I trust you have read as a minimum the second writing in this series - Bible Contradictions: The Key To Their Understanding. Without the foundation which that writing provides regarding Bible contradictions, you will not be able to understand this writing. The Key To Their Understanding gives you the framework on which this writing hangs, and is essential reading before you embark on this piece.

This writing which you are reading now is the first in a series addressing exactly what some of these Bible contradictions are telling us. This was the very first riddle and its answer that this writer discovered, opening up many other riddles and their answers as well. But of course any ol' answer will not work. This writer has found that the contradiction riddles which Yahweh has propounded reveal and uphold a most consistent finding, which the church up to now has failed to see. That finding is laid out in The Key To Their Understanding, and will be seen in this and other writings that follow.

In this writing, we will carefully examine the instruction of Yahshua when He sent out His twelve disciples. I have yet to find anyone who points out the specific contradiction found in these accounts; but clearly it is a contradiction, and it offers a most unique and highly revealing riddle, which we will now consider.


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