This e-mail was sent to the Remnant Bride general mailing on December 21, 2000.




Dear Remnant Bride Inquirer,

Proverbs 13:12 tells us - "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is the tree of life."

The tree of life, as seen in contrast to Christianity's tree of the knowledge of good and evil, is the Remnant work. We are the Remnant bride, the Eve, whose name equally means "life."

There are some desires for which this Remnant needs upcoming fulfillment. Let us look at two of them.

Over a month ago I received an e-mail from a Remnant bride member, Amy, providing an account of a vision which a Christian received in July, 1999. Since Pentecost, 2000, the Remnant bride has been aware that the latter rain will not come as did the former rain - with a bang! Instead it will start out small and ever increase until it becomes a great river. The passage confirming this is Ezekiel 47, where Elijah went out of the temple area by the north gate (the north is prophetic of Christianity, the body of Christ), and went around to the east gate (the east is prophetic of the second Remnant) where there was water flowing out from under it. That water came out as a trickle. Ezekiel was then led a thousand cubits distance through water that was ankle deep, then another thousand cubits through water knee deep, then another thousand cubits through water to the loins, then another thousand cubits, and the water was a river that could not be forded, enough in which to swim.

On Passover, 2000, Yahweh led a little rib of people out of the north gate of Christianity and around to the east gate of the second Remnant, and this rib discovered a trickle of water flowing out from under it, its origin being the threshold of "the door of the house." Yahshua said, "I am the door," and it was from His pierced side that blood and water came forth, the side of the body that is pierced in order to get a bride. This Remnant rib of a bride, in Passover, 2000, found the water from the pierced side of the body of Christ!

Through the Feast of Pentecost, this bride discovered that the water they had received would start out small and ever increase through measured increments of time and events. By Tabernacles, 2000, this bride was in water to her ankles, when Yahweh opened to us the most important truths regarding holding all things in common. (These are revealed in a group of three writings on While the Remnant have not embarked on this practice of holding all things in common as of yet, the truth of it is firmly implanted in our hearts, and it is likewise only a matter of time before it too is worked out as a desire fulfilled. Only recently, one of the bride members, another Gary, pointed out - "I was also considering the 5 unwise virgins in what they by implication possess, that the wise five may or may not possess---money (They are told to go buy oil.)." Holding all things in common is in our hearts and in our desires, and in time will be fulfilled.

Water at the ankles speaks of receiving the rights to the kingdom. It is the water that covers the feet, and feet speak of kingdom rights: Abraham was given all the land his feet touched, Yahshua washed the disciple's feet at the last supper, Ruth laid at Boaz's feet, Amer-ric-a as the nations level kingdom of heaven is unique in that it has the feet and not the French meter, Jacob grabbed Esau's heel and got the birth rights, Satan bruised the heel of the seed of the woman, even highly prophetic John Booth leapt from Lincoln's theatre booth (both names meaning Tabernacles), equally catching his heel in the Amer-ric-an flag and falling to break his leg. Time after time, the feet represent the rights to the kingdom.

As the priests entered the waters of the Jordan with the ark of the covenant, the ark of the promise, Yahweh said that when "the soles of the feet of the priests who carry the ark (the promise) of Yahweh, the Lord of all the earth, shall rest in the waters of the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan shall be cut off, and the waters which are flowing down from above shall stand in one heap." Surely a heap is deep enough in which to swim. Though the expressions are somewhat different, the testimonies are equal - for those who have the promise, placing the feet in the waters brings them into the promised land. For the second Remnant, this will afford in time and events waters plentiful enough in which to swim!

This Remnant bride now has the legal rights to the kingdom of God, as the water from the eastern gate that flows from the pierced side of the Door covers our feet, washing them and securing those rights. For what can we now hope? The next increment - water up to our knees! When could this come? There are two days before us in which we desire to see this increased measure. The first is right now.

Why would there be an anticipation of Yahweh's Spirit at "Christmas" time? Christmas is a HIGHLY corrupted time! The exchanging of gifts is the very fulfillment of Revelation 11 when the two witnesses, the two olive trees, are murdered, and in celebration of this the people "make merry ('Merry Christmas!')" and "send gifts to one another," or gift exchange. When Christian and heathen alike, as there is little difference, participate in this ill-timed event (on the day of the celebration of the birth of all the sun gods, and clearly not the day of the birth of Yahshua), they are in fact celebrating the death of the two olive trees, the two Remnant. Christians/heathens alike celebrate not the birth of the Son of God, which they will have no part of effecting His return (as we will see in a minute), but their own sun god worship period of the kingdom called Christianity.

Remnant, I trust you are having nothing to do with this corrupt and deceived practice, as we MUST not return the way we came! Christmas is clearly one of the things to which we MUST not return! It is death, even as they celebrate with their "Merry Christmas!" and their "gifts to one another" and their dead tree which is never supposed to lose its leaves, but because of their violence and their vanity, it withers, even as they wither and die! All this they do in complete ignorance, for their god is the god of this world, and this world merrily joins them in their harlotry! They are completely ignorant, and they know not what Christmas spirit they are of!

With such widespread harlotry during this time, why would Yahweh perform a work for His Remnant? Because we are faithful, and do not enter into their harlotry. And because we are the Mary, the second Remnant, who must bring forth the Son of God, while Christianity commits their harlotry during this corrupt "season."

Yahshua was not born in December, but in September, during the month of Trumpets and Tabernacles. And in order to have the Son of God born at that time, a nine month gestation would require that the Son of God was conceived in Mary specifically around December 25, or at solstice, the day this writer is writing to you, December 21, 2000.

It has been written in recent writings from here that Mary is the prophetic name of the second Remnant, while Martha is the prophetic name of the first Remnant. An entire writing in itself could be written to address this, but let us limit our examination here to what happened to Mary 2,001 years ago, maybe even on this precise day!

How is it that the second Remnant is going to have the power to perform the work for which it is called - to be the Elijah who prepares the way for the Son of God? The answer is seen in second Remnant Mary. How was it that Mary, who was a virgin and not married at the time, equally had the ability to bring forth the Son of God? The answer - the set-apart Spirit "overshadowed her"! Here was a young girl (possibly 14), wholly incapable of bringing forth a child (there was no seed in her), and the angel came to her beforehand, telling her the answer to her question - "How can this be, since I am a virgin?" She had no thought of this being from natural means, from Joseph, to whom she was espoused. The answer - "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; and for that reason the holy offspring shall be the Son of God" (Like 1:35).

While Christianity falsely celebrates a birth that is ill timed - bringing forth an offspring that is of this world, of Satan - this virgin Remnant bride rejects such carnality and looks instead to Yahweh to overshadow us with His Spirit in order that the TRUE Son of God can be brought forth. Even as from that day forward the "way" for the Son of God was being prepared in the womb of Mary, so from this day forward the way for the return of the Son of God is being prepared in the Mary second Remnant.

If you have not yet rejected Christianity and their vile Christmas, do it today; otherwise, you too can have no part in bringing forth the Son of God. Their lies and their error are obvious, and those who participate in them will not enter into the true kingdom. Tear down your "evergreen" altar and throw it far from you, and be pleasing to Yahweh! You who hold onto your idols are like the sons of Israel who did likewise, and you are equally condemned! For this reason, Christians will experience "hope deferred." Satan always counterfeits, covers up, and distracts from that which he seeks to defy and destroy. Christmas is precisely that evil counterfeit with all its glitter, lights, and worldly Las Vegas-like attractiveness that is pleasing to the flesh.

Our desire must be to not be associated with that which is of this world, but with that which is from above. Our desire must be that at this important time, the set-apart Spirit will overshadow us as His virgin (you are not virgin if you still have a Christmas tree in your heart), and within the womb of this Mary begin to prepare the way for the Son of God.

The immediate days afford us the undistracted, undefiled, and unadulterated hope of being overshadowed by His Spirit, that the Son of God may return through us. (Do you grasp the hope and the power of this?) For those who have yet to make the decision to come out, you will face this Elijah test over and over - "How long will you hesitate between two opinions?" You will accept corrupt Christianity, or you will accept the second Remnant. You will prepare your own way, or you will prepare the way of His return. As challenged by another second Remnant representative, Joshua - "Chose this day whom you will serve."

Let us now consider the next desire for the water to be knee deep. What will that mean? We do not know as of yet; but we want to know!

On July 6,1999, a Christian man named Bob Jones had a vision. We read - "In the vision Bob saw a stream of water that initially appeared to be ankle deep. However, within a seemingly short period of time the water increased from ankle to knee deep. This time frame seemed to coincide with the election of our country's new President. The increase in water clearly had a dual affect on the people of this nation. For those 'in the world' it was a time of advancing hardship and judgment. Those walking faithfully and obediently with Christ discovered a time of tremendous increase and favor. "

Then it continues - "The vision initially began with the stream at ankle level. ... However, according to this revelation, the water will imminently increase from ankle depth to the knee by the inauguration of the new President. We must be prepared for this release."

In Bob's mind, he applied this to Christianity. But as we have already seen in this e-mail, Christianity will not receive the promises of Yahweh. They are entirely out of sink with Him, celebrating a birth when there is none. The masculine body of Christ is as it is written in Jeremiah 30:6 - "Ask now, and see, if a male can give birth. Why do I see every man with his hands on his loins, as a woman in childbirth?" Their Christmas spirit will never bring forth the required offspring. They are masculine, they are violent, they are of this world, and they cannot bring forth the Son of God.

In Bob's mind, he thinks this vision applies to his Christianity; but it does not, and it cannot. Who is it that has the hope of the water being knee deep by Inauguration? The one who knows the great significance of that prophetic day.

It is most interesting that even as this writer types this e-mail, not only is today solstice, but according to the Jew's calendar, this evening is the beginning of Hanukkah, or the Feast of Dedication, or Light. Dedication marks the cleansing of the temple following the three year abomination of desolation performed by Antiochus IV. Judas Maccabaeus overthrew Antiochus, and the temple was cleansed.

But this feast day of December 21 is according to the Jew's calendar, which is not always observed according to Yaweh's laws. In fact, even as we have pointed out before, this year all the feasts should be delayed thirty days because the barley was not ripe on Passover. Thus, in keeping this necessary and legal delay ourselves, we have seen some amazing parallels. We have seen already that on November 7, the election between the Bush and the one who Gores coincided with the legally required thirty day delayed Day of Atonement. Since that most important day, we have witnessed some MOST MEANINGFUL prophetic and intercessoral events relative to the battle that is taking place in the kingdom of heaven.

Now, this thirty day shift has created another MOST MEANINGFUL coincidence - the Inauguration Day of second Remnant Bush coincides with the day of the beginning of the legally correct Feast of Dedication. And while others are blind to this, having no idea of its significance (even as they were blind to what was taking place in the election battle), a man has a vision that the waters of the Spirit would be knee deep on Inauguration Day!

Will these waters in fact be knee deep on this day? We have three things encouraging us that the second Remnant will be knee deep by then. First, we have already received the waters that are ankle deep; and the next promised level is in fact knee deep. Second, because of the IMMENSE intercessoral testimonies that took place after the November 7 election on Atonement. And third, because this January 20 Inauguration coincides with the beginning of the celebration of the cleansing of the temple, or another Tabernacles-like testimony.

What will happen? We will have to wait and see. But, Yahweh is the one performing this work, and we will seek to be obedient and yield ourselves to Him in everything.

So, there are two challenges for which we are called to rise up to. One, the cleansing of the corruption of Christmas from our lives, and the establishment of the opposing desire that His Spirit would overshadow us as a Mary so that the Son of God can be brought forth through us. And two, that come January 20, 2001, we would be walking knee deep in His Spirit!

May Yahweh lead and prosper us in His ways!





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