In all the ways and patterns of Yahweh God, there is one that is outstanding above all others, and that is the revealing, replicable, effectual, and even diverse pattern of the trinity.  Stating it simply, among all the determining ways of Yahweh, the trinity is king!  And let it be noted here that because there is an oft repeated affirmation and application of each trinity, this writing goes for depth and not breadth of applications.  Here you will see the amazing wonder of Yahweh’s ways, as well as how He reveals vital truth from such simplicity.  And, this writing is definitely for the hungry seeker, and not for the casual observer.  For the experienced reader of Bride truth, the first sections may be necessary review.  But keep reading, for soon you will discover new truth all the way to the end—particularly the concluding section.


The mere fact that God Himself is a trinity, insures that throughout His creation that pattern will be repeated over and over again.  But what makes this more interesting and even complicated is that the pattern of the trinity exists in variations of both order and outcome.  To begin with, for God, and in most other cases, that trinity follows a very distinct descending order:  first and foremost is the Father, followed by the fulfilling and obedient Son, and concluded by the effectual Spirit.  For the sake of identification and comparison with the other trinities addressed here, we will identify this order/pattern simply as 1 – 2 – 3.


And in order to more fully understand this prevailing trinity of God and its fulfillments, it is very important to note that within it, the first two parts, the Father and the Son, are alike, while the third part, the Holy Spirit, is distinctly different.  To better represent this, we will identify this order as 1 & 2 – 3, with 1 and 2 being alike, and 3 being different.  Thus we see:


Father & Son Spirit


In order to help you better understand the application and even fulfillment of this trinity, let us look at other trinities that follow the same 1 & 2 – 3 pattern.  First, even as man was made in the image of God, so a spiritual man is an equal trinity.  (Man made as a living soul actually flips 1 and 2.)  That trinity is:


Spirit & Soul Body


Here again, there are two alike—the spirit and the soul—and one distinctly different—the body. 


Very much like this trinity is the trinity of true faith.  Here again we see two alike and one different:


Hearing & Believing Acting


One cannot literally see a spirit or a soul, but the body is uniquely visible to the human eye.  Likewise, one does not see the first two parts of faith—hearing and believing—but that faith is visible/evidenced when a person acts.  In like truth, in James 2:26 we read that “faith without [third-part] works is dead.”  Equally, a person without the third part of that trinity—a body—is dead. 


Let us look at another 1 & 2 – 3 trinity like unto God.  In Proverbs 3:19-20, 4:7, 5:1-2, 14:6, and 24:3-4, we see the trinity of the mind of God.  It is:


Wisdom & Understanding Knowledge


Here again, true knowledge is a product of wisdom and understanding.  You will notice that each of these trinities identified thus far demonstrate and demand that the order cannot be reversed.  In other words, acting without first hearing from God is mere presumption and is useless.  Likewise, beginning with knowledge does not produce true understanding.  The reality is, false knowledge leads to false understanding.  Proverbs 14:6 clearly states:  knowledge is easy to him who has understanding.” 


In like order and consequence is the trinity of music.  That trinity is:


Melody & Harmony Rhythm


Godly music is that which follows this order.  Just as the Father is preeminent and all glory goes to Him, so the melody is to prevail.  And just as the Son glorified the Father, so harmony is to glorify the melody and not distract from it.  And finally, the Spirit takes no glory to itself, and neither can rhythm.  Also, most telling, you will note that rhythm corresponds to the third part of man—the body, the flesh.  Music such as rock or rap or any of the variations of these that accentuate the rhythm, or beat, is in fact carnal, fleshly, and excites and arouses the flesh.  As with seeking knowledge or the flesh first, heavy-beat music is completely contrary to God’s order (even when accompanied with Christian lyrics).


Another important and revealing 1 & 2 – 3 trinity is the three feasts of Yahweh, whereby the sons of Israel were required to go up to Jerusalem.  First there is the spring feast of Passover, followed by a count of forty-nine days to the spring feast of Pentecost; and then third is the latter fall feast of Tabernacles.  Thus we see again two spring feasts that are alike, and a fall feast that is different:


Passover & Pentecost Tabernacles


And we must also note that the clear testimony and pattern of the kingdom of heaven that comes down to man which was given to Moses while on Mount Sinai—the two-part tabernacle and court—was likewise a 1 & 2 – 3 trinity:


Holy of holies &­ Holy place Court




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