From December 5, 2015, to February 27, 2016, I lived in Africa (Rongo, Kenya), and in every way possible was an African.  I ate what they ate—which was VERY different food from that in America, and eaten with one’s hands—and slept where they slept—including hungry bed bugs and menacing mosquitoes.  I bathed with a bucket of water to splash upon me, and the toilet was a six-inch by nine-inch hole in a concrete slab—both facilities being outside. 




I extensively walked and rode motorbikes in order to get around, and greeted and rubbed shoulders with a multitude of bustling people, many of whom ate only one meal a day, and live on one to two dollars a day. 




When we traveled out to teach the pastors, which were almost exclusively located in distant rural areas via roads that required four-wheel drive, we often met in mud structures, as seen here. 




But with all of this, I found a people who greatly and enthusiastically delighted in the words of truth I shared with them, as twelve hundred pastors heard for the first time a clear and profoundly supported message regarding what is the kingdom of heaven.


My African accommodation was in unison with the man whom I have come to see as being a most significant person in my life—Pastor Caleb Oguta, seen here with his ninety-one year old grandmother.  And it was not until my time in Africa was complete that I even understood what the Father was accomplishing—which was and is MOST significant!  Let me explain.




Identification/intercession is highly critical in order to effect the work of God the Father.  As an example, Yahshua had to not only identify with man by becoming like us in order to deliver us, but He also had to identify with Satan himself in order to become the serpent on the pole in the wilderness.  Yahshua declared, “No one has ascended into heaven, but He who descended from heaven: the Son of Man.  As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, so that whoever believes will in Him have eternal life” (John 3:13-15).  Thus we see that Yahshua had to identify with the serpent, Satan, in order to deliver man from him—identification/intercession.


Let us now turn to another most remarkable and revealing testimony regarding the essential effectual power of identification—Jacob and Esau.  Prophetically, Jacob clearly occupies the testimony of the two Bride works—the first Remnant and the second Remnant.  Fittingly, Jacob even has a moreso feminine personality, and Esau has a definite masculine identity:  When the boys grew up, Esau became a skillful hunter, a man of the field, but Jacob was a peaceful man, living in tents” (Genesis 25:27).  Esau unmistakably has the masculine identity of the Body of Christ.  And as you will see, his other name, Edom, or “red,” identifies him with Satan as well.  Likewise, he was red in color when he was born (Genesis 25:25).  Of course the reason for this mutual identity is that Satan occupies a clear role over the Body of Christ.  This will be better understood as we continue here.


Furthermore, as the two Remnant, Jacob had to secure from Body-of-Christ Esau both the birthright and the blessing.  The first Remnant obtained the birthright, attested by when Jacob purchased it from Esau for some bread and lentil stew (Genesis 25:27-34).  This is likewise seen when Zerah extended his hand out of the womb to receive the scarlet thread, here again the birthright of the firstborn (Genesis 38:27-30).  But, securing the blessing required much more.


A most important thing is to be noted here.  While Jacob himself secured the birthright, it was in fact Rebekah who was instrumental in securing the blessing.  All Jacob did was to obey the instruction of Rebekah.  She had him to secure two kids.  She cooked them in the fashion she knew Isaac would enjoy.  She placed the skins upon Jacob so as to make him feel like Esau.  She gathered the garments of her son Esau and placed them upon Jacob so that he smelled like Esau.  It was indeed Rebekah who in every regard made Jacob become like Esau, and thereupon afforded him to receive the blessing.  And again, this speaks of the second Remnant receiving the blessing that had belonged to Esau Christianity, and even to Satan.


So, how does this relate to today when the second Remnant is literally being established?  First, as addressed in When Elijah Comes, page two, and in other Remnant Bride writings as well, the office of the Elijah begins with Judas Iscariot, then goes to Satan, and has to then return back to a man—the fulfilling Elijah.  This is of course the first sign that causes belief (Exodus 4:1-5):  the rod in Moses’s hand; followed by it being cast down to the ground and turning into the serpent, Satan; and concluding with it going back into the hand of a man, the fulfilling Elijah, the prophet like Moses spoken of in Acts 3:19-23.  This latter fulfillment will indeed cause belief—both in the church and in the world.


We even see that in order to receive the office of Elijah, Satan himself equally effected identification by literally entering into Judas:  After the morsel, Satan then entered into him [Judas].  Therefore Jesus said to him, ‘What you do, do quickly’ " (John 13:27).  By becoming one with Judas (identification), Satan secured the office.  Judas became the devil, and the devil became Judas.  Yahshua clearly stated to the apostles:  “I have chosen the twelve of you, and one of you is the devil” (John 6:70).  The question for us today then is:  Specifically how does the office of Elijah now pass from Satan back to a man, the serpent turning back into a rod?  How is vital identification effected once again?  Or even, how do the rights to the kingdom of heaven pass from Esau Christianity to the Jacob second Remnant?  Here is our hope today.


As evidenced by the clear testimony wherein the blessing was transferred from Esau to Jacob, there must be a Rebekah who insures that this indeed takes place.  From what can be seen at this time, this is very likely the reason Yahweh opened the way for me to go to Africa.  In every regard, Pastor Caleb Oguta was instrumental in making me become an African.  First, he was the very reason I went there; and, for almost three months I walked and lived as an African.  I lived in his home and slept in his bed (he and his wife moved to the children’s bunk bed) and ate at his table.  As Jacob identified as Esau, so I identified as an African in the snake kingdom.  And as Jacob thereby received the blessing, so I trust that I have received the office of the Elijah—the snake turning back into the rod in a man’s hand.


You see, Africa is in word and type and testimony the snake kingdom.  Africa is in type Christianity.  On the other hand, America is in word and type and testimony the heavenly kingdom.  Just as Yahshua left heaven and came to earth where Satan rules and set up His kingdom under his rule and went back to heaven, so I had to identify with Satan by leaving America and go to Africa and become an African and then return back to America.  And having lived in Africa for almost three months, I can well assure you that this specific contrast of these two is MOST applicable and fitting. 


Furthermore, just as I met with pastors in Africa in mud churches, the church whole has been in mud for two thousand years—in mud men, and thus mud churches!  Flesh man is mud man, and Christianity is the kingdom of God in mud men.  It’s not “Church On the Rock,” but “Church In the Mud”!


None of this regarding Jacob and Esau and what the Father was doing did I know in advance, but only afterwards.  As set forth in Exodus 33:18-23, I am now seeing God’s back, what He has done.  You see, most importantly, seeing God’s back means that He goes before us and accomplishes the work.  Then once it is accomplished, we see it and marvel and rejoice in what He did!  Thereby, He accomplishes it and receives the glory, and not us.


In the mid to latter 1990s, Yahweh spoke to me that Africa is Christianity.  And from what we can now see, what He effected in my trip to Africa was to cause me to identify with the snake kingdom, Christianity, even with Satan himself, whose very image is on the continent of Africa.  And by doing so, as with Jacob and Esau I can therein receive the blessing:  the serpent on the ground (the earth) turning back into the rod in a man’s hand—the prophet like Moses.  This transfer of the office of Elijah back to a man, is so that the way for Immanuel can be prepared.  It is the blessing of receiving and restoring the kingdom that has been under the governance of Satan for two thousand years.  Just as Jacob had to take on the image and smell of his brother, Esau, so as to obtain the blessing, in like manner and purpose I had to go to Africa and take on the image of the snake kingdom so as to obtain the blessing.  This is the power of intercession/identification.


So, who is the Rebekah who made all of this possible?  On November 22, 1997, Yahweh spoke to me and clearly stated, “When you travel (to present the truth of the Remnant), take Rebekah with you.”  I assumed at that time that He was speaking of my second daughter, Rebekah.  But that proved to be wrong, as well as other like assumptions thereafter regarding this fulfillment.  There was no doubt that Yahweh spoke this to me, and I have long sought who or what was the Rebekah.  Today, it seems evident who Rebekah is.  And keep in mind, according to what we see here regarding Rebekah and Jacob, the Rebekah must make the Jacob look and smell like the Esau.  The Jacob must take on the identity of Satan.  And today there is one person who fills that bill—Caleb Oguta. 


It seems quite evident that Caleb is the Rebekah.  Not only was he the very one who initiated me even going to Africa, and caused me in every way to identify with the serpent kingdom, but for the first time in twenty-one years I experienced certain and complete victory by the Holy Spirit.  Under his organization and direction, I taught 1,200 pastors, and they all rejoiced greatly in what they learned regarding the kingdom of heaven.  In every regard, it seems quite evident that Caleb Oguta is the long-awaited Rebekah!


Let me tell you another story related to this.  In a blog entry titled “June 6 & 7, 2009,” I wrote about yet another intercession whereby we walked out the Genesis 15 covenant pattern where a smoking oven and flaming torch passed between the eight split covenant parts laid out by Abraham.  You can read more about this, but like the eight covenant parts, eight people stood in the identical pattern while I was to walk between them.  There was one element that was clearly lacking though.  In the Genesis 15 covenant, there were two things that passed between the split covenant parts—the oven and the torch—but I was only one item.  What would be the second? 


We had no plans for a second part, for that was all we had.  But, the Father had His own work to perform.  While I was preparing to walk between the split parts, of all things a dog came running up to my right, ran right past me and preceded me by running precisely between the laid-out parts.  She then stopped at the back side, then turned around and ran over and stood behind Jim McManus, and then ran off.  My thoughts were, “That dog just had relations with my bride.”  Precisely forty years before that, I had consummated my marriage with my wife in the same town.


Why do I bring this up?  Because the Father Himself provided the missing part to that covenant—the dog.  And what does the name Caleb mean?  Dog!  The Father provided a dog to testify of the covenant work that obviously Caleb Oguta and I would together effect.


And one other noteworthy point here.  It was in fact Yahshua (Joshua) and Caleb who provided the true witness when the Israelites were afforded the opportunity to enter into the Promised Land at Tabernacles.  Of course the people picked up stones to stone them.  Did these two eventually enter into that land?  Indeed so.  Now advancing forward one thousand four hundred and seventy eight years, Stephen, in the first Remnant, obviously at Tabernacles as well, stood up and equally provided the true witness.  Did they accept his witness and thereby enter into the Promised Land?  Not at all.  Instead, the unbelievers laid their garments at the feet of Saul/Paul and stoned the true witness.  And just as it was one thousand four hundred and seventy eight years earlier, the church was led into the wilderness for two thousand years! 


Today, it seems quite evident that Yahweh is once again bringing forth two witnesses to bring man into the Promised Land, the Millennial Reign—once again a Yahshua and a Caleb.  As evidenced by John the Baptist who had the spirit and power of Elijah, Elijah stands in the office of Yahshua, and he will likewise decrease and Yahshua will increase and rule and reign for a thousand years!  “That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done.  So there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9).  The true witness of Yahshua and Caleb will this time bring us into the Promised Land as Yahweh provides the signs that cause belief.  Amen.



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