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Every prophetic picture, while having a common identifying pattern, also exists to add its own unique story, its own unique piece of information.  In this closing section we will examine such an account.  While in sharing the following we will once again see the profound truth or evidence of the two-thirds/one-third pattern and the certainty of its application, we will also find a piece of information that is unique to this account, information that is helpful and very important to understand at this decisive moment.


In Genesis 38, we find as a most unusual interruption in the account about Joseph, an account that in itself is highly unique.  This is the account concerning the offspring of Judah, the father of the line of Yahshua, the new priesthood (Hebrews 7:11-14).  Even as Judah was the beginning of the line that would bring forth Yahshua, what we find is that Judah foreshadowed that which would happen in the church founded by Him.  If you want to know what the priesthood according to the line of Judah is like, if you want to know the order and destiny of the church, then look at the initial seed testimony of the offspring of Judah.  The offspring that came forth from Judah and the actions and events surrounding them, clearly foreshadowed the church, the spiritual fulfillment of these sons and these events.  But we find in reading this account that the focus is not as much on the sons, as it is on the woman whom Judah introduced into the family as a wife for his son(s) – Tamar (whose name means “palm tree” or “ascending”).


Judah had three sons, already providing us some idea of a potential foreshadowing of the three parts, or 3,000 years, that the church receives for its tenure, which of course is divided two-thirds and one-third.  Let us see what Yahweh reveals here. 


First, Tamar was given in marriage to the first son, Er.  But he did evil in the sight of Yahweh, and Yahweh took his life (vs. 7).  Tamar was then given to the second son, Ornan, but he did not want to bring forth offspring in his brother’s name and wasted his seed on the ground (vs. 9).  So Yahweh took his life as well.  Thus we see that upon receiving Tamar as their bride, foreshadowing what would happen to the first two parts, or 2,000 years, of the church, both of Judah’s first two sons were equally “cut off and died” (Zechariah 13:7-9).  And why have Christians died for 2,000 years?  For the same reasons Judah’s first two sons died - because they have done evil in the sight of Yahweh and have failed to bring forth offspring in their deceased Brother’s name.  The Spirit/shemen they have had, has been wasted on the ground - on earthly flesh and worldly ways.


Because of the deaths of Er and Onan, Judah was afraid to give Tamar to his third son, Shelah, lest he too die and Judah have no line of inheritance remaining; therefore, he put Tamar off.  What then do we find here per the church?  Because of the failure and death that has taken place in these first 2,000 years of the church, Yahweh likewise refuses to give Christianity the next 1,000 years of the kingdom, lest they too all die and perish from the kingdom (and unquestionably they would). 


So, we have a problem for both Judah and Yahweh.  The law required that Judah’s third son raise up offspring in his deceased brother’s name, dictating that he be given Tamar.  But for Judah, death to him was fearfully inevitable if he did this.  So what was he to do in this dilemma?  What we find from this is that Yahweh alone must resolve this problem; for as we see occurring with Judah, so it is with the church.


Judah went out to his sheep shearers where he found a woman who, because her face was veiled, appeared to be a prostitute.  Judah’s wife had died, and he went to the woman and laid with her.  She was promised a kid for her service, and as assurance that she would receive her payment, requested three things from him – his seal, his belt, and his staff, which Judah gave to her.


Later, upon his attempt to pay the prostitute, he found that she was not there; in fact they told Judah that there were no temple prostitutes there.  Three months later, Judah was informed that Tamar, the awaiting and slighted bride, the one who was legally supposed to bear offspring in Judah’s deceased son’s name, was now pregnant!  Judah called her in before him and issued a most unusual and harsh judgment – “let her be burned.”  But, Tamar revealed the seal, the belt, and the staff that belonged to him, and said that the child (in fact two sons) in her womb was fathered by the man who owned these items.  Judah recognized them, and said, “She is more righteous than I, inasmuch as I did not give her to my son Shelah.”


The identical scenario is going on in the kingdom of God right now.  Yahweh has decided not to give His third-part kingdom to the church because of what has happened to it for 2,000 years.  But there is a problem - the law requires that there be offspring!  So, what is Yahweh to do?  Even as Judah’s two sons failed to bring forth offspring through Tamar, and in a most unusual way Judah himself had to provide the seed to accomplish this, so in like manner the two “sons,” 2,000 years, of the church have failed and died, and Yahweh, in a most unusual way, must intervene and perform the work in which kingdom man has failed.  Yahweh goes to the hidden Bride, herself having the appearance of a prostitute (from being in mystery Babylon), and gives her His seed, His shemen.  Three years later, or from Passover, 2000, to Passover, 2003, we must go before Yahweh and reveal the seal, the belt, and the staff.  If we do not, then we too will enter into the fire with the rest of the church for the next 3,000 years!


What must we therefore present to Yahweh in order to be saved, to be delivered?





Thus we see that come Passover, 2003, at the end of the three years of the Remnant Bride (the three months of Tamar’s pregnancy), we will reveal the seal, the belt, and the staff that delivers us from death and the consuming fire!  Yahweh Himself has given His hidden Bride His shemen, His truth, even when she was in her harlotry, and offspring will indeed be brought forth in our deceased Brother’s name.  (Remember that Christianity is the body of Yahshua.) 


Yahweh will not give Christianity the third 1,000 year period; but by His own law He must do something to resolve the promise that belongs to Tamar, the Bride.  In order to solve this, since Christianity has failed to impregnate her, He has to do so by His own seed, His shemen.  He alone can resolve this problem, and He is doing so as evidenced by His truth He is giving to the Remnant, and the work He has been performing since 1994 and 2000. 


Tamar will bring forth twins – the Zerah and the Perez.  On one level, these represent the two-part Remnant – the Perez first Remnant that went into the breach, and the scarlet-thread-receiving second Remnant.  But even further, these two sons speak of the two works, the two parts of the temple - the Perez breach of Christianity and the Zerah Remnant.  As has been expressed before, the Remnant work is the turning point for all mankind, and in reality all mankind is born into immortality from the Remnant Bride “last Eve” work (even as Yahshua is the “last Adam”).


In closing, we have seen in the most recent writings that there are three items of great significance – the covering of holding all things in common, the one and twelve government, and truth.  As has been noted here, every prophetic testimony carries with it a message unique to that account.  While we do not specifically see in this testimony the essential element of the subject covering, most certainly it exists insomuch that this was the practice of the first Remnant, and could thus well be recognized in the place of the seal.  Of course the other two elements are definitely here – the one and twelve government and truth or prophecy.  All in all, once again we find evidenced here in every regard the seamless garment of truth that has been so amazingly prevalent throughout these writings.  May Yahweh be praised!


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