Our Hope In 2008: Banking On the Kingdom



A very interesting development and possibility unfolded at Passover, 2008, raising questions and providing some hope for this year and in the days ahead.  But to explain this, I have to tell you a little about what took place after our Tabernacles Pentecost gathering at Silver Lake, New York, January 2-4, 2008.


After it was over, Eric Schneggenburger, to whom Yahweh gave the insight regarding the Millennial Calendar, objected that we were not religiously keeping the sabbath and feasts the way we should.  My reply was that sabbaths and feasts are by in large shadows and not the substance.  For this reason, Eric removed himself from us.


This being said, as Passover approached, the question arose as to when it would take place under the New Millennial Calendar.  Frankly, there is just so much I can keep in my little pea brain, and I went by memory and deduction and concluded that it would be on April 30.  Why April 30?  I could determine the time of the year for it, and I recalled that Passover always fell on a Wednesday, the sabbath.


Around May 3, I received a call from a Bride member named Chris.  He asked me when Passover was, and I told him April 30.  With this he was very encouraged, for out of the blue his wife had prepared lamb for their meal that very evening.  He said she rarely, if ever, prepares lamb.  He was quite blessed that Yahweh provided the lamb for them on Passover evening.  He also told me that it was unusually good, the best she had ever prepared.  This reminded me of the Passover lamb we ate in 2004, marking the beginning of the Millennial reign, the third part, when four of us equally had lamb that someone else provided, and it was the best lamb we had ever eaten.


When Chris told me this, I said that he should write it up and send it to some of the brothers, and mentioned that he should consider sending it to Eric as well.  But before he would send it to Eric, he decided to e-mail him and ask when he celebrated Passover.  Eric replied that they celebrated it Saturday, May 3. 


That puzzled Chris and me, for I recalled that Passover was always on a Wednesday.  But as I thought about it, I did remember that the “flip” moved Passover to the middle of the Millennial week, indeed placing it on a Saturday.  Also, when I went to the Remnant Bride web site to try to figure this out, I saw that I had been completely blind to the fact that one of the calendars, the actual New Millennial Calendar, was set forth for ‘08.  This is the calendar with the flip in it. 


What is the flip?  I cannot explain this in full here, but you can read about it in The Revelation of the Millennium.  Basically, the flip is where the times of the Gentiles/nations come to an end, therein allowing the kingdom of heaven to rule over the nations.  The authority of the nations, which they have had for 6,000 years, flips/reverts back to the kingdom of heaven.  Likewise, Tabernacles is restored to being the first of the year (not Passover, as established when the sons of Israel left Egypt), allowing the creation of the new heavens and new earth.  These are all legal acts on Yahweh’s part that are wholly determining in the affairs of men, and therefore entirely critical for this day.  This change cannot be minimized.  There must first be this governmental change effected from above, before these much needed changes can even come about on the earth.


Based on our expectation upon first seeing this truth, we immediately anticipated its fulfillment.  In an e-mail on July 25, 2007, I set forth that, in hope, the flip would occur on Trumpets, October 25, 2007.  That time came and went and we did not see what we thought might be the accompanying results—basically, the prospect of money decreasing/failing and the Holy Spirit increasing.  Nor did we see a latter rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Tabernacles Pentecost on January 2-4, 2008.  After those events, as well as fourteen years of like experiences since 1994, I felt that I had done everything I could possibly do.  So, on February 9 I went to truck driving school to drive a truck.  But a story that is too long to tell here, one heart beat brought me back home to write, and here I still am.


This matter involving Chris and the confusion over when Passover actually took place in ‘08 brought up a huge question.  Did Yahweh keep me/us blind and take Eric away from us and give Chris Passover lamb based on the pre-flip Millennial Calendar in order to demonstrate something to us—that the flip was yet to take place!?  This would have meant that April 30 was Passover after all.


This thought reminded me of what I concluded after truck driving school—that everything up to that time had been an intercession, a shadow.  That would mean then that our gathering on Trumpets, as well as our gathering on Tabernacles Pentecost, were in fact intercessions and not the right timing for the much needed fulfillments.  They too were shadows, the very issue and conclusion that had been pressed following Tabernacles Pentecost.  That would explain why we did not receive the hoped results, but in the end only failure.  (Though He slay us, yet will we trust Him.)


What would this mean for us now, today?  It would mean that the flip is yet before us.  What did we do regarding the timing of the last Trumpets and Tabernacles?  We hoped that Yahweh had moved time forward six months, making it possible to experience early, in ’07, the much needed fulfillment of these feasts, before the Jubilee of ‘08.  That Jubilee is numbered from the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, which is tied to Tabernacles, as well as going back to Jericho and its walls. 


Counting time chronologically, that Jubilee would not be until ‘08.  But we concluded that time had been moved forward six months, and thereby celebrated Trumpets and Tabernacles on the New Millennial Calendar “before the time.”  What could this mean?  The Bride has already experienced a number of intercessions attesting that a fulfillment can be delayed one year, including the Red Sox World Series win and Katrina hitting New Orleans.  Thus, it could mean that one year later—this ‘08 Jubilee year—is actually the year of the flip!


Why would Yahweh have had us to celebrate Trumpets and Tabernacles Pentecost early?  Again, as was everything up to truck driving school, it was another intercession; and intercessions are death works that give one authority to experience the true fulfillment.  So, when we were looking for the flip of the economy to occur at Trumpets/Tabernacles, ‘07, what then could this do to the economy in ’08?  The economy is floundering, trying to make a rebound.  The ‘08 Trumpets/Tabernacles could then bring the economic flip.  And what could this effect spiritually?  The time of the Gentiles/nations would be completed and we could then, finally, have the legal authority to create the kingdom of heaven on earth.  This would then give us cause to look forward to a promise-filled Tabernacles Pentecost latter rain.


And remember, Jubilee is in fact a flip, just like what we are speaking of here where the rights to the world are restored back to the kingdom of heaven.  We read in Leviticus 25:10 regarding this flip, “It shall be a Jubilee for you, and each of you shall return to his own property, and each of you shall return to his family.”  The kingdom would regain its rights to rule the world.


So when is Trumpets and Tabernacles in ‘08?  Trumpets will be on October 16 and Tabernacles will begin Thursday, October 30, and go to the eighth great holy day of convocation on November 6.  Additionally, and a day to most certainly watch in ‘08, Atonement, which is also Jubilee, will be on October 25.


Therefore, based on:







This could mean that the flip would occur October 16, followed by Atonement/Jubilee on the 25th, and an October 30 through November 6 Tabernacles.  And I might add, this is the time period that some economists are predicting that a financial fall will indeed occur.  Also, election day is November 4.


Is this hopeful?  It is indeed hopeful.  Will it happen?  We hope so.  We, and all mankind, all creation, desperately need this!  The legal timing appears to be right.  And, based on what we see that Yahweh may indeed be doing, we do have some cause for anticipation, at least hopeful anticipation.  One thing for certain, the fourth dimension of time will show us the answer.  Put these feast dates on your calendar and we will watch and see what happens.