PERCEPTION/THOUGHT – the awareness and consideration of one’s environment.


This includes general thought; it is routine, superficial thinking.  Included is the perception and acknowledgment of our environment as ascertained by our four senses.  This area by far occupies the major activity of the mind.



REASONING – (logic, conjecture)  the drawing of inferences or conclusions from available information.


Reasoning is based on available facts.  It is the assimilation, review, sorting, and prioritizing of relevant information.  Logic frequently comes into conflict with emotions and one’s spirit.



MEMORY – (recall) the process of recalling what has already been perceived or learned.



CREATIVE IMAGINATION – The act of forming a mental image of something not present to the natural senses or never before wholly perceived in reality.


This is a powerful part of the soul.  Because of its inspired creativity, it can tangibly reveal the heart/spirit of man.  This is particularly evidenced in the arts and sciences.  Creative Imagination is a productive factor and must accompany faith.  Creative Imagination is the spice of life.  It undoubtedly has an active, free role in dreams.  Creative Imagination can be encouraged or destroyed.






DESTINY – to determine one’s course.


Every man has the ability to set forth his own course in life and is therefore accountable for his actions.  However, in God’s omnipotence, our feeble wills never preempt (or seize upon at the exclusion of) the will of God.  It is by His grace upon grace that He directs us to His purpose.



ACTIONS – the ability to perform movement or expression and to affect those around us.


This includes the wide array of communicative functions or influences of man (e.g., talk; body movement and expressions; influence, both direct and indirect).  Actions express what we truly are and believe.  It is the third part of faith.



ENVIRONMENT – to determine those things around us.


The function of environment is not only to determine the presence of those things around us (from the color of our socks to what country we live in), but also to transfer the ownership of those things to Yahweh.



INTAKE/INPUT – receiving into one’s self the physical, mental, and spiritual.


Obviously this can be affected by environment.  Even so, we decide what we are going to receive, whether it be food or drink, what we hear or see, or good of evil spirits.  An important note – what we receive into ourselves is what we eventually express.






COMMITMENT – (servitude) yielding or binding one’s self to someone or something.


The emotion of Commitment includes everything from first learning to walk or ride a bike, to the marriage relationship or relationship to others and Yahshua.  It is out of this emotion that we see the character quality of determination – the degree of our commitment to a goal, idea, or purpose.



PREFERENCE – the choose or esteem above another.


This does not have the depth of conviction as Commitment.  It is more light-hearted and more yielding.  One prefers wearing one color over another, or living in a small town rather that a large city, and on and on.  There is an emotional attachment to our preferences, but not an unyielding bond to those things.



RESPONSES – (reactions) any number of volitional reactions as the result of an action(s).


When exaggerated, one is said to be wearing their emotions on their sleeve.  Responses include that great reservoir of reactions including fear, joy, sadness, gladness, anger, love, hate, shyness, etc.  The emotions of Responses can be tied to almost anything.



ATTITUDE – a bedrock mental position with regard to perceived fact or state.


Attitude is a deep state of the emotions and colors everything we do or say.  On the surface an individual can express emotions which are totally contrary to the emotions of Attitude.  Seriousness, silence, or time will usually bear these emotions out.  Attitude is the seat of depression.  A right attitude carries one through testings.