Why the particular title of this writing?  I know nothing about Shakespeare’s play by this title, but I like the message it affords.  There have been many men who have failed in life, yet who in the end succeeded, and their success simply relegated their failures as being tests that they overcame.  Up to this point, in the eyes of men I might look like a failure.  What we had hoped for and expected at Passover 2002 and 2003 did not fully come to pass.  But, because of the incomparable truth I have seen, the undeniable way in which Yahweh has worked in my life to instruct, prepare, and uphold me in this work, and the absolute necessity of enduring to the end, I have to trust and hope that the end will indeed vindicate all that I have seen and done as I pursue the establishment of the second Remnant and its Elijah work of preparing the way for Yahshua.  In fact, I have had so much to happen in my life, I have no other choice in what I do, as you will see in just one example in this writing.  Thus, it is with hope that I say if Jacob wrestled with Yahweh and prevailed and even lived, calling the place Peniel, saying, “I have seen God face to face, yet my life has been preserved” (Genesis 32:30), then as long as I have strength, so must I wrestle with Yahweh and hopefully prevail and equally my life be preserved in the end.


The purpose of this writing is to provide a report on the 2003 Passover and Pentecost events, what we learned, and what it might all mean.  We also look at where we might be as the Remnant Bride.


I can very much relate to what my cousin, Wilbur Wright, who died the year I was born, wrote in 1900, precisely 100 years before the Remnant Bride began coming out of the body of Christ in 2000.  "For some years," wrote Wilbur, "I have been afflicted with the belief that flight is possible to man. My disease has increased in severity and I feel that it will soon cost me an increased amount of money, if not my life."  As with Wilbur, I too am conscious of my unusual and highly vulnerable state.  I too am afflicted, but with the belief that a Remnant must likewise take flight and ascend alive, thereby killing the devil.  (Wilbur ascended from Kill Devil Hill in December, 1903.)  And equally, my affliction has ever increased in severity and has cost me everything. 


By way of introduction to some of the things you will learn here, you will note from the Scriptures that Jonah, whose name means “dove” (as in the Holy Spirit), fled from Yahweh and went to a town named Joppa (meaning “beauty”), the same place where Peter healed Tabitha (whose name likewise means “beautiful”) and received the vision and instruction to not call unclean that which Yahweh has cleansed.  From there Peter went to the house of Cornelius (whose name means “horn-bearing”), and the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Gentiles.  Equally from Joppa, Jonah sailed toward Tarshish.  But he did not make it there, but instead spent three days and nights in the belly of the great fish.  After coming out of the fish, for forty days Jonah preached judgment to Nineveh; but, Yahweh had mercy.  Most notably, in both the case with Jonah, as well as with Peter, their trips to Joppa resulted in each man learning the same thing  that Yahweh has mercy.



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