“By God or not at all!”  Those were the words I wrote in the brief May issue of a monthly news letter, just before the Spirit came upon me the next month in June, 1994.  These were also the concluding words echoed by Kyle Nixon as we prayed together upon the completion of our Purim gathering, March 29-30, 2006.


On March 29-30, 2006, the same number and proportion of people gathered for Purim as gathered for Passover three years prior when we held all things in common.  There was even a woman who created a divisive disturbance in 2003 who reappeared in 2006 to do the same (though thankfully not at our gathering), even affecting one of the same individuals.  Even an insurance refund denied to Stanley Batten in 2003 when he came to hold all things in common that year, completely unexpectedly was paid to him in 2006.  Thus, once again, that which took place in 2003 is equally attested in 2006.


At the end of August, 2005, I moved to Salem, Missouri.  Only a month and a half later following the revelation of the amazing truths addressed in Hurricane Katrina and the Curse of 1920, on Trumpets, October 16, my wife’s birthday, the twelve apostles were established with the incredible testimony and intercession of reversing the Curse of 1920.  At that gathering we also added the eighth to the seven whom the original apostles established just before Stephen was stoned (read Trumpets, 2005).


Then on December 25-26, 2005, we met for the first ever Tabernacles Pentecost, adding it as the eighth holy convocation, as well as anointing this man as the fulfilling ninth (read Tabernacles Pentecost, 2005).


In that writing we addressed the pattern and necessity of adding the ninth.  Thus, when we gathered for Purim in 2006, we were in fact adding or observing the ninth holy convocation.  Of course it is in adding the eighth and the ninth, completing the beginning sequence of 0 through 9, that prepares the way for and invites the coming of the higher dimension of the tenth.  This is that for which we await – a work and dimension that is not of man but is from above.


We have done what we can intercessorally – the strong messenger of 2001 through 2006 with the hope that it is the cloud (“ab,” or “threshold”) as small as a man’s palm; the establishment of the twelve apostles; and adding both the eighth and the ninth men to the original seven, as well as the eighth and the ninth holy convocations (particularly the hidden Tabernacles Pentecost). 


Also, incredible and abundant revelation has been presented in the writings since 1998 that has been a seamless inner garment of truth.  Yahweh also gave us the vital Millennial calendar.  And, confirming testimonies have been attested by Yahweh, such as the hurricanes and the 2004 and 2005 World Series where the two teams specifically associated with the Curse of 1920 won in record eight straight wins – the Red Sox and the White Sox, both being Sox as well.  Also, our present President Bush and former President Reagan, were themselves the critical eighth and ninth Presidents added to the preceding seven who died in office.


So what more can we do now?  It is Yahweh God who adds the tenth!


The high priest could perform the intercessoral man-work, the Elijah work, of taking two handfuls of incense and making a cloud over the mercy seat between the two cherubim; but it was by the sovereign act of God alone that He would come into that work, that He would come into that cloud.  So, having added the eighth and the ninth, as well as a cloud as small as a man’s palm, we await His abiding presence in our midst – not Him coming personally at this time, but a preluding expression of His consummating work effected by the Holy Spirit.


By God or not at all!


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