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We have already noted that when Moses asked to see Yahweh’s glory in Exodus 33, His answer was the testimony and type of the church—the Bride and the body.  First, as testified by His promise that he would stand on a rock and Yahweh would stand beside him, we clearly see the first Remnant.  As we have noted, the first Remnant was built on Peter, the rock, and the Son of God Himself personally stood beside them.  They had the glory of long hair.


But then came the breach.  As we read in verse 22, Yahweh next placed the church “in the cleft of the rock” and covered it with His hand until He had passed by.  This cleft is the period of the body of Christ, and is likewise attested to in Jeremiah 13:1-7 where Jeremiah was told to take a linen waistband to the Euphrates and equally hide it in the cleft of a rock.  When he went back and dug it up, the “waistband was ruined, it was totally worthless.”  This is Yahweh’s assessment of Christianity—it is ruined and totally worthless.


In the same manner, Christianity is the dead body of Christ that was wrapped in linen and placed in the cleft of a rock (Mark 15:46).  The problem is though, as testified in Jeremiah 13, if Yahweh waits three days to come back and get the linen-wrapped body of Christ, it too would be ruined and totally worthless, as it is even now dead, decaying, and stinking.  This is why He must cut their days short and call out a Lazarus, a Remnant from the cleft.


The body of Christ with Yahweh’s hand over it is equally in hades, which means “to not see.”  It is in the Valley of Gehenna, which was the cleft between the Hill of Evil Counsel and Zion.  Gehenna is where they took their trash and dung and burned it.


How else does Yahweh attest to this unclean and worthless breach of Christianity?  To begin to answer this, again we ask: How long a period of time have we noted that the body of Christ was to be given?  Repeatedly we see that it was to be given 3,000 years, their own three days and three nights in the grave, in hades.  Adding to this testimony, we addressed in All’s Well That Ends Well, page 2, that Christianity is Egypt.  In Revelation 11, we read that the Remnant two witnesses (Christmas and the Two Witnesses) laid in the streets of Jerusalem for three and a half days, the prophetic ministry period of the dead body of Christ.  Verse 8 adds, “And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified.”  We also know that, like Egypt, Cush speaks of Christianity as well.  It is the area of Africa that the descendants of Ham settled, and Africa is Christianity.


Why do we note all of this?  In Isaiah 20, we read where Isaiah carried out a most revealing, in more ways than one, intercession.  For three years he had to go naked “as a sign and token against Egypt and Cush.”  We know that all of the Old Testament, including this account, speaks and prophesies of matters that were to come, and thereby Egypt and Cush here speak of far more than the natural.  We have already noted that they are Christianity.  This is confirmed as well by the fact that Isaiah had to go naked for three years—the period of time given to Christianity.  So what are we seeing here? 


We are seeing precisely what women are revealing more and more of every day.  They too attest to Isaiah’s shame.  As stated in verse 4, Isaiah and women testify of the nakedness of Christianity whereby it goes about with “buttocks uncovered, to [its] shame.”


The behavior and practices of women today are pathetic!  (Blessed be those who are the exception.)  Not only do they abandon the home and seek and demand to stand in the place of the man, not only do they make themselves equal to us and demand the right to vote and govern, not only do they wear our pants and cut their hair short like ours, but they take those pants that men have worn modestly, and like Isaiah essentially uncover their buttocks.  (This is the term we will use here in conformity with Isaiah 20:4.)  The tightness of their pants and tightness and shortness of their dresses reveal and attract attention to their buttocks in every way.  And if this is not enough, when they go swimming or wear shorts, they literally uncover their buttocks.  And, they choose to wear underwear that totally exposes their buttocks—thongs.  It is utterly shameful how women’s underwear becomes their swimwear. 


Women have this amazing propensity to be fools of fashion!  This nakedness was a curse for Isaiah, it was a curse for Egypt, it is a curse for Christianity, and it is a curse for women, and they should be and “will be dismayed and ashamed” (vs. 5).  Why this fetish compulsion of women?  They continue to be the deceived Eve, and by their actions cause man to sin and bring the judgment of Yahweh God upon us.


But their actions equally prophesy “to the shame of Egypt,” Christianity.  As clearly testified by Isaiah who went naked for three years, exposing his buttocks, Christianity is in fact the buttocks—the linen kingdom placed in the cleft of the rock, becoming ruined and totally worthless.  For 2,000 years their nakedness has been exposed, and would be exposed for the remaining 1,000 years if not cut short. 


What would happen if a linen cloth was placed in the cleft of the buttocks?  It would be ruined, just as the one Jeremiah hid.  The buttocks speak of Yahweh placing the kingdom of heaven, the linen priesthood, in the anus of man, in the cleft of the rock of his buttocks, and leaving it there in dung.  This is what homosexuals do to each other, and perverse-minded men do to women.  They take the rod and place the shemen in the posterior mouth and waste it, all for perverse pleasure.  This is the ark of the covenant placed in Dagon’s temple for seven months and the Philistines being smitten with hemorrhoids (Lit. of 1 Samuel 6).  These are the inflamed and bloody (Satan) mouths of Christians.  This is the linen word of God placed in the mouths of women preachers and teachers.  This is the linen word of God placed in Christianity.  They are unclean.


As is vast Christianity, so the buttocks are exceptionally vast lips.  And quite fittingly, Yahweh has attested to the corruption of the kingdom by women—giving them an increased testimony of that dung kingdom.  I have read that women even comprise seventy percent of Christian congregants.  This physical difference for the woman, as with all the testimonies of the body, is by prophetic design by Yahweh, indicating as well the influence of feminism in corrupting the body of Christ—by both men and women. 


The largest lips on the body, exceedingly by far, are the dung lips.  And what do women today do with their larger spectacle?  The same thing Christianity does with its larger spectacle.  They both corrupt the viewer.  Consistent with this corruption, women advertise their unclean posterior lips and lead men to sin by them.  Such both do with their words as well.  In contrast, the man’s buttocks are much smaller, attesting to the fact that when it comes to dung error, men are much less prone to such.  This is why women are forbidden to teach or to govern, and as we have seen, why Christianity does not have that authority as well.  They both defile the word.


Women, like Christianity, have this totally amazing propensity to still listen to the serpent of old, and be entirely deceived by him.  They seek to usurp the man and rule in his place.  They refuse to cover their heads when they pray, and rightly should consider doing so at all times (as did Yahshua when covering His glory).  They wear immodest and alluring clothing that prophesies the corruption and ruin of the kingdom and leads to the ruin of men.  They paint their faces, even as Jezebel did before she was killed (2 Kings 9:30), presenting a lying testimony of themselves and, as we have noted, are a shame in their testimony of Yahshua (kosmos).  They adorn their flesh with jewelry like a dead tinseled Christmas tree.  And now they even tattoo their bodies (Leviticus 19:28).


As to their lips that are not covered like a man’s, they paint them red, the color of Satan.  Clearly, they do so for the cause of seduction and false “beauty.”  But with their red lips they tell you who is speaking—the one who deceived the woman in the Garden.  These are the enflamed lips with which Yahweh afflicted the Philistines.  These red lips testify to being as unclean as the woman’s birth lips during her cycle.  Men, anytime you see a woman with red painted lips, think one thing—red Satan!


Adding to their shame, some women even now shave their birth lips to be like their posterior lips, testifying two things.  First, that the offspring of their womb are dung, evidenced by women tragically forcing the issue of abortion, treating their offspring like dung that is to be discarded.  Their shaving testifies what women are doing with our children, both those who are killed and discarded by abortion, as well as those emotionally discarded by the woman’s abandonment of and distraction from the home.  Second, they despise Mary and her Offspring, prophesying that Yahshua was nothing more than dung and that His glory was not just limited, but to be totally rejected, cut off.  They likewise testify of the body of Christ that is ruined and worthless, and should be wholly abandoned.  When women shave their birth lips, they prophesy the certain death and discarding of the fruit of the womb.  And they do this all out of selfish sensuality and ignorance.


And let us note here as well that when a man shaves his face, it speaks in the same regard, but even more destructively—that the male will not bring forth Immanuel’s return, and that His reign will not endure forever.  If any man is offended that women shave their birth areas, and yet they shave their own face, they are a glaring hypocrite.


With their lips—the painted ones, the posterior ones, and the shaved ones—women allure men into sin and disobedience.  What they accomplish in corrupting the man with their abhorrent dress, they equally accomplish in corrupting him with the words from their lips.  Again, Yahweh’s judgment of Adam when he sinned in the Garden began with this exposing correction: “Because you have listened to the voice of your woman” (Genesis 3:17).


Go to a store and you will find a handful of items that are grooming products for men.  But, “beauty” aids for women are not only an entire aisle, but aisles and entire sections of the store.  Women are absorbed with vanity, the corruption of the flesh and of mankind.  They use their bodies to lead men into sin and to gain attention, rather than covering their glory as Yahshua covered His glory.  Revealingly, they sit at their vanity tables and vanity mirrors.  If it was not for the man becoming like them and taking on their vain appearance by shaving, the man would seldom look into a mirror.  But not women.


Ladies, do you think I am picking on you?  No, the evidence of your shameful actions is glaring.  No, the consequences of your actions have reached to tragic levels.  No, I am exposing your gross errors and sins whereby you are accomplishing among man just what Eve did in the Garden—looking at things from the standpoint of being “a delight to the eyes” and listening to Satan.  If you think I am just being biased, read the Scriptures, read what Solomon said, the one who was acclaimed for his great wisdom:


“I have found one man among a thousand, but I have not found a woman among all these.  Behold, I have found only this, that God made men upright, but they have sought out many devices” (Ecclesiastes 7:28-29).


Solomon should know about this, for he had 1,000 women—700 wives and 300 concubines.  In all the instructions in the New Testament—reproving, warning, and instructing men and women—there is more than twice the instruction given to women.  Women are told specifically how to dress—modestly in long flowing garments that cover their bodies (Coverings, Chapter 5, read “Kata, the Thorough Covering”).  Men did not need to be told how to dress modestly.  Men do not expose their legs and buttocks and their chests or paint their faces.  (Of course there are exceptions to this generality, just as we have noted that there are also modest women.)  Men do not wear tight clothing that advertises their form.  Men did not have to be singled out to not gossip.  Men were not instructed to not teach.  Men were not told their iniquity would be to desire the place of the woman.  Yet with all of this, we have given women the right to teach, to vote, and to govern?  Are we insane, blind, deceived, sadistic, or just plain ignorant, or all five?  Most certainly we are cursed!


What of the fault of men?  Men listened to the voice of the woman when they should not have.  Men did not act governmentally as they were designed, and failed to hold to strong standards and rule as they are supposed to.  Men did not establish Yahshua to be their head, as He is to all men (1 Corinthians 11:3), and seek His ways.  Men allowed themselves to be deceived and follow their lower natures.  Men have now given themselves over to the lusts of the eyes in porn, even as they have given themselves over to the porn of feminism.  Both are lusts for the flesh of the woman.  Men, in a word, have FAILED!  Men, if you are going to birth Immanuel to this earth, you have a lot of changing to do as well. 


But ladies, when most men sit down to the dinner table, they eat what you feed them—e.g., the Garden of Eden.  Quit feeding them your corruption!  Quit feeding them your feminism.  If you hate porn, then hate feminism.  Quit inundating them with wrong.  Quit trying to take the place of headship.  Quit unlawfully giving your bodies to them.  When are you going to wake up to what you are doing to men, to the family, to society, to government, and to the church?  You need to see your shame.  You need to get in your place.  You need to set a godly example. 


When the man experiences your pressure, most men are like Solomon—they don’t fight you, they go to the corner of the attic (Proverbs 21:9) or out into the desert (Proverbs 21:19).  And if the man gets a vision of righteousness, then support him.  That is your call—to follow in the ways of Yahshua and serve, to evidence “the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God” (1 Peter 3:4).


And ladies, because you, along with the young, are easily deceived; for the gain of money, advertising and entertainment have been used to seduce you and you have followed.  Again, you have become fools of fashion.  Both of these influences MUST be dramatically censored.  This is true with porn for men as well—again, the woman’s body is used to corrupt men.  It MUST be completely censored.  All of these feed our lusts.  But ladies, the porn of the way women dress publicly must stop as well, along with the porn of feminism.  Oh for the joy of walking into a store where all the women were wearing long modest dresses and no makeup.  The only way to solve these problems is in implementing and living by Yahweh’s government.


Why is this being emphasized here regarding women?  Because with the Curse of 1920 on America and the world, feminism is at epidemic levels, and no one is correctly recognizing or addressing the problem.  This curse is a governmental issue, a social issue, and most certainly a spiritual issue, and neither Christianity that began and propagates the Curse of 1920, nor society that is blind to the government of Yahweh God, can, will, or would do anything about it.  Again, no one is addressing the real problem, and the only way to see and address it is by carefully examining the government of Yahweh God. 


There are three matters that must be further addressed regarding women under the Curse of 1920.  First, women who seek to abandon their place as wives and mothers and stand in the place of the man, by this very action prove and demonstrate their weak feminine nature.  The second is in regard to this usurping Garden-curse idea that women are equal to men.  By Yahweh’s design and government, clearly they are not!  And third is this pathetic erroneous idea of women that they cannot reach their “potential” unless they stand in the place of the man.


Regarding the woman demonstrating her weakness, we see how Yahshua walked in the feminine role during His time on this earth via His birth through Mary.  This was in clear contrast with His masculine role when He comes to reign as King of kings.  But, and this is MOST important to note, the very fact that He willingly embraced this weakness proved His masculinity.  Though He was feminine in this submissive walk in weakness, He did so by virtue of His masculine resolve to be obedient in all things.  Though He was feminine in His role having come through Mary, His obedience demonstrated the very fact that He was masculine in His actions.  This is a great example for women today who think that if they can abandon their place as a woman and enter into the place of the man, they prove their strength and worth.  But, just the opposite is true.  The very act they think demonstrates these, proves the contrary—that they are weak and all the more acting as an easily-deceived woman.  Be what you’re born to be, ladies.  Yahshua was.


I know a lady who when she was young was masculine in her way of thinking.  She was governmental in the way she examined things and not easily deceived.  She was sober and not ruled by emotions, seeing through the fluff of everyone and everything.  For this reason she was non-compromising on moral issues, taking positions that challenged other’s compromising actions.  She also had great insight, especially for her age.  But what was especially revealing was that her masculine or governmental ways of looking at things caused her to be very modest and feminine in her dress and appearance; and like Yahshua, she covered her glory.  Those too were governmental choices, based on the government and guidance of the Scriptures.


But later in life she became disappointed and weary and began to respond emotionally.  This created some real conflicts concerning what was right.  Her weariness caused her to throw off many of the things she had held to and had seen so clearly.  The more she operated out of her emotions, the less she looked feminine and the more she began to take on a masculine appearance and the appearance of the world.  Also, sadly, as her emotions more and more took control, the less she was able to discern and reveal the depths of the truths of Yahweh God.  Slowly, spiritually, she became increasingly more shallow and more and more turned to traditional Christianity and its compromising ways.


It is an amazing thing that while she was masculine in her way of examining things, she was modest and feminine in her appearance and behavior, and deep in her spiritual examinations and discernment.  But when she became feminine in her ways and operated out of emotions, she became masculine in her appearance, wearing man’s pants and such, uncovering her glory, and lost her spiritual depth. 


Women, do you truly want to take the place of the male?  Do you want to demonstrate strength and worth?  Then follow the example of Yahshua and be faithful to serve in weakness.  Undoubtedly, He was the most complete and perfect “woman” who has ever lived.  The only way for a woman to truly demonstrate masculinity, is to faithfully demonstrate her femininity.  If a woman is to be masculine in her core nature, then she must embrace her role in her feminine creation, even as Yahshua wholly embraced His. 


The woman can no more demonstrate strength by usurping the man, than Satan showed strength by usurping Yahweh.  Instead, he showed weakness, rebellion, and error, as does the woman who follows in his ways.  As Yahshua said, so it is true with the woman in her identity with the weaker feminine, “Remember Lot's wife.  Whoever seeks to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it” (Luke 17:32-33).  Ladies, you will never gain your life by abandoning your place as a faithful and submissive wife, mother, or single woman.  You will in fact lose it.   Now for the second matter.  We will be brief, for this has come up already.


Regarding the woman’s desire to be equal to the man, we have noted the curse of the woman that was placed on her in the Garden because of Eve’s sin—“Your desire will be for [the place of] your husband.”  Very briefly, let us see what that governmental order is supposed to be, as clearly stated in 1 Corinthians 11:3.  Here we read, “But I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ.”  So we see that headship is strictly masculine—the Father, then the Son, then the man.  The woman is not a part of headship.  When she seeks to take that place, she rebels against Yahweh God’s governmental order with destructive consequences.  As stated earlier, the female can NEVER be equal to or rule over the male.  This is rebellion.


The third point is regarding the woman reaching her “potential.”  Some women under the influence of this Curse of 1920 will argue and claim, “But as a submissive stay-at-home wife and mother, I can never reach my potential.”  Potential?  Potential for what?  Potential to stand in the place of a man?  Do you call that forward progress?  What does obedience have to do with potential?  “Potential” does not justify a woman usurping the man and abandoning her place.  Potential?  Yahshua had the potential to summon 72,000 angels, but in order to fulfill His place He did not do so.  “Or do you think that I cannot appeal to My Father, and He will at once put at My disposal more than twelve legions of angels?  How then will the Scriptures be fulfilled, which say that it must happen this way?” (Matthew 26:53-54).  He restrained His potential for the sake of obedience and faithfulness.


Potential?  Ladies, men have the physical potential to overpower and incapacitate you.  So, should potential then be the goal for them as well?  What man would be doing that which is right if he too lived by his potential in strength relative to the woman?  His faithfulness as a man is to govern his potential and use it for profitable and just and obedient purposes.  Women should do likewise. 


Therefore, the question is not potential at all, but obedience to the role wherein one has been placed by the will of Yahweh God.  As Yahshua stated as well, “He who is faithful in a very little thing [in the natural] is faithful also in much [in the heavenly]; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing [in the natural] is unrighteous also in much [in the heavenly]” (Luke 16:10).  Live your life for the gain that is above, not for that which is below.  What you sow, you will reap.  Sow faithfulness with where you are placed as a woman, with that in which you have been entrusted, and you will reap favor and rewards eternally.


Where today are the godly women who can set the right examples?  We already see that the BEST example for women that has ever or ever will be given for them is Yahshua.  He walked out His role as a feminine work in submission and weakness with the supreme attitude of humility, service, and covering His glory, in a way that women forever need to emulate.  Nor, ladies, did He aspire after the things of this world.  In fact, He stated that if anyone was to follow Him, they were to give up everything.  This is equally the example for the woman, whose place is at home while her husband labors in the world, providing for her and the family.  Are their exceptions to this?  Indeed, but they are exceptions. 


Where are the godly women spoken of in Titus 2:3-5, “Older women likewise are to be reverent in their behavior, not malicious gossips nor enslaved to much wine, teaching what is good, so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored.”  Where are the godly women?  Older women today are pathetic examples.  I can say this since I am sixty years of age.  Instead of holding to the standards praised here in Titus, they perpetuate the corruption of the 60s and 70s and join the corruption of the younger and try to dress like them, act like them, and cut their hair like the man.  It is doubly shameful that today we do not even have older women to hold to and exemplify the standard of godliness!


Men and ladies alike, here is your challenge:


By this we know that we have come to know Him, if we keep His commandments.  The one who says, “I have come to know Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him; but whoever keeps His word, in him the love of God has truly been perfected.


By this we know that we are in Him: the one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked (1 John 2:3-6).



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