He Was Jealous
With My Jealousy




There are many testimonies in the Scriptures regarding the three-part, 3,000 year period that is given to the church.  Many of these have been covered in previous writings.  For the sake of introduction to this writing, let us briefly review some of these that relate specifically to this period as it is divided two-thirds and one-third, or 2,000 years and 1,000 years. 










Each of these different testimonies tells a unique truth regarding the church, but they all tell us that the church will be divided two-thirds and one-third.  And this is not all of these testimonies, for the Scriptures repeatedly evidence this.  (For an examination of this from a governmental pattern, read The Passing Over Principle.)


The purpose of laying this out, once again, is to prepare the setting for the main message of this writing; but before we get to that, let us examine for the first time in these writings another very revealing testimony of this same pattern.



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