Why I Am No Longer A Christian

Gary sent a letter to a beloved family member explaining why he could not be a Christian anymore. This letter is a very good way to introduce you to the Remnant Bride truth, as it lays out the problem of what has been taking place in the kingdom of God for 2,000 years, as well as introduces the solution. We hope its expression of love and its insight will be helpful to you in your pursuit of truth and life, as well as encourage you to read more here at The Remnant Bride.

Dear family member

Please allow me the opportunity to explain why I can no longer be any part of Christianity or be called a Christian. Even though I have for many years been faithful in Christianity, it is my devotion to Him whom I now call by His Hebrew name, Yahshua, that dictates this important and seemingly unusual change.

Because of both the uniqueness of what I will share, as well as what I see as its grave importance, I must provide a degree of explanation that adequately addresses this. I hope you will be patient to fully hear me out. But actually, this in itself is only a brief overview, for there are many hundreds of pages of supporting information on The Remnant Bride web site.

First and very importantly, I want you to know that I continue to be a part of the church; but what makes me different now and necessitates that I take the position of not being a Christian, is that I now see that the church is not just a one-part work, but clearly must be a two-part work. For years I was a faithful part of the body of Christ, but it is clear from the Scriptures that even as Yahweh (the name of the Father) said after creating Adam - "It is not good for the man to be alone," equally it is not good for the body of Christ to be alone. What then is the solution for the body? The same solution as it was for Adam - to put the body to sleep and take out a rib to form a Bride!

Even as Yahweh created male and female in the garden, so He will create male and female works in His kingdom - the body of Christ and the Bride. This is necessary for several reasons, including the need to "be fruitful and multiply" in His kingdom, as well as to fulfill the law for being clean. In Leviticus 11:3, we read that in order for an animal to be clean, one of its requirements was that it had to split the hoof. In other words, the hoof had to be two-part. This "split" work is what Yahweh had in His original creation. There was the "split" - male and female. Equally, there were two trees, not one - the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and the tree of life. (Significantly, Eve's name correspondingly means "life, or lives.")

I said all of this not to get complicated, but to show in the simplest form I know how that the kingdom of God, the church, must be a two-part work. For many years I was a faithful part of the masculine body of Christ and its members who are called Christians; but now I have come out of the body and am part of the feminine work of the Bride. It is utterly impossible for the body and the Bride to be one work, since we clearly see that the Bride must come out of the body to be a separate yet fulfilling helpmate. The Bride coming out of the sleeping body is equally and very importantly seen when Yahshua was similarly put to sleep on the cross, His side was then likewise opened, and out came blood and water, or the Bride. The message here is inescapably clear, for we see that the "first Adam," as well as the "last Adam," Yahshua, were both put to sleep and their sides were opened, making it possible for the Bride element to come out.

May I digress on this so you can see more clearly and even more thoroughly what I am saying?

Ecclesiastes 1:9 says, "That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done. So, there is nothing new under the sun." A good example of this is the sacrifice of Yahshua. His sacrifice for our sins was foretold many times in the sacrifice lamb. The crucifixion of Yahshua on Passover had been revealed many times before in foreshadowing pictures. Thus, that which had been was that which would be. And as vitally important as the church is, this will unquestionably be true with it as well. That which would take place in the church, would equally be foretold many times and in many ways before the church would ever come about. Let us look at only one of these testimonies as it relates to what I have already shared.

We have already seen the church pictured in the original garden of Eden with two-part Adam and Eve, as well as the two trees. But that which makes the testimony of these two works so particularly unique, is that the Bride must come out of the body. Though you might not see right away the obvious application of this next testimony, please allow me to develop it fully; I hope you will see its truth.

Even as Eve came out of Adam, even as the blood and water came out of Yahshua, so we see that likewise the remnant of Judah came out of Babylon. As you will see, Babylon is in many ways, most of which cannot even be covered in this letter, a foretelling prophetic picture of Christianity.

First though, there are many, many ties that can be found between the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation, one augmenting and expounding upon the other. One of these similarities is this matter of Babylon. In Revelation 17:14 and 19:16, we find Yahshua twice being identified as "Lord of lords, and King of kings." And in unique correlation, back in Daniel we find this same title being applied to the head of Babylon, King Nebuchadnezzar. In Daniel 2:37 we read - "You, O king, are the king of kings, to whom the God of heaven has given the kingdom, the power, the strength, and the glory." Of course this statement is unmistakably similar to that declared in the last verse of Jude, immediately before Revelation, where we read - "to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen."

Why is there such replete and striking similarities between these two who were each given "the kingdom"? Because King Nebuchadnezzar and the nation he formed, prophetically represented the body of Christ, which is Christ on this earth.

In like telling regard, three times in Jeremiah (25:9, 27:6, and 43:10), Nebuchadnezzar is identified as "My servant." This seems a rather unique title for a man who would violently take the remnant of Judah into captivity and burn Jerusalem. But, as the prophetic representative of the body of Christ, which is Yahshua's "servant" on this earth, "My servant" is most applicable and appropriate and equally revealing.

Babylon's representation of the body of Christ is extensively revealed in the original Babylon as well, which I will not attempt to fully address now; but basically, Christianity is an earth-based work that reaches to God in heaven, in the same way that the tower of Babel was earth-based and reached to the heavens. Babylon divided men by different tongues, and Christianity began by speaking in tongues understood by these various divisions. Likewise, the word Babylon means "confusion," and with 22,000 sects and denominations in Christianity saying 22,000 differing and much divided things, Christianity is indeed an extremely divided work that speaks many divisive and confusing tongues. Thus we clearly see once again, Christianity is Babylon.

Furthermore, and the testimonies like this are almost endless, as I said already, Babylon represented the body of Christ from which a remnant must be brought out to rebuild the destroyed temple of Yahweh. This remnant is, once again, the Bride that comes out of the Babylonian body of Christ.

But in further testimony of this much supported truth, let us now turn to the companion book of Revelation and see what it says regarding Babylon. In Revelation, Babylon is called "a mystery, 'Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth'" (17:5). Beginning in 16:17 and continuing throughout chapters 17 and 18, Babylon the great, "the great city," is addressed in this book of parables. I will not, of course, even begin to address the book of Revelation here, except to point out the application once again of mystery Babylon to Christianity.

To begin with, even as Yahshua said that Christianity/the kingdom of heaven would be three measures of meal that were entirely leavened (Matthew 13:33), so in equal testimony in Revelation 16:19 we read that "the great city" of mystery Babylon was "split into three parts." I will say more on these three parts shortly.

This brings us to one of the most telling and decisive points in what I would like to share here with you. While it is far more pleasant to think of the Bride coming out of the body when picturing, say, Eve coming out of Adam, the testimony that this parable in Revelation adds presents a message that, while being very telling, is also very uncomfortable for many.

As has been pointed out that Daniel and Revelation are obvious companion books of the Bible, we see in Daniel 9 Daniel's own supplication to Yahweh for the remnant of Judah, that they would return to Jerusalem following seventy years of bondage (which was fulfilled), while in Revelation 18:4-5 we find a like call to come out of mystery Babylon.

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, "Come out of her, my people, that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive of her plagues; for her sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities."

Here is the hardest part of what I have to share, because it takes a hard and honest look at Christianity. The testimony seen here once again in this "voice from heaven" is that the Bride must come out of the body of Christ, but more clearly because as the "mother of harlots," Christianity's sins "have piled up as high as heaven." I do not think anyone can dispute the fact that the sins of Christianity are exceptionally great!

Maybe one of the best ways to characterize the sins of Christianity is to quote from Christians themselves. I will refer to only two quotes that were readily available to me. The first comes from a fairly recent book by David W. Bercot titled Common Sense, and the second from a book that has been around since 1924 - Halley's Bible Handbook by Henry H. Halley. I will begin with Bercot's succinct observations concerning the division of the body of Christ into numerous schisms (pages 3-4). And let me say, Mr. Bercot is unabashedly Christian and entirely pro-Christian. His comment here is simply an honest and salient observation.

If you think that Christ doesn't object to His body being fragmented into thousands of schisms, think again. The primary thing on His mind before He was arrested was the unity of the Church. He prayed, "Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word; That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us" (Jon. 17:20,21 KJV).

Yet, we Protestants think nothing of tearing off another chunk of flesh from Christ's body. We don't recognize factionalism for being the perilous sin that it is. Paul lists it as one of the "deeds of the flesh ... of which I forewarn you just as I have forewarned you that those who practice such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God" (Gal. 5:19,21). He told Titus, "Reject a divisive man after the first and second admonition, knowing that such a person is warped and sinning, being self-condemned" (Tit. 3:10,11 NKJV). Perhaps that Scripture condemns all of us Bible-believing Christians today. We are "divisive" men and women. We are "warped and sinning." And we and our predecessors have made a mess out of the body of Christ.

Now consider an amazing observation by the highly respected teacher and author - Henry Halley. This quote is exactly as written in his book; no emphasis has been added. Here we find from this teacher within Christianity a salient list of indictments against the church that surpasses even what I have ever shared. The author then concludes with an exceptionally bold statement, emphasized by his use of all capital letters (something very seldom done in his book), making this even more significant. From his Bible Handbook (page 733, Twenty-Forth Edition) per his comments on Revelation 18, we read:

"Babylon the Great Harlot" may be Heaven's Name for Apostate Christendom as a Whole.

Even in our own country, where we think we have the Purest Form of Christianity known since the days of Primitive Persecutions, while there are vast multitudes of Devoted Saints, and countless True and Faithful Churches, Seminaries, Organizations and Movements, headed by Pastors and Leaders of Unwavering Loyalty and Unquestioned Faith, YET, on the other hand, our Churches so generally are so thoroughly Humanized, so full of Worldliness, Indifference, Half-Heartedness, Pleasure-Seeking, all kinds of Evil Indulgence, so much Unbelief in Pulpits and in Seminaries, so little of God's Word in the Preaching, so little of Christ in the Services, so much Lifeless Formalism, so much Professionalism and Ecclesiastical Pomp, so little of the real spirit of Christ, so much Ignorance of God's Word, and such Indifference to it in the Pulpit - All This makes it look as if the Church as a Whole HAS NOT YET COME ENTIRELY OUT OF ITS GREAT APOSTASY.

Both David Bercot and Henry Halley are precisely right in their observations and conclusions! David accurately said - "Perhaps that Scripture condemns all of us Bible-believing Christians today. We are 'divisive' men and women. We are 'warped and sinning.' And we and our predecessors have made a mess out of the body of Christ." And Halley's conclusion written nearly a century ago is as true today as it was then - Christendom as a whole has still not come out of its great apostasy, and as such bears the name, "Babylon the Great Harlot."

But it is at this juncture that I part from these two men, for the true outcome of Halley's conclusion, as well as Bercot's, is one that must lead to and even demands the conclusive warning and instruction given in Revelation 18:4-5 - to "Come out of her, my people, that you may not participate in her sins and that you may not receive of her plagues; for her sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities." This is the only option available for escaping the ill consequences of corrupt Christianity.

Christians tend to have short memories when it comes to the sins that take place in the church; but Yahweh does not, for He says that they have piled up as high as heaven and He remembers them. For the sake of recalling just a few of these sins, may I digress on some of them, and even then only some of the ones with which I am personally familiar?

Actually, what I am about to write, I do not like doing for several reasons. But it seems this is necessary in order to look at things the way they really are, the way Yahweh, a righteous and jealous God, sees them. Honesty and truth are always of value, even when they hurt. Also, these examples, even these sins of Christianity that have piled up to heaven, demand a conclusion, as we have noted in Revelation 18:4-5. But, more on this after taking this honest look. I hope you will bear with me, for frankness here is necessary.

In the latter 80's and early 90's, I worked with a pastor of an inner-city church that helped drug addicts and alcoholics, providing for them housing and the opportunity for a new start. The pastor's associate, an ex-drug addict himself, invited his old buddy to come and be a part of this work, not only to help this work, but more importantly because his buddy was having marital problems. He came, but it was not long before the pastor began having sexual relations with the man's wife. The associate's buddy and his wife came there to find much needed help from this man of God; but to the contrary, their marriage was totally destroyed and ended in divorce. The pastor's wife, equally shaken by this, also obtained a divorce, dividing the family and three children.

Another pastor I worked with at that time began a new church work in the same city, but this church was not to the down and out in the inner-city, but in contrast was located in one of the most prestigious areas. The new pastor was well known, well liked, trusted, respected, and had previously been highly successful as a minister. Thus this new church took off like a rocket and people were thrilled with and moved by its ministry, led by this most capable man of God. But shortly after its beginning, it was revealed that the pastor had (admittedly) lied to the congregation, had set his own salary at an unbelievable amount of $165 - $175,000, and on the founding documents forged the signature of the third and only other board member outside of his wife and himself. Those who were a part of this work that began as an anticipated "move of God," were shocked and dismayed by the pastor's cloaked actions, and resulted in about two-thirds of the now expansive following and most of the pastoral staff, to leave with great hurts and bewilderment. These followers had turned to this man and his work to find help and to secure a knowledge of God, but withdrew in disappointment, anger, and great hurt.

At approximately the same time, the pastor of one of the largest and fastest growing mainline denominational churches in that same city, left his church when it was revealed that he, similar to the inner-city pastor, was in an adulterous relationship with a woman. Here was a man who was one of the leaders of the kingdom of God, and even while preaching righteousness from the pulpit, was committing adultery.

These are events with which I was personally familiar at that time, the first two occurring in works with which I was directly associated. But this is not all, of course. The evangelist through whom the Spirit of God had anointed and moved, leading me at the age of twenty one, along with hundreds of others at that time, to seek and serve Yahshua, at about the same time as these other occurrences, was invited to the church where I was then attending. You can imagine my excitement in seeing once again this man who had provoked the dramatic change in my own life some eleven years prior. But under suspicion by one of the pastors, inquiry into his expenses at the hotel where he was staying revealed that he was viewing pornographic movies, and clearly during the evangelistic services was lying about events in his own life. This was the man who had led hundreds, and possibly thousands, to Yahshua, and equally was a representative of the kingdom of God.

But again, this was not all that occurred in that brief period about which I am referring. For example, it was during that same time, with great embarrassment to Christendom, that the aberrant actions of mega-ministry leaders Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart were revealed. These, once again, were the leaders, high profile leaders, of the kingdom of God.

How many more hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of cases could be cited in example after example of men and women representing the kingdom of God, who in fact by their deeds and words have not represented or accurately reflected the will of the King? The examples I have just cited here are only a minute sampling of the vast aberrant actions of Christian leaders, and those within only a brief period of time and in the limited scope of one pair of eyes. Indeed, many more equally tragic cases could be cited. Today, one of Christianity's most acclaimed prophecy teachers (who espouses to know what God is going to do next), during this same subject period of time divorced his wife to marry a younger lady, with whom he was reportedly having an affair; but the church doesn't mind and continues to follow him and his teachings. Multiplied other cases that have been exposed could be mentioned, and vastly more would come forth should the window shades cloaking secrecy be thrown open.

One of the most respected Christian ministries today had in its monthly magazine an article concerning a youth pastor who was sent to prison for an affair with one of the young girls (a minor) in his youth group. Can you imagine the horror this was to those parents? They trustingly placed their young daughter under the guidance and care of a man of God, representing the kingdom of God, and he sexually violated her! And once again, this breach of confidence resulted in his wife divorcing him.

Even as I write this letter, the Catholic Church in America is under tremendous criticism and pressure for the moral aberrations that take place among their priests. Homosexuality is not uncommon among Catholic priests, along with incidents of child molestation. One priest engaged in sexual acts with four girls in a Cape Cod rental, all of whom were planning to be nuns. Following are the comments from this man who, once again, is a leader and representative of the kingdom of God. "What I was trying to show them is that Christ is human, and you should love him as a human being," said the priest. "I felt that by having this little bit of intimacy with them that this is what it would be like with Christ."

Far too often men, women, and children have placed their trust in men of God representing the kingdom of God, only to be hurt, disappointed, violated, and otherwise misdirected from the truths and the ways of the King of the kingdom. And these cited examples are only moral aberrations. What about knowledge aberrations? What about the teachings of men of God who often confidently claim that what they present is truly God's word and will?

The teachings of 22,000 denominations cannot all be right. Some (and surely all) are in fact not representing the King of this kingdom when they speak on various matters, though all of them claim and think they are. The reality is, most of the teachings of Christianity are a mixture of truth and expressions of man's own flesh and natural intellect, or even more so the deception of the serpent. These erroneous teachings, of which there are many from the mere fact that Christians hold to such a variety of beliefs and practices, are of little consequential difference (relative to the purity of the kingdom) from the cases of immorality, financial greed, and lying that have been pointed out. Think about it - How many millions of pieces of false information are given out by the church in a single day? The gross failure of Christianity to be Babylon/confusion and not present one common message and truth, is a clear and valid indictment against it that it does not accurately represent the King of the kingdom. Yahshua is not divided in His teachings, as is the body of Christ kingdom of God church.

All that I have mentioned thus far is with reference to our present time. But, the church is not just what we see around us today. The church, it must be remembered, is a 2,000 year old body! Essentially, there are 1,500 years of Catholicism and 500 years of Protestantism/Catholicism mix (including all the other groups like the Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses). Christianity in any of its varied forms includes a string of beliefs and people 2,000 years long! Thus, one has to realize that when God (who spans these 2,000 years) looks at the church, He does not just see today, but He sees far more than what we can see even in a lifetime. Certainly the sins that have piled up to heaven that God sees, amass a 2,000 year old pile! Even from the vantage of our own eyes, we find that Christianity is replete in its corruption. Can you imagine what He sees? Oh sure, there is good in the church, but how much evil has there been? Who can account all the atrocities of the Catholic Church for 1,500 plus years? The Crusades were carried out by the church where in the name of Jesus they slaughtered Jews and even their own in the eastern church, looting and pillaging the people as they went. Or what of the inquisitions and gross tortures and burnings that took place in the name of the church? And remember, Christianity has been solely Catholic for seventy-five percent of the church period, and all of this is added to this quickly escalating and burgeoning pile of sins.

And let's not overlook the indictment against Christianity for its emphasis upon, its amassing of, and abuse of worldly wealth. How many countless souls have been turned off to or turned away from the kingdom of God by the church's quest for money? It is common today to find those who have either ceased attending a church or who will not turn to the kingdom of God, because of the many offenses from the church's appeals for and inappropriate use of money. And this does not even address the elements of the church that emphasize the pursuit of wealth, uniting the test of faith with one's ability to acquire the things of this world. Truly, even as a crown of thorns was placed upon the head of afflicted and tormented Yahshua, for nearly 2,000 years the body of Christ church has likewise worn a thorny crown - the thorny crown of "the worries of the world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the desires for other things," spoken of by Yahshua (Mark 4:19).

Please do not grow weary of this needed analysis, for there is a conclusion to be shortly drawn from it.

During the Middle Ages the church advanced its power so as to rule over the nations of this world, amassing vast sums of wealth and building imposing edifices. It sold its religious positions and offices for financial gain. A man could become a bishop merely if he had enough money (not to speak of men and women today who are placed on church boards because of their wealth or prestige). Still more coins were added to the coffers by marketing the forgiveness of sins through indulgences. And even today, Catholicism, the Mormons, television evangelism, Charismatics, denominations, all amass wealth for the prestige, comfort, influence, and furtherance of their organizations.

Ever since Peter, James, and John were on the mount of transfiguration with the glorified Yahshua and His two witnesses, and there, after coming out of their sleep, responded to that marvelous event with the idea of a building program (which was fearfully interrupted by the voice of God), the church has continued to follow in and now carry out its quest to respond to the move of God by building earthly edifices. (And might I say here that per this account, we once again see the vivid testimony of the three-part body of Christ sleeping, while the glorified Bride is brought forth.)

Even the world is weary of and turned off by the gimmick money-raising attempts from churches and Christian ministries, many of whom have full time or hired professional staff whose sole job is to obtain money from sympathetic people. They know all the techniques on how to get into people's pockets. One minister boasted - "You have to learn how to get into the back pockets, and not the front pockets." Are all ministers and churches this way? No. But to one degree or another, they are all a shame to the kingdom of God in the area of money.

Did I say all of this just to bash Christianity? Far from it! But I point this out to see Christianity for what it really is - a corrupted work of the kingdom of heaven. Yahshua Himself forewarned that the kingdom would be entirely corrupted. He said it would be like a field of wheat in which tares would be sown, or a mustard tree in which the birds of the air would nest, or three measures of meal that would be completely leavened (Matthew 13:24-33). Clearly, this has been and is today the true state of Christianity.

Furthermore, and this is most important and revealing, clearly Christianity is a Pentecost work, insomuch that its roots began at Pentecost. What does this mean and what implications does it hold for Christianity? Even as Pentecost was the feast of leavened bread in which two loaves of leavened bread were waved before Yahweh (Leviticus 23:17), but could never ascend up to Him as a burnt offering (Leviticus 2:11), so we find that Christianity is 2,000 years (two loaves) of a Pentecost leavened work that cannot ascend to Yahweh as an offering, but must remain a part of this earth. Christianity, in keeping with its beginnings, is a leavened work. Like the three measures of meal that were equally leavened, or corrupt mystery Babylon that was divided into three parts, and even the three earthly minded disciples who slept when Yahshua and the Bride representatives were glorified, Christianity corrupts the kingdom of heaven, the church.

All the things I have pointed out here are merely a minutely small sampling of the examples of the leaven that has completely leavened the last 2,000 years of Christianity. And these items listed here are only with regard to the leaders of Christianity. How infinitesimally greater would this list/pile be if the grievous ills of the common lay individuals were added to it, who of course occupy the vastly greater mass of the body of Christ? And if Christianity was given another 1,000 years, it too would be equally leavened, even as Yahshua said all three measures (3,000 years) of meal were leavened.

Hopefully you would agree at this point that Christianity is indeed entirely leavened, even as Yahshua clearly stated. But frankly, this conclusion is not too hard to come to, even as Bercot and Halley pointed out in their own way. However, it is the next conclusion that is the more difficult for most, and that is the outcome or consequence to Christianity for this corruption. Halley concluded that the whole of Christianity was "Babylon the Great Harlot;" but during his lifetime, Halley lacked the option that is the critical response to being in Babylon - to come out of it! In order to come out of Christianity, or "Babylon the Great Harlot," timing is critical, even as Daniel and the remnant of Judah were keenly aware. Coming out of Christianity dictates that it be the right timing, and that timing is the period in which the Bride is to come out of the body of Christ. I believe that the mere fact that these Remnant Bride truths are now, for the first time ever, being revealed, as well as it being time for the return of Yahshua and the establishment of His Millennial reign, the time for the fulfillment of this "come out of her" invitation is indeed now!

This is why I now have no part of Christianity. As commanded by Yahshua, I have "come out of her," so that I do not "participate in her sins" and "receive of her plagues; for her sins have piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities."

Furthermore, Bercot's conclusions regarding Christianity's guilt of factionalism has far more consequences than the mere indictment of being "warped and sinning" and having "made a mess out of the body of Christ." As we read from his own quote, the church is forewarned that the practice of factionalism (as well as other sins in which the church shares guilt, including immorality, impurity, enmities, strife, jealousy, disputes, and dissensions) dictates the sober consequence that they will be rejected and not inherit the kingdom of God - "I forewarn you just as I have forewarned you that those who practice such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God." Christianity has had the kingdom for nearly 2,000 years; but the fact is, they as a whole are entirely factious with their 22,000 denominations and sects, and will thus lose the kingdom, their practice of factionalism being only one justification for this just judgment.

Keep in mind here as well that leavened Pentecost bread cannot ascend to Yahweh, and even as we see that the gross factions of the body of Christ entirely dictates that it not inherit the Millennial kingdom of God, so we see that the two loaves, or 2,000 years, of Christianity cannot and will not be "raptured" to heaven to return with Yahshua for the Millennial reign, as they think. The mere fact of their leaven forbids this! Yahweh must instead do precisely what He said He would do with specifically the sheep of the Shepherd, who was struck, and that is to purify them with fire during the Millennium.

Following that familiar verse we all know regarding striking the Shepherd and the sheep being scattered, we next read in Zechariah 13:7-9 that two parts, or 2,000 years (two loaves), of those sheep would be cut off and die (which is precisely what has taken place with the sheep for 2,000 years), and the final third part of the sheep (or during the final 1,000 year Millennial reign) would be purified by fire (which is how you stop leaven). They will then call on Yahweh's name, and He will call them His people. Without any question, the Shepherd and the sheep here are Yahshua and Christians, and the fate of the sheep is not at all what Christians believe today.

While Christians would not agree with me and would quote to me scriptures that have to do with the atonement power of the blood of Yahshua, they fail to recognize there is indeed corporate liability for what they do wrong! Their sins do pile up to heaven, and the God who sees them does merit out consequences for them, even corporate consequences. For example, Yahshua does not tritely dismiss the sins of the churches in the opening chapters of Revelation as being covered under His blood. Rather, He says that if they do not repent and change, He will remove their lampstand out of its place, give them "great tribulation" and "kill her (Jezebel's) children with pestilence;" He will come like a thief to them if they will not wake up, and even spit them out of His mouth! All of this was written to the church; and clearly, as we see here, there are indeed great consequences for their ill actions which pile up to heaven before Him, and this includes corporate consequences.

What is to be one's response today to this corruption of the church? There have always been people who think they can stay within a corrupt work and change it from within, while there are a remnant who believe they must depart from the corrupt in order to form something better. In past history, these were the Puritans and the Separatists. The Puritans stayed in England and never really changed the church, while the Separatists came out from them to America and began a new land. This is precisely that which must take place now. Yahshua aptly forewarned that you do not "put new wine into old wineskins" (Matthew 9:17), and Christianity's 2,000 year old wineskin cannot and will not receive the new wine of the restored kingdom. That wine can only be placed into the new wineskin of the new work of the Bride.

The call of Yahweh is always to come out from among the whole. Even the word "church" means "called out ones." While Christianity is the tithe out of mankind whereby Christians have become the "church" out of the world, of necessity there must be a tithe out of the tithe as well whereby the Remnant become the "church" out of Christianity. The law of Yahweh that requires the tithe, equally requires the "tithe of the tithe" (Numbers 18:26). Thus once again we see that a Remnant tithe of the tithe must come out of the tithe of Christianity - the rib Bride coming out of the body.

This coming out at either occasion (out of the world or out of Christianity) is seen in Hebrews 13:11-14 where we are instructed to go outside the camp to Yahshua where He suffered, that we might find a lasting city. In Exodus 33:7, we see in like testimony that Moses pitched the tent of meeting outside the camp, even "a good distance from the camp," where Moses and the people sought Yahweh. But remember, both here with Moses and in the case of Hebrews 13, the camps being addressed were not the world, but were the people of God! Truly, as long as one stays in Christianity, the very best one can hope to accomplish is to be a Puritan and simply relocate within the camp. But the call is to come out of the camp in order to seek Yahweh, to be a Moses and speak face to face with Him, and this requires that which is declared in Revelation 18:4-5 and Hebrews 13:11-14 - to come out from among them and not participate in their sins and receive of their plagues. And once again, this opportunity is all a matter of timing; and the timing is now.

And might I add here, even as the remnant of Judah came out of Babylon as a foreshadowing testimony of the Remnant Bride coming out of Christianity, so the sons of Israel were a like testimony. While we see that Christianity is mystery Babylon, we are told in Revelation 11:8 that mystery Babylon is equally mystical Egypt, and even mystical Sodom, where in each original case a remnant was likewise called out. Thus the remnant of Judah coming out of mystery Babylon, or the sons of Israel coming out of Egypt, or even Lot coming out of Sodom, are all one and the same testimony - the Remnant Bride coming out of Christianity.

Please allow me to provide a summary of these remarkable and revealing identically concluding testimonies.

What clearer, consistent, and more replete testimony could there be of the Remnant coming out of Christianity? And this is only a partial representative list! (Oh to elaborate on bride-representative Rebekah, who came out of Nahor [meaning "piercing," or piercing the side of the body of Christ], to be the bride of the son of Abraham, Isaac!)

And let me acknowledge here once again that there is a great deal of good that Christianity has done and does today, but the problem is that the good they do does not nullify all the evil that piles up before Yahweh. And unfortunately, even as Paul warned against in 2 Corinthians 10:12, Christians tend to evaluate themselves by comparing themselves with each other, or even by comparing themselves with the world, and this is not sufficient and is a great pitfall, resulting in practicing many things they think are good, but are in fact to Yahweh nothing more than evil. Even as Paul thus concludes, by making these types of comparisons, "they are without understanding."

Likewise, any group, religious or otherwise, in order to justify itself can make the same claim of doing good. Mormons could justifiably boast more than most other Christian groups concerning the good they do. And as far as that goes, so could, and likewise do, atheists, or even other religions. The Masons are set up with the primary purpose of helping others, and could certainly boast of many good works, as well as other charities. Thus, citing good is not justification for all the evil that likewise occurs. Plus, Christians will be judged by a much higher standard, for to whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48).

Likewise, there is even a caution in thinking that just because someone preaches from God's word in a church, or even prophesies or performs all kinds of miracles or casts out demons, this too would prove Christianity's acceptability to Yahweh. Yahshua specifically warned - "Many will say to Me in that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?' And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness'" (Matthew 7:22-23). Or as we read in the similar, less "Charismatic" warning/parable - "Then you will begin to say, 'We ate and drank in Your presence, and You taught in our streets'; and He will say, 'I tell you, I do not know where you are from; depart from Me, all you evildoers'" (Luke 13:26-27).

With such a grave warning that obviously applies to those who think they are doing the work of Yahshua and are being taught by Him, ever so much caution should be exercised to understand to whom He is speaking. Obviously He is speaking to Christians, in whole or in part, and undeniably in whole. (This is examined in a writing on The Remnant Bride web site titled Upon What Foundation Will You Build?.)

So how can so much "good" in the church be discounted? Because it is nullified by the evil they do likewise! Even as good Abel, whose offering was acceptable to Yahweh, was killed by evil Cain, both of whom were in the same house, so the good within the house of Christianity is killed by all the evil that has likewise occurred over the last 2,000 years. Also, even as there was good Jonathan in the house of Saul, who rejoiced over David and even made a covenant with him, when it was time for judgment to come on the house of evil Saul, good Jonathan died with him. While we are instructed to overcome evil with good, in fact the evil that Christianity does before Yahweh overcomes the good that they do, and when the house of Saul falls, the good will die with it.

It is most revealing that like Christianity, Saul too began his reign on Pentecost (during the wheat harvest); and even as men prophesied on Pentecost and were changed into new men, so Saul likewise prophesied and was "changed into another man;" and even as those on the day of Pentecost were accused of drinking wine, so Saul met men carrying wine; and even as Pentecost is the feast where the two loaves of leavened bread were waved before Yahweh, so Saul was given two loaves of bread to confirm his reign (1 Samuel 10:1-8). In every way, starting with this graphic and telling beginning, Saul's reign was one continuous testimony of Christianity. And even as Saul's reign was followed by the reign of David, so the period of Christianity will end and be followed by the reign of the Remnant Bride with Yahshua. And even as Saul in the end killed himself, so in the end Christianity kills itself by all of the evil that it performs. As in the words of Titus quoted by Bercot regarding the consequence of factionalism, Christianity's sins cause it to be "self-condemned," even self-afflicting in its own death.

I know what I just shared concerning Saul might at first be difficult to understand, but the similarities between him and Christianity as two like Pentecost works are so striking, they cannot be overlooked or dismissed. Even further, Christianity's primary teacher was equally Saul, whose name was changed to Paul. The relationship of all of this is too evident to not bear highly relevant meaning, especially in light of all that has thus far been noted in this letter.

In like revealing testimony, King Josiah was the greatest king in the history of Judah, who turned entirely to Yahweh, and as prophesied, wholly cleansed the land of its corruption and idols (2 Kings 23:25-27). Yet even so, Yahweh did not repent of the wrath He planned for Judah for all the sins they had committed in the past, the sins of Manasseh; and Josiah was killed and Yahweh removed Judah from His sight. Thus we see that at some point, no matter if a work as pure as a Josiah comes along and seeks to restore the kingdom, the sins of the past are too great, have piled up too high, to avert His plans for judgment. Such is the case with the church today. No matter how "good" one thinks the church might be today, no matter how great a Josiah one might think is on the scene, the sins of the past dictate its final fate.

Thus we see in conclusion that, as foretold in the parallel message of Daniel and Revelation, the handwriting is on the wall for mystery Babylon Christianity. Like ancient Babylon, Christianity has been numbered and put to an end, it has been "weighed on the scales and found deficient," and the kingdom has been divided and given to the Bride (Daniel 5:25-28). Beyond any shadow of doubt, that which has been is that which will be, and mystery Babylon Christianity's days of corruption and deception have been foreshadowed and now lived out before our very eyes. Hindsight now reveals precisely what Christianity was always destined to be, insomuch that the pure kingdom of heaven was given to corrupt flesh man and inhabited by the deceiving serpent, Satan. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil with the serpent dwelling in it has now been fulfilled on the higher kingdom level, and its fulfillment is Christianity. It is now time for the kingdom to be divided and given to the Remnant Bride.

As you know, from 1971 through 1994 I was a faithful Christian, actively serving in everything from Sunday School teacher and Education Director, to a brief time of being a pastor and for twelve years founding and serving in a ministry to the poor. I never rebelled against Dad or Mom, nor did I ever rebel against society in the 60's. I never rebelled against any pastor or elders, but always proved myself submissive in every regard. Rebellion has never been and is not now a part of my nature. I have been, and am today, highly respectful of all authority. And that which I am saying now is not in any way out of a spirit of rebellion, but rather out of zeal for the house of Yahweh that, even as it proved with Yahshua, provokes me to do something that seems completely out of place and calls me into suspect. Yahshua taught mercy, forgiveness, and meekness, yet zeal for His Father's house caused Him to do something that was seemingly inconsistent with that which He taught. Likewise, in fulfillment of that living prophecy or parable that He demonstrated, zeal for His house today is causing Him to begin a work that requires the seemingly "excessive" qualities characterized by zeal. This is the zeal that causes me to do something that is seemingly not consistent with authority (but in fact it is), nor a regard for not causing an offense.

In June, 1994, during the time that we were living at the ranch home that we built for displaced women and children, the Spirit of Yahweh came upon me and an earthquake took place in my beliefs. Things that I had never ever even thought about anytime before, suddenly in one split moment became crystal clear to me. I could ask Yahshua anything and He would tell me the answer. It was incredible! I was spending endless hours in the Scriptures, from which He showed me vast evidence that both revealed and thoroughly supported all that He was telling me and opening my eyes to see. And from then until this day, that revelation of sound evidence and truth has never ceased, and has truly been a well of living water that has never run dry!

He showed me then that the Bride of Yahshua is a two-part work, a two-part Bride, even a Leah and a Rachel. This is likewise the two olive trees in Zechariah 4 where they are called the two "sons of fresh oil," or the two works that are established by the former rain and the latter rain (the fresh oil). The testimonies concerning this two-part Remnant are absolutely endless, and I will not even attempt to address this, for the purpose of my writing you is simply to let you know why I am not a Christian and will not have anything to do with Christianity.

I hope this letter helps you in some measure to understand what has taken place in my life and why I do what I am doing today. Again, I am not removed from the church, but only from the body of Christ. The church has to be a two-part, groom and bride, "split hoof" work, and I am called to take a bride out of the side of the body of Christ. When I was born, Dad and Mom gave me the name "Gary," and "Gary" means "sharp spear." I am simply being that which I was named to be - a sharp spear that opens the side of the sleeping body of Christ and brings out the Bride.

With love and appreciation for you,


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