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Note that the cranial region of Satan's skull is almost entirely occupied by the vast Sahara desert. This is not because Satan lacks intelligence. Not at all. Remember, this is Christianity, and Christians have been in a drought of truth because of the deceiver for their entire 2,000 years. This is the drought of truth that is pictured in numerous places throughout the Bible, including the three year drought (the period of the church) which was ended by second Remnant Elijah's intercession.

Note the eye of Satan that is formed by Lake Victoria. There are many victories Satan has known since he caused man to fall in the garden 6,000 years ago. His greatest victory then, and still his greatest victory now, is to kill men. You will recall that Kilimanjaro is the tallest peak in the continent of Africa. There is obviously great and very meaningful prophetic significance that this highest peek is located directly in the forefront of the vision of the eye formed by Lake Victoria. Certainly, to Kill-a-man is Satan's highest goal! He Killed Adam and Eve, he has Killed all men since that time, he Killed the Savior, and still he takes great pleasure in every day Killing the sons of God who seek to follow after Yahshua in His kingdom on this earth, Satan's earth. That lofty peak of Kill-a-man-jaro is indeed a most lofty goal and purpose of Africa-engraved Satan.

Revelation tells us of another death which Satan sought with great zeal. You will notice the mouth of Satan that is formed by the great Limpopo River (or, Crocodile River). This is the mouth that utters "greatly," as we read in Daniel. And these are the waters of Revelation 12 which are spewed out of the mouth of the same great red dragon with the seven heads of the church that are "seven diadems," and the same "ten horns" that we just read of in Daniel. Remember, Satan's authority is so great over the church, that the identity of both Satan and Christianity are wholly absorbed under the identity of Satan, the serpent.

When Jerusalem above was preparing to give birth to the first Remnant by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (the birth water), Revelation 12:4-5 tell us - "the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour (like a crocodile) her child. And she gave birth to a son, a male (the first Remnant), who is to rule (with Yahshua) all the nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up to God and to His throne (under the altar - Revelation 6:9-11)." For this reason, you will notice that Satan's gaze is intently cast upon the island of MADagascar, with whom he is MAD! This is the Remnant child whom Satan had hoped to "devour," but was removed to the throne of God to be under His altar until the second Remnant could be established.

This testimony revealed here in Revelation 12 regarding the male child is the identical prophetic testimony of Jude, verse 9, where Michael the archangel "disputed with the devil and argued about the body of Moses." This is very important to note. As we have seen numerous times in other writings, Moses prophetically represented the first Remnant that had to die in order to enter the kingdom later. Satan could not have the rights to the first Remnant's bodies, any more than he could have the rights to the body of Moses or, as we see here, the male child. Even as Moses died and could not enter into the promised land, the first Remnant died and did not enter into the promised kingdom while in their flesh. Let us look further at this clear and revealing testimony concerning Moses.

In Jude, we find that Moses' body was contested for by Michael the archangel. Why? Because in time Moses was to enter the promised land on the mount of transfiguration in glorious splendor with Yahshua and the one who did not die - Elijah. This act by Michael was a foretelling picture of what would happen to the "Moses" first Remnant. As Moses' body was claimed by the angel, and as the male child was "caught up to God and to His throne," so the first Remnant was caught up to the throne of God, even as stated in Revelation 6:9-11. Satan was rebuked regarding his rights to them, and they were taken to the throne of God to remain there until the Elijah second Remnant could come and stand with them before Yahshua in transfigured shining glory on His mountain. As we will see next, this setting apart of the first Remnant was a most damaging event for Satan! Satan's first slip in authority that will eventually bring his downfall was the establishment, marking, and setting aside of the first Remnant.

Subsequent to Satan's loss of the first Remnant "child," he threw out a flood of false doctrines, teachings, experiences, and works that the earthy church has totally taken in! Verse 15 tells us - "And the serpent threw water like a (Limpopo) river out of his mouth after the woman (Jerusalem above), so that he might cause her to be swept away by the flood." Each year the Limpopo/Crocodile River attests to this flood of error by spewing out great torrents of water during the flood season. Verse 16 goes on - "the earth (including the earthy church) opened its mouth and drank up the river (of false teachings) which the dragon threw out of his mouth." You do not realize how thoroughly corrupt the "earthy" church is, both in practice and in beliefs!

The church is under the dominion of Satan, the dragon, the Antiochus antichrist who is the "abomination of desolation;" and anyone who takes the name "Christian" (the name that was given by the people of Antioch [which was founded by Antiochus], who also stoned Paul and left him for dead, and the selfsame place from which Paul based his "ministry") is under the dominion of the one whose face Yahweh engraved on the land that represents the seven-eyed church - Africa. If you do not believe this, then consider - Who will gain the victory at the end of your life? Death, which Satan has the power thereof, will overtake you. And equally, why are your beliefs different from every other Christian? Why is it that Christians do not have one common truth, or one common fellowship? And why do Christians gather in buildings they call the church, and on their church's head is a little horn?

Am I a Christian? Absolutely not! I make no claim to being a part of a kingdom dominated by Satan, but cry out instead to be a part of the "gold" that comes out of Satan dominated Christianity. I do not want my body to be claimed by Satan, but rather desire to be taken to Jerusalem above to be a part of His temple. I am a part of the Remnant - the only hope for man in these last days and in all time to come! Christians are my brothers, even as Esau was the brother of Jacob. But I am not a part of the Esau Christian church that loses their birthright because they remain in the flesh (they desire that "red [Adam] stuff" - Genesis 25:30); I am a part of the Jacob Remnant that receives the birthright. I am a part of the new wineskin Remnant, and not the old and stiff wineskin of Christianity.

Adding greater detail to our examination of Yahweh's engraving of Satan, let us now consider two more wonderful and most marvelous testimonies concerning Satan's head! The awesomeness of these two testimonies provided by Yahweh in the creation of this continent and those around it, a creation formed from the foundation of the earth, goes beyond words!

First, most importantly, you will notice that the foot of Italy is crushing the head of Africa, the "serpent"! In fact, not only is there the dramatically evident foot just above the head of Satan Africa, but there is even the corresponding sign of the blow to the head, evidenced by a remarkably obvious part of the skull crushed in at the precise point of the impact of the foot. This representation as witnessed in the physical relationship between Italy and Africa, as well as the geographic design of these two land masses, is nothing less than the visual testimony of the curse on the serpent:

The seed of the woman first Remnant "shall bruise you (Satan) on the head" (Genesis 3:15).

We see visually evidenced here the effectual work accomplished by the establishment of the "seed of the woman" first Remnant. When the first Remnant was established, a great blow was landed upon Satan's head, evidenced by the dramatic visual testimony of Italy and Africa.

Why is the proportionally "little" foot of Italy Yahweh's design to bruise the much greater head of Satan? Because the first Remnant was a little work, lasting only one and one-half years and relatively few in number. Even as we have seen that America, as well as Africa, exhibit clear prophetic evidences per their individual representations, so Italy clearly represents a prophetic picture or work. Italy prophetically represents the Remnant, more specifically the first Remnant here in its relationship to Africa. In Two Trees In The Garden, we clearly saw that the tree of life is the Remnant work. Equally, we saw that the tree of life in the garden of Eden was an olive tree. Appropriately, Italy is the largest producer of olives in the world. The tree of life olive tree, the two olive tree "sons of fresh oil" (Zechariah 4), the "olive leaf" that the Holy Spirit "dove" brought to Noah at the end of Yahweh's flood (Genesis 8:11), the two parts of the breach-split Mount of Olives (Zechariah 14:4-5), and the "two olive trees" that are the witnesses in Revelation 11, are all the "little" two Remnants - the first which will "bruise" the great head of Satan! And olive rich Italy has the distinct purpose, and here we see the geographical uniqueness, of being the first Remnant foot that bruises the head of Satan.

Second, notice that there is a "hole" in Satan's head that is formed by Lake Chad? What is this mark fixed on this engraving of Satan? It is nothing less than the mark where Jael placed the tent peg on sleeping Sisera's temple, and with her hammer drove it into his head to the ground (Judges 4:17-21)! Chad means "battle or warrior," as Sisera was a warrior. Chad is also found in the name of Mystery Babylonian church representative NebuCHADnezzar.

Yahshua bears on his body the marks of the church. The two Remnants are His pierced hands (the first Remnant that identified with His death) and His pierced side (the second Remnant as the bride that will come out of the side of the body of Christ). Both of these with which Thomas Didymus (Thomas the twin, the Remnant twin) identified by placing his finger in Yahshua's hand, and his hand in His side (John 20:24-29). "I will not believe," said Thomas the twin, until I "put my finger into the place of the nails, and my hand into His side." The two-part Remnant are the fulfillment of this two-part test or evidence necessary for Thomas to believe.

Yahshua also bears on His body the marks of Christianity - the pierced feet that lose the rights to the kingdom, with which Remnant Thomas did not identify, though obviously available. We will consider later in this writing more on this important testimony regarding Thomas.

If Yahshua bears on His body the marks of His death, would it not be surprising that Satan equally bears on his body the marks of his death? We find here on Yahweh's engraving of Satan that he will indeed bear on his head the two wounds of the two Remnants. The first Remnant bruised his head, and the second Remnant will afford the death-blow tent peg to his temple! This is the two-blow death that will be effected against Satan, and forever he will bear those attesting wounds, even as Yahshua bears His.

Let us digress here concerning this affirming and most exciting testimony of second Remnant Jael who drove the tent peg into Sisera's head. What do you understand concerning the second Remnant? Do you understand that of the two Remnant parts, the second generally has the greater testimony of being the bride of Yahshua (as we saw with the sign to Thomas Didymus - the hand in the side)? And do you understand that the second Remnant is specifically the Elijah that will precede the return of Yahshua; and as Elijah it will have the MOST important work of ascending alive to heaven? These are two very important and most noteworthy points concerning the second Remnant.

In this very revealing and remarkably accurate engraving of Satan, the second Remnant act of the tent peg to Sisera Satan's head is equally and clearly confirmed on several points in Yahweh's testimony regarding Jael. We find that the Scriptures provide multiple evidences identifying Jael as a prophetic second Remnant, portending the blow to Sisera's head as precisely the second death blow that will be afflicted on Satan by the second Remnant. Keeping in mind what we just reviewed in the last paragraph concerning the second Remnant, let us see what testimony Yahweh has provided concerning second Remnant Jael. We will limit ourselves to only a few points, as there are many.

Jael was the bride of Heber. Jael's name means - he will arise, or he will ascend. What does this say to us? Jael is the Elijah second Remnant that will "arise," will "ascend" to heaven alive. Jael was the bride of Heber. Heber means - that which passes further, or not of this world. What do we see? Jael was the bride of him who was "not of this world;" or in other words, the Remnant is the bride of Him who is not of this world - Yahshua. Thus we see in the meaning of these two names - the Elijah second Remnant will arise or ascend alive to heaven to be the bride of Him who is not of this world, Yahshua. Both of these testimonies, and much more, bear clear witness that Jael is the prophetic second Remnant that effects the second final blow of death to the head of Satan.

There is so very much more here. The tent peg driven in by Jael with a hammer went through Sisera's head to the ground. Each of these points are prophetic - the tent peg, Sisera's head, the hammer, driving the peg into the ground (that was cursed because of Satan's work), all have great and revealing prophetic significance. Sisera asked for water, but Jael gave him the milk of the kingdom. And like all of Christianity, and like the three Christianity witnesses who slept on the mount of transfiguration while the two-part Remnant was glorified, Sisera slept while the tent peg was driven into his head.

Have you ever seen someone, or have you experienced this yourself, that when too much information is given out for the brain to process, their eyes glaze over? Honestly, there is so much affirming information here concerning Satan, Christianity, and the two Remnant, that the great fault of it is that it overwhelms people and their brains glaze over. Apologies are offered here for giving so much information; but, there is so much here, and Yahweh is such a vast vast God, and He confirms His truth over and over and over again, that it is hard to hold back. Try to digest all of this slowly if you can. But, onward we go.

Dare we add another striking and quite interesting and affirming testimony? We know, having it here refreshed in our minds, that it is the work of the Elijah second Remnant that effects the death of Satan. What is it that most effects this? They defeat him who has the power of death (Satan), by ascending alive into heaven. Since Yahweh does nothing new under the sun, not even the North Carolina sun, let us see another more recent testimony regarding the second Remnant's Elijah death blow to Satan.

Precisely 100 years ago, at the turn of the twentieth century, my cousins, the Wright brothers, began testing their first man-carrying glider at Kitty Hawk. In 1903, seven men (two flew while five watched) witnessed the world's first flight in which man entered into the heavens. Now, 100 years later, at the turn of the twenty-first century, one of their kindred (Cousin Orville's life ended in 1948, the same year my life was brought forth) is once again learning what it will take to ascend alive into the heavens where no man has entered before, but this time at a much higher level.

Few believed the initial progress or the achievements of my cousins, and now a hundred years later few believe the testimony regarding this higher flight. But, that which has been is that which will be, and this kinsman is as confident and unscathed by the many seemingly impossible difficulties and criticisms, as were his victorious cousins. This is our confidence, this is our victory - When my cousins entered alive into the heavens at the turn of the twentieth century, they rose from the ground that was known then and is known today to be none other than Kill Devil Hill! When we, Yahweh's Elijah Remnant, soon equally arise into the heavens where no man has gone, we will leave the same confident final-blow testimony - the Devil is killed!

Do you now have enough evidence to persuade you that Christianity is clearly the first sign of the staff that turns into the serpent? The hope and great anticipation we have is that the Elijah will effect its much needed work, and the Ancient of Days will come and judgment will be passed in favor of the saints of the Highest One, and the saints will take possession of the kingdom. Satan's dominion that he has maintained over the church for its entirety "will be taken away, annihilated and destroyed forever. Then the sovereignty, the dominion, and the greatness of all the kingdoms under the whole heaven will be given to the people of the saints of the Highest One; His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom, and all the dominions will serve and obey Him." Until this takes place however, Satan remains the ruler of Christianity. The next great and much needed work will be the taking out of a people - the second Remnant - that will effect the tent peg to the temple of Satan. (Does this not sound similar to the "temple of God," as men call them, where the beast's little horn now resides?) They will be the gold that is taken from Christianity that will be caught up alive to Jerusalem above (where the first Remnant already exist) to be formed into Yahweh's true temple.

But up to now, despite the dominion of Satan over Christianity, this first work of the kingdom of God has been Yahweh's attesting sign that has caused men for the last 2,000 years to believe. Christianity has been Yahweh's first sign of turning the staff into a serpent; but equally, it will be to turn the serpent back into a staff! This latter work is the glorious part of this sign that we longingly await - removing Satan from the church.


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