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It has been clearly stated in the preceding writing titled The Temptation of Eve, and the Deception of the Nations, as well as noted in the history and events surrounding the California recall, that 1920 was the most culminating year in the history of the United States towards its moral demise; or for that matter, one of the most destructive in the history of the world.  We have seen in that writing that Satan had the authority to deceive the nations and lead them into rebellion against Yahweh, which unquestionably brought the greatest upheaval of moral changes in modern history. 


The purpose of this writing is to examine further another legal and highly determining aspect of this pivotal year.  We have already seen that the 1900’s were the fourth “day” in which Satan was allowed to be released for a short time to deceive the nations, even as stated in Revelation 20:7-10.  This follows the pattern of the six days of creation.  But one of the marvels of Yahweh is that His works are like a weaving, in which multiple events all unite together in amazing intricacies.


We must also note in the six-day creation pattern, as well as in that which you are getting ready to learn, that everything Yahweh does, and for that matter everything Satan does (it has been noted before that Satan is the best lawyer there is on earth), is all based on divine law, which is based on the ways of Yahweh, the two being inseparable.  Here you will once again see this law pattern clearly being demonstrated.


To begin with, in Steve Jones’ book Secrets of Time, we find some very interesting insight regarding two periods of time Yahweh utilizes which Steve identifies as – “cursed time” and “blessed time.”  Blessed time is a period of specifically 490 years, or any multiple of that period.  It is a grace period leading to the blessing of a Jubilee, or the release of debt.  But there is another period of time as well that is quite the opposite, and that is cursed time.  Cursed time is a grace period Yahweh allows before foreclosing on our debt to the Law, and is the shortened period of specifically 414 years, or any multiple thereof.


A good example of cursed time which Steve points out is the flood.  The flood came upon this earth in 1656, or 1,656 years from Adam.  The number 1,656 is 414 x 4, or four periods of cursed time.  At the end of four periods of 414 years, Yahweh foreclosed on man and his evils and held him accountable for his actions.


Another example, and there are many, is Canaan.  In 1660 from Creation Noah drank some wine and became drunk.  Ham exposed his father’s nakedness and as a result, Noah cursed Ham’s son, Canaan (Genesis 9:20-27).  Thus in 1660, the sons of Canaan, or the Canaanites, came under cursed time.  Yahweh did not wait four periods of cursed time to call in the debt as He did for mankind, but two periods.  Two periods of cursed time are 828 years, or 2 x 414, and specifically 828 years after Canaan was cursed by his grandfather, in 2488 from Creation Yahweh brought the sons of Israel into the promised land to slay the Canaanites.  (Quite revealing, seven more periods of cursed time later, Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic in 1492 AD and entered the promised land, once again slaying and afflicting the Canaanites.)


Another more recent event that is the product of cursed time is the establishment of the nation today called Israel.  In 1365 BC, the sons of Israel were overcome by Mesopotamia, or Babylon; then two periods of cursed time later, or 828 years, in 537 BC, Jerusalem completely fell to Babylon.  But that is not all!  Most tellingly, precisely eight periods of cursed time from the conquest by Mesopotamia, and six periods of cursed time from the total conquest by Babylon, in 1948 AD Israel became a nation! 


Well, you say, how is Israel becoming a nation a curse?  First, because Jerusalem had been under the rightful heir of the crown since 1917 when British General Allenby took it from the Muslims.  England and the crown are more so of the tribe of Judah and a rightful keeper of Jerusalem, than are the Zionist Jews who are presently there.  These are a mixture of true-blood Jews, Edomites, which carry with them the curse of Malachi 1:4 (which is most significant!), and Khazar Jews, who were Russian converts via economic convenience. 


Furthermore, Yahweh declared concerning Judah – “If you will not listen to Me, to walk in My law, which I have set before you (which they repeatedly have not done), to listen to the words of My servants the prophets whom I have been sending to you again and again, but you have not listened; then I will make this house like Shiloh (which Yahweh abandoned), and this city I will make a curse to all the nations of the earth” (Jeremiah 26:4-6).  A “curse to all the nations of the earth” is precisely what Israel has been ever since it became a nation in 1948 as a product of cursed time.  The bulk of this world’s bloodshed, conflict, and terrorism today, is either directly or indirectly related to the curse of Israel.  Hopefully you are getting a sense of this phenomenon of cursed time.


Let us now consider an example of blessed time; and another example will be provided later as well.  In 2448 from Creation, the glory of Yahweh came upon Mount Sinai and the people could not go near the mountain, then 490 years later in 2938, the glory of Yahweh filled Solomon’s temple at its dedication and the priests could not stand to minister in the house because of the glory.  Thus we see the good of blessed time.


Before we move on to the focus of this writing, we must add one more vital aspect related to these two periods.  As Steve equally points out, Yahweh has a legal factor for effecting cleansing, or His grace factor, which is once again a specific period of time.  What is this grace factor?  When a people are on cursed time, and it is time to bring them into judgment, or to demand payment on their debt, Yahweh can have mercy and bring them into blessed time.  Cursed time is 414 years, while blessed time is 490 years.  So, how does Yahweh get a people from cursed time to blessed time?  It is simple – He adds 76 years.  Cursed time, or 414 years, plus the grace factor of 76 years, equals 490 years, or blessed time.  Steve gives several examples of how Yahweh has done this, but we will provide only one as an apt illustration. 


In 534 BC, Cyrus of Persia issued a decree allowing the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple, ending the 70 years of captivity in Babylon.  Nineteen years later, or in 515 BC, the temple was completed.  Then in 458 BC, or 76 years after Cyrus’s decree, King Artaxerxes made a like decree and sent Ezra to Jerusalem to “establish the law of your God,” an act that would “adorn the house of Yahweh” (Ezra 7:25–27).  Most notably, this second decree was at the completion of the 70th Jubilee from Adam’s fall.


And most significantly, at this specific point of the 70th Jubilee, Daniel’s 70 weeks began, leading to Yahshua’s baptism, and then later His death on the 80th Jubilee.  The period of 70 weeks is 70 rest year cycles, or 70 x 7, or 490 years, or blessed time.  (See Matthew 18:21-22 as well for the heart of blessed time.)  From the decree of Artaxerxes in 3437 from Creation (458 BC) following the 76 year grace factor, the Jews (even mankind) entered into a 490 year blessed time, culminating in the forgiveness of sins by the crucifixion of Yahshua in 3927 (33 AD)!  Thus we see in this example alone the dramatic significance of adding the 76 year grace factor and entering into, or in this case even maintaining, blessed time.  Having laid this foundation, let us now examine the matter at hand – 1920!  (For further examination of this, including a helpful chart, read Appendix Ten of the book, The Curse of 1920.)


Knowing the information just covered, as well as other information that will be shared later, it came to me that since the dramatic deception of Satan on this nation in 1920 was a curse, it was quite possible that this could have been effected by something in the distant past, something that caused it to be a product of a series of 414 year cursed time periods.  And indeed it was!  What we find is that the curse on America and the nations in 1920, was the product of an event set in motion thousands of years prior, and the outcome of a specific sequence of cursed time! 


The promise to Abraham that his offspring would be a “great nation,” and that by them “all the nations of the earth shall be blessed,” is fulfilled in America, the kingdom of heaven at the nation’s level.  But what we find is that while a blessing came through Isaac, the miracle son of promise through Sarah, astonishingly there was another seed, or seeds, sown by Abraham that would in time effect a curse on America and the nations as well, but not through Sarah (the picture of Jerusalem above), and not through Hagar either, but through another!


To examine the origin of this cursed time cycle, all we had to do was to go back in time in 414 year increments and find the source. When I began this process, I sensed that I would probably not find anything until we looked back nine periods of 414 years, or 3,726 years.  Why nine periods?  Because nine is the number of judgment, as well as the number of completion.  The number nine is the last numerical value, ten being a combination of 1 and 0, or the beginning of the next one’s sequence.  Nine is also a number indicating fullness or completion in that it is the number of months for human gestation.  The judgment of America in 1920 had to be a substantial event, a fact that would be emphasized by a complete period of nine cursed time cycles; and not only by the nine, but as I discovered, most dramatically by having its origin in Abraham!


Despite this premonition concerning nine cycles, of course I checked every sequence.  The year 1920 AD was year 5814 from Creation.  So, 414 years before that was 5400, and there was nothing.  Next, 414 years from there was 4986, and once again nothing.  This continued to be the case until I reached that expected number of 9 x 414, and eureka, a hit!  A big hit!


Nine periods of 414 years, or cursed time in its complete course, brings us to 2088 from Creation.  So what happened in 2088?  Once again, thanks to Steve’s excellent dating, we find that two things in fact took place that year – one good, and one, as we see from our perspective today, effecting evil.  But this is in fact the nature and testimony concerning man – both good and evil come from him.  And this was clearly the case with Abraham as well.


The good of 2088 was that Isaac, at the age of 40, married Rebekah, at the age of 10 (yes, I said 10).  The evil was that the true father of America married another woman other than Sarah, and as a result we have most of our problems today.  In 2088, after Sarah (Jerusalem above) died, Abraham took another wife – Keturah (Genesis 25:1).  On the surface, there seemed to be nothing wrong with that; but prophetically, it set on course a shock wave whereupon the devastating impact would not be fully felt until 3,726 years later, or the fullness of the cursed time cycle – 1920!


The ill nature of this marriage was not however absent of foreboding indicators.  The first indication of ill was Keturah’s origin.  While Sarah was in fact Abraham’s half-sister (Genesis 20:12), we find in Jasher 25:1-5 that Keturah was “from the land of Canaan,” a “Canaanitish woman.”  Keturah was a Canaanite, one who was under cursed time!  Therefore, we find already that Abraham’s marriage to a Canaanite woman in 2088, legally introduced cursed time into these offspring of Abraham, and thus began the subject nine-part cycle.  And as you will now see in a most revealing and explicit way, the meaning of the names of Keturah and her sons told the entire foreboding story of what would come when the cursed time debt was called due in 1920.


“Keturah” means “incense,” which on the surface seems innocuous, certainly appearing to bear no ill meaning per se.  But incense could be both good (Malachi 1:11), as well as bad (Isaiah 65:2-3), depending upon its usage.  As we read in Exodus 30:34-38, in order for incense to be good, it had to follow a strict formula and usage.


But it was the outcome, the fruit, of Abraham coming together with the Canaanite, Keturah, where we find so distinctly an ill message.  Keturah had six sons (Genesis 25:2).  The first son was Zimran, whose name means “song, or music.”  Nothing seemingly wrong there.  Her second son was Jokshan, whose name means “one who ensnares, adversary”!  Clearly this is not good, and speaks of the adversary, Satan.  Her third son was Medan, whose name means “contention.”  Once again, this is not good; but even further, we will find that the message presented here is not just contention, but double contention.  The fourth son was Midian, whose name also means “contention”!  Also, the Midianites were often an affliction on the sons of Israel (Numbers 22:4-7, 25:1-18, 31:1-20, and Judges 6:1-10).  This is not looking good at all!


The fifth son was Ishbak, and his name means “leaving or forsaking,” once again not good.  And finally, her sixth son was Shuah, which means “sinking down, i.e., as in the mud,” a fitting conclusion for this ill message afforded in these six sons.  And from the natural standpoint, these sons and their families were all sent out away from Abraham, away from Isaac, so that they would not receive the inheritance of his promised son (Genesis 25:6).  So in summary, here were the fruit of Abraham by his second wife, Keturah, the Canaanite:



Thus, looking at the evidence, the testimony, we find in 2088, there are in fact two works, one being good and the other obviously evil –  a bride for Isaac, Rebekah, who has the promise of fruitful maturity some day; but also, the Canaanite wife who would bring forth offspring who bear a very ominous message!  While the former of these two has meant the blessing of America, it is the latter that in the last 83 years has had such ill effects.  (And we might add, the Jews in Israel are realizing in the natural the same effects as they contend with some of these very offspring.) 


Based on the Law of Yahweh, following nine periods of cursed time since Abraham married Keturah, the Canaanite woman who was under cursed time, and brought forth these ominous offspring, in 1920 AD Satan was effectual in bringing the long-coming curse on America, the promised offspring of Abraham.  This curse was through the temptation of the woman and the resulting passage of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Amendments of the United States, along with one other fatally corrupting avenue which we will now examine.


Concealed in the names of these six sons, we find the very qualities of the curse that has come upon America nine periods of cursed time later – music, being ensnared by the adversary, becoming doubly contentious, forsaking, and in the end sinking into the mud!  Clearly, music, ill music, like a seducing Pied Piper, has helped lead this nation into the corrupt moral state and death we are in today.  Speakeasy bar-room jazz with its bodacious flappers, followed by shameless rock and roll (both names meaning sexual intercourse) and the 60s, has been the first son of the Canaanite who has led this nation to all the other ill sons. 


From jazz, to the music of today, music has continued to degenerate to become the most incredibly bizarre product the world has ever known.  Where will it continue to go?  With a band planning a public suicide at the time of this writing, having already ground up rats in a blender, it can only go, and has already arrived, to the final outcome of the sixth and final son – to death, sinking into the mud from where we came.  Such is the ill testimony of the first son of Keturah – like Women’s Suffrage, on the surface this son’s name is seemingly not bad, but in the light of this music’s origin out of the cursed 20s, and where jazz has led this nation since the speakeasies of the Roaring Twenties, modern music is the worst of the six sons insomuch that it leads the way to the others.


Think about it; think about what this ill music has done and continues to do to our youth.  When you see the obvious ill effects of this music on our youth, you can see what it has done to America over the last 83 years.  Music since the 20s has continually lead our youth into being ensnared, trapped by Satan, which has lead them to become not only contentious, but doubly contentious, followed by forsaking what is right, forsaking good morals, forsaking parents, forsaking social order and the Laws of Yahweh, and becoming rebellious, and all of this leading to the sixth and final – sinking down into the mud! 


The 60s put a lot of people in the mud, into the ground, and many others came perilously close.  But what is worse is the culmination of this sequence to where we find America today.  America followed the piper of jazz and rock, and in the 60s we saw rebellion and contention like never before.  Following the lulling effects of this music, we left the Laws and ways of Yahweh, placing the women in the place of the man, both dress-wise as well as society-wise, and unconscionably began killing our babies by the millions!  America’s conscience has been seared to the extent that we now do horrendous evils against our own children, and do nothing about it!  Clearly, we are Jerusalem held under siege by our enemy (2 Kings 6:24-31), Satan.  And while we would think it shocking today for someone to eat their own child (as they did in Jerusalem), this is exactly what we are doing in America under siege –  we are performing the unthinkable deed of devouring/eating our own children through abortion!


And not just through abortion, but we are devouring our children by the absence of moral values, by giving them over to the entertainment of Hollywood and the internet and to ill music (and Christian music is no different – a mix of good and evil).  We in America are besieged by an enemy whom we have not even recognized, nor his tactics, and he is destroying us, and has been destroying us since 1920.  The curse of the sons of Keturah the Canaanite, originating in 2088, has come to fruition nine periods of curse time later in 1920, and this nation has been besieged by Satan ever since!


Therefore very importantly to note, from Abraham’s two wives – Sarah and Keturah – we find that he brought forth two works – one producing good, and one producing evil; one producing the blessing, and one producing the curse; one blessing America and the nations, and one cursing America and the nations.  This is the blessing and the curse of Deuteronomy 28 and Joshua 8:30-35.  Even as Abraham had two wives, so there are two mountains, two choices.  And these are the choices America has today – either return to the blessing upon which this nation was founded and was exemplarized in the latter 1800’s, or continue under the curse through ill music and Women’s Rights that we have been under since 1920!


To what then are we as a nation, or equally the church, now thereby subject?  In 2 Chronicles 26:16-18 we read of King Uzziah’s heart becoming proud and he entered the temple and burned incense, or “Keturah,” to Yahweh.  This is the Keturah incense we are offering today in America and in the church.  It is incense of pride, when in fact the fruit is six-fold corruption and death, and Yahweh is not pleased!  And the same thing that happened to Uzziah has happened to this nation and to the church –  leprosy has broken out on our foreheads, the mark of the beast has been placed on our foreheads!  The thoughts and the will of men in the last 83 years have been corrupted by Satan!


Likewise, America and the church are like the two sons of Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, who took their incense, their “Keturah,” and offered strange fire to Yahweh (Leviticus 10:1-2).  This is the Keturah fire offered by America since 1920, and it is strange fire!  This is the fragrance that has risen up to Yahweh from America since 1920, and it is strange and repugnant to His nostrils.  When these two men offered their incense and strange fire, fire came out from the presence of Yahweh and consumed them and they died; and this is precisely where America and the church are right now!  Having offered strange fire and incense before Yahweh, He must send His fire to consume us and kill us!  This is the fire that comes from the presence of Yahweh, from the holy of holies, or from the work of the holy of holies Remnant.


What does America, what does the church, deserve?  They deserve wrath!  They have done wrong!  Like Balaam, they have gone on their way, thinking that they are doing the will of God, while all along a sword has been drawn against them, and the only way they can be saved is by something with which they are completely unaware.  They have become the adulterous woman of Proverb 30:20 who “eats and wipes her mouth, and says, ‘I have done no wrong.’” 


America and the church have no idea of the horrendous wrong they have done and are continuing to do.  Ask someone if abortion is wrong, and the majority of people will give the answer of an adulteress.  Ask anyone if Women’s Suffrage is good, and you will receive the answer of an adulteress.  Ask almost anyone if their music is good, and you will receive the answer of an adulteress – jazz, rock, contemporary, country, almost anything after 1920 is Satan’s Pied Piper, Satan’s Zimran, to lead this nation on the path to death, sinking into the mud.  And the church has the greater guilt, for it should know and do better, and deliver America!  But it was in fact the church that birthed Women’s Rights in the first place, and propagates this cursed music.  When are we going to wake up to the full extent of our decadence?


So, is Yahweh going to carry out wrath on America, on the church?  They most certainly deserve it; but no, if He did, He would have nothing left.  Therefore, He has to have mercy on us, yet send the fire and judge us anyway, a fire that will consume our flesh, but our fleshly ways and cause us to repent!


You will recall that Yahweh has a grace factor.  In order to get a 414 cursed time to a 490 blessed time, He has to add the grace factor of 76 years, and this is what Yahweh has done for America and for the church.  So how did He do this?  Let us see.


For Yahweh to add the grace factor to the nine-period curse that came to completion in 1920 and thereby reverse the curse, He had to add 76 years from that point.  Adding 76 years to 1920 brings it to 1996.  So, what happened in 1996 that demonstrated His grace?


For me personally, and as His intercessor for the Bride and the church-whole, I can tell you what He did to me to demonstrate that grace factor.  In February, 1996, Yahweh led me to go to the first ever pastor’s Promise Keepers meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, and warn them of His displeasure with them and of His wrath that would befall them.  (Significantly, one other “protester”/witness was there, speaking out against the church’s ill contemporary music.)  I fully anticipated then, that as those pastors met there, Yahweh was going to judge them and bring an earthquake upon them and slay them.  I stood outside and warned them of this, and on the final day of the meeting, traveled east of the city to a vantage point called Stone Mountain, and there prayed for Yahweh’s wrath.  His wrath never came, but I most certainly paid a price!


Even before I went up the mountain, and certainly when I came down, I was getting sicker and sicker.  As we drove out of Atlanta and back towards Texas, I was getting miserably sick; in fact, when we finally pulled over to a rest stop, I was wanting to die!  I was sick as a dog, discouraged, and though I tried, I could not even throw up to relieve my pain.  In my absolute misery I laid down and went to sleep.


I will not share all of the story here, but despite the obvious lack of the intended results, there was no doubt that Yahweh had led me there and the incident was clearly of Him.  What I realized later was that I had passed through the intercession of a Jonah.  Like Jonah, I too had preached judgment.  Like Jonah, I too had gone out east of the city to watch Yahweh’s wrath.  And finally, like Jonah, I too wanted to die!  (I could not even get the relief that the big fish got and throw up; I was the Jonah!)  Yahweh did all of this so that as an intercessor, I would not only pay the price, but also thereby gain vital insight and authority.  Shortly thereafter, Yahweh dealt with me that He was instead going to have mercy on the church, even as He had mercy on Nineveh and did not destroy it as He had declared. 


Furthermore, reading Michael Drosnin’s book, The Bible Code, we see the identical message concerning Jerusalem, where Yahweh had equally planned to carry out wrath on it in 1996, but also had mercy.  Therefore, we see that Yahweh did in fact have mercy in 1996, and He took me to Georgia as a Jonah to reveal this to me, and to participate in this as an intercessor.  Yahweh added 76 years to the ninth 414 year period of cursed time ending in 1920, making it a 490 year blessed time in 1996!


Here we are seeing two parts to this Curse of 1920.  (Read The Curse of 1920 for a more complete examination of this.)  First, we see the woman abandoning her place in the home, and as an Eve giving man the forbidden fruit of the Women’s Rights Movement and all the horrid ills that have followed the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth Amendments.  But second, the music revolution that began with jazz, the speakeasies, and flappers of the 1920s, was indeed a Pandora’s box that has given America 83 years of bondage to Satan, social contention, rebellion, and death that has led to our present state wherein we offer an incense that is an abomination to Yahweh’s nostrils.


But most hopefully, along with the curse originating in 2088 with Abraham’s marriage to the Canaanite, Keturah, and her resulting foreboding sons, we also see the promise of the other notable event of that same year – the marriage of Isaac and Rebekah!  There is no question that in all the Bible, Rebekah is the clearest testimony of the Bride of Yahshua; and as a concurrent event in 2088, we see the promise as well of the establishment of this Bride.  Thus, even as we have seen the choice that America has between the blessing and the curse, we see the like choice between the Bride and the curse.


Yahweh will perform a new thing in our day in order to bring to an end the old, worn out, corrupted, and rigid church which we have known.  He must perform a new thing, for the old is too much a part of the problem – it is strange fire and incense that is anathema to Him.  Seeing now the curse of Zimran, music, on America and the church in 1920, is it any wonder that the second Remnant must likewise sing a “new song”?  Yes indeed, for as it is written in Jeremiah 31:22, Yahweh will create “a new thing in the earth” – “a woman (the Bride) will encompass a man (the body).”


Yahweh will send His Spirit to call a Bride out of the body of Christ and use her to cleanse America.  It is this man’s hope that America will repent now, as did the Ninevites, and prepare themselves for the return of Yahshua, and to be the place from which He will reign.  When He returns, Yahshua needs to be welcomed, and America needs to repent of the curse that Satan has brought upon her.  As written on Revelation 2:5, we must “remember therefore from where we have fallen, and repent and do the deeds we did at first; or else He is coming to us, and will remove our lampstand out of its place unless we repent.”  It is time for America to return to the moral example of the pre-1920s!


This change is my hope, this is my declared purpose, this is my prayer for the church and America.  Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!



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