Following Passover, 2002, all the writings in the section titled "The Latter Rain And 2002" which preceded that gathering, were left on this site intact as they were with this stated conclusion - "History must speak for itself, and one is wise to look back to see what Yahweh is doing." Such is the purpose of this writing. Little has been written by this writer regarding the six years from June, 1994, when the Spirit of Yahweh came upon me, to May, 2000, when a few people came out of the body of Christ for the first time. For the sake of His-story and in the hopes of learning more about what Yahweh has done and is doing, this writing per that formative period is being presented.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this man is cast into the spiritual arena and all I can do is try to walk it out. There are too many things that have taken place in my life to allow me to try to do something else. I am set in a direction that honesty with myself, honesty with the Scriptures, and hope for good for myself and my family and hopefully for not only the church but for all of mankind, dictates that I go all the way with this, despite the pain. I trust you will understand what I mean by this as you read here.

In June, 1994, Yahweh began to open this man's eyes to the truths of the two-part Remnant and the corruption of the church. Inherent in this understanding was the fact that Yahweh was going to severely judge the church for its corruption of the kingdom. I will not go into all the evidences of this, but point out that prophecy runs in at least two different veins - one is the prophetic testimony of that which Yahweh would perform if He carried out His wrath; the other is the prophetic testimony of that which He will do in His mercy. (More on this later.) Both of these are evidenced in the Scriptures, and this makes it quite difficult to understand what He will do when seeing one and not the other. In 1994, what Yahweh first showed me was His plans for wrath, so that is all I had to work with at that time. Little then could I have known that He would have mercy, and to learn this was going to cost me a great deal, comparable to the price Jonah paid to learn this concluding fact concerning Yahweh!

For several years I had written a monthly letter concerning the care of the poor and our work with them. But when the Spirit came upon me in '94, that letter changed and I began proclaiming that the church would come under Yahweh’s severe judgment. Furthermore, because of the immensely prophetic nature of the President Clinton in his representation of Christianity (which is now evidenced even more with his tenure of two terms in which he is the breach separating the two-part Remnant Bushes), it was clear that for Yahweh to carry out His wrath against the church, He would attest to this by the judgment and death of this one who prophetically represented Christianity. This possibility strictly would have been a prophetic sign, but per a judgment cycle evidenced in the Scriptures, before the church could have been judged, judgment would have to have begun with Jerusalem. It was evident that the bombing of Jerusalem was to be the event initiating the entire forthcoming judgment cycle which would lead to the judgment of the church. In Ezekiel 5:4 we read - "And take again some of them (the Jews in Jerusalem) and throw them into the fire, and burn them in the fire; from it a fire will spread to all the house of Israel."

Everything I saw evidenced that this wrath cycle was to begin in 1995 or '96. In fact I was not alone in sensing the great cataclysmic significance of this time period, for quite a number of other people were equally expecting and openly proclaiming a variety of postulations at a level of climactic prophetic fulfillment. 1996 was expected by many to be a year of immense prophetic significance and conclusion. But needless to say, 1995 and 1996 went by without any outward significant prophetic happening. One would therefore ask, or better yet even conclude, that these expectations were all ill founded and entirely false, and that the ones making these claims, including this writer, were to be categorized with all other false prophets! But frankly, according to the Scriptures, there is another distinct possibility.

The question to be reckoned with here is - Can a man proclaim truth according to the will, word, and intentions of Yahweh, and still that word not come to pass as expected or proclaimed? In other words, because the church was not openly judged in 1995-96, because Bill Clinton did not die in 1995-96, and because Jerusalem was not bombed in 1995-96, was I foreseeing and proclaiming these things under a false and deceiving spirit or out of my own fancy? Some, of course, would answer an affirmative, black and white - "YES"! But in order to ascertain a just and honest evaluation of the matter, circumspectly considering my course for the future (including the well-being of my family, as I am not alone), I for one (and I fully count, having an immense invested interest in the evaluation and determination of the course and value of my life) must give a more open and honest and much more comprehensive and contemplative look at the Scriptures and at the events that occurred during that time and since then. This cannot be done in a cursory fashion. If you will follow with me, you will see that life is much more complex than a quick and easy knee-jerk assessment or judgment.

While I am going to directly answer the question at hand, I want to introduce some events which took place during that time that are highly relevant to this entire matter, and as you will see even possibly relate to the intercession we went through in Passover, 2002. First, following is a most interesting account about a trip I was led on in 1996 to the state of Georgia.


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