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Our dear brother, Brendan, continued to ask the best questions; and without them, we would not have known the vital things which were shared earlier, and will be shared with you here.  Kyle said that the three of them, Peter, Brendan, and himself, were the widow of Zarephath (1 Kings 17).  They provide the little bread of faith and obedience that they have, give it to me, and Yahweh multiplies it.  This is the mutual increase that is the way of Yahweh.  In like regard, we as the Bride have done the very little that we have been able to do in faith and works.  We have presented ourselves to Him at the Feasts, and now He is taking that which we have been able to offer and is opening a supply of flour and oil that will not cease!


Here was Brendan’s wonderful bread of faith question – Why did Yahweh tell Moses to speak to the rock, yet Moses struck it and was therefore unable to enter into the promised land west of the Jordan?  When he asked this, I did not know the answer; but immediately Yahweh told it to me.  Here is what He opened my eyes to see; and once again it is marvelous and very encouraging and hope-filled.  We will begin by reviewing the account. 


Of course the occasion for this miracle provision was that the people had no water to drink.  In Numbers 20:8-13, we read that Yahweh told Moses to take the rod that was before Him, to assemble the people, and to speak to the rock and it would yield water.  Moses did this, with one critical difference.  Instead of speaking to the rock, he became angry with the people and struck it twice with the rod.  Water then came out abundantly.  Yahweh then told Moses – “Because you have not believed Me, to treat Me as holy in the sight of the sons of Israel, therefore you shall not bring this assembly into the land which I have given them.”  This He likewise reaffirmed to him later when he had asked to enter – “Enough!,” said Yahweh, “Speak to Me no more of this matter” (Deuteronomy 3:26).


Let us keep in mind some things here that we have already seen.  First, entering into the promised land west of the Jordan is to enter into the Millennial Shelah period where the body of Christ will finally be able to enter into their holy place position.  For forty Jubilees they have been in the wilderness, in the outer court; but as of Passover, 2004, Yahweh has begun the process of establishing them in their rightful place in His temple.  Therefore, because Moses struck the rock, we see that prophetically he was excluded from participating in that work.


We do see though that Moses was able to enter into the holy of holies place, which as a representative of the first Remnant, this indeed was his rightful place.  And we do know that, as a Moses, the first Remnant were not able to lead the body of Christ into the holy place experience either, but equally died and the church went into the wilderness.


Also, we need to recognize that when Moses struck the rock of Meribah twice, it was not the first time for this rock to be struck, at least by name.  At a location shortly after leaving Egypt, and under the same circumstance of lacking water, we find that Yahweh told Moses on this first occasion specifically to strike the rock and out would come water (Exodus 17:1-7).  Thus Moses did, and out came the water.  Having now considered these facts, we can begin to answer Brendan’s question.  We will get right to the point.


These two rocks of Meribah were Yahshua and His body, the body of Christ.  The first rock that was struck with the rod was Yahshua.  In fact in 1 Corinthians 10:4 we are told this quite directly.  He is the rock upon which Yahweh’s wrath was carried out, the Rebekah, thus that rock was specifically to be struck.  It is quite revealing that, unique to this first account, Yahweh declared – “Behold, I will stand before you there on the rock at Horeb.”  This is strikingly similar to what we read in Exodus 33:21 where Yahweh told Moses – “Behold, there is a place by Me, and you shall stand there on the rock.”  We know regarding this latter account that this spoke of the first Remnant standing with Yahshua, and that is the same message we have here in Exodus 17:6.  It speaks of the first Remnant with Yahshua, the very situation wherein the first Rock was struck.


But in contrast, you will notice in Deuteronomy 20:8 that Yahweh did not stand there with them, which was likewise the case in Exodus 33:23.  Why?  Because it was to be a time when Yahshua would not personally be there.


When the first rock was struck, out came the water.  What does this represent per the striking of Yahshua?  As Yahshua’s side was pierced and out came water and blood, which clearly represents the Bride coming out of the pierced side of the last Adam; even so, upon being struck, from the first Rock came forth the first Remnant Bride, even the waters of the former rain. 


But even as there had to be a second Remnant, so there had to be a second rock of Meribah.  This is the rock from which the waters at the end of the wilderness period of the church are to come.  But, if Yahshua was the first rock, then who or what is the second rock?  Of course the answer is quite simple.  It is the body of Christ.  This like identity is the reason both separate rocks shared the identical name – Meribah, meaning “strife.”  And here is where we will begin to answer Brendan’s excellent question.


We note that Yahweh told Moses to strike the first rock, and that He would stand there with him.  But on this latter occasion, he was told to only speak to the rock.  Why?  The answer is because the first Rock, Yahshua, took the wrath; and this would avert wrath from coming on the body of Christ, the second rock.  Therefore, while Moses struck the first Rock, Yahshua, he was to speak to the second rock, the body of Christ.


But what does the body of Christ truly deserve?  Prophesied by Moses’ anger, we clearly see that they deserve wrath.  And this is the wrath they would receive, except that Yahweh is indeed going to have mercy.  He has raised up a Moses, and more particularly an Elijah work, that is given eyes to see and will avert Yahweh’s wrath (Malachi 4:5-6).  This work will obey Yahweh and speak to the rock and call out a Bride – the abundant waters that come forth from the body.  Yahweh will not carry out His wrath on Christianity, the wrath they deserve; but He will have mercy and speak to the body in order to bring forth the Bride.


How is it we know that this latter Moses work will avert the wrath?  Very importantly, because Yahweh has already brought this work into the land west of the Jordan, which Moses was not allowed to enter because he struck the rock.  Therefore, we know by this that Yahweh will not act in wrath, but in mercy, letting His wrath fall on the Rebekah work instead. 


This should give us GREAT hope and confidence.  Since we have already entered into the land west of the Jordan, we can be confident that Yahweh will give us this authority to speak to the rock of the body of Christ and bring forth the Bride!  The water that comes from the rock is the Bride, even the Spirit and the Bride.  And what is the purpose of this latter rain Bride?


In Revelation 22:17 we read – “And the Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’  And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’  And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life as a gift.”  Again, it says – “And the Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’”  What is the Bride?  She is the Elijah who prepares the way for Yahshua.  Thus, it is actually the formation of the Bride that effects this call to Him – “Come”!  It is the establishment of the second Remnant Bride whereby the call goes out to Him that brings Him forth.  She alone has the right to sound this beckoning call.  Thus we see once again that the Spirit and the Bride are one work – the water that comes from Meribah, the body of Christ, when spoken to by an obedient Moses.  Now for another matter.


As this man writes this particular portion, the date is June 30.  This was the deadline for turning the nation of Iraq over to the people of Iraq, effected two days prior on the 28th.  And on June 30, Saddam Hussein has been legally turned over to the nation of Iraq. 


And before we look at another very significant thing that also took place on June 30, we must stop here and note what happened on the next day.  On July 1, Saddam Hussein was brought before the Iraqi court and seven charges were filed against him, the number of the mark of the beast.  Keep in mind, Saddam occupies the prophetic place of Satan, the deposed head of Babylon, or per the church, mystery Babylon Christianity.  Also on that day, eleven of his top lieutenants were charged as well.  As you will notice, this is the number of the disciples during this breach period where Satan has had legal reign.  This now lets us know where Satan obtained his legal authority in the church, and it is most revealing, confirming, and hope-filled. 


In John 6:70, Yahshua said – “Did I Myself not choose you, the twelve, and yet one of you is the devil?”  Yahshua knew from the outset that one of the twelve that He chose was the devil.  Therefore, the answer is quite clear why He did not replace Judas with another man while He was here.  He had already clearly stated His choice for “the twelve,” and one of them clearly was and would be and actually has been Satan. 


Satan entered into that place as we read in Luke 22:3 – “And Satan entered into Judas who was called Iscariot, being of the number of the twelve.”  Therefore, when Judas went out and hung himself, the one who was in him, the one whom Yahshua stated from the beginning would be one of the twelve, took that legal place and has occupied it for 2,000 years.  Thus we see where Satan obtained his legal rights in the church – he entered into and occupied the place of the twelfth apostle.  This is why we see in this MOST prophetic testimony that is taking place before our very eyes, that Saddam Hussein, Satan, had seven charges brought against him, and that also charged were eleven of his lieutenants.  Thus, the eleven, plus the one, equals the twelve, the number of the government of the church.  Therefore we see that Satan took the headship of the eleven apostles and has totally corrupted the kingdom, mystery Babylon, for 2,000 years!


And this tells us something else that is of paramount importance.  This tells us why it is SO VERY IMPORTANT that Yahweh raise up a man in these last days to fill that place; for in so doing, it displaces Satan from his legal authority over the church!  This happened to Saddam – a government change!  And in like manner, this is what happened to Babylon when the two-part Medo-Persians took over as prophesied.  These all speak to the same thing – the fall of Satan, even the fall via the 72, the second Remnant (Luke 10:17-24).


Everything Satan does is based on law, and it is by law that he is brought down and cast out, even as Saddam Hussein is facing at this very time.  These are the vital truths that Yahweh is showing His second golden rod, and these are the very truths that will bring down this messenger of darkness who has reigned in this darkness that has been on the earth ever since Yahshua left (John 9:4-5).  And if you want to know what Yahweh will do with Satan, watch what happens to Saddam Hussein.  Having revealed these important governmental truths regarding the church, let us return to the significance of June 30.


June 30 is also the tenth anniversary of the final day that the Spirit came upon this man for a week and one-half.  This unique special anointing of His Spirit was removed from me and my body became weak, and shortly thereafter we were put out of the house we had built for women and children.


Since then Yahweh has continued to teach this man and take him through many intercessions, but the glory of what I thought would take place with that anointing, did not come to pass.  Yahweh would answer any question I had.  Under that anointing, I thought literally kings would be driving up our drive.  Now that I look back, I see that what Yahweh did by removing that special anointing was to create in my own life the same breach that has been created in the church, except mine has been a ten year breach – from 1994 to 2004.


Proverb 20:21 says – “An inheritance gained hurriedly at the beginning, will not be blessed in the end.”  This was true with the first Remnant for their year and one-half, and this was true with my first anointing for a week and one-half.  Almost as quickly as it came, it left.  And just as the church then went into a breach period, so this man went into a breach period as well.  The church was put out of the house, the temple of Yahweh they had built, evidenced by being put out of Jerusalem, even as I was put out of the house that we had built for women and children.  And their body became weak, even as my own body became weak.  Thus, as went the church, so went this man.


And it would be of value to note here that Christianity’s wilderness period was spent in the outer court that has been given to the nations, and ten is a number that is representative of the nations.  Therefore intercessorally, Christianity’s forty Jubilees in the outer court, and this man’s ten years, both speak of the same identification; they are both an intercession for the nations.  And my shorter version was an important intercession for the body as well, a period in which Yahshua specifically showed this man that he was to be a Rizpah and guard the covenant parts.


Let me quickly tell you an interesting story that confirms this intercession that Yahweh has placed upon this man.  Before we moved to the ranch for women and children, I was operating a wooden pallet business to help in drug and alcohol rehab for men.  One of the men by the name of Wayne stole two nail guns and took them to a pawn shop.  He used his drivers license to get the money, so the police had no trouble finding the guns and identifying him.  They called and asked if I wanted to press charges.  If I did, they would take care of everything.  I felt that it was best for Wayne to be held accountable, so I said yes.


When the court date came, they asked if I was willing to agree that he be placed on a two year probation, and that if he did nothing wrong in that time, the charges would be dropped.  That sounded like a good motivating factor for him, so I agreed.


Not long after that, as we were shutting down the pallet business and moving to the ranch, suddenly I got three separate traffic tickets.  I never got tickets, and very quickly I had three – one for not having my seat belt on, one for trailer violations, and the last one was the one we will consider here. 


My oldest daughter and I were driving home one night and the fog was so thick you could hardly see ten feet in front of you.  Going no more than fifteen miles an hour, I got confused as to where I was on our road, missed a curve, and hit a tree.  It hit a soft part of the car’s front end and actually totaled the car (torquing the motor).  We got a ride home, and left the car there until morning.  But that night an officer came to the home and gave me my third ticket for excessive speed!  But what puzzled me was that he put on the ticket a court date for the next day!  I called the officer that next day, and he said that was a mistake and to change it.  But there was no way I was going to do that.  Later that day I showed up at the JP court per the ticket’s order, and there was no one there.


When I called the court later, they rescheduled the appearance, and once again I showed up.  First I argued that fifteen miles per hour could hardly be considered excessive, but the judge said that that law had stood many tests and it could not be dismissed on that basis.  Then I said that the ticket had a court date set and I showed up for it, but the state failed to show up.  Under law, if the other party fails to appear, they forfeit the contest.  He politely agreed, but then made a decision that I was about to object to, until the Holy Spirit told me to be quiet.


His decision was that he would place me on probation for two months, and if I received no other tickets, the ticket would be dropped.  Well, I had just won the case, so why should I be placed on probation for something that he had just lost?  I started to say that, and that is when the Holy Spirit spoke to me.  He told me not to say anything, for even as I had given Wayne two years probation for stealing the nail guns, I was to intercede for him with these two months, that he would be successful in his two years probation.  So I sealed my lips, took my two months, and interceded.


Therefore let us now consider – How many years has Christianity been put on probation for the error of their own ways?  For 2,000 years.  Thus Wayne’s two years probation was a testimony of those 2,000 years, and my two months probation were a like intercession.  And you will recall I got three separate tickets, one for each period of the church.  And all of this was over Wayne stealing two nailers, Christianity’s two 1,000 year periods in which they have failed to bring forth the Naler!


As revealed in these most unusual events, Yahweh has used this man to intercede for the body of Christ.  And one of those intercessions has been the ten years from 1994 to 2004, a like representation of the forty Jubilees that Christianity spent in the outer court.  Yahweh alone knows how many ways He has used in order to effect this intercession in this man’s life, something that is critical in order to receive power and victory. 


Furthermore, these ten years are undoubtedly an intercession per Revelation 2:10 where we read regarding first Remnant Smyrna – “Behold, the devil is about to cast some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation ten days.  Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.”  Legally, this man is a part of the Smyrna first Remnant, and it is appropriate that he have to identify with them.  And certainly, during these ten years Satan has tested this man severely, and it has been a period of tribulation.  And, they have certainly led to death – the Rebekah red eight death.


One of the things this man has learned from this breach period though is that it prepares one for their inheritance.  This is obviously true with regard to Christianity.  For forty Jubilees they have wandered around in their wilderness; but Yahweh has used this period to prepare them to enter into their holy place position in His temple. 


And even as Christianity’s breach period has been used to prepare them to enter into the holy place, so Yahweh has used this man’s ten year period to prepare him.  In 1994 when the Spirit came upon me, Yahweh used a situation in our garden to show me that “the grain was not mature in the ear.”  Since that time, through many revealing intercessions, the grain has become more mature in the ear.  A great deal has been learned since then, and my attitude has changed as well.  In 1996 Yahweh took me through my Jonah experience and showed me that He was going to have mercy on the church.  And since the second Remnant only has the privilege of seeing His back, many things have taken place in the last ten years in order for us to see more clearly what He is actually doing; and even then still all we have is the privilege of seeing His back.


But the hope is that having now completed this ten year breach, that which was this man’s experience at the beginning, will pick up where it left off and find its fulfillment in these days before us.  My heart delights in that thought, because those days of the week and one-half were absolutely unforgettably incredible and awesome!  And most strikingly, this man’s own ten year intercessoral period will coincide with the timing of the latter rain at the end of Christianity’s forty Jubilee breach period, with this ten year extension.  And it is equally our hope and our promise that having now completed its forty Jubilees in the wilderness, that which was the first Remnant’s experience at the beginning of the church, will pick up where it left off and find its fulfillment in the second Remnant.  Even as Yahweh told this man on June 11, 1994, so let it be fulfilled – that which He did in the beginning, so let it be done in the end!


This is the hope that is evidenced in the same pattern per Yahshua’s departure and the former rain.  We read in Acts 1:3 that after His resurrection, Yahshua appeared to His followers over a period of forty days.  In Luke 24:49 He instructed them to “stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.”  He was then lifted up from them and they then tarried ten days until the Spirit fell upon them at Pentecost.  This is precisely the hope that we have today.  Yahweh’s Spirit was lifted up from this man on June 30, 1994, and now after tarring ten years, he awaits for the latter rain to come more fully.  It could come suddenly, or it could continue gradually, even as the water flowed from the eastern gate of Jerusalem; but either way, we simply need it to flow ever so deeper. 


While we are exceedingly grateful for the Spirit we have – the gently flowing waters of Shelah, the gentle breeze that calls an Elijah out of the breach – we long for and greatly need the stronger waters of the Euphrates that dismay!  These are the waters that will provide “a causing to hear,” even as it says literally in Ezekiel 24:26 – “on that day he who escapes will come to you with a causing to hear.”  These are the waters that will cause a man’s mouth to be opened and speak, and be dumb no longer (vs. 27).  These are the waters of the Bride coming out of the body of Christ, who are given ears to hear – “And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’  And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life as a gift.”


In John 9:3 we read regarding Yahshua’s response per the subject blind man – “It was neither that this man sinned, nor his parents; but it was in order that the works of God might be displayed in him.”  The blindness that has been on the church from its birth has been for the very purpose that is to be fulfilled in this day – “in order that the works of God might be displayed.”  This is what we are beginning to see take place, and will undoubtedly increase all the more as the time of His appearing draws near. 


Maranatha, come quickly Lord Yahshua!  “Come!”


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