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2007 Edition

This newest edition of the complete original version of Coverings affords some changes and editing that make the book easier to read and up to date.  The original writing was actually begun sixteen years ago, and the 1998 edition used the original writing to a great extent just as it was.  So, by now there was a need to take a careful look at it.  However, the original writing was left in tact very much the way it was revealed and written at that time. Many of the changes were just to make it read smoother. Also, today I am more inclined and accustomed to using Yahweh's name, and that too is an example of one of the types of changes that were made. Also in this edition I am more straightforward about the Bride work and Christianity. Following is the revised 1998 Edition.

The writing of this book has truly been a personal life-changing experience. It began as a letter to a well known teacher. I was kneeling to pray early one morning, reflecting upon how this person’s teaching against beards had caused a friend to cut his beard after having it for sixteen years. His children and his wife had never seen him beardless; but off it came in order to participate in this man’s instructional program. His wife wept.

This was not the first occasion for this to happen, and as I knelt there I thought – enough is enough! I took paper and pen, and morning after morning in my regular prayer time I wrote. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. The more I wrote on the matter of beards, the more I learned. Included in the letter had to be the directly related issue of the headcovering,  inasmuch that they are an immensely important covering, revealing the government of Yahweh God and His angels.

On and on I wrote, ever learning His truth. Eventually, it became apparent that the subject was far more involved than what a mere letter could contain. Writing was added to writing, and soon the restraints of a letter were surpassed and blocks of truth were developed, leading to chapters. After three years of ever-unfolding learning and writing, the letter was completed at fifty-three pages of typed material – the material in Chapters 1 and 3 of this book (though much more had been written). The letter was hand delivered to the individual, but even then the writing for a book continued.

Around the time of finalizing this initial letter, my studies had led to examining the vow of the Nazirite with his/her long hair. This most important vow brought an unexpected and profound explosion in my understanding of Yahweh, His works, His ways, His laws, and His plans! An event which is referenced in Chapter 8 occurred at this pivotal time.

The writings since those life-changing events surrounding the study of the vow of the Nazirite expanded into even greater understanding. This (1998) book, now almost four years since my initial studies and writings on the vow of the Nazirite, and seven years since beginning the letter on beards, is a response to my wife’s request to put together something on coverings. All but the final chapter and this introduction were written in those three years after the letter began. The final chapter is a most needed conclusion to the other chapters, and was written during this (1998) compilation and revamping of the previous writings.

It is hoped that by reading this you will understand the immense gravity that coverings hold. You will unquestionably find in this work matters which you have never pondered. Frankly, neither had I. But, I find that when writing, this discipline is Yahweh’s opportunity to open up the Scriptures and bring new understanding which would normally not be pursued. For this reason, I am grateful for His opportunities for me to write.

Because almost all of this material will be entirely new to you, one should expect that in order to truly grasp what is being presented, more than one reading will be required. As points are being developed, specific relevant items could be entirely missed or misunderstood by the reader because the ideas may not relate to the their present thought. It is hard to hang a hat on an unfounded peg. This aspect of comprehension is true with any reading, but even more so with matters such as this in which the material is so new. Again, rereading this is strongly urged.

Also, you will find that this writer refers to the one true God by His name, Yahweh, and not by His titles, Lord or God. And in honor to the Father and His name, His Son is called by the name that bears His Father’s name – Yahshua, or “Yahweh Savior.”

May Yahweh open your eyes, give you a heart to understand, and quicken you to obey His ways.

Gary Naler


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