Written and sent out September 29, 2003




Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,


Have you ever considered that Yahweh just might have a sense of humor?  I had always assumed that He did, but until the last few years, I had never seen Him demonstrate that humor.  We do know that He uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise (1 Corinthians 1:27), and based on all that He has led me to do in the last nine years, looking like a complete failure and even, in the minds of some, deceived by Satan, I certainly qualify to be used by Him.  In fact, this verse has often been an encouragement to me. 


Well, based on my past, I have nothing to lose and am going to  share some things with you that have happened or have been seen within the last forty-eight hours that are going to once again get me out on that long limb (where the sweetest fruit grows).  These are things over which I have had no control.  And, I can hear a theologian now, one of those who says that Yahweh has locked Himself in a box that they can understand and that there is no new revelation.  I tell you, if what has happened to me in forty-eight hours over the weekend is from Yahweh, He surely has a sense of humor, and He’s happy enough to use it.  In fact, I think I see a smile on His face.  If I’m “wrong” once again, well, I’m wrong.  But considering the alternative, there’s no other choice.  Let me begin with what took place Saturday.


I received a call from Peter Douglas Saturday morning.  He had been thinking about Yahweh’s grace, and on that morning when he awoke, he looked at the clock and it was 5:55.  Five is the number of grace.  That really impressed him.  Later that day I sat down to play some FreeCell, which is a card game in which all the cards are laid out face up in eight rows.  There have only been two times in which the following has happened in the two years I have played this game.  Once before when I laid out the cards, three of the cards in one row were consecutively 6-6-6.  Of course 666 is a good number and represents the Remnant.  I won the game!  Then on the day that Peter saw 5:55 on his clock, for only the second time, three cards in one row were consecutively 5-5-5!  I called Peter and told him that I had my 555 as well – the perfect grace man.


That evening at around 9:15 p.m., I decided to relax and play one more hand of FreeCell.  I shuffle cards quite thoroughly, and I was rather amazed when I laid out all the cards and the last three were ace-ace-ace.  After having the 5-5-5 just before this, I marveled at this as well.  What were the chances that the last three cards would all be aces?  So, I asked Yahweh what He was doing, what was He saying; whereupon I was reminded that the last would be first and the first (the ace is actually a one) would be last.  This encouraged me, since the second Remnant, who are last in the kingdom, will actually be first in Yahweh’s restored kingdom.  Then as I had just begun to play the cards, the phone rang.  It was Stephen Manning, whom you might recall from the writing titled Carmel, was the first one to make a proclamation of being out of the body if Christ and a part of the Bride.


Since May, 2000, when he made that confession, Stephen has gone through some very hard times which have tested him severely.  To be frank with you, his and my relationship became strained as well, and we seldom communicated, but to my knowledge he never quit reading the writings.  Steve had just read the last e-mail titled “Letter to a friend, and booklet.”  It was around 11:30 in Florida, and he had turned the computer off, planning to write me the next morning, but Yahweh pressed him to call me.  Needless to say, I was surprised to hear from him.


I need not go into all of the conversation, but he was amazed at some of the things I just happened to bring up, which relate directly to what he had on his mind, including the ace-ace-ace, or 1-1-1.  We had a good conversation, which lasted for well over an hour, and then we said goodbye.  I finished the card game, and won!


The next morning when I awoke at 4:45 a.m., I pondered the call from Stephen and the three aces at the end of the deck.  I realized that Yahweh seemed to be saying something through this.  With Stephen renewing his relationship with me after a long period of separation, it was like the first was becoming last; Stephen, who was the first, was now contacting me at the last.  I say the last, because we as the Bride are running out of time.  The test of Carmel legally comes to completion in Tabernacles of next month. 


Related to this, there was a question in my mind as to when Trumpets was taking place – whether it was the day before on the twenty-seventh, or on that particular day on the twenty-eighth.  The Jews had the feast set for the twenty-seventh, but other sources say the twenty-eighth.  With Stephen calling on the evening of the twenty-seventh, I realized that his call marked the beginning of Trumpets (as it goes from sundown to sundown), or on the twenty-eighth.  Trumpets is of course the new year, and Stephen calling on the earliest hours of Trumpets spoke of a new beginning.  Of course Stephen’s last name is Manning, which means “Son of Man,” and we talked at midnight, his time, when the Son of Man comes.


I called Peter that morning and told him the conclusion concerning Trumpets, and he told me that he had just come to the same conclusion.  So, if you want to know what day Yahweh regards as Trumpets, our experience is that it was the twenty-eighth.  Later that morning as I walked outside to feed our animals (I live on a farm), I laughed out loud and asked Yahweh if He really would use such things as card games and the likes to speak to us!  Then I heard in my understanding – He used the wind blowing in the tops of the trees to speak to Elijah, yet He was not in the strong wind and the earthquake and the fire.  Yahweh uses those things that are weak to speak to His Elijah.


Around 4:00 p.m., I prepared myself a late lunch and sat down in the living room to eat, meanwhile turning on our little 10” TV (I get three channels) to see what sports might be on while I ate.  Football was on, but what really captured my attention was an advertisement.  I was riveted to the little screen when an advertisement came on about a new DVD that was coming out by Walt Disney.  It was titled The Lion King, which of course made me immediately think of Yahshua, the Lion King.  I watched intently, and was even more moved when they announced the date the DVD would be released – October 7!  What is so special about October 7? 


Since Yahweh had just witnessed to us that September 28 was Trumpets, then ten days later would be the Day of Atonement.  So when does Atonement fall?  October 7!  So when the advertisement said The Lion King would be released on October 7, the Day of Atonement, I got very interested in this movie and looked it up on the internet. 


Before I tell you what I found, which is quite remarkable, let me tell you a little about Atonement.  It was begun when Aaron’s sons brought strange fire into the temple, and the temple had to be cleansed.  It was the one time in the entire year in which the high priest went into the holy of holies and sprinkled the ark of the covenant with the blood to atone for the sins of the people.  It was also, quite significantly, the day in which every fifty years the ram’s horn was blown and Jubilee was declared, releasing all debts.  And if this is not already quite significant, it was the day Yahshua was baptized by John the Baptist, beginning His period of ministry. 


Also, quite briefly, when Jubilee is spoken of in Leviticus 25:8-12, in verse 9 we see that the trumpet was to sound a call.  The Hebrew word for “sound” used there has the root word “rua” or “ruwa,” which means  figuratively “to split the ears.”  In Ezekiel 24:25-27, we read that Yahweh will cause people to come with “a causing to hear,” and Ezekiel’s mouth will be opened to him “who escapes.”  This is precisely what we need to happen, for Yahweh to perform something that will be “a causing to hear,” and as we see testified here at Jubilee/Atonement, that is one of the purposes of this day.  Oh that Yahweh might do so!


Therefore, one can see that Atonement is quite significant in many regards and testimonies.  So then, what is so significant about The Lion King being released on Atonement?  Let us see.


If you go to, you will find that The Lion King was first released as a movie in 1994.  What is significant about 1994?  In June, 1994, the Spirit of Yahweh came upon me and opened my eyes to see the truth of the two-part Remnant.  This is when the Remnant Bride was first revealed to this man, the same year The Lion King came out.  Following is the synopsis of the movie:  Wild Africa is the setting for this animated tale of a young lion cub whose evil uncle usurps his father's crown and lets hyenas overrun the kingdom. Dodging danger and befriending some oddball characters, the cub wanders until the day he's ready to return.”


Of course it is pointed out in The Signs That Cause Belief, page/section 4, that Africa is prophetic of Christianity, and indeed while Yahshua has been gone for nearly 2,000 years, His kingdom has been usurped by Satan and it has been overrun by the dogs, the hyenas, the world.  Yahshua has equally stayed out of sight until the time He will return, and meanwhile He has befriended some oddball characters.  But this movie coming out in ’94, and its release to the public as a DVD on Atonement, 2003, speaks of a much shorter intercessoral period as well – the waiting period of the Bride from ’94 to today. 


I especially relate to the point that during this time He has befriended some very oddball characters – like myself, or Stephen Manning, or David Houston, or Cary B., or Kyle Nixon, or Peter Douglas, or Brendan Mc Elroy, or Byron Reagan, or so many more.  We can each attest that if He has chosen the foolish of this world to shame the wise, He found the right group.  We’re “oddball characters” alright, oddball enough to see and believe, even see and believe foolish things like I am sharing with you now.  Someone has to scribble on the gate and drool in their beard in order to escape death (1 Samuel 21:13-15).


USA Today carried this headline on the new release:  Latest 'Lion King' DVD roars with a new song.  The article began The circle of life will surround DVD owners in a whole new way on Oct. 7.  Walt Disney Pictures has seamlessly added a new animated song and sequence, Morning Report, to a special two-disc edition of The Lion King.


Who sings “a new song”?  Is it not the twenty-four elders of Revelation 5:9 and the 144,000 of Revelation 14:3?  These are the Remnant, under the leadership of the apostles.  We sing a new song!  The song in The Lion King was written by Elton John, speaking of the John kingdom of God.  And this song is “seamlessly” added, and for some time I have been saying that the Remnant truth is a seamless garment of truth.  And “the circle of life” reminds me of Rebekah, the Bride, whose name means “loops of a rope,” and Yahweh will do a new thing – “a woman will encompass a man.”  Also, the name of the song is Morning Report, and who is Yahshua but “the bright morning star” (Revelation 22:16), and “the morning star” is given to him who keeps His deeds until the end (Revelation 2:25-28).  The USA Today article can be read at .  You may see other truths there as well, as indeed there are.


An article from the New York Daily News reported – “The Lion King of the box office is getting ready to roar again”!  ( )  So prophetically, what could all of this mean?  Does it mean that Yahshua will be coming again on Atonement?  Here is my conclusion, even my great hope.


Over and over we read that the blessings of Yahweh are for those who endure to the end.  James 1:4 says that the perfect work of endurance is that we may be “perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”  That sounds pretty wonderful to me!  I have persevered now for nine years, through incredible difficulties and temptations by Satan that have come to destroy me, difficulties to the extent that many have left me, including my own family, and I have often desired death over life and regretted that tomorrow would bring another day.  I have been willing to look like a fool, have been told that I am deceived by Satan, and have gone out on limbs so much that I have only memories of what the ground feels like.  Often I have come to the place where I have only to be resigned to say with Job – “Though You slay me, yet will I trust You.”  So my hope is that with the Remnant John having leapt in the womb at six years following 1994, or in 2000 (which was a leap year), it is now time for the John work to be birthed!


But, can we expect that even as Yahshua’s ministry began on Atonement, and as The Lion King comes on October 7, that He will return on that day and complete His work?  Yes, He will come and begin completing His work, but not to the extent that we think.  His coming is a process, and His way must first be prepared by the Elijah.  Remember, when Yahshua made His entry into Jerusalem and was heralded as King, there were a host of His apostles who preceded Him by laying down before Him their garments and the palm branches.  Therefore, you will know for sure when Yahshua is coming, in the same way they knew He was coming – when you see His disciples preparing His way. 


So what can we hope will take place come Atonement?  Either slowly or suddenly, His Spirit will be given to the Remnant Bride to equip us to be the Elijah.  Whatever way it might be, at some time the Bride must suddenly burst forth, even as Solomon was taken to Gihon, which means “bursting forth,” and to the surprise of everyone was declared king.  Gihon is also the second of four rivers that flowed out of the garden of Eden, representative of four great outpourings of the Spirit on mankind, the first having already taken place (the former rain on Pentecost), and the second is now due – Gihon.


And finally, even as the high priest made his once a year entrance into the holy of holies on Atonement, so we are reminded of Hebrews 9:8 that the holy place of Christianity must be torn down so that the way into the holy of holies may equally be revealed.  It is quite possible that in some way, the way into the holy of holies work of the second Remnant will be revealed on Atonement, October 7.


Yes, these movie prophecies are incredibly bizarre things to consider, and we just may be getting to know something about Yahweh that is quite delightful, unthinkably common, and from the standpoint of religion, quite foolish indeed!  But what does one do with this kind of compelling information?  One thing for sure, it would shame the wise for Yahweh to speak through Walt Disney and Elton John.  Oh Father, you’re quite amazing!  Perform your works!


Do you have problems with Yahweh using Disney or Elton John to declare His truth?  If so, remember that Yahweh loves the world and they belong to Him, and thus He can use them any way He wills.  We cannot have anything to do with the ways of the world, but He can use them any way He pleases, because they belong to Him.  They may even be evil, but Yahweh can use evil for good.  Remember, 1 Corinthians 1:27 says that He uses the foolish things “of the world,” and Disney and Elton John are just another part of the world He uses.  He is not limited.


Speaking of using the world, and the already obvious significance of October 7, do you know another event that is taking place on that day?  It is the historic October 7 recall election of Gray Davis.  Let’s talk about this as well.  Hold on!!!


First, California is prophetically the first 2,000 years of the church that are cut off and die.  Oregon is the next “third part” that is burned; thus, the first city on I-5 when you cross into Oregon is Ashland.  I could share much more, but this will have to be enough.


This election is only the second time in US history that a recall vote on a governor has taken place.  The only other time was the recall and ousting of the governor of North Dakota, Lynn J. Frazier, in 1921.  And as with California, it was equally carried out by conservative Republicans, and was as well over the state’s economic misfortunes.  You will remember from the last writing concerning America, that Satan’s deception of America, and its sin that has led to its great sin and immorality today, is the Women’s Rights Movement that passed Prohibition and Women’s Suffrage in 1920.  Lynn Frazier was narrowly re-elected governor in 1920.


It seems quite evident that this 1920 election of Frazier and his recall resulting in the overturning of that decision, and the most recent revelation as to the root cause of America’s moral demise going back to 1920 as well, and its need to be repealed, are ominous testimonies of the events taking place in the state that represents Christianity and a governor whose name speaks of death – Gray.  With this second only ousting of a governor (which Gray will undoubtedly likewise succumb to), and the numerous associations of this election specifically to the like recall in 1921, and the GREAT need for this nation and the church to repent, clearly Yahweh is giving us a message here.  And, this message gives us great hope! 


As we see foreshadowed in the first time in history wherein a 1920 gubernatorial decision was overturned, in the October 7 recall in Christianity California, Yahweh is declaring that He is going to expose Satan’s work to destroy the nations, send His fire, and overturn the Constitutional Amendment of 1920 regarding Women’s Suffrage and all the subsequent ills associated with it!  Cast your fire on this earth, oh Yahshua!  Just as the first ever recall effected the overturning of a 1920 gubernatorial decision, so this second recall in prophetic Christianity California speaks of overturning the works of Satan in this nation and in the church equally effected in 1920.


On October 7, the day The Lion King is being released, it now appears that Mr. Universe, the Terminator, will be terminating Gray Davis from California politics.  This message speaks of the stone gray death by Satan, who dearths the people even as Gray Davis has dearthed the people of California, who will be done away with, terminated, by the one true Mr. Universe!  Death will be terminated, and the 2,000 swine will cease running down that steep bank into the sea!


It is quite remarkable that there is another testimony in this California recall that we have seen before which is related to the second Remnant.  In 2000, President Bush won the election when the nine-member Supreme Court overturned the seven-member state court, and the entire issue was over the chad.  You will equally recall from the writing, The Signs That Cause Belief, page/section 5, that Lake Chad speaks of the second-blow death of Satan in which the tent peg is driven into his head.  So, is not Yahweh speaking to us once again when the 9th US Circuit Court, composed of eleven judges (the number of apostles who are under the altar crying out for justice), had to once again overturn a lower judicial decision by three judges (the period of time the church was supposed to get – 3,000 years) in order to guarantee that this election will take place, and it was once again over the issue of the chad!  Satan and death (Gore and Gray) just can’t seem to escape that chad, made certain by courts that are numerically represented by the number nine.


No matter what might be evidenced spiritually on Atonement, October 7, the prophetic message is incredibly clear – the coming of the Lion King, following an initial release in 1994, to reverse the destruction caused by the hyenas and to introduce a new song, as well as the ousting of the Gray by the Terminator after the decision of the nine-testimony court that supported the witness of the chad, and providing the tremendous historical testimony of overturning the 1920 decision, the deception of Satan against the nations!  Hallelu-Yah!


I hope you are laughing hilariously in heaven Yahweh, because this is really both humorous and, in the eyes of man, foolish.  Whatever you choose to use, enjoy it and accomplish its fulfillment for your name’s sake!  Have we ever seen anything like this before?  Never!  Yahweh must be feeling real good!


No matter what happens on October 7, this is hilarious; but, also hope-filled!







PS – Today, on September 29, Italy lost its power when a tree branch fell on a Swiss power line.  Italy is prophetic of the first Remnant, the ones who bruise Satan’s head, even as we see the boot of Italy crushing the head of Africa.  The little bit of power that the church has had for 2,000 years goes back to the power that the first Remnant received – Pentecost.  It now looks like that power is coming to a close as “the branch,” Yahshua, is cast onto that source.  While the church goes into darkness, as they truly have been for 2,000 years, that power must be restored to the second Remnant.  This is what we truly expect in the days ahead.


PPS – If you want to get a taste for how Yahweh directs a work, which will tell you how He is directing His weak and despised Remnant Bride, click here to read the movie review by Bill Hunt.