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We will now add three testimonies that pertain to these very important and highly revealing days in which we now live.  First, on June 2, 2004, as I bowed my knee before Yahweh before I went to bed, He did something that was very important to me.  In 1981, Yahweh spoke to me and told me that He wanted to teach me about faith.  I actually objected at the time, thinking that there were already enough people teaching on that subject; but, of course, even so, I began a study on this, and it was most valuable.  One of the things I learned was what is faith’s function.  A literal translation of Hebrews 11:1 is – “Now faith is the substantiating of things hoped for, the evidencing of things not seen.”  In other words, faith lets you know that what you are expecting, will indeed come to pass – it substantiates and evidences in advance that which is to be. 


I know what receiving faith is like.  I have experienced it.  And on June 2, as I knelt down, Yahweh gave me the faith that I was now at the place where my period of sorrows and fears were completed (read A Lesson From Intercession, page 5, to understand them), and it was time to receive the promised blessing.  He then recalled three incidences where I intercessorally experienced a time of complete trust and Yahweh’s leading, followed by a time of fear and potential peril, but then concluded on the heels thereof by an experience of blessing. 


I thanked Him for this faith and was of course glad and encouraged as I crawled into bed.  The next morning I called Kyle Nixon to tell him of this.  Shortly thereafter, he called back and told me that during the night there had been a brilliant bright flash of light in the skies over western Washington that turned darkness into light, night into full day.  It turned out to be an exploding meteor, reported by news sources to have been “the size of a computer monitor.”  He felt that with the faith Yahweh had given me that very night, this was a heavenly testimony to what will be the outcome of that promise.  Most certainly, Yahweh indeed needs to perform a miracle work that brings light to this dark world, even light to the eyes of the blind as we have been considering, and this bright light in the darkness seemed to have been provided as that seed testimony.  This light is also the very testimony Yahweh gave to this man in a dream many years ago (which cannot be discussed more fully at this time) where light was emanating from me and penetrating the darkness.  And, it seems most fitting that the meteor was reported to be “the size of a computer monitor,” when the Remnant Bride teachings are made available through the web, which is www, or 666, the number of the Remnant Bride.


Another dramatic event took place recently that also seems to speak.  On June 11, 1994, while standing at the service island in the kitchen of the home we had built for displaced women and children, Yahweh spoke something to me that would soon totally change my life.  He showed me that what He did at the beginning of the church, He would do again at the end.  I knew that the work He performed per Pentecost at the beginning of the church, would be repeated. 


There was a particular lady there on that specific occasion who I now know intercessorally represented Jerusalem above.  How do I know this?  Because one week later, on June 18, she was visiting again and once again Yahweh spoke incredible truth to me.  He told me that the masculine body of Christ would not receive His glory, but instead He would give the glory to the feminine Bride.  Following this revelation, I entered into a week and one-half of incredible revelation which laid the foundation for all that you read here at The Remnant Bride.


Now, precisely ten years later, on June 11, 2004, as I was once again about to go to bed, Yahweh opened my eyes to see that the Pool of Siloam and the Pool of Shelah were the same, and I began to see these marvelous truths regarding the timing of this third-part Shelah Millennial period shared here.  But there is another item that occurred only moments before that which already had my wonder and attention.  As you know, at sundown, June 11, 2004, President Ronald Reagan was buried.  Let us consider for a moment the possible significance of that.


Ronald Reagan is a highly significant prophetic figure for several reasons.  First and foremost, he was the eighth President in a series of nine who finally overcome death.  Following are these Presidents and information regarding each one.





Date and Cause of Death


(1.) William H. Harrison




April 4, 1841 – pneumonia


(2.) Abraham Lincoln




April 15, 1865 – gun shot to the head


(3.) James A. Garfield




Sept. 19, 1881 – gun shot


(4.) William McKinley




Sept. 14, 1901 – gun shot


(5.) Warren G. Harding




Aug. 2, 1923 – uncertain cause


(6.) Franklin D. Roosevelt




April 12, 1945 – cerebral hemorrhage


(7.) John F. Kennedy




Nov. 22, 1963 – gun shot to the head


(8.) Ronald Reagan




March 30, 1981 – shot but did not die!


(9.) George W. Bush




Prevailed in a phenomenally prophetic and intercessoral election battle



What we find testified here are seven Presidents who died in office on a twenty year cycle, and that string was broken by Reagan.  Of course seven is the number of the mark of the beast under which all men die, and the promise in the eighth that that curse would be broken.


Seemingly significant, Reagan was 69 when he became President.  Then, 69 days into his presidency he was shot, but survived.  This writer was married to his bride in ’69, the year the awakenings written about in the book by the same name took place, as well as produced in the movie by the same name, a number that is a mirror to the number ’96 when Yahweh had mercy on America, the church, and Israel (read Cursed Time and Blessed Time, 1920 and 1996).  The number 69 thus speaks of mercy, to which Yahweh attested in Reagan as the eighth President in this cycle.


Like Methuselah, Reagan held the distinction of being the oldest President to serve in that office.  Methuselah also had the distinction of marking the coming of the flood.  His name meant – “when he is dead, it shall be sent.”  Thus, in the year that he died, the flood was sent.


Methuselah was not the only person in the Bible to mark a significant event; there were many.  For example, when Jerusalem was taken under siege by the king of Babylon, that very day Ezekiel’s wife died as a testimony of that event (Ezekiel 24:2, 16-24).  Births and deaths of people mark significant events, especially when you have someone as highly significant as a President of the United States who defeated the death cycle for the Presidents.  So what might it mean that Reagan died and was buried on June 11?  We can only speculate at this point; time will tell for sure.  But in examining what has taken place in the Bride up to now, and considering the testimony of the Bride, it would seem that his death marked a very important change in Yahweh’s works. 


Two things are to be noted.  First, Passover, 2004, marked the beginning of the Millennial reign.  And since Reagan’s burial coincides precisely with the tenth anniversary of when Yahweh first told this man that what He did in the beginning, He would do again in the end, it seems to mark a change we see evidenced in the twelve sons of Jacob.  In The Passing Over Principle, page 7, we find the following.


Let us now look at the pattern here.  First we will set forth some abbreviations.


Leah = L

Rachel = R

Leah’s maid = LM

Rachel’s maid = RM


Thus we see the following birth order by the mothers:




The pattern here is both clear and highly consistent with the ways of Yahweh regarding His church.  Here is what we see once again:


First Remnant / Christianity / Second Remnant


You will notice two things about this.  First, the central breach period of Christianity is marked by the concubine births.  Also, and this is what we will focus on here, the second Remnant period is strangely divided between the continuing Leah births and the miracle beloved Rachel births (Joseph and Benjamin).


It is evident that the period of time the second Remnant has had up to now has been the Leah experience.  Like the first Remnant, it too has been marked by death and even “weak eyes” as well.  It has been a time of identifying with both the first Remnant and the body of Christ.  But this identification is essential in order to have the power needed as the second Remnant.  Or to relate this in another prophetic sense, the second bird of Leviticus 14 in the process of cleansing the leper that had the authority to ascend alive, had to first identify with the first bird by being dipped into its blood.  This seems to be the death identification that the second Remnant has experienced up to now – being dipped into the blood, the death, of the first Remnant. 


So what could Reagan’s burial mark?  Only nine days following Yahweh giving me the faith that I was leaving the testing period and entering the fulfillment period, testified to by the bright light as well, it seems to mark the end of the LL period of the second Remnant, and the beginning of the RR period.  In like regard, it could speak as well to entering into the Millennial reign where we can experience a higher dimension and have the power to effect the restoration of all things that is to be a part of the Elijah work (Matthew 17:11) and to defeat death.  Combined with the events only a few days before, it could as well speak of bringing light into darkness that the recent meteor seemed to evidence as a seed testimony.  Of course to have this power, to bear this attention-getting light, we must have the Euphrates River power that dismays.


It seems equally significant that Reagan was buried in California.  This state clearly represents the two-thirds part of Christianity.  His burial there seems to reflect that death, even that end.


In this regard, his death very likely attests to the death of the body of Christ.  Reagan was 93 when he died.  Similarly, but at the higher hundreds level, Adam was 930 when He died.  Thus, the death of Reagan at 93 reveals the death of the body of the last Adam, the body of Christ.  And of even further obvious relationship to this number 93, the 120 Jubilees ended in 1993, the year of the Great Flood of ’93 and the Superstorm of ’93 with record amounts of snow.


Also reflective of the body of Christ, Reagan was the fortieth President, the number of the wilderness period of the church.  In similar testimony, Clinton, the two-term breach that separated the two-part Bushs, the two-part Remnant testimonies, was the forty-second President.  The number 42, like the number 40, is prophetic of Christianity – the 42 lads the she bear slew for mocking Elisha that he would not ascend (2 Kings 2:24), the 42 relatives of Ahaziah who were taken  captive by Jehu at a place called the “house of the binding of the shepherds” and killed at “the pit of the house of binding” (2 Kings 10:14), and the 42 months of Revelation 11:2 where the holy city was to be tread under foot by the nations.


And, it cannot help but be noticed that, once again just before going to bed (I did not design this timing), on June 18, the anniversary of the second day of significance going back to 1994 when all of this began, I turned on the computer to see what the man’s name was who had been beheaded that day.  Frankly, I did not want to make something out of nothing, because that is the worst kind of error insomuch that it is self-serving, and I thought – there is not a name I can think of that would be prophetically significant.  But when I read the news article, the man’s name was indeed quite significant – Paul Johnson Jr.


First, Paul is a name that is directly related to Christianity.  Paul, the writer and chief teacher of Christianity, used to be Saul (the name of the king who was clearly Christianity) and was blind for three days upon his conversion (Acts 9:9), or the 3,000 years of Christianity.


Paul’s last name was Johnson, or “son of John.”  It seems quite significant and relevant that Paul “son of John’s” head was cut off, precisely the outcome of John the Baptist.  Certainly he became a “son of John” in this most dramatic way on June 18 (along with others of late). 


John the Baptist losing his head was highly prophetic.  It speaks of losing the headship of Yahshua, which is what has happened to the first Remnant and Christianity.  Yahshua’s headship was lost, and then replaced by Satan.  As we read the words of Yahshua once again in John 9:4-5 – “We must work the works of Him who sent Me, as long as it is day; night is coming, when no man can work.  While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”  It is quite obvious that since Yahshua is no longer “in the world,” we have the very state which He foretold – the time of night when no man can work (performing His works, or the Remnant works which He performed with the first Remnant).  Thus, night and darkness have been on the world ever since Yahshua left, and the head of this spiritual darkness is Satan.


Now, losing one’s head, prophetically, can be good or bad, depending on who is your head.  When Yahshua was here and was head, the loss of the Head meant death in a bad sense.  However, when Satan is one’s head, the loss of one’s head is actually good and is much welcomed.


In the writing, A Lesson From Intercession, page 10, regarding Haman and Mordecai and the testimony of the two golden rods, we see that what Satan effects for evil, in time that evil leads to good – as Satan sows, so he will reap.  Thus, when he effected the removal of the head of the church and replaced that head with himself, he set forth the inevitable that he too would be “cut off” and be replaced with another.  This latter work seems to be the testimony regarding Paul Johnson.


Immediately after Paul’s beheading, Saudi Arabian authorities killed the one (along with his accomplices) who not only masterminded this murder, but was also the reputed leader of Al Queda in Saudi Arabia.  Quite possibly, this death of the one who effected Paul’s beheading speaks of Satan’s death, the one who beheaded the body of Christ.



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