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The purpose of this addendum section is to provide a report on the status of the second Remnant bride performing the necessary act of covering herself, and affords a means whereby this report can be easily updated from time to time. At this point, the little Remnant rib bride that came out of Christianity at Passover, 2000, is only beginning to talk about this covering requirement. Nothing otherwise has been done toward this purpose. But this writing is evidently Yahweh's introduction of this important requirement. He obviously desires that this little bride begin to be covered. This writer had absolutely no intentions to write on this matter, but did so only at His urging and leading.

How is all of this going to happen? This writer does not exactly know. But it must happen, if the bride is to make herself ready. Without the proper covering, she is not ready to speak on Yahweh's behalf, she is not ready to ascend to the Father, she is not covered to meet her "Isaac."

This writer is reporting what he sees declared in Yahweh's word, and seeks to cooperate with what He is doing. Towards this purpose, as stated at the outset, the object of this writing has been to explore the requirement for the covering of the bride, and provoke others to respond in truth. This writer neither wants to move ahead of Yahweh, nor lag behind because of doubts, fears, or earthly affections. May we press on to obey His will, and let Him uphold and direct us.

As has been said, this Remnant bride began to come out of the body of Yahshua - Christianity - in Passover, 2000. There was much activity during Passover, the delayed Passover, and even Pentecost. Since that time things have been quieter and more contemplative. There has been a maturing and settling in of the reality of this Remnant bride, which has been very good.

It is most interesting and obviously significant that, without planning on this writer's part, The Signs That Cause Belief was published during the time of Passover, then Carmel came out at Pentecost. It now seems most striking that this new writing (the only new writing here since Carmel) is being published just prior to the feast of Tabernacles, or Booths. Let us consider for a moment this third important feast.

The feast of Booths was celebrated by cutting "the foliage of beautiful trees" and making booths with them, which the people were to reside in during the seven days of the feast (Leviticus 23:40). This is also the feast where Yahshua entered into the temple and declared - "He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, 'From his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water'" (John 7:38). This is the "well of living water" that begins to flow from the "spring sealed up" in the garden of the bride (Song of Solomon 4:12-15). It is also written regarding this feast that its purpose was that those who participate in it would become "altogether joyful" (Deuteronomy 16:15)! I for one would love to see a Remnant formed that under this Tabernacles blessing would become altogether joyful!

This writer has said before that it is not our keeping the feasts that is so important, as it is that Yahweh keeps them. I trust that Yahweh kept Passover and Pentecost of this year and began His bride work - though a very small beginning. Now as we approach Tabernacles, I trust He will once again keep His feast plans and further His bride work.

According to the established Jewish religion, Tabernacles begins October 14 and runs through the 21st. However, as we considered during the last Pentecost, the barley that was planted in Jerusalem earlier this year was not ready for harvesting per the scheduled Passover, which would delay the feast thirty days. With this shift, Tabernacles would begin November 13 and run through the 20th. (The man who planted the barley, for some reason sets the dates at 12-19.) We will have to wait and see which feast period Yahweh acknowledges.

What could happen in this Tabernacles period? I don't know. Increased "water" to the bride in some way? Possibly so! But, I find it most significant and interesting that now just before Tabernacles/Booths, this teaching on the covering of the bride is being presented. Let us look at some remarkable similarities in the bride's covering and the feast of Booths.

The striking similarity of the practice during the feast of Booths of cutting the foliage from beautiful trees in order to make a covering under which the participant was to temporarily reside, and the "cutting" of our wealth and possessions in order to have a covering under which we as His bride are to temporarily reside, is exceptionally obvious. The Hebrew word for "beautiful" in "beautiful trees," is the word "hadar," which also means "glory or glorious." Thus we see the foliage (which is actually the Hebrew word for "fruit") of glorious trees, becoming a temporary booth or covering. The word "booth" is derived from the root word meaning "to weave together," like the woven cloth for a woman's substitutionary head covering. It is equally obvious and most relevant that the practice of holding all things in common is likewise an entwining or weaving together of possessions and resources for a people set apart for one common purpose. This co-mingling or weaving of possessions forms a united covering that is pictured in this woven booth, as well as the woven covering with which the woman veils herself.

This feast of Booths practice possesses further remarkably striking relevance to the woman's head covering in 1 Corinthians 11! The woman's hair is her glory, her beauty; and as we have discussed in this writing, according to Paul, cutting off her hair is synonymous to covering her head - "if a woman does not cover her head, let her also have her hair cut off". Thus we find that cutting the foliage/fruit of the glorious trees to make a temporary covering, is equivalent to the substitutionary covering associated with the bride, the woman. In fact, it is a booth of sorts under which a Hebrew wedding takes place. So as you see, it is entirely significant and relevant that this truth on the covering of the bride of Yahshua is now being presented at the feast of Booths where temporary woven "coverings" were erected!

Let us very briefly summarize just a few points from this writing. This writing marks a declaration of the first priority of the bride - she must cover herself. This is the covering that has been in the hearts of men and women even before Yahshua came, and has continued to be an effectual and heartfelt pursuit of many who have looked and longed for His second coming. This covering effects the much needed cleansing of the temple by casting out the money-changing, which is necessary for entering into the pure John kingdom. We have seen numerous contrasts revealing that the Remnant has a choice to make. On the one hand, one can follow in the curse that has been on Christianity for 2,000 years. On the other, one can depart from Christianity and pursue the blessings - following those examples who "cut" themselves away from the things of this world. This is and will be our choice - the curse that comes from being "stripped of all covering," or the blessing that comes from "cutting away" one's possessions.

Whatever is now done towards the establishment of the first Remnant practice of communal living, we must keep in mind the purpose and mission of the second Remnant - to become equipped to be that powerful and effective Elijah messenger that prepares the way for Yahshua's return. Remember, Moses was led to Mount "Messenger" to die, prophetically looking to the Elijah messenger that would come and complete or fulfill the work he began. We are that messenger that the first Remnant looked to, the messenger that precedes and now prepares the way for the return of Yahshua! We must keep focused on this purpose - we are messengers, one's sent out.

In many regards, this writing and the information it presents is a call for the Remnant bride to begin to mature and develop. It calls for substance to an otherwise existence that is little more that a new doctrine. As with the rich young ruler, it is the challenge to bring radical actions beyond mere mental ascent, touching at the very core of our earthly security, acclaim, and desires. It seeks to elevate and establish the Remnant to the place where it must reside and function as Yahshua taught. It prepares the Remnant to carry out the witness and purpose for which it must rise to fulfill.

This radical difference, this radical response, is nothing less or nothing more than what Yahshua called for men to follow. One might say - "But Yahshua is not calling us, men are." But in fact, if one believes that His return is very soon, if one sees that He is calling out a second Remnant, then this call to sell all is once again Yahshua calling out to a people - "Follow Me" - but this time to prepare for His return. How did Yahshua and His followers live in His time of ministry? No different than what He is calling us to now.

One of the surprising natures of the latter rain that has been attested thus far, is that the rain starts out small and ever increases. Like the water from the temple in Ezekiel, it starts out a "trickle" and increases until it is deep enough in which to swim.

Since Passover, we have seen the trickle of His Spirit - enough to bring out of Christianity a small rib bride. Similarly, whatever happens now with the covering of this bride, will obviously not be what it will become; but will likewise have a small beginning. Maybe there will be a few moving toward this purpose; or for now, getting together or communicating with each other with plans on how this can take place. We possess a marvelous knowledge now that must cause us to seriously examine who we are, where we are, and where we are going. As we pursue Yahweh on this matter, as we put our feet into the water, then and only then will He open the way for us.

Blessed Tabernacles!



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