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Dear Remnant Bride,

On April 4, 1841, President William H Harrison died of pneumonia, only 30 days after his inauguration on March 4. He was the first US President to die in office. No one could possibly have known at the time that his death would begin an amazing death string of Presidents that would last for 140 years. Starting with William Harrison's death, every President elected at twenty year intervals has died in office. Let us review this obviously significant and meaningful list of Presidents.


(1.) William H Harrison

Elected 1840

Died April 4, 1841, of pneumonia

(2.) Abraham Lincoln

Elected 1860

Died April 15, 1865, of a gun shot to the head

(3.) James A Garfield

Elected 1880

Died Sept. 19, 1881, of a gun shot

(4.) William McKinley

Elected 1900

Died Sept. 14, 1901, of a gun shot

(5.) Warren G Harding

Elected 1920

Died Aug. 2, 1923, of an uncertain cause

(6.) Franklin D Roosevelt

Elected 1940

Died April 12, 1945, of a cerebral hemorrhage

(7.) John F Kennedy

Elected 1960

Died Nov. 22, 1963, of a gun shot to the head

(8.) Ronald Reagan

Elected 1980

Shot March 30, 1981, but did not die!

(9.) George W Bush

Elected 2000

Prevailed in a phenomenally prophetic and
intercessoral election battle


As you have been able to tell from these e-mails on Election 2000, which began the day after the November 7 election, this tumultuous battle for the White House is not just some set of coincidental events that just happened to take place. Someone wrote me recently rejecting the appearance that "the sequence of events in the history of man is a pre-determined fact." All the events we have examined over these last five weeks have clearly attested that Yahweh is sovereign over the affairs of man. Now, reviewing this string of Presidents and the obviously GREAT significance of this twenty year cycle (and by the way, there was only one other President to die in office, making this string infinitesimally more significant), one begins to see, despite objections, that Yahweh is profoundly in control of the events of man, something for which we can all be most grateful.

Just think for a minute, though we will not dwell on this - if Yahweh is the Creator and Master of all things, and nothing exists apart from Him, then nothing will or can take place apart from His identity and His will. All we are seeing here with this string of nine Presidents, including the amazingly prophetic recent election, is nothing less than the expression of the ways and works of Yahweh as seen manifested among man. Again we ask - What can exist outside of Him? And if nothing exists outside of Him, then everything that happens is in some way an expression of Him and His ways!

So the question must now be asked - What is Yahweh telling us in these events? What is He showing us regarding His ways and His works, as everything expresses in some manner His ways, His works, and His plans?

Up to now, men have not known the answer to the meaning of the systematic death of these seven Presidents, along with innumerable other issues. Men have been blind to Yahweh's plans. Even the church, up to now, He has placed in the cleft of the rock and put His hand over it so it cannot see His glory (Exodus 33:17-23). The church has been blinded by His hand, so that it cannot see or understand Him. This has been the case until 1994, as well as for others beginning in 2000, when Yahweh has now removed His hand from the second Remnant so they can see His back, or the works He has been accomplishing. Now the second Remnant is beginning to see His works and His will, for He has removed His hand from our eyes. Equally, He is touching our eyes a second time, so that we can see all things clearly. As it is written in Jeremiah 30:24 - "In the latter days you will understand this." Or as it is written in Daniel 12:4 - "conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time (not "time" itself, but until the end of the period of concealment); many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase."

As we saw in the writing, Communion, it is the second Remnant who will receive the true unleavened truth of Yahshua. We are given the sight to see all things clearly, whereas the body of Christ has only limited sight, and can only offer leavened bread. So we now ask - What is it Yahweh is testifying to us through this string of Presidents whose testimony is so remarkably and undeniably present, that it cries out for understanding - seven Presidents of Amer-ric-a (meaning, "heavenly kingdom"), dying in office in uninterrupted twenty year election intervals, with the eighth President defeating death while in office, and then this ninth President and the most remarkable election battle ever in the history of Amer-ric-a! What is Yahweh telling us!? We now know, because we have eyes to see; He has removed His hand from our eyes.

Is it not evident by now that seven is indeed the number of Christianity, the seven-branched lampstand? Seven is the number of the mark of the beast that is on Christianity! Equally, Christianity is the kingdom period into which Satan, as the enemy of the kingdom, has entered and brought all the kingdom inhabitants to death. For 2,000 years Christians have all gone to the sea of death (Mark 5:13). So, is it not evident that when SEVEN Presidents die in office on a precise rhythmic uninterrupted twenty year cycle, that Yahweh is laying out a most striking and revealing intercessoral and prophetic testimony of precisely what exists in His kingdom here on earth - uninterrupted systematic death in the kingdom during seven-branched-lampstand Christianity with its number "seven" mark of the beast?

And what is it Yahweh is telling us when that persistent death cycle is most significantly broken by the eighth President? To answer this, one simply must ask - Who is it that will be given the power to defeat death, to defeat Satan? The answer - the Elijah work! Thus, at the end of the death cycle of seven-branched Christianity, or seven Presidents dying while in office/the White House, death itself, and the uninterrupted cycle it has had for 2,000 years of the kingdom, must be defeated by the concluding eighth-President work - the Elijah!

While Christians have died for 2,000 years while in their White House (or the kingdom), now at the end of this cut short two-part period, Yahweh is establishing His Elijah second Remnant who will defeat death by ascending alive into heaven. We saw this dramatically and decisively attested on March 30, 1981, when Yahweh broke the seven-President death cycle via the eighth President overcoming an attempted assassination. Death could not have Ronald Reagan, who occupied the prophetic position of the Elijah second Remnant who defeats death! The affects of the mark of the beast "seven" was removed!

So up to now in this testimony, we have considered seven-identity Christianity with its uninterrupted death cycle; but this cycle being broken by the succeeding eighth second Remnant witness, Reagan. And, we are now at a place in time where we can see Yahweh's back and observe what He is adding to this remarkable testimony through the ninth President - George W Bush. What is He showing us? Once again, let us see!

From the outset of this Election 2000, Yahweh has performed some most marvelous testimonies, which we need not review here. From the outset, we have said that according to Yahweh's prophetic patterns, Bush must win this election, which is tantamount to a battle between Satan and the second Remnant for the rights to the kingdom. We have said that Bush would have to win the battle for the chad/Chad, and he did. And, as soon as the seven member Florida Supreme Court set its mark on this election process, we stated that that "seven" mark, the mark of the beast, would have to be taken off the election process. Tuesday, December 12, 2000, that mark was permanently and with finality removed from this election, as the nine member US Supreme Court overturned the seven member court's previous rulings! The affects of the SEVEN were removed by the superior NINE, suddenly (as was forestated here) giving Bush the White House!

So, what testimony do we now see in this NINTH President in this prophetic twenty year cycle, who secured his victory through the NINE member Supreme Court? We see Yahweh's testimony that He, via His Supreme Court, His NINE judgment, will sovereignly remove the mark of the beast "seven" off His church, His kingdom, and defeat Satan. How? Through the second Remnant, the second Bush.

Thus Yahweh has provided two witnesses following the number "seven" Presidential string of death. One, that He will conquer death that has prevailed in His kingdom for 2,000 years. And two, the kingdom will be taken from Satan and be given to the second Remnant.

There is much more that could be revealed regarding the seventh, eighth, and ninth Presidents, or works, or even periods in relation to the church; but to provide this would require far too much to develop here. These final "periods" relate directly to what will happen to the church over the next 3,000 years - the seventh, eighth, and ninth "days" of Yahweh. These matters should be addressed in an upcoming writing titled - THE ISSUE - II.

Of course all in all in this Election 2000, we have undoubtedly looked at only a few of the more obvious intercessoral and prophetic patterns. There are surely many others. Who could have missed the striking similarity of the names of the two judges who refused to throw out the election ballots, which would have seriously jeopardized Bush's victory, and the names of the two who opened the West to this nation - Lewis and Clark? Don't you think this similarity is, once again, too obvious and unlikely to ignore?

On January 18, 1803, (exactly 100 years before my cousins, the Wright Brothers, ascended into the heavens alive in 1903), President Thomas Jefferson gained approval and finances from Congress to send an expedition to the "Western Ocean." Lewis and Clark immediately began preparations, and initiated their "Western Expedition" from St. Louis on May 14, 1804. Having completed the journey with the loss of but one individual, these two witnesses returned to St. Louis on September 23, 1806; the entire expedition, including preparations, taking three and a half years.

Thus, in 1803 the Lewis and Clark Expedition was begun, opening the West to Amer-ric-a. Likewise, in 1903 my cousins, the Wright brothers, ascended alive into the heavens from Kill Devil Hill. Now in 2003, what can we expect?

If the second Remnant receives a three and a half year ministry period while still in their earthly bodies - even as my cousins took three years to fly, and as the Lewis and Clark Expedition was three and a half years, and Yahshua's ministry was three and a half years, and the two witnesses in Revelation 11:3 prophecy for 1,260 days or three and a half years, along with other like testimonies - considering that this Elijah second Remnant began in Passover, 2000, it could well be that the second Remnant will ascend alive into heaven, as did my cousins, in 2003.

So why were Judges Lewis and Clark passing decisions that were supportive to Bush's battle for the White House? Because we have here Yahweh's testimony of another important telling event that relates and links to events that were taking place in these elections. Judges Lewis and Clark were an intercessoral and prophetic testimony or link to the explorers, Lewis and Clark. (As another example of this "link" phenomenon, when Mount St Helens erupted on May 18, 1980, and a man named Harry Truman was by Spirit Lake, one can be most certain that the identical names of Harry Truman by Spirit Lake, and President Harry Truman, who came into office via the death of Franklin Roosevelt, links these two men together prophetically. Or when Yahshua went to a "garden" as a Nazirite to intercede for the restoration of the "garden" of God, or the "garden" of Eden, this common identifying "link" in these two gardens was MOST meaningful and important!) Seeing this, let us now move on.

Looking to the future per this second Remnant President, George W Bush, what do we see? From the standpoint of prophetic patterns, the most watched event before us right now will be relative to what might happen to Saddam Hussein. You might recall in the writing at that Saddam, as head of Babylon, occupies the prophetic position of Satan over Christianity, or Mystery Babylon.

Did you watch Bush's acceptance speech from the Texas State Capital? Did you notice how reconciliatory he was towards Gore? He asked for the people of this nation to pray for himself and his family; and, he asked for their prayers for Al Gore and his family. There was no animosity evidenced toward Gore, no bitterness, only understanding and reconciliation. As much as we may despise Satan's destructive forces, as much as we must do all we can to see his defeat in the kingdom, we must still pray for Yahweh's mercy towards him.

Yahshua said, as recorded only in second Remnant Luke, "bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you." There is no one who has cursed and mistreated man more than Satan. And even as Bush offered reconciliation to Gore, though always justly fighting for his rights to the kingdom, so we too must bless and pray for Satan, that Yahweh will have mercy even on him, and in the end bless him. I know you have never heard this and have never considered this before; but remember that Yahweh's mercy is not limited. If He cannot bring Satan to repentance and restoration, then there are limits to this most necessary and needed power of Yahweh - the power to restore and forgive, even our greatest enemy! And this is what second Remnant George W Bush did. Why? Because he had his eyes of the greater need of the whole, the entire "kingdom," the nation. Bush is a wonderful example of the heart and the attitude that the second Remnant must possess.

So, what will Bush do with Saddam Hussein? It all depends on what Yahweh wants to testify. If He wants to testify what He planned to carry out against Satan in wrath, then Saddam will receive wrath. If He wants to testify Satan being cast into bondage, then under Bush He will place Saddam in some form of imprisonment. Or, if He wants to testify what He will do in His mercy, though it seems Saddam will have to give up his place over Babylon, he will not be destroyed - Bush will have mercy. And if that is the case, in the words and desires of Bush's first Remnant father, George Bush, we will see fulfilled the hope for a "kinder and gentler nation." It seems to this writer, that given the finale of these elections, Saddam will receive mercy. But, we will have to watch and see, because other testimonies such as King Belshazzar's death at the takeover of Babylon, indicate a sole deathblow to the head/leader (Daniel 15:30). One thing we do know - "mercy triumphs over judgment"!

In closing this writing, we need to restate something that was pointed out in the writing, "The Battle For The Chad." In it we stated - "these patterns and pictures are just that. Katherine Harris, Jeb Bush, George W Bush, Al Gore, even the identification of the Democratic party as the Demo(n)crats, are only pictures, and these pictures in no way determine nor affirm either the personal fate or all the personal qualities of these individuals or groups. For example, Harry Truman was a prophetic second Remnant, but he was also a Democrat. (However, we MUST also note that this was prior to what this party has deteriorated to become, and Truman in no way participated in the horrendous party platform of the murder of innocent babies.)"

This writer cannot help but have compassion for the man Al Gore, knowing that his prophetic role as Satan is something he expressed according to the will and design of Yahweh. We are each what we are by the grace and plan of Yahweh. Yahweh hardened Pharaoh's heart according to His own will, not necessarily the will of Pharaoh. Every person expresses prophetic testimonies, both good as well as bad, according to Yahweh's will. Al Gore's testimony of Satan does not effect his eternal state, no more than does Dan Quayle's, who occupied the testimony of the flesh in first Remnant Bush's administration. Even George W Bush's role as the prophetic second Remnant, in no way determines that he will be a part of the true second Remnant. That would be a choice he would personally have to make. So keep in mind that when these individuals or groups represent prophetic pictures, this does not have to effect their relationship to the true representation and fulfillment. Gore may be a Christian in the body of Christ; I do not know. Bush certainly makes an open claim to have accepted Yahshua as His savior. In either case, if both have confessions of faith, then they too, in reality, are in the body of Christ. And any decision on their part to come out of that body to be a part of the second Remnant will be their own choice.

Much has been revealed to us through this election, and we look forward to Yahweh giving us further insight and an ever increasing portion of His Spirit. There should be at least one more e-group posting relative to this election. We noted that, very significantly, the election on November 7 coincided with Atonement (when delaying the feasts 30 days due to the barley not being ready at Passover). This delay also places the Feast of Dedication, or Lights (Hanukkah), thirty days later, causing it to equally fall during a most important political event in this nation - the inauguration of second Remnant President Bush! This is quite remarkable, and undoubtedly equally significant! More on this later.

It is always my privilege to write you, and I hope these testimonies regarding Yahweh's works and plans are light and life to you.

Blessings always,



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