This writing on the bride of Christ will be new material for the reader. Do not stop short if you do not understand something. Points are repeated with supporting evidence, bringing further clarification. So, be sure and read on to the end. As the piece unfolds, you should see the whole picture.


Of all the truths I have seen, this matter concerning the covering bride is certainly one of the most exciting and wonderful! Why? Because it so establishes and clarifies the relationship of the body of Christ and the bride of Christ, and reveals what Yahweh's plans and purposes have been from the beginning of time for the bride.

I have a friend who from time to time insists that we acknowledge the plan of Yahweh in creating and implementing the male/female elements of creation. This is certainly something most important to acknowledge. The male/female aspect of God's creation is obviously a very important truth, having everything to do with bringing forth offspring. On the earthly level, the existence of both male and female entities is essential for replenishing this earth. But as we will see in this writing, the male/female aspect is and will be equally essential to Yahweh in bringing forth godly offspring in His perfect kingdom. In other words, as the union of the male and the female, in particular the union of the husband and the bride, results in the bearing of natural offspring, so the union of male and female works of Yahweh, a husband and a bride, will result in the bearing of spiritual offspring.

One of the critical mistakes of Christianity is to equate the masculine body of Christ and the feminine bride of Christ as being one and the same. That, my friend, is femininity, violating the laws of Yahweh (Deuteronomy 22:5, 1 Corinthians 6:9), and is held because Christianity fails to see the more perfect and complete plan of God for mankind. How can the bride of Christ and the body of Christ be the same when nature itself reveals to us the vast necessity of their separate identity? Simply because Paul calls the relationship of Christ with the church as being a mystery, having just elaborated upon the relationship of a husband and a wife (Ephesians 5:22-33), does not state that the church is the bride. The point is, there is a mystery here, and this mystery has failed to be accurately discerned by Christianity.

The clear purpose of Yahweh is to establish works upon this earth that will bring forth heavenly offspring. This is highly important to realize. At one level, this has been accomplished by the church - converting men to faith in Christ. But, this conversion, though exceptionally important, is still very corrupt. Men are still in earthly bodies, Satan is present to corrupt both man as well as the kingdom of God, converted men still sin and shame Yahweh and His kingdom, all of this leading to a most inferior, but essential, situation.

The plan of Yahweh is to have both a masculine body as well as a feminine bride, the two uniting to produce the desired godly offspring. The church, as men recognize it today, cannot be this bride. It is the body, not the bride. Yahweh will create two separate works in forming the husband and the bride; the bride coming out of the husband, just as Eve came out of Adam. In a very true sense, supported by the Scriptures, Adam and Eve were both Adam — one. Yet in reality, Eve was a separate entity - feminine. Equally, the body of Christ and the bride of Christ are both the church, but each having separate identities, masculine and feminine; and as we will see, each having very important separate roles.

From the beginning with Adam and Eve, as well as in all of God's creation, the male/female identities have been essential for bringing forth offspring after their own kind. These distinguishable identities, as well as roles, necessitate the distinguishable identities, as well as existence, of the body of Christ and the bride of Christ.

We could go on and on about this; but the purpose of this writing is not to argue with Christianity on their position that the body is the bride. We simply present this to lay out the separation of the feminine bride from the masculine body, and we will see the relevance and importance of this as we go along. There will be two works of Yahweh that are essential to bring forth truly godly, incorruptible offspring - the masculine body of Christ, as well as the feminine bride of Christ. Both, in separate form and identity, are most important; yet both are equally one - the church.


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