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We find that this specific pattern of seven and seven and the eighth relating to the glorification of the Remnant Bride, not only foreshadows but even dictates precisely how long the Remnant must be in heaven. Remember, this matter of the ascension and glorification of the Remnant is an entirely legal issue, just as the work of Yahshua was an entirely legal issue. Even as the exact number of days Yahshua was required to be in heaven following His resurrection were established by the law, so the exact number of days that the Remnant must likewise be in heaven is established by the law.

Following Yahshua's resurrection and presenting Himself to the two Marys and then to the disciples while they were in a locked room, He then went to heaven for precisely eight days - John 20:26. Why was He there for that specific period of time? Because it was legally required!

In the writings on the Nazirite vow on this site, you will find that in order for Yahshua to cleanse and restore the kingdom of God and man, He had to do so through one sole critical legal means - the vow of the Nazirite! There was no other legal way possible for this to be done. By taking that vow, Yahshua was able to intercessorally return to the garden of God and restore the garden. He took the Nazirite vow, drank from the cup of sour wine immediately before giving up His spirit, died, and then MOST importantly, He arose from the dead and ascended to the Father. All in all though, while this was extremely important and essential in order to cleanse the garden and man, His work was not complete until, according to the law, He finally restored His vow in heaven as a Nazirite, thus voiding the corruption of the garden that occurred 4,000 years prior. How long was that vow-restoring procedure? We read in Numbers 6 that it was specifically eight days in length!

Thus we see that Yahshua's time of eight days in heaven fulfilled a vital legal requirement in restoring the kingdom of God and man. Likewise, when the Remnant are taken up to heaven, they too must be there for a legally prescribed number of days. For Yahshua, His required days as a Nazirite were eight. For the Remnant, as Solomon's temple, our legal dedication requires seven and seven days plus the eighth. And even as Yahshua returned to this earth on His eighth day in heaven, so once again He will return to this earth with His Remnant on their eighth day of an early Tabernacles in heaven, both returns marking a new beginning for man evidenced by the number eight. Let us now look more at this eighth day, what takes place in the days leading up to it, and what is the significance of the Remnant's eighth day of an early Tabernacles falling on the first day of Tabernacles (the fifteenth) that will be taking place on the earth. Once again, all of this is legal, and it is through Yahweh's law that we can begin to understand these important matters. And remember, it is the one who can discern the meaning of the seven and seven, the Joseph, who will receive the rights to be elevated to reign with the King.

For instruction sake, let us here lay out again the days of the Feast of Tabernacles. They were the eight days that began on the fifteenth and ran through the twenty-second of the seventh month.


Likewise, let us lay out the days of the highly important and relevant dedication of Solomon's temple. Again, it was a seven and seven, followed by the great and holy eighth day.


We have already said that in order for Yahweh to harvest the Nazirites of the second Remnant before the Sabbath Millennial rest, which is ushered in by the trumpet blast on Trumpets, calling for the assembling of "the ones lifted up," then the second Remnant must be taken out of this earth during that blast and be caught up to heaven. What takes place there is fulfilled according to the pattern provided at the dedication of Solomon's temple, insomuch that the Remnant is that temple of gold. The fourteen days from Trumpets up to Tabernacles, with the eighth day falling on the normal Tabernacles, affords and even requires that the Remnant experience Tabernacles early, specifically seven days early. Let us look at this as well in a graphic form.


We have said that whatever Yahweh does, it must be legal. Thus it is essential that we ask the question - Is it legal to move a feast forward like this? Because of the necessity of moving the taking out of the Remnant to the first of the month on Trumpets, we can see why it is necessary to do this; but is it legal? Let us now address this question.


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