and mercy, but it is necessary that we share this here.

Again, what Yahweh performed as recorded in the Scriptures is a reflection of Him and His ways. What is there that comes to pass that is not from Him? Nothing comes into being apart from Yahweh, thus everything is a reflection of Him. Men up to now have not really known Yahweh. When the Son of God came to this earth, man did not recognize Him, and even killed Him; so what makes earthly man today, even Christian man, think they know Him? He is far above us and we do not know or even understand Him or His ways. Some day when we become like Him, only then will we begin to truly know Him.

But as this bride is being formed, He is beginning to reveal Himself, His back anyway. He told Moses, who wanted to see His glory, that He would hide the church in the cleft of the rock - Christianity - and after passing by, He would remove His hand and let us see what He has done - His back. This is what we as His bride are beginning to see; and it is one of these marvelous truths that He is opening to us that will be shared now. Once again, this is bride material only - the intimate things of Yahweh.

In what is in truth a repeat of the story of the garden of God, we read that after Noah and his family left the ark, Noah planted a vineyard "and became drunk, and uncovered himself inside his tent" (Genesis 9:20-29). What we have here is a testimony of Yahweh Himself, who in order to bring forth fruit, equally planted a vineyard when He created man. Yahweh and Yahshua often identified man as a vineyard they had planted.

What then happened to Noah? Ham entered into his tent and "saw the nakedness of his father." But that was not all, for he then went out and "told his two brothers outside." But the two brothers, Shem and Japheth, had a different response. They too went into the tent, but in a different fashion and with a different purpose. "But Shem and Japheth took a garment and laid it upon both their shoulders and walked backward and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were turned away, so that they did not see their father's nakedness."

The outcome of this is most remarkable. Obviously there was more to this than some insignificant family happenstance. As you will see, this simple act was highly prophetic, and laid out a MOST important pattern that would be fulfilled for the next 6,000 years. Such is the way of Yahweh. There are events in our lives that are far more significant than we recognize at the time, insomuch that they are intercessoral points in which Yahweh reckons on them in our lives. And what we see transpiring at this initiating time in the history of all mankind is far more important than this family could have possibly known, and even far more important than what man has ever discerned or understood since then. Let us see.

Here we find an account that reveals the very nature and ways of Yahweh; Yahweh Himself exposing His own actions in a way we have never considered regarding Him. Let us proceed.

As we have said, Yahweh planted a vineyard for the purpose of bringing forth fruit from the earth. But, His harvest of man and the fermentation of man with the leaven of sin, resulted in Him becoming drunk and exposing His nakedness. Does this sound blasphemous? What could we mean by this? Let us continue and you will see that Yahweh is being very open and frank concerning Himself.

Ever since Adam and Eve fell in the garden of Eden, there has been rampant wrath, bloodshed, wars, suffering, and sorrow upon the earth. The blood of men has been continually poured out upon this earth. For this reason, many in this world cannot believe that Yahweh is a loving God, and concede that even if He does exist that He is a God of great wrath. They question that if He is all powerful, why does He allow such mass sorrow to continue? Equally, if He is a God of love, why does He treat man so harshly? These are just questions to ask of God; and He is actually sensitive to these questions.

We read in Ezekiel 20:1-26 that four times Yahweh planned to destroy the Israelites - once in Egypt and three times in the wilderness. Yet each time He repented of the evil He planned against them. Why would Yahweh repent of His wrath? In all four cases the reason was the same, bearing great light on His ways - "But I acted for the sake of My name, that it should not be profaned in the sight of the nations" (Ezekiel 20:9, 14, 22). Likewise we find in Numbers 14:15-19 that part of the basis of Moses' appeal for His mercy on the Israelites was concerning what the nations would think of Him - "Now if You slay this people as one man, then the nations who have heard of Your fame will say ...."

Yahweh is indeed concerned about what the nations think of Him; in regard for the nations, He repeatedly repented of evil that He had planned. Yahweh has more compassion for the nations than what Christians have realized. First, He will not destroy them all in some end-time frenzy of wrath, as we are often told by Christians. Let us look at Yahweh's wrath, with which He has been afflicting the world for 6,000 years. We will now expand on this account of Noah and his three sons.

Yahweh is our Father, and He planted a vineyard by creating men. But in His leavening of man with sin, Yahweh became drunk in His wrath against man. He has led mankind through things that only someone drunk would do. He is thus drinking from what He Himself has called "the chalice of My anger," even "the cup of reeling" (Isaiah 51:21-23). "And I trod down the peoples in My anger, and made them drunk in My wrath, and I poured out their lifeblood on the earth" (Isaiah 63:6). It is this blood upon which Yahweh has been drunk, blood that is as "sweet wine" (Isaiah 49:26). This is the intoxication that Yahweh has been under for 6,000 years.

How else can one understand these harsh actions of a loving God? He has afflicted man in such a way that is not even His nature. He is acting in such a way that if sober, He would not behave. Man has suffered unfathomable sickness, death, agony, pain, sorrow, grief, and loss, and Yahweh has performed it. For 6,000 years He has allowed Satan to afflict man with physical death, spiritual blindness, and emotional and intellectual lameness. For this reason, like Noah who was drunk on the fermented fruit of the vine and became naked, so Yahweh has been drunk on the wrath of the blood of man and has become naked. For many good reasons, Yahweh is quite vulnerable to the criticism of man. He has actually made Himself naked to man and opened Himself to his criticism. What then is the solution? Let us see.

No one was able to enter into Yahweh's tent, His kingdom, until Yahshua opened the way through His flesh - He is the door. The first one pictured in this account to enter into that tent was Christianity. They went into Yahweh's tent, saw the death and sorrow, but did nothing to cover that nakedness of the Father. That nakedness continued. Men continued to die. Wars continued to rage. There was no peace on this earth. Darkness and blindness continued to exist. Conflict and disharmony continued, even within the church itself. No, Christianity did not cover the nakedness of Yahweh, and for this reason it is cursed, even as Ham's son, Canaan, was cursed.

Further testimony and conclusive evidence of Christianity's place as Ham is their wrathful end-time teachings. Like Ham, who went into the tent and came out to tell the brothers about their father's nakedness, so Christianity is intent on exposing the nakedness of Yahweh - telling others that Yahweh will deal with man in continuing wrath! End-time teachings from Christians are heavily wrath oriented. All the wrath of the Old Testament is paled by what they teach for the end times. They teach that Yahshua will return in great anger and will bring upon the earth such wrath it has never known the likes of before, in their Ham way exposing even further the nakedness of Yahweh.

Their false teachings regarding a fiery tormenting hell in which the unbelieving will suffer eternally under Yahweh's wrath is equally consistent with their continuation of exposing His nakedness; only even worse, they teach a form and degree of wrath that has never entered into His mind.

While Christianity comes from the Father's tent to tell the Remnant of Yahweh's nakedness, the Remnant will not propagate that message, but will do something about covering it. The second Remnant is the Elijah, who will keep Yahweh from smiting the land with a curse in the great and terrible day of Yahweh - Malachi 4:4-6. The second Remnant is the Elijah who prepare the way for the triumphal entry of Yahshua into His Jerusalem, and thus keep the stones from crying out for wrath. The second Remnant is the Elijah who will "restore all things" - Matthew 17:11 - making "ready a people prepared for the Lord" - Luke 1:17. The second Remnant will teach of Yahweh's mercy on man, dispelling the error of Christianity regarding an end-time wrath and the false teachings of an eternal tormenting hell. The second Remnant will cover the Father's nakedness of carrying out wrath.

These two sons, Shem and Japheth, in many other ways reveal the two Remnant (which we cannot cover here). While Christianity enters into the Father's tent to see His nakedness, but to do nothing more about it than to proclaim it to others, it is the two Remnant who take a garment, place it upon their shoulders, walk backward into the Father's tent, and cover His nakedness. How is this done? The Remnant is the work that satisfies Yahweh's wrath. If you think His wrath was completely satisfied with the death of Yahshua, then ask yourself why wrath, affliction, death, and blindness upon mankind has continued unabated since then. Yahshua provided the way for man to enter into the Father's tent, His kingdom, but it is the work of the two sons of the Father who will resolve Yahweh's nakedness before mankind. While the way of salvation was opened through Yahshua, once again we see that it is Yahweh's works through mankind that cause man to follow and be participators in that salvation.

The two-part Shem/Japheth Remnant will enter into Yahweh's tent and cover His nakedness, satisfying His wrath which He has experienced through the chalice of His anger, the cup of reeling, the sweet wine of the blood of men.


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