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Because I mention the black man in his role as the serpent in the Garden, whereby he has been used to deceive the women and has been the source of the 1920 curse of jazz and its music products, its seems paramount that we examine this issue of blacks from Africa.


First and foremost, the purpose of this writing is to reveal truth concerning the ways and works of Yahweh, and more specifically to reveal His government and the pattern of the corruption of the kingdom that was first set forth in the original Garden of God.  Yahweh uses nations and peoples to carry out His prophetic and intercessoral purposes consistent with these governmental patterns.  He performs kingdom works and testimonies at the nations level that men do not even notice or understand.  Many of these works are performed over several generations, and thus totally escape the notice of any given generation.  And by effecting these works, He is working out His salvation to all men, for in participating in these roles, one becomes a recipient of that participation, and in the end it works for their good. 


The mysteries of Yahweh go far beyond our finite minds and state of blindness.  When the marvels of His wonders and glory are revealed some day, all men will fall on their faces in overwhelming awe.  But until then, men have absolutely no idea as to what He is doing at the nations level, and react purely as blind men and naive skeptics.  As has been pointed out before, Germany was used of Yahweh to represent the two-blow death of Christianity, thus they went through two world wars that they created.  Any man or woman involved in that conflict paid a price for that manifestation at the nations level, but it was an intercession and a price paid for the kingdom of God.  This is equally true with the Twin Towers.  As it is clearly written – “For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God.  For the creation was subject to futility, not of its own will, but because of Him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God.  For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now” (Romans 8:19-22).


This suffering of the whole of creation is quite evident, not only in the case of the natural earth, but more so in the case of natural men who are created out of the earth.  There are many sorrows and trials men enter as a part of this groaning and travailing that is not of themselves but “because of Him who subjected it.”  Whether it be the fate of people in sorrowful tragedies, and there are many, including auto wrecks or various accidents, murders, debilitating sickness, famines, wars, oppression, even present terror attacks, all of these are groanings for the revelation of the sons of God; and despite the seeming futility of them, they are in fact placed upon us “in hope.”


The place of Africa as the “snake kingdom” and the use of the black man in America to effect its curse, is a conclusion to which one might object; but this is Yahweh’s doings and it is best to seek to understand it.  The hope of being set free is secured in one way – by being honest with the truth.  To the degree that I recognize my true depravity, I am able to be delivered.  For it is in recognizing my depravity and sorrowful state, that I cry out to the only One who can truly deliver me (Luke 18:9-14).  When Naaman of Assyria was smitten with leprosy, he had several choices.  He could have tried to hide or ignore or deny his affliction, he could have complained about it, he could have gotten bitter with God and questioned Him, he could have shrank away in shame and defeat or even self-pity; but instead, when the young slave girl told him about Elisha, he went and humbled himself and was in the end healed and restored.  Healing comes from first recognizing our plight and need.


Placing myself in the position of a black man, if I was from Africa and I read this or saw this truth, I would humbly submit myself to Yahweh and look to Him for His deliverance, not only personally but for my nation and people as well.  All men are under many curses, not just nationally.  To begin with, any man or woman on this earth is under the curse of the fall; we are all made prisoners and slaves to these earthly bodies, from which we labor and travail to be delivered.  Furthermore, any man or woman in America is under the Curse of 1920, and suffers from that curse in ways we do not even realize.  Just because some may be enjoying the temporary pleasures of sin, does not mean that they are free from the sorrows of that sin, or will not at some time pay the price for it.


Clearly, prophetically, intercessorally, and governmentally, Africa is used to represent Satan, whose image is on that vast continent, as well as to represent Christianity, which has been under the dominion of Satan for 2,000 years.  Some say that the black man came from Ham and is under the curse of Ham.  The error of that is that Ham’s son, Canaan, was cursed, and not Ham himself.  But there can be little dispute that (1) the black African’s heritage is from Ham, and (2) that the people of Africa have been under a curse of some origin (even as Christianity is obviously under a curse).  Let us first briefly consider the origin of the African people.


As has been noted in The Signs That Cause Belief, page 4, the name “Africa” per se is not found in the Bible, but its name is in fact derived from the land of Ophir.  It was from the land of Ophir, or from South Africa, that the gold for the tabernacle and Solomon’s temple was obtained.  But one thing is certain – that the ancient Egyptians of northern Africa were descended from Ham through the line of Mizraim. 


Ham had four sons:  Cush, Mizraim, Put, and Canaan (Genesis 10:6).  We find that "Mizraim" is the original name given for Egypt (Genesis 50:11).  Many Bible translations have a footnote next to "Mizraim" noting that it means "Egypt."  The ancient Egyptians also referred to their land as "Kemet," which means "land of the blacks."  And the name “Cush,” the oldest son of Ham, equally means “black.”  Furthermore, Kedar was one of the sons of Ishmael, whose mother was an Egyptian and who himself married an Egyptian, and “Kedar” means “black” or “dark skinned.”


Ham was clearly black.  Psalms 105:23, 27 and 106:22 specifically state that Egypt is the "land of Ham."  There is also considerable historical evidence that the ancient Egyptians were of black or Negro origin.  Today the true Egyptian is not found in the cities, but in the country and the farmlands.  Most Egyptians in the cities carry a mixed ancestry of European and Asian, but mostly Asian from the migration and invasions of various people into Egypt throughout the centuries.  But the true Egyptian in the countryside has dark brown to black skin, as well as very pronounced Negro features.  This is particularly true the further south one travels in Egypt, and it was from the south that the original pharaohs and the people of Egypt settled the land.  The original rulers and builders of Egyptian civilization were of completely black or Negro origin.


We have already noted that the name of Ham’s oldest son, Cush, means “black.”  But his name is also translated “Ethiopia.”  The land of Cush is the land of modern-day Ethiopia, the descendants of Ham.  Clearly, the entire African continent was settled and inhabited by the descendants of Ham.


The second point of little dispute is that the black man has obviously been under a curse of some origin.  This would be understandable since the continent they live on bears the engraving of Satan that Yahweh engraved upon it, and bears the name – “snake kingdom.”  In further confirmation of this identification, we look once again at Egypt, the “land of Ham,” and two remarkable testimonies.  On the one hand we see the little horn on the forehead of the image of Satan engraved on Africa, and in confirming testimony, what do we find on the forehead of the pharaohs of Egypt but the serpent itself!  This serpent on the forehead of the pharaohs, evidences the serpent that predominates Africa, the “serpent kingdom.”  Both testimonies occupy the same place – on the forehead, where the mark of the beast is placed.


Even as Satan enslaves men to sin and death, even as the sons of Israel were enslaved by pharaoh accompanied by numerous plagues, the inhabitants of Africa have been enslaved and plagued, both literally as well as figuratively.  To this day Africa has been a place of turmoil, trouble, conflict, wars, famine, disease, and has lacked the development and progress accomplished by other peoples.  Today, Africa reels under the ill effects of an AIDS epidemic unlike anywhere else in the world.


Even though the African has been transplanted into a land of abounding opportunities, their struggles have continued to stay with them.  Comprising 12% of America’s population, the black man accounts for 51.5% of all homicides.  (These statistics are provided by the United States Department of Justice.)  In a quote from the FBI/DOJ, we read – "Blacks were over 7 times more likely than whites to commit homicide in 2000."  A black male at birth has a 28.5% chance of going to prison in his lifetime.  The chance for an Hispanic male is almost half at 16%, and a white male only 4.4%.  Blacks commit 48.1% of all violent crimes, 44% of all rapes, and make up 47% of all yearly admissions to Federal and State prisons.  The illegitimacy rate for blacks is incredibly 70%, and over 80% in many inner city neighborhoods!  And 40% of all abortions are carried out by black women.  Again, all of these statistics are relative to a people who are 12% of the population.


There are many reasons or even justifications or excuses that could be given for these statistics, depending on one’s particular prejudice, but as some black spokesmen have of late said, it is the better thing to acknowledge these things and work and purpose to do different, to do better.  The only reason these statistics are pointed out here is to note that the black man in general must be under a curse of some origin, which is only exacerbated and continued by the curse that is in his music, and these consistent and glaring statistics clearly express this very fact.


Are we to condemn a man under a curse?  Are you kidding?  Lest we condemn ourselves, we had best show understanding.  This does not mean to dismiss responsibility, for all that does is continue the curse.  But I point this out here to show that the curse that women brought on America in 1920 through the women’s rights movement, and the curse the black man brought on America in 1920 as well through jazz music, are on this nation with decisively ill results and must be reversed for the sake of this nation and for all people.


Another use of the Hebrew word translated “Ham” is most interesting, and seemingly quite revealing.  In Joshua 9 we find the account of the Canaanite Gibeonites who presented themselves in such a way to the oncoming sons of Israel so as to prevent their annihilation by them.  They told the sons of Israel that they were from a distant land, and as part of their proof showed them their bread and claimed – “This our bread was warm when we took it for our provisions out of our houses on the day that we left to come to you; but now behold, it is dry and has become crumbled” (9:12).  Most interesting, these sons of Ham said something to the sons of Israel that was not noticed by them in several ways.  The word used to describe this bread – that it was “warm” when they took it – is the identical Hebrew word used for “Ham,” or “cham.”  What they actually said then, though “cham” does in fact mean “warm,” was – “This our bread was Ham when we took it for our provisions out of our homes on the day that we left to come to you.”  As with other issues in their story, there was more truth said here than anyone noticed.  These men were indeed from Ham.


The outcome for these Gibeonite descendants of Ham in Canaan, is remarkably relevant to the outcome of the blacks who are equally descendants of Ham who were taken into slavery to America (as well as other countries).  The sons of Israel made a covenant with the Gibeonites to let them live; but upon discovering their true location, also determined that they would be slaves to them – “you are cursed, and you shall never cease being slaves, both hewers of wood and drawers of water for the house of my God” (9:23).  But this was not all bad for them, but worked for their good; for while they were in fact under a curse and became slaves, via that covenant they also received the protection and shared the blessings of the sons of Israel.  In the very next chapter, five other kings planned to attack and kill the Gibeonites, but Joshua and his valiant warriors marched all night to defend and deliver them.


Later, we see Yahweh once again acknowledging this covenant with the sons of Israel, wherein He placed a three year drought on David and his kingdom because Saul had attacked the Gibeonites (2 Samuel 21).  This curse was reversed only after the death of seven sons of Saul.  (We cannot fail to point out here the place that the Gibeonites, like Africa, represent the period of Christianity.  Christianity was supposed to receive 3,000 years for their work.  Likewise, the drought on Israel was for three years.  And, the sons of Israel discovered that the Gibeonites were a three-days journey from them, wherein their true identity was revealed – 9:16-17.  And, the drought was reversed with the death of seven sons of Saul, seven being the number of the mark of the beast.)


There seems to be a notably evident parallel here between the sons of Ham, the Gibeonites, who were cursed and placed into slavery for their ultimate good and protection, and the sons of Ham, the Africans, who are seemingly cursed as well and were equally placed into slavery for their ultimate good and protection in America.  Though the black man of Africa went through a very definite “valley of Achor,” or valley of “sorrow or affliction,” that valley, as promised in Hosea 2:15, has equally become for them a door of hope!  America has become a great opportunity of deliverance, protection, prosperity, and blessing for the black man – a door of hope!  Despite the disparities that some follow, even as this is true for all cultures, it is well said that living in America, the kingdom of God at the nations level, has in fact become a great blessing and honor and deliverance for the black man. 


But once again, it is quite revealing and seemingly relevant that what took place with the Gibeonites whose bread was “Ham,” likewise took place with the bread of Ham from Africa.  Oh yes, the Africans were brought here by force, but ultimately for their good.  But honestly, this forced emigration by Africans is in many ways painfully similar to others who came here as well.  Most who came to America in the beginning did not come here of their own will either, and not without tragic separation as well.  The Irish came here only because they were dying like flies in their homeland due to the Great Potato Famine and Black Plague, and were being booted out of their homes by their landlords while the British sat idly by and watched them suffer and die.  The reason the Germans and others in Europe came here was equally similar.  They too were suffering death, deprivation, destruction, plundering, and displacement due to the Thirty Years War, and came to America because they could no longer live in their homeland. 


And the Italians came to America because they too were being forced to leave their homeland.  There had been several devastating natural disasters there, as well as disease and famine that killed 2 million people a year, forcibly displacing many of them, affording them no other alternative than to emigrate.  The Swedes experienced incredible repeated crop failures, producing hardships they never imagined possible. Too much rain, followed by drought and diseases and unbelievable miseries and starvation, forced the Swedes, as with others, to leave their homeland and emigrate to America.  And many Jews, primarily from Germany or Russia, came here to escape death, suffering, and persecution.  And this story goes on and on.


Look at the families who came to Ellis Island, and more particularly to the earlier Castle Garden, and you will not find pleasure-seeking men and women, but the strained faces of people who were displaced by very ill and trying circumstances, who of necessity risked the uncertainty of an entirely new beginning for the hope of a better place.  While the black man was indeed forcibly taken to America in its beginning as a slave, in truth most people who came to America came here forcibly in one way or another.  But the fact is, Yahweh was creating His Garden of Eden at the nations level, and this required the presence of all the necessary parts and elements.


Having said this, let us now turn to one very probable source of, or cause for, the slavery of the black man in America, and in other countries as well.  We have noted that Yahweh initiates governmental or legal causes whereby curses and blessings follow, sometimes many years and generations later.  He establishes these so as to effect His will, to have just legal cause to carry out something.  We have just noted that there was a three year drought on the land when David was king, but the cause of that drought was something that had actually been performed many years prior, and even by the king who reigned before him – King Saul attacked the Gibeonites. 


This delay in Yahweh’s judgment is done all the time in the Scriptures.  He did this per Solomon, by dividing his kingdom after he died (1 Kings 11:11-13); and He did likewise to Ahab (1 Kings 21:17-29).  Another very good example of this delay is the curse on America in 1920, which had its cause 3,726 years prior when the father of faith married the cursed Canaanite woman.  But remember, and hopefully this is becoming very apparent to you, Yahweh is very, very, very legal.  Everything He performs is by His law, for He Himself is never lawless.  That is the role of Satan and flesh-man.  Yahweh is perfect, and perfection requires a standard whereby that perfection can be measured – His law.


Consider how Yahweh meted out Jerusalem’s bondage whereby they were sent into captivity in Babylon for 70 years.  He did so because they owed Him 70 sabbaths (2 Chronicles 36:21).  Thus, there was a legal cause and effect of one year for each sabbath.  Likewise, for what cause did He send the sons of Israel into the wilderness for forty years?  Once again, it was because they had gone into the promised land for forty days, or one year for each day (Numbers 14:34).  And this lawful accounting continues throughout the Bible.


In Galatians 6:7 we read a most likely legal cause for the slavery of the black man in America and in other countries – “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.”  Is this cause puzzling to you?  You will now see legally why this would apply.


We have already seen that Yahweh follows or establishes a cause and effect for events in the history of mankind.  He is legal, and He performs these things in order to perform legal works in man.  It is unquestionable that this cause and effect has everything to do with the slavery of the black man, which occurred for some 430 years, or from 1433 to 1863, when the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1 put an end to slavery in the United States, declaring the black man to be “thenceforward, and forever free.”  But what was that cause that effected the slavery of the black man?  Let us look at one most probable answer.


Transatlantic slave trade from Africa is dated back to the mid 1400’s.  But I would suspect that something happened in 1433 that legally began the slavery of the black man in Africa.  Why do I make this assumption?  I just noted that slavery of the black man took place for 430 years.  Why specifically 430 years? 


Europeans are by-in-large the seed of Abraham, or the sons of Israel.  There is much historical and Biblical evidence that supports this.  Places such as Denmark bear Hebrew origins, and is actually Dan-mark, the tribe of Dan.  The Iberian Peninsula of Spain and Portugal actually comes from the word Heber or Hebrew, thus the Hebrew Peninsula where the Hebrews settled.  Some have noted that Caucasians received their name when the sons of Israel, who had been taken into captivity by Assyria, left that country in droves, crossed the Caucus Mountains, and rapidly populated Europe.  Many books have been written on the populating of Europe by the sons of Israel.


It is these Israelite Europeans who enslaved the African.  So, considering the clear words of Galatians 6:7, was there ever a time in which the Africans had enslaved the sons of Israel?  Most certainly – in Egypt!  When the sons of Israel left their captivity and slavery in Egypt, we read in Exodus 12:40-41 – “Now the time that the sons of Israel lived in Egypt was 430 years.  And it came about at the end of 430 years, to the very day, that all the hosts of Yahweh went out from the land of Egypt.”


Notice first that the timing of this was “to the very day.”  If you wonder if Yahweh is precise in what He performs, you will see here that He is MOST precise!  Thus, Yahweh legally reckoned the sons of Israel’s “captivity” in Egypt to be precisely 430 years to the day.  Who were these Egyptians who enslaved the sons of Israel?  As we have already noted, they were the black Africans of Ham whose pharaoh had a serpent on his forehead.  Thus, it is most probable that the blacks of Africa reaped what they had sowed.  They had legally placed the sons of Israel in captivity for 430 years, thus they were placed in captivity for 430 years by the sons of Israel.  Reading here in Exodus 12:41, I would assume that with the legal emancipation of the black man on January 1, 1863, the legal beginning of his slavery was January 1, 1433. 


Thus we see that the black African most likely reaped what he sowed.  Africa/Egypt placed the sons of Israel in captivity for 430 years, so in Yahweh’s divine plan and order, the sons of Israel had the legal right to, and did indeed, place the African in captivity for 430 years.


I realize that by touching the issues of both blacks and women, I am entering the two most volatile and touchy issues of the day.  There are two groups today who are hyper-sensitive about their social identity and place, and these are the two elements that have resulted in the curse on America.  (Of course the men of America are not exempt either in this guilt, for they listened to the women and followed the jazz as well.)  I find this most revealing, insomuch that we know that Satan is the ruler of this world (John 14:30), the whole of which he has deceived (Revelation 12:9), and that the whole world lies in his power (1 John 5:19).  Thus, since these two areas are the cause or source of the curse on America, is it not fitting that they are the two most volatile and reactionary groups in America, carrying with them an overwhelming degree of social sensitivity and are to a great degree the two chief elements of the liberal feminine-nature Democrat Party?  While there are other groups that are likewise volatile and reactionary, such as environmentalists and homosexuals, none have the omen about them that touching them can mean a quick lawsuit, or loss of a position, or social ridicule.  This seems to be quite telling and even confirming of the ill place in which these two groups have occupied.


Also, I find it significant that black Americans want to establish an ethnicity for themselves unique from all other ethnic backgrounds in America by identifying themselves uniquely as African Americans.  This is especially noteworthy in light of Africa’s place in the curse on America, as well as its identity with the serpent.  I also question if this identification with Africa is a sign of the perpetuation of their own curse?  Surely there is a spiritual significance to this.  Personally, I would feel racialized, uncomfortable, and self-conscious, even fractured or separate from this nation and dividing it, if I was always called an Irish American.  The Irish had their own time of suffering from racial profiling that included living in squalid deplorable conditions leading to the worst rioting in American history – the Draft Riot in New York in 1863.  The Irish have suffered many sad fates, and though I know and even feel my heritage, I want to be identified as simply an American.  Calling myself an Irish American would only mean a return to that old profiling, even as the term “African American” was used to profile the blacks in time past.  It would seem that the best thing for the black American would be to put away this separation as well.


Does this governmental place that the blacks occupy mean that they should be thrown out of the country or even prejudiced as in years past?  Of course not, any more than women should be thrown out of the country or prejudiced for their part in the curse.  The fact is, we are all guilty of participating in this curse.  Furthermore, we are all under the original curse of Adam and Eve, and we all need deliverance and grace and mercy.  What needs to take place though, and undoubtedly will not take place until the god of this world is put away, is that we all need to repent of our parts in the Curse of 1920, or even the curse of the original Garden.  I repeat, this is not an attack against blacks or women, but against Satan who has used these two groups to effect the curse on America, as well as relenting men.  We are all in this together, and we each need to repent!  Furthermore, as stated, this is written with the purpose of revealing the fulfillment of the original pattern of the Garden of God at the nations level, and to show the immense relevance of government.


And one concluding point concerning the people of Africa.  It was noted in the opening paragraphs of this section that all this groaning and travailing flesh-men enter into, is placed upon us “in hope.”  The reality is – we are all intercessors.  And in fact, in one way or another, we all become “saviors,” paying the price, being poured out for the sake of others.  This is simply the ongoing process of salvation that Yahweh effects.  (Read “Seedtime and harvest, ….”)  Ultimately, Satan himself must be saved; and thus someone must be poured out in intercession for his salvation.  They must pay the price, even as Yahshua set forth the example.  There seems to be little question that the blacks of Africa help pay that heavy price.


We read in the original curse that the ground was cursed “for the sake of” Adam.  Most interestingly, while the ground did no wrong to bring the curse that was placed upon it, that curse was placed upon it as an intercessoral salvation “for the sake of” man.  In like manner, the inhabitants of Africa undoubtedly suffer much affliction “not of themselves,” but so as to be intercessors, paying the price for the one whose image is engraved on that continent, and not only for Satan, but for Christianity which they equally represent.


In a very real way, it seems that the black African’s sorrows are two-edged.  On the one hand their sorrows are there as a curse; but on the other hand, their sorrows are a penitence, a price that is paid for the affliction they produce.  All-in-all, it seems that this paradox can best be described in the confidence that “God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28).  This is our confidence for all men in time, and certainly all creation groans and travails “according to His purpose.”  Yahweh knows what He is doing, and in the end He alone will receive the glory as it all works out for our good.



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