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Even as this writing was being composed, Hurricane Ophelia came on the heels of Katrina to prophesy, and prophesy she did with a most wonderful message and result!  Let us begin this very important section by first quoting some passages from the gospel of the restored kingdom, John.  In His final words to His disciples before His crucifixion, Yahshua said:

“And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever; that is the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it does not behold Him or know Him, but you know Him because He abides with you, and will be in you” (John 14:16-17).

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you” (John 14:26).

“When the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, that is the Spirit of truth, who proceeds from the Father, He will bear witness of Me, and you will bear witness also, because you have been with Me from the beginning” (John 15:26).

Why do we quote these passages here?  Because the name, “Ophelia,” means “help or helper.”  “Ophelia” comes from the Greek word “ophelos,” which means “to help.”  And do not be deceived; some books state that “Ophelia” means “serpent,” but they get that meaning from the Greek word “ophis,” for which there is no connection.  It is quite fitting that the serpent tries to alter the meaning of the name that means “helper,” for the Helper is the one who is to guide us into all truth; and since Satan is the father of lies, his purpose is to corrupt truth, which he has thoroughly done.  Having said this, let us now get to the incredibly significant testimony of Hurricane Ophelia.

On September 7 Ophelia formed as a tropical storm just east of the head of the rod, Florida.  Over the next few days it meandered north and then north east until it just sat in one place, leaving everyone guessing for days what it would do.  See the following tracking map. 

Then Ophelia made its move westward until it began its northward movement toward North Carolina.  Earlier in this writing, we pointed out the prophetic design of this nation to reveal certain anatomical parts of a human body.  Going up the east coast, we saw that Florida is the male genital and Georgia is the belly.  Long Island is the tongue.  But between the tongue and the belly is a rather unmistakable body part, and that is the breast of North Carolina.  But you might object – How can a male have breasts?  Remember, this is prophesy, not pure anatomical design.  Isaiah 60:16 says – “You will … suck the breast of kings.”  The body parts that Yahweh set forth here are to prophesy and to perform intercession; thus we see both the male rod and the female breast. 

When Ophelia began a path toward North Carolina, this man became very hopeful.  Why?  Because the breast is prophetic of the Remnant Bride, and Ophelia means “help or helper,” so help, the Helper, was coming to the breast, the Remnant! 

Why is the breast prophetic of the Bride?  One obvious reason is that the breast, especially one shaped like North Carolina, speaks of a woman.  Also, in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (Daniel 2:31-33), the breast of the statue was silver, the element identified with the Remnant.  (The head was gold, or Yahshua; the belly was bronze, or Christianity; and the legs were iron, or the nations.)  And in Song of Solomon 8:8-10 the two-part Bride is identified as the little sister who had no breasts (the first Remnant) and the sister whose “breasts were like towers” (the second Remnant).  Of course it is the breasts that satisfy the husband (Proverbs 5:19) and provide nourishment (Isaiah 66:11).  And you will notice that towards the tip of the breast is none other than Kitty Hawk, where the Wright Brothers ascended alive at Kill Devil Hill.  Thus we state again that Ophelia prophetically occasioned a very hope-filled testimony, one that I greatly welcomed and watched with great anticipation. 

But kingdom men have not understood the prophetic and intercessoral identity of these hurricanes and design of this nation, and have actually intercessorally rejected the blessings of Yahweh.  Since they lack understanding and cannot see, they have reacted to these intercessoral testimonies in the natural, and have even boasted in their error.

In 1985, Hurricane Gloria was headed toward the east coast and Pat Robertson rebuked the whirlwind.  So what does “Gloria” mean?  The meaning is rather obvious.  It means “glory.”  Therefore, Pat rejected and rebuked Yahweh’s glory, the latter rain.  Following is the path that Gloria traveled.  You will notice, quite significantly, it is essentially the same path that Ophelia coursed.  It too touched the breast and went back out to sea.  Thus the breast, the Remnant, received the glory, while on behalf of Christianity, Pat rejected it.

Ten years later, in 1995, Hurricane Felix was equally heading toward the east coast and Pat rebuked it as well.  You will see in the following tracking map that Felix actually turned around and left.

What does “Felix” mean?  What was it that Pat Robertson of the Christian Broadcasting Network rebuked this time?  Again, he reacted with carnal understanding and rebuked “happy, fortunate”!

Then in 2003 Hurricane Isabel headed toward the east coast, and, of course, once again Pat rejected it.  Where did Isabel go?  She headed straight into the breast, North Carolina.

So why would Isabel take a direct course on North Carolina?  Again, because it prophesies concerning the Bride.  “Isabel” is a form of Elizabeth, who of course was the mother of John the Baptist, the Elijah.  Thus, Isabel spoke of bringing forth the Elijah, and Pat rejected this as well!  “Elizabeth” means “God of oath,” and He will bring forth the Elijah, something Christianity could never accomplish, the very thing Christian Pat Robertson intercessorally rejected on behalf of the entire body.

Now, only two years following Isabel, on September 14 Ophelia, the “helper,” made a course that followed in a path much like Gloria, but in a different way.  Instead of quickly passing by, Ophelia lingered, drawing near to and caressing the breast for two days, slowly making its way up the entire coast of North Carolina.  What does this mean for us today?  What is Yahweh once again saying from a whirlwind?  Something very wonderful; very, very wonderful!

Prophetically, what Yahweh said on September 14 was that He would bring help to the Remnant, help in the form of the Helper.  What this man is about to share with you was shown to him at the very time Ophelia was caressing the breast of America.  While Yahweh was speaking from a whirlwind per Ophelia, He was giving truth to His Bride that, once again, no man has ever seen.  While this man was leaving Washington on his way to Missouri, Katrina struck New Orleans, attesting to his calling; and while Yahweh was giving vital truth to this man, Ophelia was caressing the breast.  What was the Holy Spirit revealing?  Truth, truth that, very likely, leads to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit a second time as spoken to Yahshua’s disciples and recorded in John 14 and 15 regarding the Helper.  Remember, the Helper is “the Spirit of truth,” and His purpose is to teach us all things, the very thing He was doing for this man on September 14.

For several years I have confessed that I have not understood Pentecost as it relates to the latter rain.  It has been a mystery, shrouded in unclear hints.  There are prophetic testimonies that the latter rain is a double portion Pentecost, but it has never made sense.  When this man moved to Washington in ’94, I went there fully anticipating that the latter rain would come that next year at Pentecost.  That was my first HUGE disappointment, not only for me but for my family.  I will never forget that feeling of loss.  That night our whole family slept in the living room after holding out until sundown that Yahweh would do something, but He did not.  Early that next morning I went on a walk to try to sooth my numbing pain.  During that walk, referring to a unique and very meaningful experience from the past, in a very quiet voice, the Spirit told me that I was not wrong.  “You weren’t wrong then,” He said, “and you’re not wrong now.”

Everything in the circumstances at that time looked like I was wrong, but I have learned that looking wrong is the path to finding truth.  I went home and told the family what Yahweh had told me; but in time, quests such as this cost me my family. 

So here I am today in Salem, Missouri, my family is gone, and on September 14 Yahweh showed me something about Pentecost that NO man could ever, ever, ever have anticipated.  And on September 15, while Ophelia, in a 48 hour pass, continued to ever so carefully caress the entirety of the North Carolina coast, the breast of this nation, this man wrote the following truth.  Let us see.

If you have not learned this by now, Yahweh is a God of patterns, patterns that He repeats.  In one sense, Yahweh is very simple in His ways, insomuch that He repeats patterns over and over.  The pattern is His way, and His ways are His laws, and thus, of necessity, replicable.  Let us look at some of His patterns.

In the first section, we addressed the pattern of the seven, followed by the one.  Yahweh completes seven parts and then, of necessity, adds an eighth.  This, we noted, is the pattern of Tabernacles.  There are the seven days of Tabernacles, followed by the eighth day, the holy convocation.  It is also the pattern of Moses’ eight trips up Mount Sinai.  There were the seven trips up the mountain, whereupon Yahweh declared that He would not go with them, but repented and called Moses up the eighth time.  But let us note something different now.

We see that both Tabernacles and Moses’ trips up the mountain follow a seven-and-one pattern.  But Passover, though equally an eight day feast, follows a one-and-seven pattern – Passover and seven days of Unleavened Bread!  What can this mean?

Very significantly, and it is wonderful how Yahweh is adding the truth that we need just at the right time, assuring us that He is indeed leading us in these marvelous things, we learned in The Soul that one of the ways of Yahweh is that when He replicates something, affording the two to become one, He creates the alternate in a mirror image.  We saw in The Soul that while Yahweh is a trinity of spirit, soul, and body, He made man a “living soul,” thus man is soul, spirit, and body.  Soul and spirit man is thus a mirror image of spirit and soul Yahweh.  Read The Soul to more fully understand this important truth.

In these two feasts, we find Yahweh performing the identical thing.  Tabernacles, a seven-and-one pattern, is in fact a mirror image of Passover, a one-and-seven pattern.  Thus we see that Passover, which by Yahweh’s word is the first of the year (Exodus 12:2), is the “creator,” the original, if you would, and Tabernacles is the created, the mirror image.  And in like regard, we can also say that Passover is the spirit, and Tabernacles is the soul.  Do you see this?  This is very important to understand at this point.  But let us look at something else.

Passover is unique from Tabernacles in another way as well.  While both are eight day feasts, Passover actually has a ninth day added to it.  Tied to Passover, Pentecost follows it by a count of fifty days.  Do not be mislead, many Christians will tell you that Passover is a seven day feast with Pentecost as the eighth, but they are wrong.  First, Passover and Tabernacles are mirror images, thus telling us that Passover is an eight day feast, only in reverse.  But there is another confirming and HIGHLY revealing pattern that tells us this as well, and we will now look at it.

We have noted that Moses’ trips up the mountain correlate to the feasts.  Even as Passover is an eight day feast, so Moses went up the mountain eight times.  But in The Hope of the Remnant in 2004, we have also noted that there was actually a critical ninth trip up Sinai, and that made by Elijah.  What we find is that the promise made to Moses in Exodus 33:18-23 was not fulfilled by Moses on his eighth trip, but was in fact fulfilled in a ninth trip by Elijah, his alter ego in many ways.

Even as there were eight trips up the mountain by Moses, and after a span of time Elijah fulfilled the vital ninth, so there are eight days to Passover and Unleavened Bread, and after a span of time Yahweh adds Pentecost, a ninth day.  Legally, Pentecost is the ninth trip up the mountain, the Elijah work.  This has tremendous implications, as you will see!  Pentecost = the Elijah work.

It is also interesting to note that the span of time from Moses’ eighth trip and Elijah’s ninth trip would have been sometime after Ahab became king 573 years later.  If Elijah went up on Sinai in the fifteenth year of Ahab’s twenty-one year reign (which is quite possible based on 1 Kings 22:1), it would have been precisely twelve Jubilees (12 x 49, or 588 years) since Moses’ trips.  Of course “Pentecost” means “fifty,” and is the number of Jubilee (Leviticus 25:8-12).

Thus we see in general that even as Passover and Pentecost are an eight-and-one pattern, so Moses’ and Elijah’s trips up Mount Sinai are an eight-and-one pattern.  But we are being very general here because there is much more to this.

You will notice that Passover is a one-and-seven pattern; yet, Moses’ trips up the mountain are a seven-and-one pattern.  Thus, while Passover and Pentecost are a pattern of one-and-seven followed by a ninth, Moses’ and Elijah’s pattern is a seven-and-one followed by a ninth!  Do you see the difference?  What do we have here then per Moses’ and Elijah’s trips up the mountain?  It is actually a Tabernacles followed by a Pentecost!  Tabernacles is the seven-and-one pattern, not Passover, and it is the seven-and-one pattern that we see in the trips up Sinai!  Let us try to lay this out.

Passover and Pentecost:


Moses’ and Elijah’s trips up Sinai:

one-and-seven followed by a ninth


seven-and-one followed by a ninth

Do you see that Moses’ and Elijah’s trips are actually a Tabernacles with a Pentecost?  When I was beginning to see all of this, I was talking with Brendan McElroy, and told him that there are two questions that arise here: 

What does this mean, and

Why is He showing us this?

Let us see.

(1)  What does this mean?

Keep in mind that there are two Remnant, and that there are two correlating outpourings of the Spirit – the former and the latter rains.  The former rain has already taken place, so we can look at it and know precisely what it was or what pattern it followed.  Clearly, it precisely followed the first pattern:

One-and-seven followed by a ninth.

It was Passover when Yahshua was slain.  He arose from the grave on the third day and returned on the eighth day after His resurrection.  Then the former rain came on Pentecost.  Thus the first Remnant followed the first pattern, the more perfect “Yahweh” or “spirit” pattern. 

This makes sense because it was Yahshua Himself who came to this earth and began this first work.  He laid the foundation, after which came the breach of Christianity.  Today, the second work will be the mirror image “soul” work, evidenced in part in that it is not Yahshua who stands in that office now, but a man just like all other men – the twelfth apostle, His associate.  The first work was the God work; the second work is the man work.  The first was the living spirit work, the second the “living soul” work.  The first was the original work, the second the mirror image work; and we have seen already that a mirror image is reversed in the first two parts.

God is spirit, soul, and body, while man is soul, spirit, and body.  You notice that only the first two places are reversed.  As we noted in The Soul, these two parts are the only parts that are affected in this replication.  The third part of a trinity is always distinctly different from the first two parts that are affected in the “in our image” creation.  Remember, as we have noted, the body is only a tent, housing the true man, the soul and the spirit.

Passover is thus a spirit (the holy convocation) and a soul (the seven days) with a body (the ninth day).  So what is Tabernacles?  It is a soul (the seven days) and a spirit (the holy convocation) without a body (the ninth day)!  Thus, Tabernacles, in and of itself, is legally dead, lacking the third part, the body!  What does Tabernacles need so as to be complete, to be alive?  It must have a ninth day.  It must have its own Pentecost!  As with Christians over the last 2000 years, Tabernacles is in the grave, waiting until Yahweh gives it a body.

As evidence of this death, we find that, quite strikingly, Tabernacles was really never celebrated.  In Nehemiah 8:17 when they were rebuilding the wall we read – “The sons of Israel had indeed not (celebrated Tabernacles) from the days of Joshua the son of Nun to that day.”  Thus we see the breach or death period of Tabernacles.  And when it was finally celebrated, what was the testimony?  We read that they set up the booths at the “Water Gate, and in the square at the Gate of Ephraim” (vs. 16).  In The Soul, page 3, we noted that Ephraim speaks of the rights of the Remnant to lead in the Millennial reign, and in Zechariah 14:16-17 we see that if anyone does not go to worship the King on Tabernacles, no rain will fall on them.  Thus we see once again the testimony of water, undoubtedly speaking of the latter rain that comes when Tabernacles finally has its body and comes alive.

What we need then, and by pattern is also promised, is precisely what is foreshadowed in Moses’ and Elijah’s nine trips up Mount Sinai.  “That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done.  So, there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9).  The much needed fulfillment of Tabernacles will be a Tabernacles with an Elijah Pentecost fifty days later!  Tabernacles will finally have its body!

Per this, Kyle shared with me that when Yahweh created man, He first created him as a body, without soul and spirit.  Tabernacles is a mirror image of that first creation – it is a soul and spirit without a body.  Yahweh is the first and the last (Revelation 1:17, 2:8), and even as He first formed a body and breathed the soul and spirit into it, so in these last days in a mirror image He has created soul and spirit Tabernacles, and will now form a body for it – a Tabernacles Pentecost!  First the body, and then the soul and spirit; now the soul and spirit, and then the body.

This would explain why the book of Ezra, which accounts the rebuilding of the temple, precedes the book of Nehemiah, which accounts the rebuilding of the wall.  The actual order was first the wall, then the temple.  But for now-obvious prophetic reasons, the Holy Spirit has reversed the order of these in the Bible, and the temple was built first, followed by the wall; again, a divine mirror image!  What we see prophesied here is the very thing we have been seeing – the establishment of the soul and spirit, the Tabernacles, the temple; and then the body, the Pentecost, the wall that encompasses the temple.

Yahweh said that He was going to do a new thing, and you cannot get any newer than bringing forth a feast that has never before even been seen or entered into the minds of men. 

What does this mean?  It tells us of the latter rain.  The former rain was fulfilled on the pattern of Passover and Pentecost; and it makes total sense that the latter rain will be fulfilled on the pattern of Tabernacles and its own Pentecost. 

This explains why this man confessed that he did not understand Pentecost.  His spirit knew there was much more to it than his soul could comprehend, so little by little Yahweh has been teaching us so that we could see the truth that resides in these feasts; and on the day when Helper came to the Breast, He showed us this critical and marvelous truth.   Now for the next question.

(2)  Why is He showing us this?

I believe (and I seldom write anything in that tense per an opinion) that Yahweh is showing us this now because He will either fulfill it this year in ’05 and pour out the latter rain, or next year, even as the other fulfillments came a year later.  Why would He show us this except that it is time to be fulfilled?  By showing this to us we believe, and believing brings things into reality, especially for the mustard seed Remnant.

I am more inclined to the possibility that its fulfillment is for this year.  Why?  When Yahweh showed me this truth, I called Eric and told it to him.  Eric has been studying the feasts of Yahweh and the lunar calendars for a number of years, trying to understand what Yahweh’s true calendar is.  Recently He showed him something that at first he dismissed as impossible, but He would not let it go away.  Finally Eric examined it and it is quite possible that the Bride is being shown His true way of reckoning the days per the feasts.

I told Eric about the Tabernacles Pentecost and asked him to see when it would fall.  This is what he found, including all the feasts that lead up to it.  These dates also include the results of discussions with Kyle.  All of these dates are for 2005.

Trumpets --------- October 16/17

Atonement ------- October 25/26

Tabernacles ------ October 30 thru November 6/7 (the latter being the holy convocation)

These feast days are not affected by the addition of a Pentecost, and it was the date of the Tabernacles Pentecost that caused Eric the most excitement!

Pentecost --------- December 25/26

Pentecost falls on Christmas day!  We will consider the great significance of this; but first, you will notice that we have listed an additional date.  Without getting complicated, let us address this.

First, these dates are not based on the crescent moon, as is the case with Judaism; nor is the day beginning at evening, but in the morning.  As was mentioned per New Orleans, the Crescent City, the Jewish tradition of beginning the month at the crescent moon is a Babylonian practice.  It is more certain that the cycles of the moon per marking time are instead based on the full moon and not the crescent.  In Psalm 81:3 we clearly read – “Blow the trumpet at the new moon, at the full moon, on our feast day.”  Jews think that the “new moon” is the crescent moon, but here we clearly read that it is the full moon.  Based on what Eric was learning, he was persuaded that Trumpets was on October 16; but based on the full moon at that time, which is critical to Trumpets, Kyle was persuaded that it was on the 17th.  So what was the solution?

Let us ask a question – Did Yahshua cleanse the Temple on the day He entered Jerusalem, or was it cleansed on the next day?  If you have read the writings on the Bible Contradictions, you will know that the Scriptures present both to be true (Matthew 21:12, Mark 11:11-15).  There are times when two seemingly contradicting things can both be true.  They are parallel truths.  Likewise, we have seen in recent testimonies that Yahweh adds time, He adds a day.  Of course, certainly testifying to this is the Feast of Purim.  The Jews were given the fourteenth day of the twelfth month to destroy their enemies; and at the end of the day, Esther requested of the king – “let tomorrow also be granted to the Jews who are in Susa to do according to the edict of today” (Esther 9:13) – so the King extended his decree by one day.  Thus, Purim was celebrated on two days – one day for the rural areas, and one day for those in Susa (Esther 9:16-19).

In like regard, we have the very encouraging testimony that in 2004 Jeanne struck at the very depth of the root of the Curse of 1920 by striking Haiti (and Ivan had mercy on New Orleans), while the next year Katrina judged New Orleans.  Testimonies like this seem to speak of a two-part blow, which is certainly true of the work of the two Remnant.  The first Remnant bruised Satan’s head, while the second Remnant finishes the work, driving a tent peg into his temple.  And in this regard, it seems quite telling that Satan-representing Saddam Hussein’s trial is scheduled to begin October 19, between Trumpets and Atonement.

In Jeremiah 51, we read the highly attesting passage about the sea engulfing Babylon with tumultuous waves (vs. 42), and then immediately after this fitting call to “come forth from her midst" (vs. 45).  It is thus quite striking that in verse 46 we next read:

“For the report will come one year,

And after that another report in another year.”

Thus we see once again this matter of a double day, or double year.  And it is quite possible that all of these doubles could equally point to the double portion of His Spirit given to the second Remnant.

You can be certain that Trumpets prophesies, and that indeed Yahweh adds one day in His works.  It is His way.  As we will see later in this section, Yahweh breaths time – He expands it and contracts it.  And you will note, quite significantly, He also gave Joshua another day to defeat his enemies (Joshua 10:13).  This is the same testimony we see in the eighth day – it secures victory!  And what about the double Passover that Hezekiah celebrated?  Once again we see the doubling of a feast (2 Chronicles 30:23)!

Therefore, based on the incredible revelation that was seen in the days of Ophelia, and the testimonies Yahweh was opening our eyes to see regarding His ways, we accepted that these two days per Trumpets were both to be acknowledged.  Of course they reverberated through the days that followed, shifting and adding a day in each feast.

Let us now look at a very important testimony per the Tabernacles Pentecost.  In 2005 a Tabernacles Pentecost will fall on Christmas day, and the day after with the extension, the doubling.  But that is not all, for at sundown on December 25, Hanukkah begins as well.  So what do we have?  We have Christianity’s highest holy day of the year, Christmas; as well as Judaism’s comparable day of the season, Hanukkah; and added this year is the Remnant Bride’s first ever understood and acknowledged second Remnant Tabernacles Pentecost.

So what does this mean?  In the test of Carmel, there are three parties – the prophets of Baal, or Christianity; the prophets of Asherah, or the Jews; and Elijah, the second Remnant.  It just so happens that on this first ever revealed Tabernacles Pentecost, all three participants in the test of Carmel are present!  

The test of Carmel began in 1948 with Christianity’s Latter Rain Movement, Billy Graham, and the World Council of Churches (Baal); along with the establishment of Israel as a nation (Asherah); and this man’s birth (Elijah).  It is also affirming that in 1948 years from Adam, Babylon was built and Abraham was born, a telling test in itself revealing that which was to come – Carmel.  This same test, and the testimony once again of who will be the victor, was evidenced in the 2000 election as well.  Bush (the Elijah) defeated Gore (the one who gores, or Satan and Christianity) and Lieberman (Asherah, the first time in history a Jew ran for an Executive office).

On December 25, 2005, all three parties of the test of Carmel will be gathered at the same place, presenting offerings before Yahweh to see which one He will accept.  Will He accept Christianity’s Christmas?  Will He accept the Jew’s Hanukkah?  Or will He accept the Remnant and acknowledge their Tabernacles Pentecost?  We will certainly see.  Let us examine further these three works and their celebrations.

Very appropriately, Christmas is Christianity’s most revealing and identifying holiday/feast.  In truth, it is the very embodiment of true Christianity – its worldwide acceptance and celebration; its quality of being a mix of semi-truth and glaring worldliness; its most overt testimony of mystery Babylon, wherein as the most lucrative retail period of the year the “merchants of the earth” literally “become rich by the wealth of her sensuality” (Revelation 18:3, 11-20); and its testimony of being a work of immense error, calling evil good and good evil, by its supposed message of being a celebration of “the birth of Christ,” when in fact it is a celebration of the death of the first Remnant (Christmas and the Two Witnesses).  Christmas is Christianity!

Likewise, Hanukkah is uniquely Jewish.  First, their celebration of the feast at this particular time is based on the crescent moon, already affording one grave error that is Jewish/Babylonian.  Also, it is the only feast of some notoriety/acknowledgment that is not laid out in the Scriptures, as are Passover, Pentecost, Tabernacles, and even Purim.  And third, Jews celebrate this feast in a way so as to emulate Christmas, including gift giving and a Hanukkah bush for the Christmas tree.  Thus, with equal relevance, Hanukkah is a unique embodiment of Judaism.

And what is the testimony of the second Remnant’s Tabernacles Pentecost?  Even as a Pentecost following Tabernacles is a hidden yet absolutely critical feast, so the Bride is a hidden and absolutely critical work.  And even as the great need for this feast is now being revealed, it is a reminder of how the Remnant Bride is revealing never-before-seen truth, unlocking the seals that have been on Yahweh’s word (Daniel 12:4, 9; Revelation 5:1-5), and seeing “things to come” (Isaiah 45:11).  Likewise, it is our hope that the Bride will be revealed at this time.  And even as the first Remnant received the former rain according to the pattern of Passover and Pentecost, so this Tabernacles Pentecost attests to the much needed latter rain for the second Remnant.  And as revealed in Revelation 11:10-11, the time of making merry and exchanging gifts is the time for the second Remnant to receive the breath of life.

Thus we see all three Carmel parties fully, revealingly, and intercessorally coming before Yahweh in this most telling testimony, a work only He could perform.  This is His test of Carmel, and may He clearly evidence His choice!

What can we hope for per the Remnant?  First, that Yahweh will make a clear distinction between these three works that will challenge or cause men to cease lingering between two opinions (1 Kings 18:21) – Christianity or the Remnant.  In this regard, there is the hope of the latter rain.  But also, while the Jews have and will continue to fail to bring forth the light that the Feast of Lights (Hanukkah) attests, and the cleansing of the temple after the abomination of desolation (i.e., Satan in the kingdom of God), only the Zerah Luke second Remnant can bring forth that light and stop the true abomination of desolation.  Of course both Luke and Zerah mean “light.”

In Christmas and the Two Witnesses, we see that while Christians seek to celebrate the birth of Yahshua at Christmas, by their actions, including their merry making and the exchanging of gifts, they in truth celebrate the death of the first Remnant.  Their celebration is a very revealing example of how Christians are not light, but darkness.  What then does the second Remnant hope for per December 25?  This was not the time of the year when Yahshua was born, but in fact the time when Mary was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit; and this is exactly what we said must happen to the Bride – she must be overshadowed by the Spirit, she must become the sun-clothed woman, she must be baptized in the Holy Spirit.  While Christians celebrate the death of the first Remnant, the second Remnant seeks to come to life, even as did the two witnesses – “the breath of life from God came into them, and they stood on their feet; and great fear fell upon those who were beholding them” (Revelation 11:11).

It is quite fitting that by the addition of Pentecost to Tabernacles, it attests to the addition of the body, the very thing that ascending alive fulfils.  When we ascend alive we receive the much needed incorruptible body that our soul and spirit so desperately need.  A Tabernacles Pentecost speaks of adding that body, though that will obviously come later.

Testified by Passover and the trips up Mount Sinai,, Tabernacles receives its much needed body.  What is that body?  It is the Elijah, foreshadowed in Elijah’s ninth trip up Mount Sinai.  It is the Elijah, who revealed Yahweh’s affirmation on Carmel.  As noted earlier, Pentecost = the Elijah work.  The new body of the Bride per a Tabernacles Pentecost is likewise pictured in the “new jar” that Elisha requested, into which he placed the salt and used it to heal the waters that were causing death and barrenness (2 Kings 2:19-22).

And what if the fulfillment of these testimonies does not happen this year?  Well, for all the reasons we have examined earlier, that is a proven possibility.  But even so, even as we looked to Yahweh for (1) the Red Sox win and (2) the testimony of striking at the root of the Curse of 1920 and (3) entering into the promised land west of the Jordan, so we look to Yahweh for the fulfillment of the Tabernacles Pentecost in 2005, and leave the results to Him.  Remember, this is not by our might or by our will, but by Yahweh who performs all things after the counsel of His own will.  And, all the elements of Carmel that uniquely synchronize on December 25/26, 2005, do not exist in 2006, or anytime soon.

When Ophelia was forming, it kept everyone guessing what it would do.  For days it sat out in the Atlantic moving nowhere, seemingly waiting for the right time and the right place.  But in its time it found that appointed place!  In Habakkuk 2:2-3 Yahweh declared:

“Record the vision

And inscribe it on tablets,

That the one who reads it may run.

For the vision is for the appointed time;

It hastens toward the goal, and it will not fail.

Though it tarries, wait for it;

For it will certainly come, it will not delay.”

For eleven years this man has waited for prophetic testimonies to synchronize with the fulfillment, suffering many sorrowful and costly disappointments.  In fact, Kyle has called me “the king of disappointment.”  But with this eleventh hurricane hitting New Orleans at the very time that this man was beginning to make his move to Salem, Missouri, eleven years after the Spirit came upon me in ‘94; and then Ophelia, the Helper, was caressing the breast at the very time that the Holy Spirit was leading this man into all truth per the latter rain and a Tabernacles Pentecost; this man takes great hope that indeed prophetic testimonies are synchronizing with fulfillments.  And what other hope do we then have?  That the prophetic testimony of December 25/26 and the test of Carmel will synchronize with the fulfillment!  What do we hope for?  The latter rain of the Holy Spirit.  The same provision to come on a Tabernacles Pentecost that came on the Pentecost following a Passover, but in a double portion. 

Every year up to 33 AD Passover and Pentecost came and went, prophesying that Yahshua would die and the former rain would follow.  Every year up to 33 AD the promise of the Spirit tarried.  Then prophecy and fulfillment synchronized, and what was foreshadowed came about.  Based on the testimony of Carmel on December 25, this is what this man hopes will take place this year, and if must be, then next year.  But as sure as a Passover and Pentecost was fulfilled, so a Tabernacles and its own Pentecost will be fulfilled.  Remember, Tabernacles is dead without a body, the Bride, the latter rain, the Elijah; and according to Moses’ and Elijah’s trips up the mountain, per which we intercessorally identified in 2002 (2002 Passover Report and The Hope of the Remnant in 2004), it will be fulfilled.  Ophelia, the Helper, has come to a man, and He will come and fulfill the baptism that has been promised and revealed.

When I discussed with Jim Neumann this matter of a Tabernacles Pentecost and a test of Carmel on December 25, his desire was that we would see some other testimonies to confirm that Carmel was associated with Pentecost.  Let us now add other testimonies that what we are seeing here is soundly supported in the Scriptures.

I told Jim that in 2002 I had seen a correlation between the Carmel events per Elijah and Passover (Two Testimonies and an Invitation).  Based on a correlation between Gideon and Carmel, and the testimony of a loaf of barley bread, it seemed that Carmel took place at Passover.  But when I went back to reexamine that account, something quite wonderful became rather obvious.

As covered in that writing, the events that took place per Gideon are clearly a repeat of those which occurred on Mount Carmel!  Reading Judges 6 and 7 and 1 Kings 18 we find some unmistakable and highly relevant similarities: 

An offering that was set upon a rock and the fire of Yahweh miraculously came and consumed it,

A contest specifically with Baal and Asherah in which their altar and likeness were torn down (either literally or figuratively), and

In the end a contest in the valley of Jezreel. 

All three of these distinguishing elements are in both accounts (which makes one wonder if Gideon was in fact on Carmel at that time).  But the true answer as to what time of the year these events occurred was hidden from us in 2002, even though it was right before our eyes (something Yahweh performs very well).  While I am exceedingly glad for what we learned in 2002 regarding these parallel accounts, for it was because of this understanding that I was even aware of the similarity today, I had missed the obvious.  Based on the testimony of the barley loaf, I saw those events as being associated with Passover; but they were not.  In Judges 6:11 it clearly states that Gideon was “beating out wheat in the winepress.”  Wheat harvest is Pentecost.  What does this mean for us today?  This parallel account affords further testimony and prophetic evidence as to when the test of Carmel will be fulfilled – at a Pentecost!

As we have seen, this fulfillment cannot be at a regular Pentecost, for the “spirit” original of the “soul” image has already been fulfilled in the former rain.  Therefore, the only place for another Pentecost to occur is for Yahweh to provide a body for Tabernacles and send the Elijah latter rain at a Pentecost fifty days after Tabernacles.  As we see evidenced here per Gideon, this is the prescribed time in which Carmel must occur.  Thus we see fully testified here that the latter rain will be a Passover barley bread work at a Tabernacles Pentecost, the wheat in the winepress.

A second testimony relative to this matter of a Tabernacles Pentecost, pertains to the events surrounding the Samaritan woman whom Yahshua spoke to at the well (John 4).

When the woman was returning with the people who believed her report, Yahshua said – “Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, and then comes the harvest’?  Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, that they are white unto harvest” (John 4:35).  If you look at the events leading up to this, you will see that this account followed shortly after Passover (John 2:23 and 4:45).  Considering the course of events that took place after that Passover, the timing of this account had to have been around the time of Pentecost.  But this alone is not sufficient testimony to establish this.  Let us look at a second.

Yahshua said, “Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, and then comes the harvest’?”  There are only two feasts wherein there are four months between them – Pentecost and Tabernacles.  Given this account’s proximity to Passover and Yahshua’s statement per the four months to harvest, it is evident that the harvest He was speaking of here at Pentecost was Tabernacles.  So what was He saying?

By saying that the fields of Tabernacles are white unto harvest at Pentecost, Yahshua was tying these two feasts together, the very thing we are seeing in a Tabernacles Pentecost.  And of course this all relates to the woman at the well, the very place where Moses, Isaac, and Jacob each obtained their brides.  This woman at the well, and those whom she brought with her, are a prophetic picture of the Bride.

But also most importantly here, we find a testimony that relates directly to this idea that Yahweh will do an entirely new thing per a Tabernacles Pentecost.  When Yahshua’s disciples came up and the woman left, they said to Him – “Rabbi, eat.”  Very revealingly, and just before He told them about the fruits of Tabernacles coming on a Pentecost, He replied – “I have food to eat that you do not know about” (vs. 32).  How appropriate a statement to make when He would next tell them about moving the harvest of Tabernacles to Pentecost.  Indeed, who has ever known about a Tabernacles Pentecost?  “I have food that you do not know about,” is a statement that clearly relates to Tabernacles’ fields that are white unto harvest at Pentecost.  And appropriately, the “feasts” actually speak of “food.”  Clearly, Yahshua tied Tabernacles to Pentecost, and the Holy Spirit recorded His words that this was food (a feast) about which no one has known.

As I discussed these things with Eric, and it was actually through our conversation that the obvious was seen regarding Gideon’s “Carmel” battle being at Pentecost, he was excited that we were receiving this important second witness on September 17.  Eric was looking for something significant to happen that day.  He told me it was the mirror image of the coming Tabernacles Pentecost on December 25.  Even as the Tabernacles Pentecost is fifty days after the eighth day of Tabernacles, Eric said September 17 was fifty days before the eighth day.  To help understand this, let us lay it out.



September 17

<--- 50 days --- 8th day of Tabernacles --- 50 days --->


December 25

But what is most interesting now, and even revealing, is that at that time Eric had in fact confused his days, and that the 18th was actually that mirror day.  The 17th was a full moon, and he had confused that fact with the 18th being the fiftieth day before the Tabernacles Pentecost. 

The next day, the 18th, Kyle became a factor in this matter, and as already discussed, we added the second day to the feasts.  It was during these conversations that Eric told me that he realized he had confused the 18th with the 17th.  But frankly, these two days of revelation, the 17th and the 18th, proved exactly what we resigned ourselves to, and that was a 25th and 26th Pentecost.  Without our foreknowledge, Eric’s confusion had accurately laid out the two-day mirror image of the true two-day Pentecost, thus confirming the very thing we were considering per these two days of Pentecost.  During the actual mirror image of September 17 and 18, Yahweh showed us the Tabernacles Pentecost days of December 25 and 26.  Let us lay this out again.  The two “added” days in each instance are in red.



September 17/18

<--- 50 days --- 8th day of Tabernacles --- 50 days --->


December 25/26

We will provide one more testimony of Carmel and its association with Tabernacles when the grapes are pressed.  Having already noted that Tabernacles without a Pentecost is dead, we read in Isaiah 16:10 regarding Carmel:

And gladness and joy are taken away from Carmel;

In the vineyards also there will be no cries of joy or jubilant shouting,

No treader treads out wine in the presses,

For I have made the shouting to cease.

This would include the shout in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 where we read – “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, … and the dead in Christ will rise first.”  There will be no resurrection without the Carmel latter rain Tabernacles Pentecost.

Before we close this section, there are two things to add here, even a third, and yes, even a fourth.  First, the Red Sox win of the World Series in 2004 was on October 27.  You might recall that that final winning game was played not only under a full moon, but it was during a lunar eclipse producing a blood red moon.  But even more amazing and telling, Eric informed me that October 27, 2004, was Trumpets, and even a sabbath!  (This is according to the calendar that Eric is seeing.)  Thus, in a very encouraging testimony, the Curse was reversed at Trumpets!

As we have noted, Trumpets, 2005, takes place on October 16.  You will notice that this writing began with the sentence – “On October 16, 2003, I sent out an e-mail fully anticipating that the Red Sox would defeat the New York Yankees and go on to win the World Series.”  That sentence was placed there before what is presented in this section was even understood, yet we see that the date of that e-mail was the same month and day of Trumpets, 2005. 

This was quite interesting, but obviously not conclusive.  But there is another item that is far more noteworthy and deserves being pointed out here:  October 16 is my wife’s birthday. 

This would not be so noteworthy except for two points.  First, as noted in A Lesson From Intercession, page 8, highly prophetic Mount St Helens, that erupted during the time of Pentecost, had five lesser eruptions that followed.  These followed the pattern of the church.  The first two revealed the first Remnant.  The middle third revealed Christianity.  If you look at the scientific records, there was concern per that eruption that Spirit Lake would “breach.”  This testified of breach Christianity.

But it was in fact the last two eruptions that really caught our attention.  Representing the second Remnant, the dates of those two eruptions were August 7 and October 16 – this man’s birthday and my wife’s birthday!  Coincidence?  Absolutely!  But the actual meaning of that word is two events happening together – co-incidents, or joined incidents!

On August 7, 1994, Yahweh showed me that I was false Remnant.  Upon seeing this I immediately prostrated myself on the floor and pled for a way of escape.  That is when He told me to become a Mephibosheth and give everything that I had gained in the ministry over the last thirteen years, to the man who was persecuting me (2 Samuel 19:24-30).  I immediately agreed, and it was at that moment that I became a part of the second Remnant.  Thus, I was birthed into the Remnant on August 7.

Now my wife’s birthday falls on this most important Trumpets.  On the one hand I take great hope and anticipation for the further establishment of the Bride.  But personally, I would also like to see my bride birthed into the second Remnant.  David had to deliver two of his brides from the hands of the enemy (1 Samuel 30:5f), as well as one from the house of another man (2 Samuel 3:12-16).  While I am exceptionally grateful that Yahweh is delivering His Bride out of the hands of the enemy, the house of another man, I would be most grateful for Him to deliver my bride from Satan as well.

And before continuing, there is one other matter that should be added.  We have seen how Gideon and his victory is a type of Carmel.  It is thus quite telling that the name, “Gideon,” means “feller of trees.”  For eleven years while living in Washington this man felled trees to heat our home.  It was noticeably uncanny how Yahweh always provided trees for me to fell.  In Daniel 4 we see Nebuchadnezzar prophetically represented as a great encompassing tree; but his representation only looks to the true fulfillment, and that is Christianity.  Even as Nebuchadnezzar was a great tree that was cut down, so Christianity is a great encompassing tree that will be cut down.  And who will do it?  Gideon, the “feller of trees.”  And as we have seen, Gideon’s work is clearly associated with a Tabernacles Pentecost!  And why does Yahweh fell Christianity?  For the same reason Nebuchadnezzar was cut down:

“In order that the living may know

That the Most High is ruler over the realm of mankind,

And bestows it on whom He wishes,

And sets over it the lowliest of men” (Daniel 4:17)

And how can we continue without also noting that December 26 is the one-year anniversary of the tsunami!  Is it too a foreshadowing of that which will be fulfilled one year later – at the Tabernacles Pentecost?  One cannot but wonder at this point.

It is incredibly amazing that Yahweh is revealing these truths to us in shadows.  Moses’ and Elijah’s trips up Sinai are a shadow of this Tabernacles Pentecost.  Likewise, Gideon’s victory is a revealing shadow of a Pentecost Carmel.  It is by these shadows that we are able to see that which is coming, and both of these were, quite significantly, revealed in part or in whole per the intercessions of 2002.  Looking back, those intercessions and what we learned through them was extraordinarily significant.

Since we are seeing these things in shadows and they are not stated straightforwardly, does Yahweh then conceal things?  Without any question – absolutely!  But as it has been granted to the Remnant, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter” (Proverbs 25:2).  He hid that the feeding of the 4,000 was at Pentecost (Communion), He hid that Carmel was a Tabernacles Pentecost, and He hid that He spoke these things per the woman at the well at Pentecost.  Why?  Because His Tabernacles Pentecost is equally hidden, and that for the seeing Bride.  (The above verse concerning God’s glory also helps us to understand the passage – “You will … suck the breast of kings,” as well as giving new insight into the term, “King of kings” [Revelation 19:16].  The Bride will rule with Yahshua and govern over the affairs of men.)

We conclude this section with this most encouraging passage per the test of Carmel.  This is quoted here because in your Bible the word “Carmel” is probably translated to read something else, even as is probably the case in Isaiah 16:10; but the fact is that it is the word “Carmel.”  You will see here the loss of the first Remnant followed by Christianity, and then the latter rain.

Because the palace has been abandoned, the populated city forsaken.

Hill and watch-tower have become caves forever,

A delight for wild donkeys (Christianity), a pasture for flocks;

Until the Spirit is poured out upon us from on high,

And the wilderness becomes Carmel,

And Carmel is considered as a forest.

Then justice will dwell in the wilderness

And righteousness will abide in Carmel.

And the work of righteousness will be peace,

And the service of righteousness, quietness and confidence forever.

Then my people will live in a peaceful habitation,

And in secure dwellings and in undisturbed resting places;

And it will hail when the forest comes down,

And the city will be utterly laid low.

How blessed will you be, you who sow beside all waters,

Who send out the foot (kingdom rights) of the ox and the donkey (Isaiah 32:14-20).


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