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Now that we have noted the obvious Scriptural evidences that Yahweh plans and even proclaims judgment, and then repents of it later, we will now examine another evidence that Yahweh once again changed His mind concerning the judgment He planned. This time though the evidence is much more recent, relating specifically to the time period in question - 1995 and 1996. Our attention will be directed to a best selling book, the subject of which has stirred considerable interest both in Judaism as well as in Christianity. I am referring to a book titled The Bible Code, by Michael Drosnin.

The Bible Code tells of the experience of an independent minded, highly analytical, and very skeptical news reporter who was faced with the compelling evidence that the Bible contains within it a hidden code proclaiming the accounts and events of mankind before those events take place. This ability within the text of the Bible is known as ELS or Equidistant Letter Sequence, or the more common - Bible code. This profound phenomenon has become the subject of other writers as well, including numerous Christians who are thrilled with ELS’s affirming evidence that the Bible is the incomparable word of God.

This unique phenomenon was discovered by a world renown mathematician, Dr. Eliyahu Rips. Dr. Rips is an immigrant to Israel from Russia. By chance he had heard about a rabbi who more than fifth years ago discovered that if he skipped fifty letters, then another fifty, then another fifty, the word "Torah" was spelled out in not just one, nor by chance two, but in four of the first five books of the Bible. Torah is the Hebrew name for these five books.

Dr. Rips used a computer to test this finding, and following extensive trial and research wrote the paper - "Equidistant Letter Sequence in the Book of Genesis." Subsequently, writes Drosnin, this phenomenon "has been confirmed by famous mathematicians at Harvard, Yale, and Hebrew University. It has been replicated by a senior code-breaker at the U.S. Department of Defense. It has passed three levels of secular peer review at a leading U.S. math journal." Additionally, it came under the personal scrutiny and testing of a highly skeptical secular newspaper reporter - Drosnin. (In fact, almost everyone has been skeptical when first hearing about this phenomenon.)

Drosnin’s book reveals how the Bible code foretells such subjects as both Kennedy assassinations, the Oklahoma City bombing, the election of Bill Clinton, the discoveries of Einstein, World War II, Watergate, Hiroshima, the Holocaust, the Moon landing, and the list is endless. These historical events and many more were all found encoded in the Bible. But that which convinced this cold calculated reporter of its validity was the scientist’s, and later even his own, findings of events before they happened. The date of the Gulf War, the date of the Jupiter collision, the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, all were discovered before the events took place, exactly as the code foretold.

But there is one great drama in this book into which all of these findings are woven, and this drama directly attests to and evidences the very things I was proclaiming in 1995 and 96.

While all Israel was mourning the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin, foreknown by Drosnin and Rips, these two men were busily examining another finding in the Bible code which gave them even greater concern. Discovered within the Bible code Rips found the warning - "all his people to war." This led to the discovery of similar warnings - "holocaust of Israel," "world war," and "atomic holocaust." On the heals of the predicted and fulfilled assassination of Rabin (along with other fulfillments), Rips and Drosnin took these warnings concerning a nuclear attack on Israel most serious! As they searched the Bible for more information on this disturbing discovery, they were soon even more concerned when they discovered that the Hebrew year 5756 was the year of the predicted new "holocaust." 5756 coincides in the modern calendar with the end of 1995 and most of 1996!

Drosnin’s book devotes considerable text to the unveiling and ever mounting evidence that the Bible code foretold of a nuclear attack on Israel in 1995-96, eventually narrowing a "holocaust in Israel" to specifically September 13, 1996! Drosnin stayed in close contact with Israeli leaders concerning this sobering finding right up to the final date, which, as you would know, passed without any incident.

While being relieved that nothing did take place, this was most puzzling to Drosnin. But as the two men looked again at the code, they found that in each case where "end of days" appeared, the word "delayed" also appeared. With "holocaust of Israel" were equally the words - "you delayed." And with "world war" again was "delay."

Drosnin postulates as to why there would be encoded in the Bible these and other fulfilled events, but I cite this here as evidence that Yahweh did indeed plan to begin the judgment cycle with the burning of Jerusalem in 1996, even as I presented in my news letters. What Drosnin and Rips foresaw and warned via the profoundly revealing Bible code, I was equally proclaiming via divine inspiration from the written text of the word of God.

I present then as evidence the amazing discoveries of Dr. Eliyahu Rips and Michael Drosnin: their scientific findings via the Bible code that an atomic holocaust was encoded and even planed by Yahweh for the precise period in which I was equally forewarning - 1995 and 1996. While I was writing and proclaiming that Jerusalem would be burned, or bombed, Drosnin, from the Bible code, was warning the Israeli government of precisely the same imminent peril.

May I parenthetically add here a unique correlation of events which came to engulf Drosnin’s life, as well as my own? I find a unique parallel or maybe crossroads with Drosnin’s efforts, creating somewhat of a personal identity with him.

The first chapter of Drosnin’s book begins with these opening words - "On September 1, 1994, I flew to Israel and met in Jerusalem with a close friend of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, the poet Chaim Guri. I gave him a letter which he immediately gave to the Prime Minister." Drosnin’s letter warned Rabin that the Bible code identified him as being assassinated. One year later, on November 4, 1995, Rabin was assassinated by a man whose own name (Amir) was encoded next to Rabin’s, along with the statement - "name of assassin who will assassinate."

On precisely September 1, 1994, while Drosnin was flying into Jerusalem to sound an unheeded warning to Prime Minister Rabin, my family and I, with our personal belongings, were arriving in Washington state from Texas to begin our warnings to the church that its judgment was equally written in the Bible, "encoded," if you would, in prophetic patterns which this writer addressed, and was equally unheeded. There is one obvious difference though in the outcome of these warnings: while Rabin was assassinated, Yahweh showed mercy to the church and averted judgment. Nonetheless, the church’s judgment and "demise" was as equally "written" and "planned" as was the assassination and death of Rabin. What happened to Rabin was clearly planned for the church.

I do not believe that this unique parallel in date and mission are mere coincidence, any more than it was a coincidence that this book and information had come to my attention. (I lived a rather isolated life.) September 1, 1994, marked a very important beginning for both Drosnin as well as Naler.

I thus present to you that the expectations I had and the warnings I wrote concerning the burning of Jerusalem, the judgment of the church, and the death of Clinton, were all accurate as to the plans of Yahweh. But, there was one factor I did not apprehend - Yahweh shows mercy! He has shown mercy to Jerusalem, to the church, and to Clinton, even as He, with prophetic implications, showed mercy to Babylon, to Nineveh, to the Israelites, to Hezekiah, to Jehoiakim, to Jehoiachin, and to others. Mercy - unworthy, calamity abating, God given mercy. As Rips and Drosnin saw, Yahweh puts off or totally repents of the calamitous judgment that He plans, all for His own name’s sake.

We have noted specific evidence that the judgment cycle was "defused," if you would, by Yahweh not burning Jerusalem. This change in the first step of the judgment cycle averted the judgment of the church, testified to by President Clinton not dying. But, the cause for Yahweh to show mercy does not rest solely on His actions toward Jerusalem, nor does He repent of this calamity solely for the sake of Christianity, but one has to add a third very essential element to Yahweh’s overall plan. Let us look at this further.

Why, we should ask, did Yahweh not carry out His planned judgment against Babylon, as written? This is a very important question. It was certainly not because Babylon did not deserve His judgment, nor was it because God merely changed His mind. I suggest to you that the reason Babylon was not judged by the invading Medes, was for the sake of the remnant of Judah that was residing in Babylon. If the Medes had carried out the slaughter that Yahweh said would occur, what would have happened to the remnant of Judah held in captivity in Babylon? Obviously, they too would have been eradicated along with all of Babylon. That would have removed the remnant of Judah that was prophesied would return to Jerusalem and rebuild the city as well as the temple. Removal of the remnant of Judah would have impaired the coming of Yahshua, like unto what we have already seen in the cases of Hezekiah and Jehoiachin.

How do these foreshadowing prophetic events relate to the issues we are examining in this writing? We have already noted that Babylon was a prophetic, preluding, foreshadowing picture of mystery Babylon Christianity. Why then has Yahweh now shown mercy on this mystery Babylon? For the same reason He showed mercy on Babylon - for the sake of the Remnant that is within it!

There is a remnant within the church today which must ascend alive to Jerusalem above to rebuild the city and her temple. This remnant is still within the confinement, yet protection and provision, of mystery Babylon Christianity. As with the remnant in the original Babylon, if Yahweh had judged the church, He would have destroyed this most important present remnant. But, the day has now come for this remnant to come out of mystery Babylon, to "Come out from her, my people" as it is written in Revelation 18:4, and even as a remnant came out of original Babylon. Until this exodus occurs, the Remnant remains in mystery Babylon. At this present time, and now in final ultimate fulfillment, Yahweh has shown mercy on mystery Babylon Christianity for the sake of a remnant within, a remnant that must come out from it! Yahweh did not judge Babylon, as a testimony of His plan to not judge mystery Babylon.

Thus we find that two plans were testified regarding the church - one of judgment and one of mercy. What I first saw and heard was Yahweh's plan to judge the church in wrath, something which He had every reason to do. But as it is written, "mercy triumphs over judgment" (James 2:13), and Yahweh, seeing the end from the beginning and possessing great mercy, did not judge the church as He had planned. And may we add here, His repentance is undoubtedly for the same ultimate reason He showed mercy on Hezekiah, Jehoiakim, and Jehoiachin; that is, to insure that the Son of God is brought forth, this time at His second coming. The Remnant are the Elijah who prepare the way for the Son of God.


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