What you are about to read includes things I would never ever reveal, were it not that its message goes far beyond the personal into the corporate, and reveals critical timely things regarding the kingdom of God.  I have shared before that I once heard Rod McKuen say – “You can never really live, until you make yourself vulnerable.”  I am making myself very vulnerable when I share what will be said here.  As did the Savior, for the sake of the kingdom and for your sake, I too will become naked before you.


Yahweh has given the Remnant Bride as a mantle the inner seamless garment of truth.  It is seamless insomuch that its truths are consistently revealed throughout the Scriptures.  It is inner insomuch that it is the closest garment to Him, concealing the parts that are hidden, personal.  And what will be shared here is hidden and personal in two regards – it reveals highly personal and hidden things from my own life, and it reveals hidden and personal things regarding Yahweh.


In all the years of my marriage, this man has never been one to divulge anything having to do with my intimate relationship with my wife.  I am a very modest person, and that was something that was always kept personal, even as it should be kept personal.  But that which is shared here has to do with that very subject.  You already understand why this will be done, and I trust that by the time you are through reading this, you will not only see why, but be very grateful for it.  For your sake, my life is laid before you, naked.


Several years ago, somewhere in the early 80’s, the Holy Spirit told this man to ask for an example in the flesh, someone whom I was to be like who had walked this life as a mere man.  When the Spirit told me this, I thought my example would be a pastor whom I knew and deeply admired and respected.  (That man later fell in my sight and in the sight of many.)  So in obedience, I asked – “Give me an example in the flesh.”  But to my surprise, the Holy Spirit answered me that my example was Rees Howells, whose life is recorded in a book titled, Rees Howells, Intercessor.  I have read that book several times, and highly recommend it to you.  Rees, as the title of the book reveals, was an intercessor, an intercessor extraordinaire!


Not of my own will but of the will of Yahweh, this man is an intercessor.  It is not by my choice, but by His choice and purpose.  And, intercession is not what Christians think it to be, as you will realize when you read this.  The truth is, everyone is an intercessor.  All creation groans and travails for the revelation of the sons of God, and that is intercession.  Most intercession is in fact unconscious, something Yahweh is working through us, something He is accomplishing and not us.


There are two main purposes in intercession.  One is that it effects authority.  Through intercession, as Rees Howells instructs, it gives one the right to be heard before Yahweh.  By first walking out and securing success in a representative matter, that representation finds fulfillment in a larger more critical and fulfilling matter.  But, as you will see here, intercession can be to both positive results or testimonies, as well as negative.  But remember, even the negative eventually works out for the good.


The second benefit of intercession is that it is revelatory.  By going through an intercession, not only does one gain authority, but they gain divine insight as well.  By identifying with the works and ways of Yahweh that one walks through in an intercession, one gains new insight or confirmation of that which Yahweh is doing and will do.


These two benefits are most important.  One, is to gain the authority for something to come to pass, and the other is somewhat related, and that is to have the truth and the light to see what He is doing.  Truth gained is critical for being set free from the natural limitations of this world.  Truth is critical for receiving that which is from above.  Authority is winning the battle first by intercession, and then walking out that which has already been won.


What you are going to read here is both of these.  It is authority and it is revelation.  And once again, it is for the sake of this understanding that this man is going to be vulnerable before you.  What Yahweh has taken this man through is effectual intercession, and like an Isaiah who went naked for three years (Isaiah 20:1-4), I will make myself naked as well.


In the early 80’s, Yahweh spoke to me and gave me three instructions.  He said – “No doodling, no heavy petting, television is not for you.”


The “doodling” that He spoke of was with regard to something that I had already realized was from Satan.  I found that I could look at a blank piece of paper, and on it see a line.  I would then take a pen or pencil and make that line.  That process would be repeated over and over until a picture would begin to take shape.  The first time I did this, when I finished I had drawn an absolutely perfect raven’s head.  The picture was so perfect that I could never have drawn it myself.  The next time this happened, I drew a snake.  The next time, I drew a frog.  By now, as you might suspect, I was getting concerned.  Ravens, frogs, and snakes were all things associated with Satan!  Then the last time I ever did this, as I drew, clearly the face of a demon began to take shape.  I stopped and threw all of them away and never doodled again.  It was shortly after this that Yahweh told me in the three-part instruction – “no doodling.”


Let us now skip over the second instruction and consider the third – “television is not for you.”  Through Yahweh’s dealings, at some point around this time we completely got rid of any TV.  Later we got a little 12 inch screen TV so my son could watch his violin training videos.  But that is all it was used for.  Finally, it went to the garage.  This remained the case until 9-11 when I brought it back in to watch the events unfold regarding the Twin Towers.  After that we unplugged it and put it face against the wall, but would plug it in from time to time to watch the news.  Later, I just left it plugged in to watch the news.


You may or may not be aware, and this will be discussed quite extensively in this writing, but because of the Remnant Bride truth, my wife and two younger children left.  You cannot imagine how devastating that was to me; and because of this and other painful loses, I began watching TV to numb the pain.  But as time went by, it offered me nothing, and eventually I watched very little, other than the news; that is until just recently, when once again I unplugged it and took it back to the garage, where it remains.  You will soon see why I did this.


The second thing that Yahweh instructed me was – “no heavy petting.”  You will now begin to see why I said that I am going to make myself vulnerable to you.  This has to do with my sexual relationship with my wife.


(Editor’s note:  Sensitive parts of this writing have been removed until Yahweh opens the way for their readdition.  However, as much as possible, vital conclusions remain.)


As expressed at the beginning, Yahweh has called me to be an intercessor, and I realized somewhere around 2002 that these three things that He had instructed me were far more than just “moral” instructions, but an important and effectual intercession!  First, we will look at “no doodling.”


Concerning the doodling, what took place was in fact an intercession per the way Yahweh uses this man in writing.  In doodling, I would simply see a line and place it on the paper.  After repeating this numerous times, the object would begin to take shape and, line upon line, it was finished.  But, I never drew a line that I did not first see, or take over when the object began to appear.


This practice was from Satan; but most interestingly, it was in fact a counterfeit offered by him that actually corresponded to that which was the true fulfillment – Yahweh’s use of me in writing.


I am not a writer, any more than I was an artist.  I write by revelation, not by ability.  I was a C and even D student in English.  When I write, I write what I know He wants said.  That is why in most writings, you will seldom see the word “I” in them.  It is usually “we.”  (But in the case of a personal testimony, this cannot be avoided.  Ann Landers once wrote – “The problem with most people is that they have too many “eyes” [“I’s”] – “I” this and “I” that.)  Does this mean that everything this man writes is perfect from Yahweh?  I am not making that claim.  But, I do know that what this man places on paper is immeasurably far beyond anything “I” have the natural ability to accomplish. 


Now, like the counterfeit, I still put lines on a paper; but the difference is that they are lines of sentences, and its pictures are of life and light and truth.  The only time this man writes, and the only things this man addresses, are those things which Yahweh gives to me, even as He is doing now. 


Thus, by not doodling, intercessorally I gained the right to the greater fulfillment of writing – putting lines on paper that, when finished, were a complete picture, not the things of Satan, but in contrast, that which is from Him.


The instruction, “television is not for you,” falls into the same category.  What is television?  It is seeing things that are beyond our natural abilities.  How can you see glimpses of things happening around the world, and know what is taking place there?  You can watch TV.  Television, almost miraculously, takes you there. 


Even as “doodling” was a counterfeit for that which Yahweh wanted to give me, television is a counterfeit for that which Yahweh wants to give me – an ability to see things that are far beyond myself.


Since 9-11 when the TV made its entry back into our home and into my life, I am certain this impaired my ability to see things that might have made a difference; but even in that, Yahweh has a purpose.  But I also hope, and maybe this writing is evidence, that since TV is once again removed from my life, I will now gain even greater insight.



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