Follower of Paul, or disciple of Yahshua?

For six and a half years I had my own office and worked behind a desk after getting a degree from a university in Texas.  I had a good job – met with company executives and engineers and city officials.  I traveled the state of Texas, and had respect in my position.  But on this particular day, life was different.  I had now taken my big senior ring off my hand and placed it in my top drawer.  Instead of dress pants, shirt, and tie, I was now wearing blue-collar clothing.  Most certainly, I would have been embarrassed if someone from my past had seen me now.  Yahweh called me out of that job and into the ministry.  He showed me that He had called me into the “pastorate.”  But shortly thereafter, even that had to die as well.  “If I did not know better,” I said to Yahweh one day, “I would say You are a cruel God.”  First He called me into the pastorate, and I did not really want it, but consented.  Then He gave me the desire, then even the excitement about it; but then, He killed it!  “I am going to teach you the death principle,” were His words to me; but, I had no idea then how extensive that teaching would be.  After seeking to make my way in the business world, and dying to it and the pastorate, I was now cleaning dirty carpets, primarily in apartments.

On this particular day, I was at an apartment complex in Dallas that was located in a rather rough part of town.  As I began setting up the equipment, an old man in a gray trench coat walked by.  He had all the appearance of a street person – unkempt and soiled, with long oily white hair, and a full scraggly white beard that was yellow around his mouth and nose from smoking so many cigarettes.  He walked out onto the steps of the apartment just outside of where I was working and slowly sat down, took a clear vial from the inside pocket of his trench coat, removed the lid, and began to sniff the clear liquid it held. 

As I watched this scene, my heart began to experience an immense pain.  The pain was so uncomfortable that I turned away from him and began to busy myself with my work, trying to escape what I was feeling inside.  Finally, when the pain became so unbearable that I felt I would die if it continued, I fell on my knees in that dirty apartment and cried out to Yahweh – “Either show me a way to help people like this old man, or take this unbearable pain from my heart!”  Yahweh answered me as I knelt there, and told me something that no man had ever before told me or taught me.  In fact, it was so foreign to me that when I got home that evening, I had to look it up.  He told me – “I have already provided a way to help people like this old man, and that is for business men to give the corners of their field.”  (Found in Leviticus 19:9-10 and 23:22.)

This experience in 1980-81 began an entirely new direction in my life, one that actually continues to this very day.  Shortly after this, for the next twelve years I plead the cause for the poor.  Yahweh said concerning the good king, Josiah – “He plead the cause of the afflicted and needy; then it was well.  Is not that what it means to know Me?” (Jeremiah 22:16)  For twelve years, this was my purpose in life.  Through a daily radio broadcast, a book, by teaching, by helping other ministries to fulfill their own efforts to help the needy, and by our own direct works, I “plead the cause” for the needy.  In 1991 we began a work that would be the culmination of this string of efforts, though not fulfilling the ultimate call that Yahweh had in that old man.  After two years of building, we opened a home for abused and displaced women and children.

Since the events leading up to this home are already recorded and expounded upon in a writing titled The Passing Over Principle, page 6, we will not go into these here.  In order to more fully understand this writing you are reading now, and particularly the conclusion, it is important that you read about these revealing preluding events.  Simply click on the subject title. 

When looking back over these years since the old man, one finds that everything Yahweh has led this man into regarding the care of the needy, has been a passing over, even death process, which has looked to its final fulfillment in that which Yahweh is doing right now.  Yahweh used that old man to break my heart for the needy, and told me about the corners of the field.  I thought then that the fulfillment would be to provide care for the needy who were needy through severe difficulties.  But little did I know that He broke my heart for those who would equally become needy, not by plight, but by willing obedience to the instruction of Yahshua – “So therefore, no one of you can be My disciple who does not give up all his possessions” (Luke 14:33). 

The corners of the field to which Yahweh directed me in that dirty apartment, are the corners that were not only a provision for the needy, but also provided healing (the corners of Yahshua’s garment - Numbers 15:38, Matthew 9:20, 14:36), could not be removed (the corners of a man’s beard – Leviticus 19:27), were an integral part of provision in Ezekiel’s temple (providing boiling places for preparing the offerings for consumption – Ezekiel 46:21-24), and were the location of the gold rings for transporting the table of showbread (Exodus 25:26), and the location of the horns on the altar (Exodus 27:2).  Also, the elect are gathered from the four winds of the earth (Matthew 24:31), even as the Remnant-representing 144,000 are sealed when the four angels hold the four winds while standing at the four corners of the earth (Revelation 7:1-4).  The corners will indeed be the Remnant Bride who obey the words of Yahshua and make themselves poor.

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