There is another pattern setting up as well regarding the two Remnant-representing Presidents, George Bush and his son George W. Bush, and that has to do with Saddam Hussein of Iraq (or Babylon). You should understand that all of history, even that which is yet to occur, incompasses the groaning of creation for the revelation of the sons of God, the Remnant, interceding for these most essential events that are to come.

Everything that happens is liken to waves bursting on the shore, waiting for and foreshadowing the true fulfillment to come. This occurs nationally, as well as personally. And what we see taking place with Hussein in Babylon has every indication of one more of these intercessoral and revealing waves. Let us consider what that pattern is. Read and ponder each of the following points very carefully, as each is most important and builds upon each other.

Given that the first Remnant bruised the head of Satan.

Given that the second Remnant will complete Satan's death by the tent peg to his head by ascending alive to heaven.

Given that there is nothing new under the sun, and that which has been is that which will be.

Given that Amer-ric-a is the kingdom of heaven at the nations level, and reveals the true kingdom of heaven, the church.

Given that President Bush was prophetically the first Remnant.

Given that his son, George W. Bush, as President would prophetically occupy the place of the second Remnant, with two term Clinton Christianity separating them.

Given that a war was waged on the head of Babylon, Hussein, by first Remnant Bush, effecting only the "bruising of his head," but not his death.

Given that Hussein has had a most troubling and now even unchecked reign under Christianity Clinton's two terms.

Given that Hussein is head of the land of Babylon, which is prophetic of Mystery Babylon, or Christianity.

Given that if this national pattern continues as it seems to be developing, where George W. Bush will take his place as the prophetic second Remnant,

It is very likely that Saddam Hussein of Babylon will receive his final death blow under a second Remnant George W. Bush.

People do not understand yet that Mystery Babylon is Christianity, the entirety of Christianity. Saddam Hussein as head over Babylon occupies the prophetic position of Satan over Christianity, Mystery Babylon. And as with Hussein, Satan has had a most troubling affect on Christianity for 2,000 years. In the end, however, Satan will receive the second blow of his two-blow death, the first being inflicted by the first Remnant. This is why we can expect something equivalent to happen to Babylon's head, Saddam Hussein. This explains why President Bush chose to let Hussein live at the end of the Persian Gulf War, when he could have killed him - in order that prophecy might be revealed.


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