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To share this, we must first begin by sharing a dream I had during the incredibly revelatory time when the Spirit of Yahweh came upon me in June, 1994, and began showing me the Remnant Bride truth.

The dream began with me standing outside of what appeared to be some type of a glass mall.  There were a lot of people everywhere, busily walking about.  I was aware that there was a riddle, if you would, and no one knew what the answer was that would lead them to find a black pearl.  But I knew the answer to the riddle and where the black pearl was.  I then walked across in front of the mall that was to my right, climbed up on its roof, which was glass as well (a higher dimension), and walked back in the direction from where I had come. 

But as I approached the location of the pearl, an old man had gotten there before me and was reaching into the hiding place to get it.  At that time, Satan was standing on the ground, pretty much where I had been standing before, and his arm was elastic like a rubber band, and he reached up to where the black pearl was and snatched it right out from before the old man.  Then he began laughing with the most hideous laugh one could imagine, knowing that he had not allowed either of us to get the pearl.

I then began walking to my left to the back of the mall, and as I approached it I tripped and fell forward, slid down and off the roof, and landed on my face in the dirt with a plowing thud, and all the time Satan was laughing.  Then I woke up.

Relating the dream alone is not sufficient, for what took place afterward is a part of understanding it.  The dream was, as one would expect, very troubling to me.  I was going through an earthquake in my understanding, and this was one more dramatic event during that time.  Troubled, I got up from where I was sleeping (I was not in our bed), and sat down on the sunken living room stairs to ponder this.  It was very rare for me to get up at night, for I am a sound sleeper.  As I sat there, my wife came out of our side of the home (it was built for women and children) and was troubled herself.  She sat down beside me and told me that she was afraid she would not be a part of the Remnant Bride.  When she told me this, I understood the purpose of the dream.

I told her I had just had a dream about Satan, and that what she feared was a lie, and I still believe that today.  My dream was that Satan would prevail, and her fear was that she would not be a part of the Bride.  She was experiencing the very thing that the dream was revealing – that Satan would prevail and I would fail and fall on my face in the dirt.  I told her that her fear was a lie, and that she would be a part of the Remnant Bride.  Though she is separated from me at the time of writing this, and has gone back into Christianity, where Satan is head, I know in time she will return. 

Yahweh gave me the dream to know that Satan would tell me I would fail, which he has indeed done so; but he is the one who will fail.  Anytime in the Scriptures a man fell to his ruin, he always fell backward (Genesis 49:17, 1 Samuel 4:18, Isaiah 28:13, John 18:6).  In contrast, I fell forward in the dream, and it was Boaz who bent forward and saw Ruth, the Bride, lying at his feet.  I will not fail, but succeed.

Goliath had a like message to David.  When David approached him, Goliath equally declared to him – “Come to me, and I will give your flesh to the birds of the sky and the beasts of the field” (1 Samuel 17:44).  This is what Satan has done with kingdom man for 2,000 years; but he will not succeed so with the Remnant Bride.  Again, his words are a false lie.

Interestingly, the message of this dream is as false as the message of Poe’s poem, “The Raven.”  His raven indeed entered through the window, but bore an unrelenting message of equal despair (which characterized Poe’s life) – “Nevermore.”  It is revealing that the raven’s message was per the fate of the man’s wife, Lenore.  “Lenore” means “light,” and the lying message of the raven would be the same as that of the dream – no second Remnant Bride (“Luke” and “Zerah” both mean “light”).  Both the dream and “The Raven” spoke the same false message.  Now for the movie and its prophetic riddle/parable.

When Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl came out, you can imagine I immediately thought about the dream I had.  I went to the internet to see if the movie might be prophetic, and decided that it was not.  But recently someone was telling me about it, that the Black Pearl was a ship that was cursed, that the battle for it and for the curse to be removed took place in a cave, and that the cursed men walked on the bottom of the sea, so I had to watch it, and did so three times.  Did it prophesy?  Absolutely!  And why?  Because Yahweh sent a raven to feed us!

If you have not seen this movie, you will not be able to understand all of what is shared here.  I will not try to give the plot of the movie, but to address it prophetically, examining it from its quality as a parable, a riddle.  There is a great deal to this movie prophetically, and we will only touch on the major points.  And by the way, a raven is getting ready to feed you.

First, both in the movie and in my dream, what is the black pearl?  I did not know the answer to this until I watched this movie.

Found only in Matthew 13:45-46 we read the account of Yahshua’s answer as to what the kingdom of heaven is like – “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had, and bought it.”  Per his profession, the man had obviously found many pearls; but upon finding this one pearl, he sold all the others, and all he had, to acquire it.  What pearl had the highest value in the time of Yahshua?  There was one pearl that excelled them all – the black pearl! 

It is said that only one in 15,000 natural pearls is black, affording the reason for their great value.  Narrow is the way for that pearl, and few are those who find it.  Later in Europe, the black pearl was known as the “Pearl of Queens” and the “Queen of Pearls.”  The Chinese regarded them as the symbol of wisdom.

Song of Solomon is the highly unique message regarding the Bride, and in 1:5-6 we read concerning her:

“I am black but lovely,

O daughters of Jerusalem,

Like the tents of Kedar,

Like the curtains of Solomon.

Do not stare at me because I am black,

For the sun has looked on me.”

Thus we see that the Bride is viewed as a black bride, a black pearl.  But not only is the Bride a black pearl, she is a black raven, for the black pearl and the black raven are the same.

Where do we see this shared identity?  We have already seen that Satan is the raven; but did you know that Satan was the bride of Yahshua?  We see this in two ways.  First, Ezekiel 28:12-15 tells us regarding this:

"You had the seal of perfection,

Full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.

You were in Eden, the garden of God;

Every precious stone was your covering:

The ruby, the topaz and the diamond;

The beryl, the onyx and the jasper;

The lapis lazuli, the turquoise and the emerald;

And the gold, the workmanship of your settings and sockets,

Was in you.

On the day that you were created

They were prepared.

You were the anointed cherub who covers;

And I placed you there.

You were on the holy mountain of God;

You walked in the midst of the stones of fire.

You were blameless in your ways

From the day you were created,

Until unrighteousness was found in you.”

This is clearly a description of a bride.  Who is it that the Remnant Bride replaces?  It replaces Satan.  While Satan is the covering cherub, he is not a clean, or split (Leviticus 11:1-8), work.  He is alone.  But on the other hand, the Remnant Bride is a split two-part work, the first Remnant and the second Remnant, split by the breach, the two cherubim that cover.  So if the Remnant Bride replaces Satan (even as the twelfth apostle replaces him), then is it not obvious that Satan was once the bride of Yahshua, a bride replacing a bride?  Indeed so.  Where else do we see this? 

In the book of Esther, Queen Vashti gave a banquet for the women in the royal house which belonged to the king.  She was surrounded by feminine misplaced mercy, and when the king called her to come to him and display her beauty, even the beauty we read of in Ezekiel 28:12-15 (in fact, “Vashti” means “beauty”), she refused to come at the king’s command.  This is precisely what we read in Ezekiel 28 wherein unrighteousness was found in Satan, His bride.  He/she rebelled against Yahweh.  (Remember, in heaven there is neither male nor female, but these are only facilitating legal and functionality terms.)

Thus indeed the first bride of Yahweh was Satan, and her replacement is the two-part Remnant Bride.  And even as it was at the time of Esther, this passage continues to prophesy that Satan must be removed so as to abate “contempt and anger” (1:18), and the Bride equally deliver Yahweh’s people from the curse of death.  And further prophetically, you will notice that this matter/conflict arose “on the seventh day, when the heart of the king was merry” (1:10).  The “seventh day” speaks in two ways.  First, we have now entered the seventh day since creation, the Millennial reign when the heart of the King is merry, and Satan’s time is finished.  Second, “seven” is the number of the mark of the beast that has been on the church, and it is equally time for that curse to be removed, and Satan removed as well.  (The dead boy sneezed seven times and came to life [2 Kings 4:35], seven demons were cast out of Mary [Mark 16:9], Naaman’s leprosy was healed after dipping in the Jordan seven times [2 Kings 5:14], the ark of the covenant came out of Dagon’s temple and from among the Philistines after seven months [1 Samuel 6:1], Elisha had the Shunamite woman to leave the land for seven years while a drought and famine prevailed, and when she returned her rightful possessions were restored [2 Kings 8:1-6], seven sons of Saul were killed to end a drought [2 Samuel 21], and other like messages.)  Let us look at this more carefully from a legal governmental standpoint.  This is very important to note, and you will have to read this next paragraph very carefully.

The latter rain twelfth apostle replaces Satan, who has occupied that place now for almost 2,000 years.  But that apostle is not alone in this transfer, for the one who replaces Satan is equally the Bride, and the Bride is not one person, but many, a company of people.  Thus, what He does for the one, makes the way possible for the many.  This is the way of Yahweh as He has carried out His works since the beginning of time. 

Therefore we see numerous testimonies that Satan, the raven, has been Yahweh’s first bride, but is replaced by the Remnant Bride.  Furthermore, we see that even as the former bride reveals the latter, so the black raven affirms a like identity with the black pearl of great value.  And how does all of this relate to the movie, The Curse of the Black Pearl?  First, jumping all the way to the end of the movie when the curse was finally removed from the Black Pearl, and Captain Jack Sparrow was pulled from the sea of death and lit on the deck, who was it who did indeed return the ship to him?  Of all the characters it could have been, it was a black girl, a black pearl herself!

Why would a writer or director chose a young black girl, in fact the only female pirate in the entire movie, to be at the helm of a pirate ship?  A woman on a ship was bad luck.  The only reason this was evidenced was because, unbeknownst to them, it clearly prophesied what the Black Pearl really was – the black pearl Bride of Yahshua.  Her name was Anamaria, which means – “Ann,” or “grace,” and “Mary,” or “bitter.”  “Mary” is a type of the Elijah Bride which brings forth the Messiah.  Let us now look at some of the other clear testimonies regarding this movie.  Also, remember that the movie writer was using his Creative Imagination to see and touch things regarding the kingdom that he could not understand naturally, but presented them in a riddle, a parable.

The Black Pearl was cursed, and it had been cursed for ten years.   The main drama of the entire movie was that of removing the curse.  What was the cause of that curse?  The same cause of the curse that has been on the church for almost 2,000 years – money, the love of which is the root of all evils (1 Timothy 6:10).  Any man who took but a single piece of the Aztec gold placed in a stone chest by Cortez, was under a curse for eternity.  As Captain Barbossa said, the more they spent the gold, the more they realized that “drink would not satisfy,” food “turned to ash” in their mouths, and “all the pleasurable company in the world could not slake” their lusts; they were “cursed men, compelled by greed,” and were “consumed by it.”  Such has been the state of the church. 

As noted in He Was Jealous With My Jealousy, page 2, Christianity is the period of the church that is in hell, in the grave, in Gehenna; so when the cursed sailor placed his arm in the jail cell and took hold of Captain Sparrow, and his arm in the light of the moon revealed rotted flesh and bones, Sparrow responded – “So, there is a curse.  That’s interesting.”  Thus the cursed sailor replied – “You know nothing of hell,” where the church has been for 2,000 years.  Sparrow replied again – “That’s very interesting.”  And indeed it is VERY interesting to now see the curse that has been on the church from its beginning, from the first Remnant onward.

When Elizabeth fled out onto the deck of the Black Pearl, in the moonlight she too saw the men for what they really were – dead men walking!  Thus Captain Barbossa described them – “The moonlight shows us for what we really are.  We’re not among the living and so we cannot die; but neither are we dead.  For too long I’ve been parched of thirst and unable to quench it; too long I’ve been starving to death, and haven’t died.”  Such is the state of the church – the walking dead, parched of thirst, and starving to death for want of the word.

There was only one way for that curse to be removed – all the scattered pieces of gold had to be restored and the blood repaid.  The gold is the debt man owes for his sin, and returning it is actually attested by Yahshua’s command to sell all and follow Him, and the consequence for the failure to do so was evidenced in Achan and Ananias and Sapphira; and what happened to these two examples has happened to the church from its beginning.  The gold must be returned – it is “under the ban” (Joshua 6:18). 

But by whose blood can the curse be removed?  Of course by the blood of Yahshua, who in this movie was pictured by the honorable Will Turner.  Even as he was willing to become a pirate in order to save Elizabeth, as well as at the cost of his own life, so Yahshua was willing to become like us and give up His life, to shed His blood.  It is amazing how the stone chest of Cortez looked like an ark of the covenant, where Will shed his blood in order to remove the curse.  Even his name spoke of this work – Will, or “will,” and Turner, or the ability to “turn” or reverse the curse.  Thus we see that Will Turner was in type Yahshua.

So who in type was the deft Captain Jack Sparrow, the former and then later restored captain of the Black Pearl?  To answer this, let us go to the cave. 

Caves prophetically always represent death, the grave.  The fact that this conflict and final battle took place in a cave was obvious testimony that this movie was indeed prophetic.  It is the battle to overcome death, the battle Yahshua waged when He descended (Ephesians 4:8-10).  But that battle is still being waged, clearly evidenced by the fact that kingdom men still die.  The fact that death is the last enemy to be put away (1 Corinthians 15:26), plainly tells us that the battle with it still continues.

There were two men battling together in the cave of death against Captain Barbossa and his men – Will Turner and Jack Sparrow, as well as the woman, Elizabeth.  When the battle was raging between Sparrow and Captain Barbossa, a most unusual thing took place.  The only blood that could remove the curse was that of Will Turner; yet just before the curse was removed, Jack, who had a coin in his left hand that he had stealthily removed from the stone chest, placed the blade of his sword in the same hand with the coin, clasped both, and drew the blade out, slicing his hand and placing his blood on the coin.  He then threw the bloody coin to Will, who then, obviously, sliced his own hand and placed his blood on the coin that was given to him by his father, held both coins in the one hand, and dropped the two blood-mingled coins into the chest, removing the curse.  This of course meant the death of Captain Barbossa, who was shot by Jack.

Again, there was no seeming need for Jack’s blood, other than to prophesy.  What then does this say, and who is Captain Jack Sparrow?  He is the second golden rod (A Lesson From Intercession, page 4), the one who is established as the present-day twelfth apostle, the one who stands in Yahshua’s place so as to fulfill the second three-and-a-half year part of the covenant that Yahshua afforded (Shelah and Clay of Spittle, pages 4 and 5; make sure and read page 5 as well).  He is the “associate” in Zechariah 13:7 where we read – “Awake, O sword, against My Shepherd, and against the man, My associate.”  He represents the one who, as Yahshua’s associate, stands in His place, and like a David and Jonathan, there is a covenant between them.  Thus you see this joint work by the two blood-mingled coins removing the curse.

Most tellingly, what is Jack wearing and what is he holding in his hand when he comes out of the cave and returns to the ship?  He is wearing a golden crown and holding a golden chalice in his hand.  And where is the rightful place of this man of whom Jack prophesies?  He is to sit around the throne of Yahshua with the other apostles, wearing a golden crown (Revelation 4:4, 10).  But also, he is the cupbearer who escapes death and is restored to the King on the third day (the Millennial reign), and is not the baker, Christianity, which has to die on the third day and loses its place next to the King (Genesis 40).  Once again, it is incredible how this movie prophesies, and the writers had absolutely no idea what they were in fact saying.  Certainly, if one has eyes to see, they will get more truth by watching Pirates of the Caribbean, than by darkening the door of any church.

And what does the name “Jack Sparrow” tell us?  Remember, the Bride is a replacement of Satan.  Only in first Remnant Matthew 10:29-31 and second Remnant Luke 12:6-7 do we see Yahshua’s statement regarding the sparrows and His followers.  In Luke 12:24, Yahshua further states – “Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap; and they have no storeroom nor barn; and yet God feeds them; how much more valuable you are than the birds!”  Of what are birds prophetic?  They are demons.  They make nests in the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 13:31-32) and steal away the word (Matthew 13:4, 19).  And here Yahweh is saying that if He takes care of the demons (His Vashti), then He will certainly take care of us.  But equally true, insomuch that the twelfth apostle and the Remnant Bride replace Satan and Christianity (the comparison is an accurate governmental testimony), why should the Bride be concerned that He will not take care of us?  Thus, the type of the twelfth apostle bears the name “Sparrow.”  He is a redeemed replacement of the sparrows, even the raven.  “Jack” is the familiar form of John, and “John” is the restored kingdom of God.  John is also the one who placed his head on Yahshua’s bosom and was thereby able to know who it was who betrays the Son of God (John 13:21-26) – Christianity (Lay Your Head On the Stone).

And you will notice that when the black girl gave the Black Pearl over to Jack, she did so while placing a mantle upon him, even as Elijah did so on Elisha when he was plowing with the twelfth oxen – “Captain Sparrow, the Black Pearl is yours.” 

And you will notice that Jack escaped hanging on the gallows (he stood on the sword “of the Spirit,” the word of God), much like Mordecai did so.  And, Mordecai is a type of the second golden rod (A Lesson From Intercession, page 10).

But as we have noted here, there was a third person in that cave/grave who was battling – Elizabeth.  Of course her name prophesies of the one who brought forth the Elijah.  One might suspect that Elizabeth is the Bride, but she is not.  Remember, the Bride is the Black Pearl.  She is not the Bride any more than Elizabeth, the mother of John, was the Elijah, which is equally the Bride.  Who then is Elizabeth?  She is Jerusalem above, or you could even say she is the Holy Spirit.  At the beginning of the movie when the lad, Will, was brought on deck, Elizabeth’s father told her – “He will be in your charge; take good care of him.”  Elizabeth told Will at that time – “I’m watching over you, Will.”  Even so the Holy Spirit watched over Yahshua, and battles with the forces of death.  “Elizabeth” means “God of the oath,” and Yahweh will fulfill His word and not only preserve alive the Son of God, but bring forth the Elijah work.

In fact, there are three who shed their blood/life on the coins – first Elizabeth, then Jack and Will.  This reveals a most interesting three-stranded cord here for defeating evil and removing the curse – Yahshua, the one who stands in His place, and the Holy Spirit.

Interestingly, in a most unusual way, Elizabeth was shown ascending and descending (being thrown up into the air and coming down, and repeated).  Is this not the power of the Spirit; and this power of chewing the cud is given to the Bride.

And as we have said, obviously Captain Barbossa is Satan, the evil one who leads others into mutiny and the curse, and must be defeated.

There were so many testimonies in this movie, they cannot all be covered here; for example, when Elizabeth asked the question to Will – “What sort of a man trades a man’s life for a ship?”  This is a most encouraging and amazing question!  Yes, there is a man, in fact there are two men, who are willing to do so for the Bride, the black pearl – Yahshua and the one who stands in His place.

Another wonderful truth is when Jack Sparrow relates to Elizabeth regarding his ship – “What the Black Pearl really is, is freedom.”  Then they toast:  “To freedom,” says Elizabeth; “To the Black Pearl,” responds Jack.  Such is the Bride, the second bird that is released alive, the truth that sets one free.

Of all the food that would be available to Captain Barbossa after the removal of the curse, his greatest desire and even his proclaimed reward was the apple.  And when he died, the apple he held in his hand spilled out and rolled away from him.  Quite obviously, the writer was consciously depicting the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, always depicted by men as the apple, though in truth a grape.  But even so, Satan does lose the rights to that work, which is actually Christianity.  (The fact that the writer used the apple as he did, as well as the gold, and the curse, and repeatedly referred to law, tells us that he was indeed searching for a spiritual truth, a spiritual message, exercising his Creative Imagination.  And you will also note that even as Jack took to himself a coin, also effecting upon himself the curse, he likewise beforehand ate from the apple.)

And finally, though there is indeed more, as Jack was about to be hung on the gallows, Elizabeth (Jerusalem above, who is more righteous than Judah), declared – “This is wrong.”  Her father replied – “Commodore Orrington is bound by the law, as are we all.”  So it is true with Yahweh’s Law; but as they did indeed learn in the end, it is the will and the plan of the Father that we each have to embrace that which we really are and have had to endure – pirates!  We are evil, and we practice evil, no matter how much we clean up the cup on the outside (Matthew 23:25).  The fact is that some show more uncleanness on the outside of the cup than others, but we are all the same on the inside, and much of life comes our way to show us who and what we really are – cursed pirates of the Caribbean!  Thus, Yahweh must have mercy on us, for by the law we are indeed all guilty, every last one of us.

Call me foolish concerning these things we see attested here in a riddle; I once so despised them myself.  But remember, Yahweh uses the foolish to shame the wise.

And who is this man who is writing these “foolish” things to you?  Once I told George, my endeared raven, that I wished I was like her.  Little did I know how true that would be, for I am now indeed just that – a raven feeding the Elijah Bride.  (Interestingly, my neighbor gave me a pickup, which I have driven for several years.  It was certainly not a color I would have ever chosen, for it seemed to speak of evil.  Yes, I was given and have driven a black pickup!)  I have identified with Satan, and become a pirate like him.  I too have had to take the Aztec coin from the stone chest as did Jack (particularly regarding my family) and am thereby equally cursed.  But Yahweh must have mercy on us and remove the curse so as to deliver us. 

This brings up a most important matter that should be added.  The one subject about which Yahweh has given the most writings, is that of selling all (six writings at this time), the instruction Yahshua taught regarding becoming His disciple (Luke 14:33).  We will not repeat the necessity for this, but will instead see how this works governmentally. 

In this movie, we see Jack becoming cursed by the coin.  This is precisely what we saw with the original twelfth apostle, Judas.  We read in John 12:6 and 13:29 that Judas carried the money box.  What about the rest of the disciples?  They had left everything, even as we read in Peter’s statement in Matthew 19:27-29.  Thus it was Judas who took the blow for continuing to gather money.  He was therefore, in a sense, the scapegoat for continuing in finances.

Today, when the Bride is led of Yahweh to equally sell all, there is actually only one office that can touch that money without paying the price that Judas paid – the office he vacated.  By Yahweh placing a man in that office today, he stands in the place of a dead man, is thus legally dead himself, comes under the covering of that office, and is thus immune from death due to the curse of money.  Legally, he is the only one who can be immune from the consequences of bearing money; therefore, Yahweh has provided a legal way of escape for the Bride who must give up everything.  This is another vital and critical truth regarding the twelfth apostle.

Furthermore, and this is well worth our examination here, Judas’ right to the money box set up an incredible scenario for the future.  How so?  In Proverbs 13:22 we read that “the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the righteous.”  This raises a very important question – How can this transfer be legally carried out? 

Yahweh is Law, and Satan uses the Law to his own gain and purposes; and in order to transfer the wealth from one party to another, from the sinner to the righteous, that transfer, of necessity, must be done legally.  Can you offer how this legal transfer can take place?  Watch and you will see.  This is quite amazing!

According to Yahweh’s divine order, Judas held the money box of the Son of God.  But he relinquished his office to Satan, to whom it rightfully belonged (John 6:70).  Therefore when Satan received that office, he received the moneybox that went with it.  So how much did Satan have that he would now add to that box?  When Yahshua was being tempted by Satan in the wilderness, we read that he offered Him “all the kingdoms of the world, and their glory” (Matthew 4:8).  While Yahshua turned this down, the fact is that it will indeed be turned over to the righteous.  How?  Legally, by once again transferring that office to another – the latter rain twelfth apostle.

By giving Satan the office of Judas, the treasurer, all that he possessed went into that treasury via the office; so in order to give the wealth of this world to the righteous, all Yahweh had to then do was transfer that office to another, to the twelfth apostle, and all the wealth possessed by that office was then legally transferred.  It’s the trail of the money box, and in the end it leads to the second Remnant.  Satan thought he was gaining a great deal by occupying that place; but in reality he was being set up for legally transferring all he had to the righteous Remnant.

Let us look at one other amazing testimony regarding this twelfth apostle.  How many ribs do you have?  You have twenty-four, as you see in the following graphic.

And how many elders are there around the throne?  Is it just by happenstance that there are likewise twenty-four? 

And where do the twenty-four elders sit?  Do they not encompass the throne?  Yes indeed (Revelation 4:4-5).  And who sits on that throne?  Is it not Yahshua?  Yes it is, along with the testimony of the Holy Spirit – “seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.”  Thus we have in this heavenly scene – Yahshua and the Holy Spirit, encompassed about by the twenty-four elders. 

Now, is this not the testimony that Yahweh sets forth in the human body – the heart (Yahshua) and the lungs (the Holy Spirit), encompassed about by the twenty-four ribs (elders)?  Indeed!

By establishing this heavenly work here on earth, Yahweh fulfills on one level that which is written in Jeremiah 31:22 – “For Yahweh has created a new thing in the earth – a woman (ribs) will encompass a man (Yahshua).”  In reality the new thing He creates is a soul work (the soul has twelve areas), a redeemed man work, on the earth.  This is what He began 2,000 years ago, and what He will now complete.  (And might we also simply point out here, this is the soul work revealed in Revelation 12 where we see the woman with a crown of twelve stars and the moon, the lesser light, under her feet [kingdom rights].)

Now that you see this incredible and clearly undeniable testimony, let us ask another MOST revealing and important question.  Knowing that the twenty-four ribs represent the twenty-four elders around the throne, what then was the significance when Yahweh took one rib from Adam and fashioned the woman, the bride?  What did Yahweh in fact take?  Clearly, He took one of the twenty-four elders and made a bride!  Do you see the truth of what Yahweh was saying by taking a rib to form a bride?  He was foreshadowing that He would take one of the twenty four elders, the twelfth apostle, and form the Bride, precisely what we have been seeing and revealing here since 2002.  Could anything be clearer, or more exciting?

And briefly added for the informed, for we cannot but mention this, you will recall that when Rizpah sat on the rock with sackcloth from barley harvest until Yahweh poured out water from heaven on her, David saw her and thereby went and got the bones of Saul and Jonathan and buried them in Zela (2 Samuel 21).  Bones represent government/authority, and as we have seen many times, Saul clearly represents Christianity.  So where did the governmental authority of Christianity go when David transferred these bones per the intercession of Rizpah?  The name “Zela” means “rib”!  Thus we see clearly attested here that the governmental authority of Christianity is given to the “rib,” the twelfth apostle that is taken out to form the Bride.

Who then is this man, this twelfth apostle?  He is equally Louie, who by a sovereign miracle finds the window of the Bride and calls out to her, thereby identifying her as the Bride.  My purpose as Louie, even as the “sharp spear” (the meaning of “Gary”), is to reveal the Bride, even to form the Bride.  (Quite interestingly, the name “Cain,” the father of the Kenites, including the Rechabites, Moses’ wife, and Jael, equally means “spear.”)  I am the raven possessing the three-and-a-half year ministry period of the second golden rod, but have been in captivity/bondage in Christianity and have had dung on me and my feathers tattered; but I pass through the window of your understanding and you receive me, thereby equally becoming like me.  I am the raven, the captain of the Black Pearl, and those whose heart is as mine will join me and become that pearl of great value. 

What then is Yahweh’s timing for the work of the raven?  The answer is found in the Genesis 8 account, along with an important evidence of the ministry of the raven.  First, you will notice that the raven was sent out before the dove was sent out.  Does that sound familiar?  Is that not precisely what the Elijah ministry is?  John the Baptist was the raven that was sent out to prepare the way for the Son of God, whose identity was confirmed by the dove being released upon Him.  Once again, here we see that the raven is the Elijah that prepares the way for the dove.  This was also evidenced in the highly prophetic movie, Unbreakable.  Not only was the prophetic pattern evidenced wherein the Elijah reveals the Son of God, but the man who represented the Elijah actually bore the name – Elijah!   And the one who represented Yahshua in type, the one who had the power of an indestructible life, the one who broke the neck of the strong man who took a man’s house, actually bore the name – David!  Furthermore, if this is not already incredibly revealing, the man who was Elijah was a black man; if you would, a raven!

This message regarding the Elijah is repeated in Night’s other movies as well, including The Sixth Sense.  Night has evidenced that within himself is a keen sense of the Elijah work.  This is clearly testified in Unbreakable and The Sixth Sense, and in both movies the Elijah character has the same purpose – to reveal the mission and identity of another.  Equally, in both of the movies the Elijah ministry took the identity of the raven.  In Unbreakable, Elijah was a black man.  How did Night present in like fashion the Elijah character in The Sixth Sense?  Would it surprise you that the name of the Elijah character bears the name – Dr. Crowe? 

Crowe’s purpose in the movie was, in reality, to help young Cole find his purpose in life, even as was the purpose of Elijah regarding David.  What Cole had to learn, and did indeed put into practice, was an ability to help the dead.  Keep in mind that from a prophetic standpoint, the church is in this very state of death and is likewise in great need of help.  Significantly, “Cole” means “people of victory.”  Furthermore, as we learned in Two Trees in the Garden, page 4, the sixth dimension is the Remnant Bride, the much needed higher dimension (Christianity is the fifth dimension) that overcomes death and provides the tree of life.

And even as Elijah found final resolve in life by revealing David, so Crowe found resolve for himself via Cole.  In fact, this movie is incredibly encouraging to this man.  Granted, the bulk of it is very painful, because Cole is misunderstood by everyone.  This is something I can relate to very much, and this is why this part of the movie is so painful.  But in the end the pain is offset by the victory that Cole gains.  In the end, he is wielding a sword.  You will notice that in this scene when he is talking to Crowe, it is raining outside.  Thus is our hope and our promise – the latter rain, the sword of the Spirit, the word of truth, and in the end victory for the people.

And this man cannot but also be encouraged that Cole has a most unusual mark in his hair.  Intentionally added by Night, there is a white tuft of hair on the right back side of his head.  I find it quite interesting that by Yahweh’s design, and not mine, this man has a like tuft of white hair in the same location that has been there for many years.  There is more to this regarding Cole, particularly regarding a dream Yahweh gave me about the dead coming back to life, but we will stop here.

Thus we see that the reason the raven was sent out before the dove was sent out, was because the raven was a type of Elijah that has to prepare the way.  And what do we find in this account that gives any indication as to when the true Elijah will be sent out?  In Genesis 8:6 we read – “Then it came about at the end of forty days, that Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made; and he sent out a raven ….”  Is not the number “forty” prophetic of the period of Christianity?  Indeed it is.  The sons of Israel were forty years in the wilderness, and then entered into the promised land.  Yahshua was equally in the wilderness forty days, and then the angels came and ministered to Him (Matthew 4:11) and He returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit (Luke 4:14).  Moses was on Mount Sinai for forty days, and then came down with the glory of Yahweh on his face.  Elijah came out of the cleft of the rock, a cave, the grave, after forty days of fasting, and went to place his mantle on Elisha, equally the raven, the double portion raven, as he plowed with the twelfth oxen.  As we see evidenced in numerous testimonies, something effectual and remarkable happens at the end of the period of Christianity.  And quite significantly, forty Jubilees from Pentecost came to an end in 1993, marking the close of the wilderness period of the church, and in 1994 Yahweh’s Spirit came upon me and began revealing the Remnant Bride truth.

So what is to happen next?  According to the testimony we see regarding the ark, it is time for the Elijah, the raven, to be sent out and fly here and there until the water is dried up.  This is what this man, at this writing, hopes is about to take place in his own life.  I am leaving my home and all I have, and look to Yahweh to open the way to do what the raven did upon being released – to fly here and there until the water is dried up from the earth.  While we look to Yahweh to send His latter rain that will cover the earth, keep in mind that that forty day flood effected judgment and death.  The raven flew here and there until the remnants of that wrath were dried up – the Elijah work.  This is what this man hopes will be the effect of going out.

Furthermore, the Hebrew word for “dried up,” as used here, is more frequently translated – “withered.”  Where is it we see something withered in the New Testament?  Yahshua cursed the fig tree (Christianity), and it too withered (Mark 11:20-21).  Thus we equally see the withering of Christianity per the “withering” of the flood waters of wrath and judgment that have been on the earth for forty Jubilees.  This is obviously a very significant and relevant testimony.  Even as George flew about for three-and-a-half days, by Yahweh’s grace this man will fly about for the three-and-a-half year ministry period.

Of course the “here and there” course of the raven sounds quite similar to what we read in Daniel 12:4 – “But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase.”  Certainly it is indeed the end of time for Christianity (it will wither), as well as the end of the 6,000 years of man since creation.  And, based on what Yahweh is now opening our eyes to see, He has indeed removed His hand from us and is showing us His back (Exodus 33:21-23), and knowledge of Him is dramatically increasing per the Bride teachings.

There is something else in this man’s life regarding a raven that encourages me.  Briefly, Yahweh had our family go on a vacation once where He showed me beforehand that we were to just head out and He would show us where to go.  He led us to a place in the Colorado mountains where I had gone as a child and had great memories of it – San Juan, or Saint John.  He equally led us to a wonderful cabin that was available only because someone had canceled their reservation, and we got it for half price.  At the headwaters of the Rio Grande we caught more fish on that trip than any other time, catching our limit each day within an hour or so, totaling 68-69 trout. 

That vacation was indeed the most memorable and enjoyable vacation we ever had as a family.  But what encourages me about it now as I make plans to travel are two things.  First, He told us to trust Him in where we were to go, and therein blessed us at Saint John beyond all we could ask or think.  Second, on our first fishing excursion away from the cabin, as I walked along, a raven was on a rock about the height of a man no more than 25 feet from me, which is exceptionally close to getting near a wild raven.  But what it did I had never before seen, even though I had raised ravens for twenty-four years.  While Rizpah sat on a rock with sackcloth on it, that raven literally danced on that rock!  It jumped up and down from one foot to another and spun around in what I would call a gleeful jig.  It was the strangest thing you could ever see!

Today, as I see the significance of the raven being sent out, I take hope that this journey wherein I am equally going out and trusting totally in Him, will find the same wonderful results.  And in this regard, I equally take great hope that the raven will rejoice and dance a jig!

Once Yahweh told me to ask for the wealth of a man who was a multi-millionaire.  First, I carefully confirmed with Him that that was indeed what I was to pray.  After praying that prayer, that man lost everything he had, including his home.  Somewhere out there is a large provision that is mine.  But what is most interesting at this time is that that man’s wealth was acquired as a working board member of a company called Trammell Crow! 

The Crow hopefully speaks of the time into which this man is preparing to launch, and will receive that for which Yahweh told me to ask, and will indeed be a time in which to rejoice and dance.  The Trammell speaks per this most successful fishing trip I have ever had, for a trammel is a three-layered fishing net.  I trust I will receive equal success as a fisher of men, even the 153 that were caught on the right side of the boat after fishing all night and catching nothing (Christianity; John 21).

How can it be mere happenstance that a man raised ravens for twenty-four years, asked once to be a raven, twice his raven testified to the three-and-half year ministry period, his bride was miraculously identified by his raven, had a raven to dance on a rock at the most meaningful vacation ever at Saint John, was told by Yahweh to ask for the wealth of a man who was a working board member of Trammell Crow, was given a black pickup to drive, and M. Night Shyamalan’s movies reveal the Elijah ministry via a black Elijah and Dr. Crowe?  And why does this man share this?  Simply to express my hope and the wonder and ways of Yahweh, and to give affirmation of the testimony of the raven.

But I am also quite aware of who else this man is.  I am a Nebuchadnezzar, who by writing these things appears to be mad, while my hair is like eagle’s feathers (as was Jack Sparrow’s) and my nails like bird’s claws (Daniel 4:33).  I am a mad David who continues to scribble on the gate (the Bill Gate), and my beard is filled with drool (1 Samuel 21:10-15).  If I must be mad to gain truth, let me be mad (The Scribblings of A Madman!).  It is thus appropriate we close this section with the conversation of Will and Jack as they walked out to a ship while underwater with an overturned boat over them like a giant diving bell:

Will Turner:  This is either madness... or brilliance.

Jack Sparrow:  It's remarkable how often those two traits coincide.

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