As you are about to witness, what one does with money and riches is paramount in determining whether one will obtain the kingdom of God, ultimately deciding the outcome of that pursuit, and is entirely relevant to that which must precede Yahshua's return. Scriptures contain a compelling preponderance of evidence about money and riches, and any who desire to rule and reign with Yahshua in the Millennial kingdom must consider this with great sobriety and weight. Yahshua is explicitly clear and consistent in what He said regarding wealth and the kingdom of God; and if He is in fact the one who is about to return, then it is altogether compelling that we carefully consider His instructions concerning His kingdom. What you will now read contains information that you have never before heard, but because of its soundness and obvious truth, again, it must be weighed with sobriety.

In an attempt to highlight the following select conclusive points, they are offset for your attention. Other equally relevant related points will be added to these, with the same "bullet" notation. These are only a few salient evidences in the Scriptures regarding money and Yahweh's instructions and plan regarding it. In this writing, we will seek to understand what Yahweh says concerning money, how it relates to the kingdom of God, and His solution for its adverse encroachment into the kingdom. Also, at the close of this writing we will see what the Remnant's response must be from a practical, as well as governmental standpoint, along with what one must do to be a part of the Remnant Bride. This is a most incredible, comprehensive, revealing, timely, and vital writing; and we will begin by seeing what this One whom we await and anticipate says about money.

Yahshua consistently and repeatedly contrasted the choice of either receiving the things of this world, or giving them up in order to receive the kingdom of heaven. And most tellingly, have you noticed that, with exception to one in Matthew, each of these accounts is found in Luke, in fact often exclusively, the gospel that reveals and is directed to the second Remnant? Is it not immensely evident that this abundant concentration of these repetitive instructions regarding wealth is indeed a message directed specifically to, and to be implemented by, the second Remnant? Conclusively so!

What could be clearer regarding Yahshua's teachings, His example, and the confirming response of His followers, each revealing and confirming how to obtain the kingdom of God? But were His teachings to have a lasting impact on the church? Not so, for with the stoning of Stephen came a breach period in the church which essentially set aside these pure beginning teachings. No longer would the church continue to see wealth as something that was to be given up for the kingdom as Yahshua taught, but rather to be gathered for personal and ecclesiastical gain.

What we find here then is not the kind of repeated information one can simply ignore. Many say that "we should obey the teachings of Jesus," and quote His various sayings; but what about His clear, definitive, and direct statements concerning giving up one's possessions and following Him? These are His words as well, are they not? If we are truly going to follow Yahshua, then we must do what He said. And if He meant these things, then why should it be different now? Do they not apply any more? And if not, then what has occurred that makes them different now? I suggest that the only reason it is different now, and has been different since the stoning of Stephen, is because of the breach of Christianity. And if this is indeed true, then what will it take to change this and return to where we can obey His words regarding receipt of the kingdom? Obviously the only answer can be the restoration of that which He began under the first Remnant, and thus necessitating the establishment of the second Remnant. The second Remnant is governmentally the only hope for the return and even fulfillment of Yahshua's teachings in this matter.

We see then that Christianity is in fact a period of the kingdom of heaven that does not and will not be able to follow the teachings of Yahshua concerning that which is required in order to receive the pure kingdom - giving up everything. There are many other testimonies to this inadequacy of Christianity, including the following revealing accounts.


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