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“But when the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, then He will sit on His glorious throne” [Matthew 25:31].


At this point we have examined what the latter rain is, its purpose in preparing the way for Immanuel, where the donkey has been tied, and most importantly how the donkey can be released.  We have considered the various feasts, examining their application to the first Remnant and the Body of Christ, versus the second Remnant.  We have even noted the addition of a Pentecost to Tabernacles, referenced the flipping of time and its effects, and noted the vital distinction between the two separate realms—the Rod and the church.  And beyond the feasts, we have even examined the testimonies of Mary and Cornelius and what they might speak to us today.  We have also examined the conjugal nature of the former and latter shemens, and that both require a lifting up of a rod.  Quite obviously, the releasing of the donkey would be equal to the releasing of the shemen.  Thus, the untying of the donkey must have some association with the lifting up.


With all of this, even now we cannot conclusively state what Yahweh will do in providing the latter rain.  But it can certainly be said that we have learned a great deal in this pursuit.  We certainly know some things that will not work today, and we take hope that these intercessions we have walked out give us authority—authority to see and authority to receive that which we pursue.


As we look at the world, at the governments of man, and at the church, we know that none of these have the answers to all the problems that man experiences today.  They are all blind, having no idea of who Yahweh is, what He is doing, or what are His ways.  They try to solve problems, but in doing so only create even more.  They do not exercise moral virtue, including Christians.  They know nothing of the Curse of 1920 and its VAST destructive impact on society.  Therefore, all of this urges the Bride even moreso to seek to untie this donkey and bring the One who can solve all of man’s problems.


From the outset, one of the intentions in writing this has been to learn even more about what is required in order to obtain the latter rain.  It has been my experience throughout the years that I write myself into truth.  Truth often unfolds as I write.  As David declared, so it has been my own experience:  “All this Yahweh made me understand in writing by His hand upon me, all the details of this pattern” (1 Chronicles 28:19).  Such has been the case with this writing as well.  New or even better honed truth has come to light during this time, and some of it vital in our pursuit of this essential fulfillment.  And seemingly, what you are about to read in this closing section is critical to this purpose, never before seen until this writing experience. 


To begin with, we know that the way of Yahweh is the covenant pattern of a work or works passing between or splitting a work.  This is set forth in Zechariah 4, Genesis 15, and Zechariah 6.  It is also the pattern of marriage whereupon two become one flesh—the male passing between the split female.  If Yahweh does this in the kingdom realm, as well as in the human realm, then is it not evident that it will happen in the nations realm also?


In Genesis 48, Israel crossed his hands and flipped Manasseh and Ephraim.  In verse 19 we read:


But his father refused and said, “I know, my son, I know; he [Manasseh] also will become a people and he also will be great.  However, his younger brother [Ephraim] shall be greater than he, and his descendants shall become a multitude of nations.”


There are those who have said that England and America follow in this very pattern, where Manasseh is England, and Ephraim is America.  Of course this certainly fits, for England clearly once had a national greatness that surpassed all nations.  During that time the sun never set on the British Empire.  But even more so, the Holy Spirit was richly poured out on England and many great works came from them.  But, the greatness and Spirit essentially left England—Manasseh—and went to America—Ephraim.  Yahweh thereupon provided many outpourings of the Spirit on America, and blessed it to the extent that it indeed became greater than England, and is certainly “a multitude of nations.”  Meanwhile, England lost its spiritual zeal and became spiritually stale/dead.  So, it does indeed seem that England and America have followed in the testimony of Manasseh and Ephraim as world powers, both naturally and spiritually.


But, let us take this one step further.  As to be expected, we see in this the same pattern of the church.  Was not the first Remnant first-born?  Indeed.  But what happened to the rights to the church, to the kingdom?  They passed from the first Remnant to Christianity.  The first Remnant was a Manasseh, which was a great work, but Christianity was greater and “became a multitude of nations,” even denomi-nations. Like the British Empire once was, the sun never sets on Christianity.  It is the vast tree in Daniel 4:11-15 that “grew large and became strong and its height reached to heaven, and it was visible to the end of the whole earth.”


In Jeremiah 31:9, a most unusual statement is made by Yahweh.  He declares, “Ephraim is My firstborn.”  Was he literally the firstborn?  No.  But since Yahweh flipped him and Manasseh, Ephraim took that legal place.  This is the identical pattern for the church.  Let me ask you:  Who was created first, Adam or Eve?  Adam, of course.  Yet, when we look at the kingdom, and even know that the body of Christ has to be put to sleep and the Bride taken out, was not the first Remnant Bride actually born first?  Indeed so.  But we have already seen that the firstborn status went to Christianity.  So, the legal status of the church for the last 2,000 years has been that which is set forth in the original Garden—first the Adam, then the Eve.  It is the same as Jeremiah 31:9—Christianity is My firstborn.  In fact, they have no idea whatsoever that they are truly not the firstborn.  In fact, they think they are the only begotten, period. 


But what has to happen?  The Zerah first Remnant may have made an appearance so brief that no one noticed or even understood its separate identity, and there was not even any indication whose arm first came out of the womb at the time; but with the Perez breach now completed, the true first-begotten son, the Zerah, can come forth—the Remnant.  Thus the now familiar pattern is:


Remnant –> Christianity –> Remnant


It is most significant that not only was Manasseh split by the flip with his brother, but he was also split another time and way as well—by the veil of the Jordan River.  Manasseh itself was a split work—half east of the Jordan, and half west of the Jordan (Joshua 12:6, 13:7).  Why is this important?  Because though one can look at the original state of Manasseh and Ephraim as Manasseh –> Ephraim, the reality is that the flip took place so that the covenant pattern could be fulfilled and Manasseh ultimately evidence this same split pattern:


Manasseh –> Ephraim –> Manasseh


This is quite obvious, is it not?  It is the way of Yahweh, and He provides all the testimonies to this if one has the eyes to see them.  So, what then does this tell us about England and America?  These two will have to follow the same pattern.  America, like Christianity, has become corrupt and is poised for utter failure.  Spiritually, it is  shamefully pathetic!  If America receives many more years, it will be like the three hours of darkness on the cross and the cry, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken us?”  What then is the answer?  The same pattern as the church:  To cut America’s days short and go back to Manasseh,  England.  Like the first and second Remnant, Yahweh must finish the work in England that He began there, having now split it to make it clean. 


England –> America –> England


One of the things that makes England so unique is that to this day it continues to have a throne that is documented to have its origins going back to King David.  There are many articles on the web, as well as books, that address this.  In 1996, the famed Stone of Destiny, Jacob’s pillar stone, also called the Coronation Stone, was returned to Scotland from England.  This is the stone upon which kings in the line of David have been coronated since before the time of Yahshua.  (Quite interestingly, 1996 is when Yahweh had mercy.)


In Psalm 89:3-4 and 35-37, we read Yahweh’s promise to David regarding the throne that comes from him:


“I have made a covenant with My chosen; I have sworn to David My servant, I will establish your seed forever and build up your throne to all generations. … Once I have sworn by My holiness; I will not lie to David.  His descendants shall endure forever and his throne as the sun before Me.  It shall be established forever like the moon, and the witness in the sky is faithful.”


It is to be realized that prophecies have levels of fulfillment, the highest fulfillment being in the realm of the heavenlies.  However, Yahweh also has promises that He will fulfill in the natural realm as well—both in the personal and in the nations.  Promises such as this, as well as the promises He made to Abraham regarding his offspring, evidence to have both natural and spiritual fulfillments.  We are wise to recognize both of these.  Regarding the promise to David concerning his throne, history evidences that Yahweh is keeping that promise in the natural.  Today, we see clear testimony that the throne in England has preserved the throne of David to this very day, and even for this day’s hopeful highest fulfillment.


I have been asked many times:  When Immanuel returns, from where will He reign?  Up until now the only answer I saw was that it would be here in America.  Clearly, evidenced by its very name (“Amer,” or “heavenly,” and “ric,” or “kingdom”), America is the kingdom of heaven at the nations level.  However, what I failed to see is the very thing Christians fail to see.  Since all they see of the kingdom is Christianity, they think they are the only answer.  This is the same mistake I was making.  All I saw to the kingdom of heaven at the nations level was America, so I thought it too was the obvious answer.  But even as there are the two Remnant that are before and after Christianity, so England has gone before and will undoubtedly follow after America.  Therefore, even as the Remnant receive the rights to the heavenly kingdom and will rule and reign with Him for one thousand years, so England has the rights to the throne of David and Immanuel will rule and reign from that throne.  Thus, in its highest fulfillment as once foreshadowed by England, the sun will never set on His kingdom.


In like regard, concerning the promise to Abraham that “all the families of the earth will be blessed” by his descendants (Genesis 12:3, 22:18), I followed the accepted answer that in the natural this is fulfilled through America.  Yet, now seeing the truth of the heavenly kingdom applied to the nations, it is obvious that there is more to this.  This promise to Abraham is not fulfilled in America alone, but rather in “England –> America –> England,” with Immanuel being that greatest fulfillment of this blessing in ruling out of England.


For what reason did America pull away from England?  It was over the issue of taxes.  They rejected the king over “unfair” taxes.  This is of course precisely what took place when Solomon died.  It was a type of that which was to be.  Rehoboam of Judah set up a plan of taxation so burdensome that the other ten tribes of Israel revolted and under Jeroboam did precisely what America would do later—they split away.  When Rehoboam made plans to squash the rebellion, Yahweh told him that this was from Him and not to attack them (1 Kings 12:23-24).


So, was America’s revolt from England from Yahweh as well?  Indeed it was; but even so, one can be certain there are ill consequences for America, even as there were for Jeroboam and Israel.  They went after other gods, and Yahweh ultimately rejected Jeroboam and determined to uproot and scatter them from the land (1 Kings 14:14-16).


It has always been a troubling unanswerable question for me how America could rebel against England and not suffer consequences for it.  The only thing I could resolve was that like Judah and Israel, Yahweh was in it.  But even so, America’s actions were rebellion, and it seemed contradictory that this could happen without consequences.  But now we see there are indeed consequences. 


As we see in the “England –> America –> England” pattern, America is in the place of the Body of Christ.  Did Christianity rebel against the first Remnant, even against the apostles?  Without question, yes!  In a most glaring testimony of rebellion, in Galatians 2 Paul outright rejected the apostles, four times dissing them as merely “reputed”—in verse 2, twice in verse 6, and again in verse 9.  In verse 6 we read his shameful disrespect:


But from those who were reputed (what they were makes no difference to me; God shows no partiality)—well, those who were reputed contributed nothing to me.


Reputed?  Reputed?  These were the very men whom Yahshua Himself selected, the men who will judge the twelve tribes of Israel (Matthew 19:28), and will sit around the throne with Immanuel, and Paul dissed them as mere “reputed” apostles?  “What they were means nothing to me”?  That is shameful rebellion!  God shows no partiality?  Did Paul forget about Jacob and Esau—Yahweh loving Jacob and hating Esau before they were ever born (Romans 9:11-15)?  Oh, and of course, they contributed nothing to Paul.  Then in verse 9, he added that they were “reputed to be pillars”?  Reputed?  They were more than reputed; they were and will be the pillars of the church, and that without Paul!  Oh, and yes, this Peter upon whom Yahshua built the first Remnant, Paul gloated that he rebuked him openly; and if that was not enough, now in this letter to the Galatians he tells everyone else about it.  


What is the problem that continually exists in the church?  It is the repeat of Paul’s leaven.  Have a conflict with others in the church?  There is one continuing solution propagated by Paul:  What they are means nothing to us!  Reject them, go start your own group, your own denomination, and write a letter about them putting them down and elevate yourself.  Paul rebelled against the apostles, and the church has reaped rebellion. 


There is no question here that we see the leaven of rebellion thoroughly kneaded into the church that has been leavened ever since.  Oh, but you say, this is God’s word.  It must be truthful.  Paul must have been right.  How could anyone read this and even begin to think that what Paul did and said here is anything less than blatant disrespect and rebellion?  Truthful?  Yes, this is the word of God, and Yahweh recorded Paul’s rebellion in it to insure that we saw the leaven that would bring the failure of Christianity, resulting in His choice to go back to those whom Paul outright shamed and rejected—the Remnant.


So what about America, the kingdom of heaven at the nations level?  It rebelled against the king of England who sat upon the throne of David.  It rejected the king, even as in many ways Christianity has rejected the King, and it too is reaping rebellion.  The Curse of 1920 was nothing less than the fruit of rebellion.  Women have rebelled against men, wanting to be equal to them.  The women’s rights movement is the most destructive force on the face of the earth today.  Jazz, rock, and rap came out of the lower bowls of America with the heart of rebellion.  As addressed in the book, The Curse of 1920, jazz music had six ever-degenerating sons:  music, adversary, contentious, contentious, forsaking, and sinking down into the mud.  Contentiousness, rebellion, is at the very heart of this music, and it has led to the destruction of people’s lives and this nation. 


We here in America have reaped what we sowed.  We rejected England over taxes, and now we are destroying ourselves with our own self-imposed excessive taxes.  Like Paul, like Jeroboam, we rebelled.  And because of this, we are now rejected, even as Christianity is rejected.  Yahweh will return back to where He began.  In the church, He will return to the Remnant; and among the nations, He will return to England.  Christians will not rule and reign with Immanuel in the Millennial Reign, and He will reject America and rule and reign out of England—on the throne that rightfully belongs to Him.


The question begs to be asked now:  How does this affect the outpouring of the latter rain?  If the rib was taken out of the side of sleeping Adam, it seems evident that Elijah must come out of America and go to England.  In like testimony, we saw that the donkey had to be untied at Bethphage and taken to Immanuel for the benefit of arriving at the Mount of Olives.  We now see that America has the same governmental place as the Body of Christ, and here is what might be possible.  Since all of our intercessions have been effected in the Body of Christ, America, this is likely why we have not been able to receive the outcome that we must have.  Yes, we are indeed speaking of two separate levels; but at some point, even as Immanuel, the heavenly, must come to this earth, to the nations, so there may be a required correlation between the outpouring of the Spirit and being in England. 


Again, while all of our intercessions have been valuable, this would explain why we have not yet been successful.  Think about it.  Let us conclude that Immanuel is coming to set up His kingdom and rule on the throne of David specifically in England.  Does it not then make sense that it is imperative that the Elijah who steps into that office before Him MUST do so in England as well?  Absolutely!  How could he stand in that place in the nation that is going to be passed over?  How could he be lifted up in the nation that is going to be passed over?  I trust that all that we have done for the last fifteen years in seeking to untie the donkey will be effectual.  But quite obviously, the donkey has to be taken out of Bethphage, out of the house of unripe figs, out of America, in order to get the fulfilling results.  We must get to the Mount of Olives, to the second Remnant, even quite possibly to England where the fresh shemen can be poured out.


In regard to the office of Elijah actually being that of Immanuel, we find a most interesting Bible contradiction evidencing this.  We have noted in Matthew, Mark, and Luke that two disciples were sent to get the donkey(s) for Yahshua.  In John, which is the restored kingdom of God, the Millennial Reign, this is not the case.  We read in John 12:14 that Yahshua found His own donkey.  When you realize that the office of Elijah and Immanuel are one and the same, surely Immanuel does indeed find His own donkey—through Elijah.


Now for some personal testimonies.  In the mid 80s, a board member of the ministry to the needy that I began invited me to his church where a guest prophet would be there.  I accepted and my family and I went.  This man’s practice was to call upon people and prophesy to them.  That evening he picked me out of a rather large crowd, asked me to stand up, and said two things to me.  First, he told me that the money was coming.  I knew very well what he could be speaking about, for we had just begun an effort to save $70,000 in order to purchase land on which we were going to build an apartment facility for the needy.  Sure enough, as the man declared, the money did come in—$72,000.


The fact that he was seemingly correct about that always made me wonder if the second part of that prophecy would come true.  This has always been something that I have held lightly, for how was I to know whether he was really speaking from Yahweh?  Also, the second prophecy was so incredibly unique and farfetched that it was most certainly nothing one could or would want to manufacture.  Next he told me that people would not accept my teachings and I would have to move to another country.  Wow!  That was unique!  I wondered at the time what that unpalatable teaching could even be.  The only thing then that I thought people would reject was that I believed in death to self.  That was certainly not popular.  So, I placed the second part of the prophecy on the shelf.


In 1994, when the Spirit came upon me and began revealing the incredible truths regarding the Bride, I soon began to experience the reality that there was not just one truth that people would not accept, but an ever increasing number.  I could now write two pages of things that people will not accept.  However, I was certainly not looking to self-fulfill any prophecy, particularly one of this magnitude and impact.


While writing How to Untie A Donkey, two men from the United Kingdom, unknown to each other, began communicating with me.  One of them suggested coming here to the US to meet me, and I replied that it would be better if I went there.  That way I could meet the other man, and others as well.  From that exchange, another Bride brother here in the US and I began talking about this, and he brought up the teaching about Manasseh and Ephraim being England and America.  From that conversation the windows of heaven began to open, and what you just read began to unfold.  The prospect that I might have to move to England certainly brought the past outstanding prophecy to the forefront.  Whether it will be fulfilled is yet to be seen.  But I do know that the first part was fulfilled, and the $72,000 that came in is the number of the Remnant, elevated to the heavenly level.  Yahweh alone knows what will take place, but He definitely has my attention on this.  I did not seek this door, it opened on its own at a most appropriate time—when writing myself into truth on how to untie the donkey.


There was a second thing that elevated this consideration of England, and even later an interesting third.  When the Spirit came upon me in 1994, I was aware that America was restored Israel (which is appropriate in itself—Jeroboam’s Israel) and had come out of England.  It is quite interesting that at that time I had actually wondered if I would need to move to England.  In fact, immediately after these Bride truths began to be given to me, my family and I drove to my father’s home and I told him what had happened to me.  He wanted to know what I was going to do, and the one thing I was wondering about at the time was the possible legal need to move to England.  Even then I anticipated that I had to be in England in order to receive the latter rain.  But as are the ways of Yahweh, this as well had to have its own breach, and for fifteen years I have sought this fulfillment here in the US. 


Today, it looks like the breach is over and once again Yahweh has before me this leading to go to England, but this time with a far more confirming and profoundly more meaningful purpose and destiny.  The difference between 1994 and now is night and day.  Today, after fifteen years of America rejecting these teachings, as well as effecting the separation of my wife and children from me, it appears that it is time to go with Yahweh to England.


Finally, when I was sharing this with yet another Bride brother, I realized something that is humorous yet revealing in its testimony.  In 1993, we had built the home for women and children and moved in.  In 1994, the construction was finally complete enough that we could begin bringing in residents.  We received our first call regarding a lady and she moved in, along with her five young girls.  She stayed for about a month, and despite knowing that what she was doing was wrong, she left.  Shortly after that was when the Holy Spirit came upon me, and the purpose for my life totally changed.  On August 7, Yahweh told me to move to Washington State, and on September 1 we arrived in Washington.  So what is so unique about this?  The name of the one resident that preceded the outpouring of the Spirit upon me was Bonnie England!  “Bonnie” is Scottish for “beautiful.”  Beautiful England!


So, what am I to conclude from these matters regarding England and all that we are seeing?  It certainly gives me cause to walk this out and see what takes place.  And may I add that the names of the two men in England who began this attention to their country are Peter and Paul, the very names of the two men who were involved in the transfer of the kingdom two thousand years ago.  Is this Yahweh as well?  All things are from Yahweh, but we will see what He in fact does.  It is certainly time for the kingdom to return to whom it belongs, in both realms—the nations and the heavenly.  Oh, and let us note that the one who is presently on the throne is Elizabeth II.  Elizabeth was the mother of John, the foreshadowing Elijah.  Today on the throne on which Yahshua will undoubtedly sit is now Elizabeth 2.


At the time of this writing, with hope and thanksgiving in Him I am walking out plans to travel to England.  And once again I find myself asking, “Are we there yet?”  I do hope so.


“And blessed is she [the Bride] who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what had been spoken to her [them] by the Lord” [Elizabeth, Luke 1:45].


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