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The second thing that Yahweh spoke to me – “no heavy petting” – will not only be the focus of the first part of this writing, but in truth relates to everything that is presented here.




In 2002, my wife began objecting to the Remnant Bride truths, and eventually became devoted to stopping what I was doing.  My normally submissive wife of 33 years became someone I had never seen or known before.  She took the rod of our home that I had legally given her through intercession, and rejected my leadership.  At the time of this writing, she has her own home and our two youngest daughters, and even went to court and obtained a legal separation from me.  My wife now has the rod of this home, and legally, as an intercessor, I gave it to her.  Like Joash, the king of Israel, I had NO idea of the exceeding gravity of my deficient actions. 


I have now repented regarding this.  And, it was because of Yahweh showing me these things, realizing the serious and grave consequences of them intercessorally, that I repented as well of the TV being in the house and took it back to the garage.  I give myself to Yahweh for His mercy, and thank Him for taking me through this, even though the cost was so high.  How can I thank Yahweh for this?  In the remainder of this writing, you will see why.


When a price is paid that is high, whether it be in obedience or in “failure,” there are yet higher rewards.  Upon realizing how all of this has been carried out, it became evident that this did not take place and me come to this awareness, just for my own personal understanding.  In other words, as an intercessor, surely there was a higher purpose for it.  It then came to me what that purpose was.  Let us see.


Through watching Whale Rider and writing The Rod, I came to realize that, as a legal part of the first Remnant, and since the first Remnant was sown into Christianity, intercessorally I stand in the place of the body of Christ that must pay a price, be afflicted, and die.  I am a Koro.  And what I discovered was that per this particular intercession involving my wife, I was the body of Christ and walked out their fulfillment – identification!  And by so doing, even as was pointed out earlier regarding the purposes of intercession, one, I paid a price for the sake of the body (and the Bride) in order to gain authority, and two, I have been able to enter within the intercessoral realm of identification with the body and learn things pertaining to it – revelation.




When we did not receive the Spirit in 2003 while holding all things in common during Passover through Pentecost as we expected, and with the loss of my wife and children, I felt that I had nothing to live for and my flesh had plans that would have been fatal for me.  When everyone left, I was going to gather up a few things, head for the mountains, go fishing, and find someone else who would lie beside me.  Are you shocked and offended by this?  Well, if you had Satan on you like I did, and if you had gone through as much pain as I have gone through for ten years, especially so during that tragic time, you might have planned the same, or even worse.  I was looking for a way to ease my pain.


On one occasion during that time, my son, another brother, and myself walked up to a place called Bubbling Geyser, located along a pretty stream.  As I stood there and listened to the stream, I was haunted with the reminder of what appeared to be my certain ill fate.  Then I recalled another time in my life when I had obeyed Yahweh when He spoke to me by a stream.  My family and I were on a trip in the mountains of New Mexico, and we were camping along a stream.  Late in the night when it was still dark (it was pitch dark and I could not see anything whatsoever), I fully awoke and thought – “Well, if I’m going to be awake, I might as well pray.”  Then Yahweh spoke to me.  He told me that He did not want me to go fishing.  He showed me that He wanted to bless our trip, and I was thus to tithe fishing.


Now, when I went to the mountains, the one thing I enjoyed the most was stream fishing for trout.  So when He told me not to fish, He was in fact having me to give up the best and most pleasurable part of the trip.  But, I obeyed and did not fish (though I did buy some salmon eggs just in case He changed His mind, which, as you will see, gratefully He did not).  And most certainly, that trip was blessed extraordinarily in many ways.


When I stood there by the stream at Bubbling Geyser and life seemed so surely to have destined me for destruction, when a darkness was engulfing me as total as the darkness in that tent when I decided that at least I could pray, I prayed – “When you asked me to not fish, I obeyed you and did not fish, and you blessed me.  Because I obeyed you then, would you now keep me from going fishing.”


If I had gone fishing, it would  have meant me casting off everything in life; and I knew that was where I was headed, truly headed.  I was asking Yahweh to reckon on that former obedience and sacrifice, and keep me from going fishing, and He did.  As I made my plans to leave for the trip, my dear brother and friend, Peter Douglas, offered me another option.  He had a remodeling job in New York and asked me to come and take care of it, and I did.  It was Yahweh’s way of keeping me from going fishing.  And I must add that after getting back home and facing what was going to be a totally destructive court action per the separation, once again I began to make plans to go fishing and cast off life; but again He delivered me.  (And let me add that recently I discovered that the name of the stream where I prayed is appropriately Christy Creek, the name of my oldest daughter who was the other person who loved and strengthened me during that time, as well as now.)


This is the power of intercession.  I thought Yahweh just wanted to bless our trip, but there was far, far more to it.  He who knows the beginning from the end knew the fate that I would face, the utter darkness which I would enter, and provided beforehand a legal basis in order to deliver me.  (And I am most certain that this experience likewise goes far beyond the personal as well.)  This is the power of intercession.  Before we ever get to a place in life where something must happen, when authority is needed, He has already provided an intercession to effect it.  Yahweh had opportuned me to sow a much needed and revealing seed of obedience.  And because I obeyed on the relatively little thing (though at the time it was a price to pay, even the most precious), He accomplished the far more important life-threatening greater fulfillment. 


And we should say here, this is the same thing He did when Yahshua was baptized in water, foreshadowing and empowering Him for what would later take place in His life – death!  This is just one of the many incredible intercessions He performed for the body, for the Bride, and for all mankind.




Who has the rod in the church?  Well, as we considered in The Rod, the one who has a rod has the right to bear the rod.  And as we see in the parable concerning the rod, masculine Mark Christianity is instructed to take the rod, while the feminine Matthew first Remnant and Luke second Remnant are told to not take the rod.  So, Christianity, the masculine body of Christ, has the rod.  Equally, as a representative of the body, I had the rod pertaining to my home; that is, until I legally gave it to my wife.  And for the first time ever, she took the rod and left.


So, what does this mean in the church per the body and the Bride?  Here once again is where intercession gives us the power to learn.


If the rod is extended in any way to the Bride, it is evident that this would have to be foretold in the Scriptures, and it is.  When was a rod ever extended to a bride?  Esther, the prophetic picture of the Bride, was indeed extended the rod, and this in order to save her life and the lives of her people.  We read in Esther 5:2 that “the king extended to Esther the golden scepter which was in his hand.  So Esther came near and touched the top of the scepter.”  This gesture offered by the king, and Esther’s response, were highly prophetic, as you will see in this writing. 


First, the Hebrew word used here for “scepter,” comes from the root word “shebet,” which is most frequently translated as “rod.”  Also, the word here translated “top” is the Hebrew word “rosh,” and by far most frequently (almost 400 times) translated “head.”  Thus, the king actually extended to this Bride representative his golden rod, and she touched its head.


Yahweh has indeed provided a testimony that the Bride will be extended the rod with the head, which clearly relates to what we have been talking about.  But what is to be the Bride’s response?  Is she to do what women today are doing and take the rod?  Is she to do what my wife has done and equally take the rod?  Remember, a rod in the hand of any woman can only bring forth seed that goes to the ground, and bears NO offspring.  A rod in a woman’s hand is thus fruitless!  What then is to be the Bride’s response?  It is to be the response that Yahweh spoke to this man – “no heavy petting”!  It is to be the response of Esther – to not take the rod, but only to touch its head.


Based on what we have been learning, when I read this passage while writing this, first, I anticipated that the word translated “scepter” really meant “rod,” and it did.  Second, I anticipated that the word translated “top” really meant “head,” and once again I was right.  But then, based upon the experience with this intercession regarding my wife and the rod, I thought that the word translated “touched” would really mean “grasped,” but here I was decidedly wrong.  The Hebrew word for “touched” was by in large translated as such, and never implied “to grasp.”  So here was a problem with the intercession.  Esther, the Bride picture, did not take the rod, but only touched its head.  Likewise, Yahshua specifically told the Bride in Matthew and Luke to not take the rod.  And, Yahweh’s instruction to me was likewise “no heavy petting.”  Obviously my wife’s touching the head of the rod would not have been wrong, but in fact even positive and fruitful – stimulating towards the purpose that the seed would be placed where it had the chance to bring forth offspring.  He never said – “no petting” – but specifically – “no heavy petting.”




One of the things we find about Yahweh is that He blinds us so that we are not fully held accountable for our actions.  Even as it is written – “And if a man strikes the eye of his male or female slave, and destroys it, he shall let him go free on account of his eye” (Exodus 21:26).  This is Yahweh’s law of mercy; He strikes our eye with blindness as an act of mercy, so that in the end we can be set free.  As flesh men, if we had eyes to see His requirements, then He could not have mercy on us, because we would then be held accountable for them.  Thus, while the offense was there in what I did, producing ill results at the natural level – my earthly wife took the rod and left – He can still have mercy at the higher level, especially when (1) I have now seen the error of what I did and have repented, and (2) I have paid a price for my sin – the loss of my family.  And as you will see, all of this works out for good, really good!


Let us look at another valuable example to explain this issue of mercy.  We find this identical truth, quite appropriately, pertaining to Babylon. 


Three times in Jeremiah (25:9, 27:6, and 43:10), Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, is identified as Yahweh’s servant.  In 25:9 we read – “’behold, I will send and take all the families of the north,’ declares Yahweh, ‘and I will send to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, My servant, and will bring them against this land, and against its inhabitants, and against all these nations round about; and I will utterly destroy them, and make them a horror, and a hissing, and an everlasting desolation.”  Yahweh thus used Babylon to afflict and even take into bondage Jerusalem, as well as destroy the temple. 


But in clear contrast, we are told in Jeremiah 50 and 51, and more specifically in 50:17-18 and 51:24, 34-36, & 49, that because of Babylon’s arrogance and for what they did to Jerusalem, Yahweh was going to utterly, completely, and entirely destroy them so that they did not even exist anymore.  They had afflicted Jerusalem, so utter and total affliction was to come upon them.  BUT, did this annihilation indeed come upon Babylon?  The answer is categorically – No!  The Medes and the Persians did come as prophesied, but they simply took over Babylon; Yahweh never destroyed the city as He said He would.


We can cite various valid reasons for Yahweh not doing this, including the necessity to save the remnant, or even Nebuchadnezzar paying the price for the whole (Daniel 4), but what we will focus on here is a very important distinguishing and determining fact – that Yahweh had mercy on Babylon because they did not know that they were doing wrong by striking Israel.  As far as Nebuchadnezzar, the servant of Yahweh, knew, he thought he was doing Yahweh’s will.  And to add an equally revealing and like, and equally relevant testimony, He also had mercy on Balaam and did not kill him for the same reason.  Both of these, Nebuchadnezzar and Balaam, reveal the identical truth.


Therefore, even though Babylon and Balaam were guilty and deserved judgment, because their sins were not intentional, Yahweh did not carry out His wrath against them, but had mercy on them. 


In like manner and in like prophetic place, Yahweh will have mercy upon me since I did not know I was doing wrong.  And furthermore, for the very reason in which each of these testimonies took place – Yahweh will have mercy on mystery Babylon Christianity for their great wrong, for they too have committed their sins in ignorance.


Christianity is the fulfillment of Babylon.  As Babylon, while thinking that they too are doing the will of God, they have equally destroyed Jerusalem and torn down the house of Yahweh.  Even as we read in a literal translation from Daniel 9:26, “the people of the Prince who shall come will destroy the city and the sanctuary, and the end will come with a flood; and unto the end of the battle, desolations are determined.” 


As specifically stated in the verse immediately preceding this, clearly the Prince spoken of here is the Son of God, the Messiah – “from the issuing of a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince ….”  And it is the people of this Prince, the people of Yahshua, Christians, mystery Babylon, who for 2,000 years have destroyed “the city and the sanctuary.”  And how will this destruction come to an end?  Though desolation is determined to the end, it will in fact be cut short by a flood – the latter rain!  The latter rain is the ONLY thing that will stop Christian’s desolations of the church.  This is the same rain that came to testify that the people had done wickedly by asking for a king (1 Samuel 12:16-18).  This speaks of premature Saul Christianity, and the rain that will testify that their “wickedness is great which (they) have done in the sight of Yahweh,” will be the Pentecost latter rain.  (Wheat harvest is Pentecost.)


Thus we see that Christianity is Babylon, and equally deserves the complete and total wrath and destruction that was foretold concerning natural Babylon; but because they too have done all these things in ignorance, the wrath that is planned against them for this will not be carried out.


Likewise, Christianity is Balaam.  Christianity is on a journey, riding their Pentecost donkey, having prayed and thinking they are doing God’s will, but all the time being led by the enemy (Numbers 22:21).  Thus, Yahweh is not pleased with them, and for 2,000 years, the two times the angel tried to kill Balaam, Yahweh has been angry with them.  But this Pentecost donkey is speaking now, exposing the truth of Yahweh’s disfavor towards them, as well as their planned destruction.


Babylon, Balaam, and my own intercession, all point to how Yahweh will deal with the church.  He keeps the church, “the people of the Prince,” even His servant/His Nebuchadnezzar, His prophet/His Balaam, in ignorance, blind, so that they will not be held accountable for their ill actions, and thus will not be judged.  And what this man went through was the price that had to be paid in order to see and understand these things and to gain authority pertaining to the body– intercession.


What is the outcome of the rod that the body of Christ possesses?  Without a bride, since the body is alone, it too has failed to bring forth offspring.  Like the fig tree Yahshua cursed, it is barren!  And to be frank, I feel great compassion for the body because they have no Bride.  As Yahweh noted in the beginning, “It is not good for the man (for the body) to be alone.”  And to make myself fully vulnerable and naked to you, and in order to wholly identify with the body of Christ, like the body which is without a Bride, I too am without a bride, and therefore I too must waste my seed on the ground.  To do this is neither illegal nor wrong, as we read in Leviticus 15:16-17 (read The Raven, page 5), and quite frankly even necessary; but even so, it offers only self gratification, is a far inferior and inadequate substitutionary covering, cannot bring forth offspring, and gratefully is only temporary.


To refer to another similar and highly revealing prophetic testimony, these first 2,000 years of the church have been the first two sons of Judah (the church is a priesthood in the line of Judah – Hebrews 7:11-14).  It has done evil in the sight of Yahweh and has wasted its seed on the ground (Genesis 38:7-10).  As a result, the rod that belongs to the body of Christ will go to another, to a Tamar, even as Judah’s rod was given to Tamar and even as my rod was given to my wife.  (You will understand this mystery shortly.)


Because of their failure and the impending wrath, Christianity’s loss of the rod is once again an act of Yahweh’s mercy.  Judah’s third son was Shelah, who we find in Jasher was actually Shiloh (both words are from the same root word “shalah”).  Tamar was not given to Shelah, any more than the body of Christ will keep the rod in the third 1,000 year period of the church.  They are both a cursed mix, and to avoid inevitable failure and their own destruction, the rod must go to one who can bring forth the required pure offspring.


It is written:


“The scepter/rod shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until Shiloh comes, and to Him shall be the obedience of the peoples” (Genesis 49:10). 


The word “scepter” here is the same Hebrew word we just mentioned that means “rod” – “shebet.”  Furthermore, this rod is also called “the ruler’s staff … between His feet.”  The “ruler’s staff” is the Hebrew word “chaqaq,” which means “to make a decree, to inscribe something.”  Thus, the rod is the right to make decrees.  Now, most notably, the “chaqaq” authority is specifically located between Shiloh’s feet.  It seems quite evident that something is being said here relative to what we are learning when a rod that has authority is located between the feet of Shiloh.  Certainly this is representative of the only rod that is naturally between the feet of a man, and that is the rod that brings forth offspring. 


Can Christianity bring forth the work of Shiloh?  No more than Tamar was given to mixed half-Canaanite/half-Judah Shelah, representative of Christianity’s corrupt third 1,000 year period.  No, that rod of responsibility and legitimate decree and fruitfulness must pass from Judah, as we read here, and go to Shiloh.  The process of that change will be addressed in this writing, and is revealed in the person of Tamar.


So what is the outcome of my own failure in giving my rod to my wife?  First, it is a warning that the Bride cannot take that rod!  And what about the fate of that ill intercession?  Because I did this in ignorance, He can forgive me and will actually use this for good.  This is why He did not tell me to not give my rod to my wife.  If He had and I had failed, intercessorally it would have meant doom to the Body and Bride!  But in withholding this from me, it means mercy and He can go ahead and perform the work, even as the church so desperately needs!  This is precisely what we see pictured in Judah.  In a type of my own actions, he performed a likewise essential act in ignorance, and equally out of the same weakness.


And most significantly, what does this tell us about the body of Christ?  Even as I was kept ignorant of my error in giving my rod to my wife for self pleasure, and even as Babylon was ignorant of their error in afflicting Jerusalem, and even as Balaam was ignorant of the folly of his journey, and even as Judah was ignorant of laying with Tamar, so the body of Christ, mystery Babylon, is totally ignorant of their failure with their rod as well.  Therefore, what happened to me as an intercessoral representative of the body of Christ, will happen to them.  Since much of what they do is in ignorance (and much of what they do is equally for their self gratification and cannot bring forth offspring, and the seed is placed upon the ground), they too, though suffering for it, in the final outcome will not be held accountable and Yahshua will perform the work which they have failed to accomplish!  Since mixed Shelah would equally fail, Tamar will be given the rod and bring forth offspring – the two-part twins, the Remnant, even the Bride. 



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