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Even this writing is an intercession in itself.  When this writer first began setting forth the things you are reading here, it started with a total of five sections.  On an occasion of proof reading those sections, when on the final two pages, Yahweh opened my eyes and showed me the marvelous truths about which you read regarding establishing a man as a Tamar, the second golden rod.  At that point, I began writing additional sections, and when finished, had added four new sections.  Then after that came a final closing section.  All five of those latter sections were brought to a completed form and I then returned to the preceding five.  The first two sections were fine, but needed more proofing to blend in with the now completed sections; but, when I got into the next three sections, they absolutely would not flow.  They would have caused the reader to bog down as if getting stuck in mud.


This bothered me deeply, and I cried out to Yahweh that evening – “You’ve got to solve this great problem.  There is a breach in this writing and it needs to be repaired.”  The first two sections needed to be there, and the completed five were essential.  But the three middle breach sections were very troubling.  It was not until the next morning that Yahweh showed me the answer – pluck them out!  Pull them up by the roots and get rid of them.  And that is precisely what I did. 


But later when I went to tie the first two sections with the new sections, I realized that some critical information was missing – the link of establishing that both Tamar and Rebekah were Jerusalem above.  Therefore, I found that I had to take one of the three sections and pass it through the fire of review and use it.


Do you see what Yahweh did in this writing?  The writing took on being an intercession in and of itself, giving to it the much needed authority and revelation that comes with intercession.  Even as there has been a 2,000 year breach in the church, separating the former work from the latter work, so was there a breach in this writing.  And the remedy was the same – pluck them out!  Even as the three horns were plucked out, so the three sections were plucked out.  But even then, as Yahweh repents of His wrath that He has planned for the church and cuts their days short, keeping the third part and passing it through the fire, so He did precisely the same with this writing, keeping a third-part section.  And by doing all of this, Yahweh repaired the breach in this writing and restored that which remained.


But of course for Yahweh to make any work clean, He must split it, and the third-part section of this writing that was restored had to be made clean as well.  The material in it was critical, but the latter half of it was disconnected to the subject at hand and would have interrupted the flow.  Therefore that section was split, and the latter half is included here for your benefit.  I think you will agree that you too are glad it passed through the fire and was preserved.


As we have seen, Judah married a cursed Canaanite and thus, quite obviously, brought forth cursed offspring – three sons for the 3,000 years of the church.  Judah then provided a bride, a granddaughter of Melchizedek, Tamar.  What we see here, of course, is the kingdom (Tamar, Jerusalem above) being placed into the hands of flesh men from the earth – a most certain failure!  This is precisely the testimony we see in Elisha and the king of Israel, Joash, that has briefly been mentioned thus far.  Because of its clear prophetic message and its testimony regarding intercession, let us consider this account.


The king was told to take arrows into his hand and to beat the ground with them.  So what are arrows?  They are offspring.  Psalm 127:3-5 tells us – “Behold, children are our inheritance from Yahweh; the fruit of the womb is a reward.  Like arrows in the hand of a warrior (or a warrior king), so are the children of one’s youth.”  Prophetically, why did Elisha tell the king specifically to beat the ground?  He could have told him to beat the table or anything else if what he struck did not matter.  But it did matter, and the ground was that which the arrows in his hand had to strike – the ground that is cursed, even the ground upon which seed was wasted!


How many times did the king strike the cursed ground?  Specifically three times!  And how many sons/arrows did Judah have through his cursed Canaanite wife?  Specifically three!  And were the three times that the ground was struck sufficient to overcome the enemy?  No more than the three sons of Judah were worthy to bring forth offspring from this daughter of Melchizedek, Tamar.


Do you see the truth here?  Let us state it clearly.  The church was given three parts, 3,000 years, three sons, three strikes on the ground, to bring forth the required offspring of the kingdom.  BUT, all they have brought forth to attempt this work has been sons of the cursed ground and not any sons from above, from Jerusalem above, from Tamar.  Thus, even as the king of Israel failed and the first-Remnant-representing prophet, Elisha, became angry, and even as Judah’s two sons (2,000 years) failed, so Christianity with its offspring that come forth from this cursed earth have failed!  


And may we say again.  The requirement and expectation of the first Remnant is most clearly seen in Elisha’s response.  The first Remnant gave the kingdom over to Christianity with the hope and requirement of defeating Satan.  They had crushed his head and needed for someone after them to complete the work and put him away.  And like Elisha, they are angry that 3,000 years of Christianity cannot accomplish this. 


But, they also looked to the future, and not just the immediate that would follow, for before Elisha had the king to beat the ground with the arrows, prophetically, the first Remnant looked to the day when a work in the distant future would gain the much needed victory (the very word Yahweh gave this man pertaining to the Bride).  Before having the king to beat the ground with the arrows, Elisha had him to open the window toward the east (the direction from whence the water comes out from the temple) and to shoot an arrow.  Then Elisha declared this promise concerning the second Remnant – “Yahweh’s arrow of victory, even the arrow (one arrow, a remnant out of the whole) of victory over Syria; for you shall defeat the Syrians at Aphek (meaning, “a fortress” of the enemy) until you have made an end of them.” 


This is the promise of the second Remnant that comes about much later than the first, an arrow shot toward the east that would later gain the much needed victory!  This solitary arrow is in dramatic contrast to the work that would be the more immediate,  the striking-of-the-ground-with-the-arrows work!  Thus we see the contrast of victory, bringing the enemy to an end, versus shortfall failure from the ground!  This victory is the promise to the second Remnant that must drive the tent peg into Satan’s head!  (Lest, of course, Yahweh have mercy on Satan instead, which He will.  Satan is no more guilty than were Nebuchadnezzar in his afflicting Jerusalem, or Balaam in his own obedience.  Satan is only doing what he was created to do – a servant of Yahweh to carry out affliction upon man for his own guilt.)  Hallelu-yah!


The hope of defeating Satan is not in mixed Christianity.  We are living at the time and place where the arrow strung by the first Remnant is coming to rest and striking its mark, even its Mark; and as my example in the flesh once wired by faith in a one-word telegram, so it can be confidently declared today – VICTORY!



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