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To begin answering this, let us look at yet another 1 & 2 – 3 like pattern, this time from the words of Yahshua Himself.  In Luke 13:32, He replied to the Pharisees when they told Him that King Herod wanted to kill Him:  “Go and tell that fox, ‘Behold, I cast out demons and perform cures today and tomorrow, and the third day I reach My goal.’ ”  Thus we see again the pattern:


Cast out demons and perform cures, day one & Cast out demons and perform cures, day two Reach goal, day three


First, we know this could not have been and was not relevant to the days immediately before Him, but was instead prophetic, and more specifically prophetic of the church.  Here again we see the first 2,000 years of the church, and the promise that on the third day, the third 1,000 years, He would reach His goal. 


To further answer this question regarding the third day, let us turn to yet another affirming 1 & 2 – 3 Passing Over trinity.  In Exodus 19:10-11, when the sons of Israel had been led out of Egypt and were before Mount Sinai, Yahweh declared:  “Go to the people and consecrate them today and tomorrow, and let them wash their garments; and let them be ready for the third day, for on the third day Yahweh will come down on Mount Sinai in the sight of all the people.”  Thus we see the trinity:


Consecrate the people, day one & Consecrate the people, day two Yahweh come down in their sight, day three


Are you now getting a clear, well defined view of what this third day is?  There is no question that it is the Millennial Reign when Immanuel comes down from heaven in the sight of all the people, purifies them with the fire He said He longed to kindle (Luke 12:49), bandages them from Satan’s and the world’s afflictions, and raises them up.  It is the fulfillment of Solomon, when He builds His temple upon this earth, and His throne will never end.  It is the day He reaches His goal.


And most importantly for us at this time, the Millennial Reign is the third-part period when Elijah comes off the mountain and prepares the way for Immanuel—initiating the Millennial Reign.  It is the “third day” looked to by Hosea, whereupon in 6:3 it is concluded:


“So let us know, let us press on to know Yahweh.  His going forth is as certain as the dawn; and He will come to us like the rain, like the spring rain watering the earth.” 


It is in fact the spring rain—the latter rain within the Millennial Reign—that establishes the Elijah and the Elijah company, so as to prepare the way for Immanuel’s coming.  And let us also pick up here what we learned about the trinity wherein three times Elijah called down fire from heaven.  You will recall, that trinity is:


Fire consumed the fifty & Fire consumed the fifty Fire consumed Elijah’s offering


The first two fires devoured men unto death, which is what has been the fate of kingdom man for 2,000 years.  As we read in Zechariah 13:8-9, they have been cut off and have died.  But we noted that there was a third time when Elijah called down fire from heaven:  at Mount Carmel, where the results were clearly quite the opposite (1 Kings 18:38).  And again, although chronologically that event was earlier, because of its clear message and there being three instances when he called down fire, it still testifies.  In fact, Elijah is the only prophet who called down fire from heaven.  Also, a chariot of fire and horses of fire separated Elijah and Elisha before he was taken up in a whirlwind (to be addressed later).  And in Malachi 3:2-3 we read concerning the fulfilling Elijah, identified here as Yahweh’s messenger:


But who can endure the day of his coming?  And who can stand when he appears? For he is like a refiner's fire and like fullers' soap.  He will sit as a smelter and purifier of silver, and he will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver, so that they may present to Yahweh offerings in righteousness.


Thus, Elijah has the unique distinction of being the prophet of fire!  And, let it be noted that the “offerings in righteousness” are the acts of the Bride, who is clothed in “righteous acts” (Revelation 19:8).


At Mount Carmel, that fire fell upon, yes, an “offering” that Elijah presented to Yahweh:  an ox, placed upon an altar of twelve stones, and twelve pitchers of water were poured upon it.  The fire of Yahweh then came down and consumed the ox, the twelve stones, the twelve pitchers of water, and more (1 Kings 18:29-39).  Oxen speak of the Bride, and twelve speaks of the latter-day twelve apostles.  This is the latter-day Bride that ascends into heaven.  Therefore, once again we see the trinity pattern of the church:  the death of the Body of Christ for 2,000 years, then in the third 1,000 years the catching up of the Elijah company.  This is followed by their return with Immanuel, where they reign with Him.  (For more understanding, read Ascending Alive.)


In Matthew 24:22 (and Mark 13:20), we read the words of Yahshua regarding cutting time short.  He stated:


Unless those days had been cut short, no flesh would have been saved; but through the elect those days will be cut short.


What is this time that He is cutting short?  The preceding verse tells us that it is “great tribulation.”  In the writing titled, The Great Tribulation, we very clearly see that that tribulation has been taking place for 2,000 years, and would continue yet another 1,000 years unless what Yahshua said here takes place:  the “days” must be cut short, from three to two!


So, what is it that cuts those days short?  We see in the above verse that that cutting short is accomplished “through the elect.”  In addition, in Malachi, which is the book that reveals the Elijah, we read in the closing two verses:


“Behold, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet in the presence of the coming great and terrible day of Yahweh . . . so that I will not come and smite the land with a curse” (Malachi 4:5-6).


As addressed in The Great Tribulation, page 4, it is indeed the Elijah who prevents Yahweh from continuing the great and terrible day, even the great tribulation—the church for the last 2,000 years. 


Therefore, it is through Yahweh sending the Elijah, as well as through the elect Elijah company, His Bride, that the great tribulation will be cut short from three to two.  The Millennial Reign of Immanuel and His Bride will then fulfill what kingdom man has failed to accomplish for 2,000 years.


Before leaving this section, let us look at two more amazing testimonies of the 1 & 2 – 3 Passing Over Principle with a revealing third-part Elijah and Millennial Reign fulfillment.  For the sake of this writing, we will have to be brief; however, there will be links to writings that provide far more information if you want to study this more fully.


What we will look at first is the very important and revealing testimony of the exodus of the sons of Israel from Egypt and their time before Mount Sinai.  You may know that they departed from Egypt at Passover, and later when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the tablets and broke them, it was at Pentecost—thus the like 1 & 2 feasts.  We will briefly examine that count to Pentecost, and beyond.  And by the way, this is a condensation of a lot of information; so if you get lost, keep reading.  A helpful summary will be provided at its conclusion.


To begin with, in Deuteronomy 16:9-10 we read that the count to Pentecost is a straight forty-nine days:


“You shall count seven weeks for yourself; you shall begin to count seven weeks from the time you begin to put the sickle to the standing grain.  Then you shall celebrate the Feast of Weeks to Yahweh your God with a tribute of a freewill offering of your hand, which you shall give just as Yahweh your God blesses you.”


However, in Leviticus 23:15-16 we see something quite different.  Here we read that, first, seven complete sabbaths were to be counted out, and then a count of fifty days was to follow, for a total of forty-nine and forty-nine, or ninety-eight days.


“You shall also count for yourselves from the day after the sabbath, from the day when you brought in the sheaf of the wave offering; there shall be seven complete sabbaths.  You shall count fifty days to the day after the seventh sabbath; then you shall present a new grain offering to Yahweh.”


You can learn more about this by clicking here.  These two counts are noted because they relate to the journey to Mount Sinai where on Pentecost Moses came down the mountain with the tablets.  At the above link, you will also find that at the completion of the Deuteronomy 16:9-10 forty-nine-day count, the sons of Israel were still traveling and not even at Mount Sinai.  Next we find that Moses’s sixth trip up Sinai when he was there for forty days and forty nights without bread and water, would have brought him down the mountain on Pentecost following the two periods of forty-nine days from Passover according to Leviticus 23:15-16.  This is confirmed as well in that at that Pentecost 3,000 were slain with the sword (Exodus 32:28), and on the day of Pentecost following Yahshua’s crucifixion the Spirit was poured out and 3,000 came into the kingdom (Acts 2:41).


In addition, at a Remnant Bride blog posting found here, you will see that after Moses’s seventh trip up Sinai, Yahweh told him that He would not go with them into the Promised Land.  In Exodus 33 the people then repented, and Yahweh thereupon declared that He would go with them.  In chapter 34 Moses is then sent up Sinai for the eighth and final time.  For a second time he was there for forty days and forty nights without bread and water.  As addressed in the above link, when he came down he did so at the completion of yet a third forty-nine-day count. 


So we see that there was a forty-nine-day count in travel, plus another forty-nine-day count which led to Moses coming down Mount Sinai, breaking the tablets of the Law, and judging the people, whereupon 3,000 were killed.  This unquestionably attested to the like death for 3,000 years, or three days and nights in the grave.  Then after Yahweh decided to indeed go with them, a third forty-nine-day count brought Moses down from the mountain with a remarkable difference.  Thus we see clearly attested here as well, Yahweh cuts time short and goes with us into the Promised Land—He sends His Son in the Millennial Reign! 


Therefore, we can understand why when Moses came down following this third forty-nine-day count, he brought with him the new tablets of the Law, which he now did not break, and his face shined brilliantly.  Instead of there being a curse, this time Moses brought a blessing:  “Behold, I am going to make a covenant.  Before all your people I will perform miracles which have not been produced in all the earth nor among any of the nations; and all the people among whom you live will see the working of Yahweh, for it is a fearful thing that I am going to perform with you” (Exodus 34:10).  Here again we see yet another attesting 1 & 2 – 3 Passing Over Principle trinity:


Forty-nine days travel & Forty-nine days resulting in judgment and death Forty-nine days resulting in fulfillment and blessing


Once again, the two parts lead to death, which are followed by the fulfilling third-part Millennial Reign.  Now let us examine the second testimony, and we will begin with this same period.  This was referenced in the opening section, but will now be addressed more fully.


We already see that there were two periods of forty days and forty nights that Moses spent up on Mount Sinai without bread and water.  And based on what we are learning concerning this highly important Passing Over Principle trinity, it would be most significant if Yahweh sent yet a third man as an Elijah type equally up Mount Sinai for a like time period without bread and water!  And this is exactly what we find—sending Elijah himself!


In 1 Kings 19 we read that Elijah fulfilled an exceedingly important promise given to Moses.  In Exodus 33:18-23, just before the eighth trip up Sinai, Yahweh told Moses that he would stand on a rock beside Him, and then be hidden in the cleft of a rock.  Yahweh would then pass by, remove His hand that had covered him, and Moses would see His back.  So, did that happen on the eighth trip?  No!  In Exodus 34:5-6, Yahweh stood with him, and passed in front of him; but there was no hiding in the cleft of the rock or seeing His back. 


However, in 1 Kings 19:9f we DO see the fulfillment of this, but by Elijah!  Yahweh led him to Mount Sinai wherein he too went forty days and forty nights without bread and water.  There he entered the cleft of a rock, a cave, the very thing Moses never did.  At the end of the forty days and nights, Yahweh told him, “ ‘Go forth and stand on the mountain before Yahweh.’  And behold, Yahweh was passing by!”  Here we now see Yahweh fulfilling that which He promised to Moses—He passed by while Elijah was hidden in the cleft of the rock.  Elijah then came out of the rock and the voice of Yahweh came to him, providing him specific instructions as to what he was to do, even what He was doing—His back!   Thus, Moses was the promise-receiving eighth (trip), while Elijah was the promise-fulfilling ninth (trip)!


We see then the following 1 & 2 – 3 Passing Over trinity (“forty days and forty nights” = “fd&fn”):


Moses on Sinai for fd&fn & Moses on Sinai for fd&fn Elijah on Sinai for fd&fn, completing and fulfilling the promise to Moses


Based on this 1 & 2 – 3 pattern, as well as the fact that Moses had gone up Sinai for eight trips before this, and Elijah was the fulfilling ninth, once again we see the 2,000 years of the church (remember, Moses did not enter into the Promised Land), and the Millennial Reign where Elijah comes and prepares the way for Immanuel.  Also, in Acts 3:19-21, we find that the prophet like Moses is most certainly the fulfilling Elijah, the ninth.  You can read the truth concerning this by clicking here. 


With so much clear, profound, and repetitive evidence, without question the first two parts of the church are cut off and die, remaining in the grave, while in the third part Yahweh cuts time short and sends Elijah, who prepares the way for His Son, Immanuel.  In this third part, Immanuel, with His Bride, will rule and reign upon this earth, providing the much needed fulfillment which the church has failed to provide for 2,000 years.  Yahweh God will not forsake us, but go with us into this Promised Land!




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