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I hope you are beginning to see that the things being revealed here are undeniable truth, and that no man could know them except the Spirit reveal them.  These are things that have been hidden throughout the span of time and are only now being disclosed.  Why?  Because it is time for the restored kingdom of God to be brought to man.  It is time for Yahshua to come and set up His kingdom on this earth.  But before He does, something wonderful must first take place.


The word “wonderful” is specifically used here because it accurately describes what you are about to learn, and what your response will be.  “Wonderful” means “full of wonder.”  Wonder” means “something that causes astonishment.”  That which you are about to read, if you do not already feel this way, is full of that which will cause astonishment, which means “to shock or stun.”


We have already seen that both Tamar and Rebekah represent Jerusalem above.  Let us now examine this further.  We will begin by returning to this most revealing account regarding Esther, the Bride Queen.


Yahweh is revealing to us His plans and His ways, but they are hidden.  We have already seen one reason for Him hiding these things from us – to keep us from being fully held accountable so that His wrath will not befall us.  But also as it is written, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter” (Proverbs 25:2).  What you are going to read from here on is the glory of kings.


What we find in Esther is a highly revealing and very important picture of the kingdom of heaven.  Let us set the scene.  Esther went before the king and humbled herself.  The king found favor in her, extended to her his golden rod, and granted her up to half of his kingdom.  Did she want half of his kingdom?  No!  She is a Mephibosheth, who was equally offered half of Saul’s kingdom by a returning King David, and turned it down (2 Samuel 19:29-30).  This is the response of the second Remnant at Yahshua’s return.  In a type of the Bride, Esther was lame in her feet.  Even if she received half of the kingdom, what use would that have been if she was killed?  What use would half of this worldly kingdom of God, the body of Christ, be if we are going to die?  Both we and the queen need much more.  What was it that Esther needed?  She needed two wine banquets!


Esther received the two banquets, and it was at the second banquet that Ham-man was revealed and she and her people were delivered from death.  So what is this telling us?  Let us see.


When one looks at this account, it is reasonable to think that the king is Yahshua; but he is not.  In the last writing, The Rod, what did we learn regarding Yahshua?  We learned that He is the rod.  He is the rod that was taken from the three kinds of trees and was striped.  He is the rod, or standard, upon which was equally placed the serpent.  Furthermore, Yahshua is represented by the element of gold – the golden head of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue.  Thus, clearly the golden rod which Esther touched the head thereof, is Yahshua.  But then, who is the king?  He is Yahweh, the Father!


In the writing, Carmel, page 7, we find in the account regarding David and Bathsheba, that Yahweh reveals Himself to us in a most personal way.  In this account, though not quite as shocking, we find something equally revealing.


To say that the king is Yahweh is not too difficult to recognize.  The Father extends Yahshua, His mercy, to the Bride.  But it is that which is behind this testimony that is amazingly revealing.


Remember, the king was being wrongly led by Ham-man, who had plans to kill all the sons of Israel.  The king had agreed to this, presented to him his signet ring, and the date had been set to carry out the slaughter.  Such is the wrath planned against the church, the same wrath that we saw evidenced regarding Babylon and Balaam.  This is the same wrath we see evidenced insomuch that Yahweh has been drunk on the blood of men, as addressed in The Conflict, page 3.  This is the same wrath we see planned for Tamar – she was to be burned.  And this is the same testimony we find here.  Yahweh has plans for wrath against the ham church that for 2,000 years has gone to the sea of death; but the Bride who “arrived at the kingdom for such a time as this” (lit. of Esther 4:14), must be delivered from and even stop this death.  Specifically, how does she do this?  By being extended the golden rod, touching its head, and obtaining, not one but, two wine banquets.


That which is going to be addressed now is government.  It has been pointed out in these writings that the trinity of the Scriptures is prophecy, government, and practical.  This which you are about to learn is looking at a passage that is profoundly prophetic, and gaining from it Yahweh’s truth regarding government.  We will look at this passage and the entire matter at hand from a governmental standpoint.


Governmentally, what do we see here? 



Though death has been taking place on the earth through Yahweh’s wrath – He has been drunk on man’s blood for 6,000 years,  and more particularly the ham-man period of the kingdom of God has equally been subject to this same wrath – there is a plan to overcome that wrath and death.  That specific plan is lucidly revealed in this account.


The key that we see here to overcoming death is the king extending the golden rod.  As we read in the account, even if there is an Esther on the scene, unless that golden rod is extended, the Esther means nothing.  She and her people will die!  Let us now take a very careful look at that rod, for it is EXCEPTIONALLY important!


The outcome of the extended golden rod was the two wine banquets, or the two outpourings of the Holy Spirit.  We will now look at the first outpouring and see what we can learn from it.  This first outpouring is history, it has already taken place, and it thus affords us an excellent opportunity to learn from it.  And most importantly, the first outpouring provides us vital evidence as to what must take place per the second outpouring.  And remember, we are thinking governmentally.  Also, it will help greatly if we consider this outpouring in light of what we are learning in this account regarding Esther.  Read the following paragraphs very carefully.


Simply stated, the golden rod, Yahshua, was extended to man, to the first Remnant, the Esther; and upon touching the head of that Rod, the outpouring of the Spirit was given. 


In order to gain greater insight and understanding as to what spiritually took place, we will look at this once again in light of the testimony which Yahweh has provided in natural man – the natural revealing the spiritual, like revealing like.  Since Yahweh bringing forth offspring is inseparable from the issue of sexuality, our best understanding of this (as it is in fact intended) is to explain it sexually.  Here is what, in truth, happened per Yahweh’s works to bring forth His offspring on the earth.


Yahweh Father saw a Bride on the earth – an Esther, even a Bathsheba as He stood on His balcony in heaven.  He was aroused by her, and His golden rod became erect/extended.  He wanted to have relations with her!  It, He, Yahshua, the golden rod, was erected/extended to this earth where His head could be touched by the Bride, which excited Him all the more!  As a result, His seed, His shemen, was given to man.  When it was released, He too breathed deeply, as any man does at this climax, and a rushing mighty wind was felt by everyone there.  Those who received His shemen became as if they were drunk on new wine, as the first wine banquet with His Esther was held. 


Scripturally, this makes a great deal of sense.  And it should, for it is truth.  Yahweh wanted to have relations with a people, so He had to respond by sending His Son.  The sexual testimony is simply Him giving evidence, no, it is more than that, it is His fulfillment of that which is foretold in natural intercourse.


This is a marvelous truth, but considering it in light of the whole of things, there are some problems.  First, as we learned in Carmel, there had not yet been a wedding and He laid with a Bathsheba – a woman who belonged to another man, who was turned over to Satan to be killed.  Yahweh laid with the Bride that belonged to the body.  Read Carmel, page 7.


Another problem was that he gave His shemen, His Spirit, to men who would all go to the grave.  (Regarding this which is about to be said, remember that different prophetic pictures, which may even seem to contradict each other, are given to tell another part of Yahweh’s truth.  Such is the case with this seemingly contradicting testimony.)  Since the first Remnant went to the grave, or to the ground, as we find testified in the first two sons of Judah who died, Yahweh in fact spilled His seed on the ground, carnal men who die.  Every man’s first, and even second, work must die (The Passing Over Principle), and this was no exception for Yahshua.  Thus, as we see evidenced here at Esther’s first wine banquet, Ham-man was not dealt with, and in truth, 2,000 swine went to the sea of death.  So how is the death in the kingdom ever going to stop?  The answer – there MUST be another wine banquet, there must be a latter rain as there was a former, there must be another release of His shemen!


Therefore, still thinking governmentally, this is a problem as well.  The only way that we can receive another outpouring of His Spirit, another release of His shemen, is for His golden rod to once again be extended to this earth – another erection.  There can be no shemen without a rod.  So here is the seeming problem – a second extension of the golden rod. 


The latter rain is that which makes or prepares the Bride, even as did the former rain.  And it is the Bride that is the Elijah, who in fact prepares the way for Yahshua’s return.  The Bride is the Mary, who must be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit so that Yahshua can come forth out of her.  Thus, we MUST have Yahweh’s shemen before He comes.  Yahshua cannot be the golden rod once again, because He must come after, or even as a result of, the shemen.  This being true, how can another golden rod be extended to us and we touch its head so that the shemen can come?  This is critical!  But Yahweh has an answer; He has a way.  It is called replication.


To more fully understand the answer to this question, it is fitting that we return to our two testimonies of Jerusalem above; for even as two extensions of the golden rod are necessary to bring forth the two outpourings of the shemen, so there were two women who represented Jerusalem above who had the power to bring forth the two-part Remnant testimonies.  These of course were Rebekah and Tamar.  In these two Jerusalem above testimonies, we will begin to understand the two outpourings of the Spirit that bring forth the two Bride works.  Let us see.


The first outpouring of the Spirit was evidenced in Rebekah.  Rebekah is the pure work.  She was innocent, spotless, a virgin, marrying Isaac at a very young age.  She is the one who said to Jacob – “Your curse be on me, my son; only obey my voice, and go, get them (the two kids) for me.”  Yahshua equally told the disciples in Matthew to go get the two donkeys, upon which He rode into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:2).  As the first outpouring of the Spirit, Rebekah represented Yahshua.  It was upon Him that the curse was placed.  He was the rod upon which was placed the “laban” stripes and the serpent.


Tamar, on the other hand, evidences the latter rain.  Quite different from Rebekah, Tamar does not reveal this same purity.  Tamar had been married to two other men who were a Canaanite mix, both of whom were killed by Yahweh without there being any offspring.  She was not a virgin.  Furthermore, in order to bring forth the two-part Remnant testimonies, she had to take on the appearance of a harlot and even deceive Judah into doing something that was hidden and unexpected.  In truth, what she did was not wrong, for Judah would have actually been the required next of kin since Shelah, per Judah’s own default, could not bring forth offspring in his deceased brother’s name.  All in all, this second outpouring testimony was a much different situation than was Rebekah’s first outpouring testimony.


So, if Rebekah represents Yahshua, the first golden rod that was extended to man so that Yahweh’s seed could be placed here, then who is it that Tamar represents?  Remember, if there was a golden rod, a man, who was extended the first time and provided the means for Yahweh’s head to be touched and the shemen come forth so that the first Bride could be formed, then there must be another golden rod, another man, who is to be extended the second time so that once again Yahweh’s head can be touched so that His shemen can likewise come and bring forth the second Bride.  Again, this is all governmental.  But we also see here per these two revealing testimonies, that these two rods are distinctly different – one pure, bearing the curse, and one, in stark contrast, coming out of corruption and death and taking on the appearance of a harlot.


Let us reveal the answer to this question by addressing the most important point of this entire matter.  Yes, there was a king; and yes, there was a bride, and yes, there was a golden rod; but, what was the critical lynch pin in all of this?  The answer – the head!  


There were two realms in operation here – the God realm and the man realm, or the Bride realm.  The God realm included the king and his golden rod; the man realm was the queen who was facing immortality.  The link between these two realms was the head.  This was the critical touch point!  This was where the man realm could touch the God realm, and the two could connect and life would flow to the man realm.  What is the head?  It is the mind of Yahweh.


What did Yahshua reveal to this earth?  He revealed the mind of Yahweh; He revealed truth.  He revealed to man a new understanding of who Yahweh is, what He is doing, and what He is going to do.  This is the truth the first Remnant touched.  By receiving the truth from Yahshua, they in fact touched the very head of Yahweh, and it excited Him!  And because the first Remnant touched this head, this truth, of the first golden rod, they were able to, they obtained the right to, receive the shemen of Yahweh, the first wine banquet.


So, now that we know specifically what the head on the rod is, and we know that Yahshua provided the means for the former outpouring of Yahweh’s Spirit, and we know that there of necessity must be a latter outpouring as well, the question thus remains – Where is this head, this vital touch point, that must be extended in order for the Bride to respond and receive Yahweh’s shemen, the latter rain, the second wine banquet?  The answer – you are touching it right now.


There is absolutely no way this man could see the things he is seeing, were it not that I am receiving them directly from the mind of Yahweh.  These are things no man has ever before seen, but they are now being revealed, extended to us.  He is the one who has taken this man through these difficult and costly intercessions, in order to give me the legal right to see their meaning.  When you read these truths, you are in fact touching Yahweh’s head.


And if you are not already coming to the conclusion or have already raised the question, one must next ask – Then who is the golden rod?  There can be only one answer to this.  Even as the truth, the head, that brought the former rain was delivered by the Son of God who was the first golden rod, so the truth that you are reading right now is brought to you by a son of man, this writer, who is the second golden rod.  Yahweh is once again aroused by His Bride and is extending His rod.  And even as the first golden rod was a pure Rebekah, this second golden rod is a Tamar, who has come out of 2,000 years of dead Christianity, the first two sons of Judah who died, and has taken on the appearance of a harlot.


What you are going to read now, up to this time no one but my wife knew.  But I am making myself naked before you.  In order that the Scriptures might be fulfilled, in order to satisfy the legal requirements of intercession, I was not a virgin when I married my wife.  When I was in my youth, a young man that I only met once, took me to the house of a harlot and I laid with her.  She was a Mexican, which is a mix of Canaanite Indian and Israelite Spaniard.  (Races and nations prophesy.)  Tamar had laid with a mix as well – her husbands had a father who was an Israelite, and a mother who was equally a Canaanite.  I had to legally become a Tamar, and such I became.  Having laid with a harlot, I legally became one with a harlot, even as the body of Christ became one with a harlot (1 Corinthians 6:15-16).  I legally wear Tamar’s veil.  Equally by this act, I have laid with Canaanite mixed offspring.  Prophetically, this speaks of Christianity’s flesh/Spirit mix foretold in the two Canaanite/Israelite mix sons.  Thus, both naturally and spiritually, I have been joined to a Canaanite mix.


Also in order that the Scriptures might be fulfilled, and to satisfy the legal requirements of intercession, because my wife wholly yielded herself to me for the responsibility of her virginity, I kept her a virgin until our marriage.  Intercessorally, once again I have gained the authority to keep the Bride pure, to present her as a spiritual virgin.  And equally revealing, because of discomfort to my bride, I could not consummate our marriage until the second night.  In like regard, I am the golden rod that is successful the second time.  Her womb was closed, I could not enter, but it was open the next evening.  Such is true with regard to the success of the two golden rods, even the two wine banquets.  The second rod, the second banquet, will experience the much needed success that is desired by Yahweh and necessary for our deliverance.


There is another point to be covered here that is equally revealing per intercession and the church.  In the writing, The Rod, page 3, the following is stated – “It seems most relevant that the two times Paul spoke of leaven, he issued judgments for that leaven which have found fulfillment in leavened Pentecost Christianity – one, in turning Christianity over to Satan, and the other its gross circumcision, or to ‘cut off’ its rod.”


Paul’s statements and judgments, as we see here, had a profound and enduring legal effect upon the church.  We will now see another profound statement he made, this time a foreboding warning 


Shortly after turning the man over to Satan for the destruction of his flesh, Paul then rebuked them concerning practicing immorality – “Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ?  Shall I then take away the members of Christ and make them members of a harlot?  May it never be!  Or do you know that the one who joins himself to a harlot is one body with her?  For He says, ‘The two will become one flesh’” (1 Corinthians 6:15-16).


In a latter section, we will deal quite extensively with how Christianity openly and graphically demonstrates that it is mystery Babylon, the harlot of the earth.  Can we be surprised that this is in fact what they became when Paul so clearly stated that this is precisely the outcome of the church committing immorality?  They took the members of Christ and joined them to a harlot, and the two became one flesh!  From its very beginning, Christianity has been a harlot.  And because of its continuing harlotrous actions with the world, it has been mystery Babylon, the harlot of the earth. 


But as an intercessoral redemptive work, though this man likewise legally became a harlot as well, legally putting the veil of a harlot over my face, Yahweh kept me from becoming a true harlot.  Following this one time where I was actually taken to a harlot, I never laid with any other woman again, and kept my wife a virgin until our marriage.  When she left me and I experienced the failure and loss of everything that mattered, my flesh wanted to, and even planned to, go and lay with another woman (1 Corinthians 7:4-5); but Yahweh kept me from doing this (though I indeed had the opportunity).


Though I laid with a harlot, I did not do it because I sought it out.  I was taken there.  Legally, I am a harlot, but in contrast to the body of Christ, I did not follow in the ways of a harlot.  As an intercessor for the body, I represent a delivered and preserved body, one who is to fulfill the requirements of the body and not fail.


Why would Yahweh raise up a man to be the second golden rod?  There are several reasons, a very important one we just saw – as a redemptive work for the body.  While Yahshua has made all things possible through His sacrifice, His works must go from being God works to man works.  He must replicate Himself in man, and He has done so by calling out a man to stand in His place, to become the golden rod even as He was the golden rod.  (More on this redemptive work in the section – “Higher Dimensions.”)


He must also raise up a man because, as we have already seen, there must be a golden rod extended to man in order for His shemen to come, even as it did the first time.  This cannot be the Son of God, because as we just noted, His works must be transferred to man.  His whole purpose of coming to earth in the first place was to bring the kingdom to man.  Also, it is this second placement of His shemen that will in fact bring His return as King of kings.  Thus, the shemen must precede Him, and the only way for this to happen is for the second golden rod to be a man-work, someone to whom He can give His truth and teach others.


Even as it was spoken by Moses, “The Lord God shall raise up for you a prophet like me from our brethren; to him you shall give heed in everything he says to you” (Acts 3:22).  As covered in the writing, The Love of Money, page 14, though this passage on the surface seems to refer to Yahshua, closer examination reveals that, in truth, it refers to the Elijah, who in fact is the second son of man, the second golden rod.  It is written regarding Elijah – “Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed … and the sky poured rain, and the earth produced its fruit” (James 5:17-18).  I am a man just like you, a very common, common Joe, even a harlot; and this man has been praying, truly all his life in ways that were not of himself, and consciously since 1994, for the latter rain.  And what will be the result?  The promised rain will come and the earth will produce its fruit – a people will ascend alive to heaven and be glorified!


Now you know why there has to be a second golden rod, who that golden rod is, and what is the head of that golden rod.  And why is it golden?  Because it represents the pure kingdom of heaven that Yahshua provides.



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